Forbidden Pleasures Pt. 01

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tagIncest/TabooForbidden Pleasures Pt. 01

I would like to dedicate this story to my incredibly sexy mother Sharon. She has hands down given me the most intense sexual pleasure of my life. Thank you mom for all the days and nights of amazing teasing and intense pleasure!!
My sexual desires for my mom started when I was 19. I had decided to live at home and work to save money before starting college. I ended up working an evening job so spent a good part of the day home alone with mom.
I began noticing how attractive mom really was and how sexy her body was. I thought about her sexually more and more masturbating and fantasizing about watching her undress.
Unable to fight my sexual desires for her, I finally began spying on her. I tried catching glimpses of her undressing while peeking through her bedroom door keyhole.
To my great disappointment, she caught me one day when my head accidently hit the door knob. She ran out scolding me as I bolted back to my room.
"Mike!! You fucking pervert!! Get out of here!!" She yelled angrily.
A few weeks later part of my fantasy surprisingly came true. One Saturday morning while my dad was out of town, mom gave me one tantalizing show while she was in her nightgown.
She came into my room late that morning to put away a basket of clothes and to hang some up in my closet. She was wearing a long sheer peach colored nightgown.
Mom always wore a robe around me so I was pleasantly shocked that she was being so bold.
She had on her classic granny panties underneath but wasn't wearing a bra. I caught ampule long glimpses of her giggling and very perky tits as she walked around my room.
She was completely complacent that I was ogling her head to toe as we talked giving me a good 10 minutes of ogling time.
Her tits were fucking gorgeous!!! Dad was completely on crack for ever having a single complaint about them. They were very firm and very perky. Her nipples to this day are the puffiest and plumpest I've ever seen!! They're actually the size and shape of two large juicy strawberries!!
What an amazing hidden treasure!!! I never dreamed she was so astonishingly unique!!
Once she noticed that I was ogling of her breasts, she just stood there after she finished allowing me to get a good eye full. She was obviously enjoying it and proudly gave me a several more minutes of full frontal view while we talked.
We finished our conversation then she asked me if I would grab her some hangers out of my closet. I was still in my briefs and had been sitting on the corner of the bed trying to keep my hard cock from exploding out of my underwear.
I boldly stood up while she stared down ogling my cock. I quickly grabbed the hangers and walked over handing them to her. By then my fully engorged erect cock was lifting the waistband on my underwear almost poking out the top. She devilishly grinned as she continued staring.
"Whyyyy THANK you Mikel!" She playfully said.
Still devilishly grinning she seductively arched her back taking the pony out of her hair letting it fall completely down then began slowly running her fingers through her hair.
She seductively said, "Well Mike, I HATE to but I guess I should probably go put some clothes on and finish the laundry" giving me a wink as she left the room.
Holy fuck that was one sizzling show!!
I immediately shut the door, jumped on my bed stripping off my underwear and stroked my cock cumming several times then repeated for the rest of the day and all that night. I've completely lusted for her ever since!! I couldn't believe my own mom was so fucking sexy and such a hot tease!!
To my disappointment though mom as very standoffish the rest of the day and back to her prudish self after that.
Later, I realized she had intended to teach me a lesson but it had fully backfired on her. She figured I would be creeped out by seeing her body and would run out of the room when she turned up the heat. She also hadn't figured that she would enjoy it the way she did.
I became insatiably horny for her masturbating constantly while fantasizing about her. She me caught multiple times going through her dresser, underwear, and bras.
She even caught me one morning masturbating in the laundry room with a pair of her panties that I had gotten out of the laundry hamper. She would sternly scold me and threated to tell my dad but never did, thank God.
That next summer things changed drastically. I never in my widest dreams imagined that all my fantasies about mom would actually end up coming true or that my own mom would turn out to be the best tease and raunchiest fuck of my life!!
I was planning to attend college in the fall and had a girlfriend named Debbie. Mom and dad were fighting on almost a daily basis and had been for over a year.
My dad (Tom) was an asshole and constantly criticized mom about her looks and what she wasn't doing or wasn't doing right.
Mom was a total free spirit who enjoyed life and breaking the rules once in a while. Even getting busted by dad a few weeks ago smoking weed with her cousin Patty.
