Forbidden Honey Ch. 02

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tagIncest/TabooForbidden Honey Ch. 02

I slammed the door in my brother's face and locked it with trembling fingers.
Turning, I slumped back against the door, my knees wobbly. I covered my face as shame and embarrassment coursed through my body.
My eyes burned. Tears started to roll down my face, and I swiped at them miserably.
The look on Alex's face as he looked down at me in horror was stuck in my mind. My big brother was the one constant thing in my life. The one thing I had never screwed up. But now… but now…
I started to cry harder. He was going to hate me now. I had ruined everything!
His cum was wet and dripping between my legs. My breath hitched in distress. I stripped off my nightie and swiped at the wetness, but it wouldn't wipe off.
I had been in love with my brother for so long. It just seemed natural to kiss him…to touch him…and have him touch me. And it had been amazing until the end. Until I saw his face. He was disgusted with me.
Throwing my nightie down, I climbed in the shower, scrubbing at my skin roughly under the water.
The shower curtain slid slowly back.
I turned from him in shame and hid my face in the tiled wall.
"Sweetheart," he murmured, sounding like he was crying too. "I'm so sorry, baby boo. I'm so sorry." His voice cracked.
He stepped inside and drew me, wet and trembling, into his arms and stroked my back while I sobbed.
"It's not your fault," I blubbered. "It's mine!"
"No," he said, grabbing my chin and holding it so he could look me in the eyes." No. Bella, it's nobody's fault."
"But…I kissed you!" I wailed.
"We love each other," he said quietly. "You did nothing wrong."
I tried to duck my head, but he refused to let me. "I saw your face," I whispered.
"I was upset with myself for taking things too far. You did nothing wrong. You were perfect and wonderful." Alex's expression implored me to believe him.
I drew a shuddering deep breath. "You don't hate me?"
His thumb traced my cheek and a tear ran down his face. "Bella, I love you more than anything in this world. Please don't be upset with me because I was a stupid dumbass."
A tiny giggle escaped before I could stop it.
Alex crushed me to his body, so tight I could barely breathe. I didn't care. I held him back just as tightly.
"I love you. I love you," he groaned into my hair.
"I love you, too, big brother," I whispered back, clinging to him. "Please don't leave me."
"Never," he vowed, kissing my forehead, each of my cheeks, and then my mouth very gently.
I smiled up at him tremulously, my lips wobbling a little.
"May I wash you?" he asked softly.
I nodded shyly.
I hadn't grabbed a washcloth, so Alex pumped some bodywash into his hand, rubbed it into suds and gently soaped my shoulder and back. His hands lingered over my small breasts, cupping them and playing with my nipples.
"You're so beautiful," he murmured. His eyes roved over my naked skin.
He washed my tummy and dipped between my legs. I gasped as his slick fingers stroked my folds and felt a little disappointed when he didn't linger. He steered me under the water to rinse the suds away.
I noticed his cock was hard again, and I wanted to touch it. But shyness kept me from being bold. I was afraid of doing the wrong thing and looking stupid or being rejected.
Alex shut the water off and guided me to step out. He grabbed a towel and gently dried me, whispering the whole time how beautiful and sweet I was. I let the love shining in his eyes replace the shame I had felt.
As he swiped the towel over his own self, I hesitated shyly, wondering if he wanted me to go back to my own bed.
Alex quickly answered my unspoken question by sweeping me up off my feet into his arms.
I giggled and buried my face in his shoulder.
He deposited me back in his bed and quickly climbed in behind me, pulling me close. His naked skin felt so amazing pressed to mine.
I snuggled happily against him. His hard penis poked my tummy, but he held me tight and whispered his love in my ear.
"I love you," I murmured and drifted off to sleep.
Soft sunlight awakened me in the morning. Alex laid on his back, and I was nestled into his side with my cheek pillowed comfortably on his chest. One of my legs was thrown over his leg, and one of his hands had a firm grip on my bare bottom cheek.
I peeked up at his face and saw he was still asleep. Biting my lip, I glanced back down to where his penis was tenting the covers. Curiosity had me slowly dragging the sheet and blanket off until his cock bobbed free.
After another quick glance at his face, I reached out to tentatively touch his shaft with my finger. It was so soft! I traced a vein with my finger, then up to the fleshy head.
"Mmmm," Alex rumbled, and I snatched my finger away.
He opened one eye. "Don't stop, baby. Wrap your fingers around me…please."
Nervously, like it might bite me, I circled his length slowly with my fingers.
"God, yes," my brother muttered, his cock twitching in my hand. "Stroke it," he encouraged. "Up and down."
I stroked his hardness like he instructed, my eyes darting from his face to his cock and back again.
"So good," he said, smiling. His hand drifted over my hair, softly stroking, and his affectionate gaze turned my insides soft and warm.
A naughty thought entered my head, and once I had thought it, I had to do it. Slowly I scooted lower in the bed and lowered my head while he watched me.
I saw his hazel eyes darken as I brushed my lips over the head of his cock. The precum pearling there clung to my lips and hovered in a gossamer string. His fingers tightened slightly in my curls and his lips parted, but he said nothing when I touched my tongue to the glistening spot to taste.
Licking slowly over his cockhead, I lapped up the slickness. It was a little sweet and maybe a little salty… and I wanted more of my brother's taste.
I swirled my tongue more, watching his eyes narrow and his teeth dig into his full, sexy bottom lip. Memories of the porn videos my friend Lashay and I had giggled over suddenly popped into my head.
