Forbidden Lesson Plan (Reschooled)

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Writer's Note: This is a remastering of A Forbidden Lesson Plan
I published this story years ago when I first got started writing incest erotica. Due to heavy character changes and plot adjustments, it warranted a new submission.
This is a slutty mom novella.
Published: May 2017 , Republished: October 2020
Garret sprinkled Himilayan pink salt onto the eggs frying in the pan below him. Ever since he was diagnosed with his heart condition, he had to request limited hours at the electric company. This meant he had more time to relax, but he also had to take on more of a caretaking role than he was used to.
He served the eggs to his wife of nineteen years before she had to run off to work. Ava was a biology teacher at Central Hillside Prep, a local private high school. And she was also, as of this year, the Science Department Chair.
For the sixteen years she had been teaching, Ava dreamed of leading the science department. It had taken much longer than expected. She had been good enough to be teaching AP courses by twenty-eight, but a glass ceiling was built above her by a dinosaur of a board chairman who, when first meeting Ava, saw her blonde hair and attractive face and remarked, "I'm surprised your husband lets you teach here with all these male colleagues."
Who's laughing now, jackass? He was unemployed and long forgotten. And Ava earned a $5,500 pay raise, an office connected to her classroom, and she only had to teach three classes a day. Ava, or Mrs. Dawson, as her students called her, prided herself on her professionalism and dedication to her teaching.
Her strict adherence to professional wear, even on casual Fridays, often gave people the wrong first impression that she was traditional and cold. In actuality, she loved progressive and relatable teaching methods and connecting students through projects.
"Now, why can't all of my students dress like that?" Ava beamed.
Ethan was half-awake as he trudged into the kitchen, carrying a large sports bag. Hearing his mom compliment his white polo shirt and khakis made him feel good but also concerned he looked dorky. "They can, they just don't have their mom judging their outfits every morning."
Ava shook her hair bun, laughing lightly. "Hey, that's why you're looking handsome in the hallways, and they look like they don't care at all."
Yeah, mom, that's the point. As Ethan sat down at the wooden table, his dad slid him a plate of eggs. It was still odd for his dad to be cooking the food.
"So, are you guys ready for the game this weekend?!" Garret was just as excited about the playoff football game as Ethan was.
"Yeah, I think we're in good shape for Saturday." The eighteen-year-old football player was the Swiss Army knife of the team. Many players played multiple positions, but Ethan took that to another level. He was in great shape, but he was never the tallest or widest, so he never played any star positions.
Five-foot-nine, one-seventy was big enough, though, to be a holder on field goals, catch important punts, be the backup punter, and play slot receiver on third downs when they just needed a smart player with good hands to catch the ball then go down.
Ava and Garret were proud parents, especially because Ethan was a year younger than most seniors. Ava always doted how strong and handsome he had gotten since joining the team. Part of Ethan thought his mom's loving words had a hidden purpose. At Central Hillside, football was BIG. Most of each graduating class went on to get scholarships at good college programs, some even went pro. And Ethan was sure that his parents wanted him to stay on the team.
Ethan was just glad that his parents weren't the types of crazy ones who would "red-shirt" him – meaning holding him back an academic year just so he could be more skillfully and physically developed during his college recruitment year. It seemed he was the only player on the varsity team whose parents didn't hold him back. Ethan took pride in that. His teammates respected him for it as well.
With a dirty-blonde crew cut and a toned body, Ethan certainly looked like a football player. But his love of tech led him to hang around with "nerdier" kids rather than get close with his teammates. As her son wolfed down his eggs, Ava remembered the ordeal they had to go through over the summer.
Ethan was heading into his senior year. He planned to be a biology major in college so that he could fulfill his dream of becoming a genetic engineer. His plan was all set – He would graduate high school with the right science courses, get recruited to play football by a smaller school with a good science program, and then work his way toward his dream.
But his plan hit a roadblock. The downside to going to the elite private school was that it was small, so certain classes were only taught at certain times of the day. To have an impressive transcript and not be academically behind other students, Ethan needed to take AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics all in the same year. It was a scheduling nightmare.