Dad on the other hand was uptight and just wanted to control her. Almost killing her spirit.
My mom (Sharon) was 39 at the time and a very beautiful fair skinned brunette with long black hair just past her shoulders. She was 5'7" and weighted 120lbs. She was slender with long slender legs and very nicely sized birthing hips and ass. She took very good care of herself doing yoga and working out regularly. When she wears her hair down mom is a ringer for Sigourney Weaver when she was in the movie, "The Ice Storm"
Mom was very shy and very modest. She mostly kept her hair tied up and wore baggie clothes, no frills white cotton bras, and baggy cotton granny panties. She also rarely wore any makeup. Most guys didn't give mom a second look when they saw her. Little did they know mom was actually a true hidden treasure and underneath those clothes hid her best kept secret. Mom had such low self-esteem and confidence she had no idea how incredibly sexy she really was. I sure as hell did and couldn't stop thinking about her.
That summer my infatuation for her grew uncontrollably. One hot day early that summer they had just finished putting in our in-ground pool. Mom and I decided to break it in together while dad was at work. We lived 10 miles out of town and no close neighbors so it was nice to finally not have to drive to town to cool off.
Mom was so painfully modest that she would never wear a swimsuit when we would go to the beach. That day it changed and further fueled for my taboo desires for her.
She told me to go swim first then she would join me after she folded a load of clothes. About a half hour later, I hear the back patio door open and my jaw hit the ground!! Finally, there was my mom in a sexy one-piece navy blue bathing suit!!
She looked so fucking hot!! It had a plunging neckline and a very nice low back. It was surprisingly tight compared to her normal baggie apparel. It slightly exposed the cheeks of her delicious ass and hugged every sensuous curve on her body, especially her hips and ass. Mom had very generous hips and a great nicely sized ass to go with them!!
Dad always criticized her about her ass and tits. Saying he wished he could take some of her ass to build her some tits. I found mom's whole body incredibly pleasing especially her tits and ass!!
Based on my detective work during my secret raids of her dresser I found out mom was a petite but perky 32B breast size, with a 28 inch waist, and a very generous and gorgeous set of 36 inch hips.
Mom made her way down the steps in the shallow end of the pool where I was then stepped down one step to the water stopping to untie her hair letting it down. My heart raced as I ogled her head to toe. My heart almost exploded out of my chest as I watched her!! Oh God was she fucking sexy!!
Then suddenly my eyes about popped out of their sockets as I noticed mom's abundant armpit hair. Mom didn't usually shave her pits in the winter but always shaved them in the summer. It was obvious from the ample hair that she hadn't touched them at all and was letting them grow completely wild.
Before I knew it my eyes were immediately engrossed on her crotch and bikini line. Holy fuck was she hairy!! Her bush was bulging out all the way around on both sides of her bathing suite crotch. Long tuffs of dark hair were poking out, not only that but her bush extended partially down her thighs!! The very sizeable bulging mound underneath her bathing suite crotch was a teasing indication that I was only seeing the tip of the iceberg.
Mom was a very hairy and sexy brunette!! ALL brunette head to toe and letting ALL of it hang out, drapes, carpet, and ALL!! I didn't even try to hide that I was ogling her crotch and enjoying every single second of seeing her sizzling exotic bush!! I was getting an amazing private show and mom was completely oblivious until she finished untangling her hair as she let it down.
Surprisingly mom didn't say a word or even shyly hide when she noticed me completely ogling her crotch. Instead, she continued to stand there dipping her hands in and wetting her arms and neck.
Enjoying the attention she coyly smiled and permitted me to continue to ogle her bulging bush for several more minutes. After which she slowly waded down another step slightly kneeling down dipping her waist and crotch in the water.
My cock quickly hardened as she stood back up exposing her dark wet bush. Oh God her wet bush and thighs looked so fucking sexy!!! My cock almost exploded between watching her and the sensation of my cock sliding against the webbing of my trunks as it tented straight out!!
Mom's eyes suddenly became fixated on the full tent in my trunks as she dove the rest of the way into the water. She devilishly smiled as she swam away knowing she was the cause and loved it!!