Opening my mouth wider, I took more of his cock between my lips, sliding my tongue over the dips and veins. It felt only natural to suckle his engorged cock, drawing him deeper into my mouth, more and more until the head nudged the back of my palate.
I fought the urge to gag and instead relaxed my throat. Alex hissed in response as I took him even deeper. Both of his hands were in my hair now, guiding my head in a rhythm as he pushed his cock back and forth between my lips.
"Such a good girl," he muttered, his gaze intent on my face. "Gonna cum in your mouth, Bella. I want you to swallow it down, okay?"
He pulled back out of my mouth and wrapped his hand around his shaft. As he began to stroke himself a bit roughly, instinct had me opening my mouth, tongue out, eager to catch his creamy cum.
The force of the spurts into my mouth almost startled me, and if not for his firm grip on my hair, I might have reared back. Some of it got me in the face, and I struggled to keep from making an icky expression.
Alex watched me in obvious rapt pleasure, and I swallowed his cum and licked my lips clean. He gently wiped the extra off my cheeks with his finger and offered it to me. It did seem a little yuck, but the desire to please him was tantamount in my mind so I dutifully licked it up.
He sat up and threw his arms around me, squeezing tight. "You're amazing and wonderful!"
I gasped in surprise when he lifted me and tossed me backward on the bed.
"Alex!" I giggled.
He jumped on top of me on hands and knees. caging my body inside his. "I love you," he said reverently. Leaning down, he gently kissed me, his mouth softly moving over mine.
I sighed in dreamy happiness, sliding my arms around his neck and kissing him back. "I love you, too," I whispered against his mouth.
He kissed slowly down the front of my body, stopping to touch and kiss my breasts.
"Ohh," I moaned, breathing a long sigh of pleasure. I adored the feel of his warm mouth on my sensitive nipples.
He continued his oral exploration down my tummy, causing me to giggle as he blew a raspberry against my belly button. My giggle was quickly followed by a shiver at the feel of his fingers tickling the soft curls between my legs.
I eagerly opened my legs for him, and he chuckled, his finger slowly dipping between the lips of my mound.
"Mmmmm," he said. "Someone is already very wet." He looked up at me with a smirk, spreading the wetness around my inner folds.
"Don't tease," I begged breathlessly, blushing.
His smile turned tender. "I love that I have this effect on you."
He dipped his head and licked me slowly from bottom to top. "So sweet," he murmured.
All my embarrassment at being in such an intimate position fled as Alex took my knees and spread them wide apart. I writhed against the covers while he feasted on my sensitive pussy, lapping and circling my clit, probing my small opening with his finger.
My big brother seemed to somehow sense when I neared orgasm because he would vary the intensity of his licking, bringing me to the edge of pleasure over and over. His tongue stroked my slick folds like a wet velvet brush. I had never felt anything so wonderful in my life.
"Alex! Please!" I begged, my head tossing back and forth. "Please!"
He grasped my hips and flipped me over to my stomach. I nearly sobbed with distress. I had been so close to cumming!
His big frame covered my petite body from behind, his knees on the outside of my thighs.
I wiggled against him, not seeing how this was going to give me that incredible orgasm that I needed so bad. Feeling his re-engorged cock against my bottom, I panicked a little. I wanted Alex to take my virginity, but not this way! Not from behind!
In my fantasies, my brother was my first lover, gently and carefully guiding me into sex for the first time. But this wasn't how I envisioned it happening.
"Wait!" I murmured. "Alex!"
My brother's cock slid into the space between the cheeks of my bottom and the gap in my thighs. I whimpered under him, tensing for the pain of him pushing inside my pussy and tearing my hymen.
He panted heavily in my ear, one of his hands grasping a handful of my hair and tugging to expose my throat. Gently he sucked at the tender flesh of my neck while his shaft tunneled through between my bottom cheeks and through the folds of my pussy.
I gasped as the thick head of his cock rubbed over my clit as he thrust and retreated. Slowly it dawned on me that Alex didn't intend to penetrate me, he was finding pleasure in our bodies grinding together.
As the fear receded, arousal took its place, flowing over me like thick, sweet honey. I panted and squirmed under Alex, working my hips to maximize the drag of his cock through my slick pussy lips and against my swollen, throbbing clit.
"Ohhhh," I moaned as a powerful tingling began building between my legs. I was so close… So close!
His hips rammed against me in a hard rhythm. I could hear the slapping of our flesh when the lightning flash of climax seized hold of me. Dimly, I could hear my cries of pleasure, and Alex's growl in my ear as he pressed me down into the mattress. His cock pulsed hot cum over my pussy from behind.
Panting and feeling a little squished by the heavy weight of his body, I heard a noise that took a moment for my dazed brain to process.
"Alex…" I whispered.
"Fuck. I love you. Give me a minute, baby."
I heard another noise and sudden recognition of what it was had me shoving at him atop me.
"Alex!" I hissed. "Get up! Let me up!"
We both froze at the first footfall on the stairs.
"He's not supposed to be home yet!" my brother yelped in a whisper. He launched off me and into motion, his leg tangling in the rumpled sheets.
We both knew Dad always knocked on my door, but he didn't always knock on Alex's before barging in.
Oh my God! I panicked silently. Did it smell like sex in here? Was Daddy going to know what his kids had been up to? Shit!
I rolled off the bed onto my knees on the floor, wincing as I realized I was yet again covered in my brother's cum. Jumping up, I dashed on tiptoes to the bathroom, closing the door quietly mere seconds before Alex's door opened.

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