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tagIncest/TabooForced to Try Ch. 04

A dark feathered bird landed silently on the wooden porch if front of the house. It twisted it's head, faithfully mimicking the curious expressions of people who were passing by the front entrance a few days ago, wondering why a bunch of teens were cursing and sweating in the heat attempting to fix the even more thought-provoking hole in the window. To be expected as the sun was still hidden behind the green leaves on the horizon, neither the snoopy neighbors, nor the teens were anywhere in sight. "Hurry-up-Mike, drilled by his enraged company, must've fixed the extra entrance rather quickly." – the bird thought to itself, referring to him by what it thought was his nickname.
After briefly admiring it's dreadful outfit, the crow stretched it's wings and disappeared before the first ray of the sun lightened up the room on the first floor. At this moment only the bird, as it glided through the rapidly warming up air, could see the big wooden bed frame covered by enormous amounts of fluffy pillows and cozy blankets. No one, even the spying bird, could see the 20 year old girl lying somewhere under them.
Despite the inviting embrace of the velvet materials and early hour, the green eyes were wide open, staring blindly at the ceiling. Here eyes were wandering mindlessly, as she gave up long time ago on finding something out of the ordinary. Soon enough, the paint on the walls didn't stimulate her brain enough to remain in that vegetating state and the slim figure started to emerge from the bed, stretching and yawing uncontrollably.
When her feet finally touched the chilly panels, Alex could hear a resigned gasp escape her parted lips, as she hung her head in a resigned gesture. Since the incident, it was a repeating occurrence for her to wake up in this state.
Mike's daily visits didn't go unnoticed to Alex, who was usually locked inside her room for the first few days following the Eve's spectacle, and a passive listener to his advances towards her sister, who was lately spending comparable amount of time inside. It wouldn't affect Alex at all, except she would sleep the less, the more successful Isa's boyfriend was with his flirting. To her surprise, they both seemed to fend off the awkwardness that she felt was between all of them exceptionally quickly.
Despite the low energy levels, sexual acts of her older sister had also another side effect on Alex. Whenever the loud moans would disturb the bliss silence in her bedroom, her brain would respond with projecting some naughty pictures, representing possible scenarios unfolding in the adjacent room. For some supernatural reasons unknown to the 20 year old tossing in the bed, her hand would always somehow land between her legs and her own climax would verbalize itself alongside Isa's mid-orgasm screams.
Sleep deprivation and wrist pains weren't the main reason of Alex's cloudy mood. The actual cause was her boyfriend, who didn't seem to share Mike's enthusiasm and would deliberately ignore her calls and invites. At first worried about him, lately angry and now just sad, Alex had decided to distance herself and give him some space to breathe. After all, she herself needed some distance, not necessary from Tom, but her sister, whose presence was lately strangely affecting her libido and body temperature. She knew the reason why and she was scared Isa might put two and two together.
To utter disbelieve of Alex, who was now in the middle of her routine consisting of choosing her attire, hair style and jewelry for the day, Isa was the first to break the unwritten pact of "not bringing up what had happened" and she did so just yesterday. What Alex feared would inevitably lead to tears, screams and horror, turned out to be a rather refreshing and purifying conversation. Her sister explained to her there was nothing to worry about and reassured her everything between them is fine. She also mentioned her "she doesn't regret anything". "Anything" was the key word Alex would dwell on since then.
Repeating the dialogue in her head for the hundredth time, she packed up her workout bag. Despite comforting herself with another barrage of cussing, she could feel a crippling fear low in her tummy. But she already agreed to go and there was no going back now. She always thought her sister was the fainthearted one, but she wasn't so certain anymore.
"Do I really have to?" – Mike whined, still fighting against the well known force dragging him by his numb arm. The well known force was standing by the frame of what Mike wanted to think of as their bed and what Mike knew was her bed. The bed he was now being abruptly kicked of off.
"Just move already! You are drooling all over my pillows." – an irritated pitch lingered around his ear, telling him he had to change his approach.
"How can I not, when you are looking so tasty in that outfit?" – Mike yet again surprised himself with hit cheesy lines that would come up to him with doubled force in the mornings. Isa didn't seem to share his admiration, summing it up with a resigned sigh and almost undetectable sign of amusement.