Mom playfully teased the hell out of me the rest of the day as we played beach ball together. She gave me one very pleasing eye full of her hairy wet crotch and armpits when she jumped out to get the ball. First she teased the ball over her head then put it between her legs holding it with her knees while placing her hands behind her head. She danced around in front of me for several minutes, seductively taunting me before tossing it back to me.
"Come and try to get it Mike!! I knooow you want!!" She said devilishly.
Oh fuck she was one hot tease!!! I never dreamed my painfully modest mom would ever flaunt her goods in a bathing suit in front of me let alone give me such a tantalizing show!! Swimming with mom that day was a fantasy come true!! Little did I know it was just the beginning.
A few weeks later one evening things got very tense between mom and dad.
I was about to leave to pick Debbie and meet some friends. It was Friday night so I had the night off. Mom and dad were about to leave to go out with a couple dad knew from work. Mom and I were talking when dad walked up and tugged on mom's armpit hair.
"What's this shit?" He said.
Mom was immediately pissed and began yelling.
"None of your fucking business Tom so leave me alone!!" She said.
Dad was furious and yelled back.
"That shit is fucking nasty and I'm not leaving until you either shave that shit off or change into a different top that covers that shit up!!" He demanded.
Mom began crying.
"Fuck you Tom!! Why can't you just leave me alone?" She angrily sobbed.
Pissed that he made her cry I jumped in.
"STOP IT dad, you're making her cry!! Why do you have to be such an asshole?" I said angrily.
"I'm not going anywhere until she covers that shit up, period!!" Dad angrily demanded.
Uncomfortable that dad and I were now going at it, mom jumped in.
"Stop it Tom!! We're going to be late. I'll go change." She sadly pleaded.
At that point I left as dad had stormed out of the room as well.
The next morning while dad was eating breakfast mom secretly stopped by my room.
She smiled proudly and said, "Mike, I really want to thank you for defending me last night. I'm really sorry you had to hear all that."
"Mom, don't apologize," I said. "Dad should be the one apologizing not you. Has he even apologized to you?"
Mom sighed, "We both know that's never going to happen. Besides, I don't want to speak to that asshole at all right now."
Hearing her distain for dad, I decided it was time to test the waters. Nervous over what I was about to say, I took a deep breath then decided to just blurt it all out.
I boldly confessed, "Mom, It really pisses me off that he always criticizes your looks!!"
"I know that I shouldn't say this so I hope it doesn't creep you out but I think you're a very attractive woman mom and you have an amazing figure. Matter fact it's really hard not to notice how HOT you are especially in a bathing suit. You definitely should consider getting a bikini sometime. I wish Debbie looked half as good as you."
"Not to embarrass you mom, but I actually really like all your body hair. I think it's actually exotic and looks sexy!!"
I was greatly relieved when mom's face lit up afterwards. She beamed with excitement then began to chatter.
"Wow, thank you Mike!!" She said delightfully. "I've never had anyone ever tell me I looked HOT before!!! And NO it doesn't creep me out. I'm actually very flattered you think I'm attractive!!"
"All the shit your dad has said to me and says to me on a daily basis about how much of a hag I am, it feels great to hear you tell me how good. It especially feels good to hear you say that I look HOT!!"
"With regard to a bikini I've never been brave enough to wear one but maybe someday I'll give it a try."
"Wow!! I'm sooo very flattered that you think I'm attractive even look good enough to wear a bikini!! You can give me compliments like that ALL day long!!"
"It's also great to hear that I'm not a freak because of my body hair. I love how open you are!!"
"Debbie is very lucky to have you. I don't know what you see in her though. You can do much better and deserve much better."
"Your dad is such a prude about body hair among other things that I won't get in to, I would trade him for you right now in a heartbeat."
"Well, I better run before your dad gets suspicious. Thank you so much Mike!! You just made my whole day!!"
That next week things became even more taboo and titillating. Mom became more and more daring around me because of our talk over the weekend.
One afternoon we started to play a new game of diving and catching a quarter. At one point when she threw the quarter, not thinking anything of it at the time, I dove straight between her legs and caught it. When I came back up, Mom shivered and giggled.
"Mmmmm that really tickled Mike," She said with pleasure. "You sent tingles all the through me when you made those bubbles!!! They gave me goosebumps ALL over!!"