Long story short, the only way Ethan could fit all of the needed classes into his schedule was to take his mom's AP Biology class. It didn't seem like a big deal to them, but it was when they met with the school Headmaster.
"There is a clear issue," Dr. Raymond began. He was adamant that Ethan could not be in his mom's class. "Now, Ava, I would never suggest you would do something unethical here. That's not the issue. Quite frankly, it's optics. What if you issue a written test that has subjectivity and Ethan gets the highest grade? It would be a bad look for you and the school. The last thing I need is a bunch of angry parents calling, whining about rigged grading."
Ethan was deflated. Ava, however, had a solution. "What if none of my grading is subjective? What if I only give multiple-choice tests and zip them through the scanner? That way there can't be any favoritism."
Dr. Raymond thought. "Uhhh," he sighed. His posture grew uncomfortable. "Listen, there is the other issue."
Ava and Ethan shrunk in their chairs, a slight wince etched on their faces.
"I hate bringing this up because I know you probably just want to move on from it, I know I want to, But-"
"The investigation was completed, and Ethan was cleared," Ava interrupted.
"I know. I know, Ava. Believe me, I know. But there are still some parents who think Ethan got away with it because of you. I know that's not true, but it could look bad if he's now in your class and you're grading his assignments. It'll just add new fuel to the fire."
Ethan's eyes were on the floor. He couldn't believe he had gotten away with it. Dr. Raymond was referring to what famously became known as "The Off-Field Incident."
Every student, staff member, and parent in the Central Hillside community knew the story. At the end of the last football season, three graduating seniors received a text message containing a photo of an attractive, full-figured, naked black woman in a seductive pose.
That message came from Tatiana Wilson, the mother of one of the players, who had just found out her husband had cheated on her. And apparently, her response was to persuade three of her son's athletic teammates to come over and have their way with her.
Naturally, the photos spread to the rest of the team… Along with her phone number. It wasn't even twenty-four hours after the nude was sent that more players were messaging the attractive woman. Most of the guys said they were just trying to text her as a joke. Well, it was a joke until Tatiana replied and began flirting with nearly every young man.
The school administration heard about the incident from the head football coach. The next day, as every player was out as football practice, the school invaded their locker room bags and confiscated their phones, so they could be reviewed by the school disciplinary board.
In the end, Tatiana Wilson was banned from school premises. More than nine football players were suspended for breaking the school's moral code by trying to seduce their teammate's mom. And fortunately, the dick pic and dirty messages Ethan had sent Tatiana were not found on his phone.
I can't believe this happened at Hillside, Ava remembered thinking when Coach Benner told her what happened in the teachers' lounge. There were so many oddities to the story. It was bizarre and undeniably gripping. The Hillside school community was small, and Ava had seen Tatiana before, and even talked to her once. She was a beautiful woman in her late thirties. Ava couldn't wrap her head around why Tatiana would do such a thing. She could have easily found a new man her age. Maybe the cheating drove her crazy?
Ava also was stunned as a mother. "Her poor son," she gasped, as Coach Benner continued whispering. The pain that Tatiana had to be putting her son Xavier through was unimaginable. Ava was thankful to have a son with enough character not to get involved in a weird scandal like that.
She truly did think that. Call it mother's intuition, though, when Ava dropped by Dr. Raymond's office to have a quick word and saw a box of bagged and labeled smartphones from the football team, Ava somehow knew she should check Ethan's. She quickly opened the ziplock bag and entered his four-digit pin – his birthday. Once inside his iPhone, Ava tapped on his iMessage app.
Her heart fell to the floor. Her body lurched forward. On her son's list of recent conversations, one was with Tatiana. Ava's fingers trembled as she scrolled up to the top of the short message history.
"Ugh!" Ava dropped her son's phone. Fortunately, she saw little detail in the beige erection before she had swiped away. Cringing and feeling disgusting, she knew she had to scroll through. You have to know. Just do it. Ava returned to the conversation. Her son had messaged Tatiana five times before finally getting a response.