"I'm still kinda shocked your sister agreed to it, you know." – Mike was finally vertical, but Isa knew it weren't her requests that dragged him out of bed. The actual reason was tightly wrapped by her black leggings and, as of recent, Mike's lazily roaming hands.
"Well, we can't pretend we don't know each other just because of what had happened. Can we? I really do think some group workout will do her good. She is always a few degrees happier after workout… shower. – Isa responded, doing a decent job of ignoring her boyfriend's intentions, focusing on choosing the shade of her lipstick. Wearing makeup to the gym – another part of her routine Mike didn't understand.
"Well the last group workout didn't go so well, at least according to her current relations with To…"
"If you really want to go with us, you should stop talking right now, and start dressing." – Isa cut him off, giving him a meaningful stare. He seamed to be bright enough to pick up on the clue and soon enough he was silently preparing himself for his upcoming workout. A pair of shorts and a tank top from the floor should do just fine.
Given the complexity of his morning routine, Mike was waiting for both of them for a few good minutes, before the screech of the front door brought a smile back to his face, reassuring him the choice of teaming up with them he made this morning was indeed one of his best.
Despite all the wasted time, sisters ended up with the same hairstyle – a simple pony tail secured by black rubber bands, which will will come in handy in the gym. "Practical and sexy." – Mike thought to himself. As his eyes trailed down, he wasn't as certain about the practicality of their outfit, but the appealing factor was making up for that. Alex had a tight black tank top tightly wrapped around what Mike still would dream about occasionally after "the incident". Somehow squeezed through the widest section, it was clinging tightly to her tummy, where it would distort on her abdominal muscles as she was walking forward. A medium sized sport bag was bouncing with every step, bumping against her hip, close to where Mike considered the best part of Alex was located. The pleasing picture was complemented by a set of long legs, yet again wrapped in black material.
Mike didn't have time to check out his girlfriend as thoroughly, as they jumped into the car as quickly as they appeared. The ride was rather awkward and silent, so Mike resorted to some occasional jokes and observing Alex's reactions. Glancing at her distance stare in the back mirror, Mike was thankful him and Isa had it all sorted out and their sex life was even better than before, which both of them knew and none wanted to admit openly, even though it was a reoccurring topic during their bed activities. Was that bad? That what had happened was affecting them this way? Mike didn't know, but he was glad honestly didn't care at this point what the society expected him to feel.
"Looks like we've reached our destination!"
Nearing to the end of her morning workout session, Alex's mood, previously rather bad, switched drastically. Isa and Mike noticed the sudden change as it appeared in a form of casual dialogue or friendly banter, which both of them were very pleased to observe. The tension present in the car vanished as soon as the first signs exhaustion announced itself in Alex's breathing.
Alex brought her hand up, brushing away a loose strand of hair from her sweat covered forehead. She swallowed hard, took a deep breath, before repeating the exercise for the last time. Her cheeks were flushed and she could feel her heart beating fast. She was exhausted, thirsty, and happy. "For the first time since 'then', I'm actually feeling good!.. I mean, since BEFORE 'then'. Not like I had a good time then 'then'. " – Alex corrected herself quickly, fixed her posture in the mirror and stopped for a second.
She really missed it. The quick glances she wasn't supposed to catch, the obvious stares she was supposed to be repelled by, the envious looks coming from the ladies, and all of them trying to disrobe her. She started stretching, cunningly choosing the most provocative poses that didn't go unnoticed. Despite the sweat evaporating on her heated skin, she could feel her pussy getting warmer between her legs. Another pair of eyes ogled her cleavage, squeezed seductively by her sports bra. A shiver ran down her spine, as she spread her legs apart, fully aware those who were staring at her tits, were now drooling over the sight of what's between her thighs. She leaned forward again, scanning the room as her fingers touched her toes. She froze.