My heart raced and my cock stiffened as I realized the bubbles I had generated when I passed between legs had really tickled her pussy!! She obviously had enjoyed the moment of pleasure and wasn't protesting about it, AT ALL!! I definitely wanted to do that again and presently surprised her when I tossed the quarter back to her.
Mom coyly smiled and said, "I'm really glad it's still your turn!!"
She threw the quarter again. I dove through but this time I took a deeper breath and swam slowly between her legs facing up. I slowly blew bubbles against her crotch on the way through. I obviously didn't have the quarter when I got to the surface,
Mom shyly giggled and said, "Mmmmm, that tingled even more than the first time. Still your turn!!"
I nodded and dove again as she threw the quarter, swimming between her legs even slower. My eyes were tantalizingly delighted as I got closer and noticed mom had spread her legs wide apart and she was squatting down fully opening her crotch!!! I swam between her legs blowing even harder with my lips almost touching her crotch. Once I came to the surface, mom shivered and giggled again.
"Umm, we better switch," She sheepishly said. "I don't trust myself. It's getting very hard for me to be ladylike."
We finished our swim then mom headed off to tan on the other side of the pool.
Needing to satisfy my hungry cock, I sneaked into mom's room to masturbate on her bed. Mom always laid her clothes on her bed when she undressed. I would rub her panties and bra on my cock enjoying that they had touched her body particularly her juicy hairy pussy.
I especially loved mom's panties. She didn't wear panty liners so the crotch lining of her panties were always wet with her juices for me to slid across my cock. All I could think about is my fantasy of watching mom undress. God she was so fucking sexy and such a fucking good tease!! I desperately wanted to watch her strip in front of my very own eyes!!
While laying on her bed I noticed a sizeable crack of light at the top of the door between my room and hers. We lived in an old turn of the century country house and the door was obviously warped. I ran to my room and jumped on top of the dresser by the door and looked through the crack.
My heart raced with excitement and anticipation as I had a good view but needed just another inch or two of opening to get an unobstructed view. In order to do that I needed to unlock the door but needed a key. I remembered that dad kept a bunch of spare keys in his private file cabinet. I raced to the cabinet and grabbed a couple of keys then finally was able to unlock the door. Now one of my biggest fantasies was within sight!!
My heart raced that night as I had planned to live out my fantasy the next morning when mom changed to go on her weekly grocery trip. I spent the night putting together a playlist of good strip songs to play while I watched her undress.
Just as I was about to go to sleep I could hear mom and dad starting to argue in their room. They were yelling so loud I could hear it clear as a bell. I heard mom yelling first.
"What's wrong with me? Why don't you want me?" She cried.
"Why do we have to get into this now, why can't we just go to sleep?" Dad yelled.
Mom yelled back, "That's the problem. You never want me. It's been over a year Tom since you've even tried to touch me and longer than that since we've had sex."
Dad yelled angrily, "You're just a nasty hag!! That's why!! Shave that shit off!! Honestly I'm not even attracted to you anymore!! If your tits were as big as your ass, I might be!!"
"Fuck you Tom!!" Mom sobbed.
Then it was quiet after that. My heart raced and my mind began to swirl as I realized that mom was starving for sex and wanted it bad!! If dad didn't want to fuck her I sure did!! All I needed was for mom to fully give in and act on our forbidden desires!! Letting me satisfy her in any and every way she wanted!!
The next morning I waited until it was time for mom to enter her room to change. I cracked the door open and waited for the show to begin. Like clockwork mom came back to her room around 9am and closed her door to get ready.
I queued up, "Her Strut" by Bob Seeger and hit play. I climbed up on the dresser and secretly watched as she picked out her clothes from her dresser. I slid my underwear down to take them off when I slipped banging the dresser mirror against the wall. She instantly looked up seeing me.
"Mike, what the fuck are you doing?" She angrily demanded.
II immediately jumped off to hide.
"Nothing mom," I nervously answered.
Mom pulled the door shut.
"That's what I thought," She annoyingly responded.
I was terrified and embarrass and hid in my room until I went to work later that evening. Mom was very standoffish when I left not saying a word. All I could think about is that I had pushed it and completely blew it. Now she was going to tell dad and I'd be a dead man!!

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