"You're persistent… you must really want it :P"
"I would do anything to fuck you ;)"
"Good to hear bc I'm only looking to fuck four or five of you. And half the team is going for it lol!"
"Haha. You should definitely choose me!"
"Well… I do love cute white dicks lol! Liking that pic… you look like you might be a good fit ;)"
"Thanks! What do I need to do to make it happen? And how are you going to stop Xavier from finding out?"
"Call me after school tomorrow. And X already knows. I know he fucked a couple of my friends so I told him he has to let me fuck some of his lol! XD"
"Wow! Xavier is awesome! That's so hot you're fucking his friends 😉 I'll call you tomorrow! Do you want another dick pic? It's looking extra cute right now."
Ava's eyes were dry, her blood was cold, and the phone shook in her trembling hands. How? How did her Ethan get caught up in this? Where did he learn to talk that way? Why would he want it?
She read the final response Tatiana had sent before Ethan's phone was confiscated. It was sent just an hour earlier, and Ethan never had the chance to read it.
"Yeah. He knows his mom's a total MILF lol. And sending me another pic can't hurt 😉 And never mind about calling me. Facetime me… I decided you're in the top 5 right now & I wanna make sure we can have fun together first ;)"
Attached to the message was a video. Ava didn't dare open it in the office, but the still-frame was of Tatiana with fingers between her pussy lips.
Ava wanted to throw up. In her panic, she somehow was able to think clearly enough to be a mother and save her son from his mess. For the first and only time in her professional career, Ava broke the rules and her moral code. She hastily deleted the conversation from her son's phone, blocked Tatiana's number, and deleted the contact.
In the aftermath, a few of the embarrassed families of involved players were told by their children Ethan had also messaged Tatiana. The investigation, though, cleared Ethan. That sparked a small cry of the school covering for Ethan because his mom was a teacher.
"He doesn't deserve to enter college behind his peers simply because a few parents want to complain about him." Ava pressed down on Dr. Raymond's desk, as Ethan sat next to her in guilty silence. She was highly intelligent and an excellent conversationalist, often able to get others to see things her way. Ava was right though. Her son, and really all of the players, didn't deserve punishment. They were being stupid boys.
Ultimately, after a long fight with Ava, Dr. Raymond allowed Ethan to sign up for her class.
Nearly every day since she deleted the evidence, Ava thought about the messages, as well as what she did and what Tatiana did. Perhaps it was guilt or shock, or the fact she was the only one in the world who knew why her son didn't get in trouble, but Ava couldn't let it go.
Finishing her breakfast, Ava stood up, put her dish in the washing machine, and headed out for work.
The bell rang for the final class of the day to commence. Stragglers in the hallway made their way into classrooms. Ava stepped out of her office and into her classroom, with a stack of papers in hand. She opened the biology book front lab station and flipped through. Suddenly, she stopped on a page that showed a diagram of reproduction.
Mrs. Dawson sighed on the inside. Unfortunately, her job had a way of reminding her of her problems at home. Over two years ago, Garret had been diagnosed with a heart condition. He was only supposed to be on medication for six months. During that period, his sex drive and ability to get aroused was non-existent. It was an annoyance, but one Ava was prepared to work through. Her husband wasn't willing to be as patient. Despite Ava's pleas and his doctor's stern warnings about a long-term irregularity, Garret snuck ED pills into the house. Sure, he had been able to get hard and enjoy sex with his wife a few times, but the side effect was a long-term irregularity. So, instead of Ava being back to having sex every two days, she was having it once every two or three months – or whenever her husband decided it was worth the risk to take more ED pills.
Garret constantly blamed the psychological effect of no longer being the breadwinner or the "short-term" medical issue that was "going to be fixed soon." But Ava knew it was only because of his own stupid and selfish decision. Snickering laughter from the back of the classroom snapped Ava from her thoughts.