Despite the bright light in the mirror reflections, she could see Isa's eyes clearly. And her gaze was undoubtedly focused on her lower back. What she felt wasn't new to her. She felt it before – 'then'. Her teasing wasn't aimed at her sister but Isa's biting on her lower lip told her she was a master in her act of seduction. She shifted her position a bit, scared a dampness between her legs would start to show any time, but mostly because she wanted to see Isa better. She wanted Isa to see better.
A droplet of sweat formed under Isa's chin was what caught Alex's attention. To be more precise, it was the destination it was slowly heading towards. Her sister's heavy breathing was visible on her flushed neck, the slight movement of her muscles and shining skin urging the hypnotizing droplet to move downwards. As it moved lower, inch by inch, now stopping on her sister's heavily moving chest, Alex felt her lips getting drier. She lost her patience and moved her eyes to Isa's cleavage, where it would end up anyways. A slight rush of arousal ran through her body, as she admired Isa's round breasts and the firmness of her hard nipples visible even despite the thick material of her bra. She wanted to be that droplet so badly, to dive her tongue between the perfect globes, to taste her skin now shining from the sweat. She wanted to lick, suck on her…
"… changing room?" – A voice she knew snapped her back to reality. Why would she want to suck on Isa's changing room? Stupid Mike.
"..Huh?" – She responded aloud, lifting her back from the mat.
"You want to go? I finished my training already, and seems like you girls are just siting here doing nothing anyways." – Mike repeated, looking back and forth at the two of them. He didn't understand the whole "stretching" thing and Isa ceased her attempts to make him understand long time ago.
Alex approved almost too quickly, but her body was nagging her to visit her favorite bathroom stall and her mind was already thinking about the imminent release. A few disappointed pair of eyes watched both sisters vanish in the end of the corridor leading to the changing rooms.
Isa was angry and upset. Alex was devastated, shocked and most importantly, insatiable. Mike was just stinky. All of them were unlucky, but Alex believed it was a curse. A lack of water in the whole district wasn't a common thing. It had never happened before, as far as she could remember. But it did today, just when she was about to take a shower… and do some other things. Had the day ended right here, Alex would've ranked this date as one of her worst in her 20 years old life. But it didn't.
Hoping to be the first one in the shower, Alex rushed upstairs, dropping her bag somewhere in the process. She picked up some fresh clothes from the drawer, this time without an excessive examination. After 10 minutes she finally picked a matching set of lingerie matching the color of her eyes, and a loose t-shirt that was supposed to expose the lacy finish of the bra, and reach almost to the bottom of her ass. She chose not to bother about pants, since it was already too hot without it. And it's not like Mike and Isa didn't see her naked.
Alex consciously didn't get herself off in the shower. Having cooled down a bit during the long ride back home, she weighted the pros and cons of possible solutions and came to the conclusion the comfortable bed and a pocket vibrator will be profitable in the long run. Frustrated at first, she noticed the prolonged teasing was making wonders to her organism and she didn't mind to work herself up even more. Pulling her protruding nipples and lightly rubbing on her swollen pussy lips turned out to be more than enough to get her into the state in which she left the gym mat.
She left the bathroom with her bra in hand. Why would one bother to put it on, just to take it off in ten seconds? Her reasoning was flawless, except for her nipples state now clearly visible on the thin fabric of her t-shirt. "Worst case scenario Isa or Mike will cross her path on the corridor" – she thought. She squirmed on the thought, already walking down the hall. And then the good fortune struck.
"Oh god, fuck me just like that…" – Isa moaned, when Mike's penis finally parted her glistering pussy lips. Her bare skin was still damp from all the heavy workout earlier and ongoing heat-wave, gleaming seductively in the dimmed light that found it's way through the sun-blinds. Mike moved another inch and she instinctively arched her back further, waiting patiently for him to go deeper, but he was taking his time, running his finger from her bottom all they way to get neck, making her wait.
She was kneeling on the bed, her flushed cheek resting on the white pillow, contrasting with the tanned shade of her skin, but matching it's softness. She bit down on it's corner, when Mike pushed all the way into her without warning. A muffled sound of delight mixed with a dash of pain filled the room. A clear sign for Mike to repeat what he just did.
"Beg for it." – Mike gasped out, rhythmically moving his rigid member in and out of Isa's leaking pussy.