"Settle down, please! It's time to get started." All of the students stopped talking and twisted to face the front of the classroom. Ava liked to wait until everyone had their eyes on her. Per usual, Ava was standing respectably in a steel grey skirt suit. Under her jacket, she wore a white button-down shirt. Her black heels matched her black square-framed reading glasses. Perhaps the impression she was "uptight" came from her blonde hair being tied in a bun. But Ava was focused on being professional. That meant limited makeup and light mascara so that her smooth, diamond face was mature and showed the ability to be fierce when needed.
Boys in the back started whispering again. As Mrs. Dawson opened her mouth to interrupt them, Cara, the top student in her class, turned and told them to "Shhhhh!" Not even Ava liked how much of a teacher's pet Cara was. The demographics of Ava's classes this year still amazed her, even months in.
As of this year, the new Director of the Board pushed for seniors to be able to choose which teacher they had for a course, as long as their schedule worked. It was seen as an opportunity to "give each graduating student the opportunity to select the educator who best facilitates his or her learning style so that each student is as best prepared for collegiate academics as possible."
This was Ava's third and final class of the day, and she took notice of the theme she had struggled to understand earlier in the year. Out of the nineteen students in her AP Biology class, fifteen of them were young men. It was late September when Ava first realized the gender split. Every graduating senior was required to take an AP course (even though some students were beyond their reach). And Ava didn't know why it was only her AP course that was loaded with men.
"Maybe they think you're hot," Ava's friend joked when she brought it up during phone calls. Of course, Ava proudly knew she couldn't be a distraction in layers of professional dress. It wasn't until last month when Ava smacked her head at how on Earth the reason had eluded her. Eleven of the fifteen men in her AP class had something in common. They're all on the football team.
Athletes and students in extracurricular activities got to choose classes first. It was a reward for representing the school. And they thought they'd all take my class and I'd go easy on them or show them leniency because they're friends with Ethan and he's on the team with them… They guessed wrong.
All of the tests were objective and under the watchful eye of the Headmaster. She couldn't give them special treatment even if she wanted to.
Today's lecture was short. Ava used the whiteboard to illustrate the key points of cell growth and then handed out worksheets for students to work on with their lab partners. She liked to walk around the classroom as she spoke so that all of the students felt like they had a front-row seat. It also gave her the ability to spot students who were quietly struggling with projects and were too afraid to ask for help.
The clacking of Ava's heels on the tile stopped as she reached an area between two lab tables. "Who can tell me what triggers anaphase from metaphase?"
In search of a raised hand, Ava swiveled her head and darted her eyes to her sides. Below her, out of the corner of her eye, she sensed Trey looking at her. She instinctively clenched the lapels of her suit jacket together with her hand. With a quick shake of the head, Ava relaxed. Trey, the star wide receiver on the football team, was often drifting off in class. He's just staring into space again.
It wasn't long before Mrs. Dawson peeked up at the clock and saw there were only five minutes of class remaining. "Oh, everybody, before you go, I have your tests to hand back!"
One collective loud moan filled the room. "Don't get upset just yet," Ava chuckled. "I got them back from the Scantron operator this morning. Most of you did pretty well. Some of you need to try harder."
The benefit to Dr. Raymond requiring no written tests for her AP class was that Ava didn't have to spend any time grading. Considering she liked to test students every week to make sure they understood each concept, having a machine grade the tests was a real time-saver.
After going around the classroom, while avoiding eye contact with Ethan, all of the tests were handed out. It took a lot of effort for Ava to engage her son as a student while making sure there was not even an illusion of favoritism. Ironically, the result was Ava treating him worse and ignoring him more than other students. But, Ethan seemed to be fine.
Ava subtly watched him nod in agreement with the ninety-two he scored on the test. Having her son in the class was the most fulfilled Ava had ever felt as a mother. Every day she got to teach him important information, and then she got to witness his success and growth as a young man.
The bell rang again, for the final time of the day. There was always a wave of relief and happiness for the school day being over. The football players jumped up with vigor since they were on their way to practice. Ava watched over the students as they filed out of her classroom.

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