"Please, fuck me. Fuck me harder." – came the response, emphasized by her hip movement against his thrusts.
Isa was about to cum, when Mike abruptly pulled out despite her pleading. She looked back at him, still maintaining the assumed position, but his odd stare told her she should follow his gaze. She opened her mouth to speak, but her boyfriend was already pushing his fingers inside her gaping hole, spreading her juices on her clit with the other hand. What was supposed to be a worried question, came out as a groan, as her eyes rolled back.
Her heart stopped for a second. He was looking right at her. She was sure.
She knew she shouldn't have done it, she should've gone straight to her room and get herself off like… a normal person. But she wasn't normal, not after Eve's visit. Not after she started seeing her sister in different light, admonishing herself for thinking about her while masturbating quickly became less frequent when she noticed how well her body reacts to such fantasies. And right now her fantasy was happening in front of her. Mostly at least.
Alex wished she could move a bit closer to see better, but she did so few times already. She was risking a lot, but the opened door to Isa's room were almost like a direct invitation for her horny state of mind. Well, to be fair, it was merely a quarter of meter crack, but the sound of flesh slapping against each other coming from inside was more than enough for her to stop by and take a quick peek.
What was supposed to be a glance, a pleasant memory saved for lone evenings, turned into a voyeuristic act. She wasn't proud of it, but her pussy juice was dripping down her legs before her sight accommodated to the partial darkness. What she saw was far exceeding her most brave fantasies.
And there she was. Damp blonde hair clinging to her touch-seeking skin, a green t-shirt a few shades darker from the condescending steam produced by her aroused body, rubbing against her pink nipple, the second one gently squeezed by her shaking fingers. Her tiny panties pulled to the side, exposing her waxed pussy with two fingers lodged deep inside to anyone who could see. But no one could see. At least she thought so, until now.
He was looking right at her. She was sure. Or was she? He would've said something, or at least reacted in some way… but he didn't. He was just changing positions. No way he couldn't see her in this light. She wished he could. She wished Isa could. She crept up closer.
Despite her wishes Alex breathed out heavily, when Mike resumed playing with her sister. She couldn't see his fingers, but she tried to mimic his arm movement, pushing her digits in and out. Her inner muscles clamped down on her fingers, giving her body a series of short spasms. She tried to match Mike's tempo, but the noises Isa was making were worrying her that she wouldn't be able to remain silent herself. Hypnotized by the gravity defying set of tits swaying sexily and the bliss facial expression of her sister, she took another small step forward.
Her orgasm was right behind the corner, but committed to her act, she removed her fingers the moment Mike stood up and spun his girlfriend around. Both girls gasped at the sight of his dick. Both sisters' hair were in a similar state of disarray, but Isa's messy pony-tail was quickly restructured by Mike's hands in a way that would grand him full control.
"Open your mouth and suck my fingers."
Alex knew who was the command aimed at, but without hesitation she parted her red lips and pushed both of her still wet fingers into her hungry mouth. A rush of arousal ran through her body, as her tongue lapped along the length of her digits, cleaning them up precisely. A few meters into the room, her sister was already waiting for what Alex wished she could help her with.
"Look me in the eyes, while I fuck your face."
Alex was impressed how much Mike's commanding voice was matching her boyfriend's, and even more by how skillfully Isa's mouth operated around the deepthroating dick. From the lack of better substitution, the younger sister pushed her fingers further, gagging slightly. "I really did get out of practice" – she thought to herself, as the other hand slipped down between her legs. It was impossible to resist herself, when her sister was drooling all over her chin and bed, long strings of saliva forming between the two lovers.
Isa was on the edge of cumming without external stimulation. Deepthroating turned out to be one of those activities she thought she would hate, but ended up loving. Apart from her attitude, she knew she was really good at it. Facefucking however, so exciting for her boyfriend, who was now panting heavily, wasn't the source of Isa's overflow of sensations. It was coming from the shapely figure partially hidden behind the door. The recent memories of their encounter, combined with the current performance they were serving to their guest, were silencing her inhibitors. She wanted her sister so bad, she needed to taste her again. It's now or never.

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