Foster brother gets revenge of his 3 sisters for teasing him

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By Marshian Howard was adopted by a kind man, but, with that came 3 sexy older sisters who Howard couldn’t help but have a crush on. He decides to get revenge.

Howard wanted to fuck his sisters. Or at least that what his best-friend Michael always used to say. In some sense it was true. Howard did in fact have a huge crush on all three of his sisters, however, these weren’t just his sisters. After Howard’s mom died when he was 11 he moved in with his godfather (his father wasn’t present), Nicolas, who was nothing but kind to Howard, he appreciated Nicolas more than his own father and even started calling him Dad. Nicolas was divorced to his wife Sandra, and together they had 3 absolutely stunning girls. The youngest, Lucy, was the same age as Howard, she was a brunette and was obsessed with fashion, she loved thrifting and making clothes, she wanted to be a fashion designer. The middle girl was Elaine, she had black hair and was 1 year older than Howard and Lucy and had embraced her angst and become a little bit of a goth, she wore black and did experimental types of makeup all over herself, and wanted to be an actor but was a little too shy. The eldest on the 3 was Abbie, 3 years older than Howard, she was a total slut, had about 100 different boyfriends, all of which were assholes and wanted to find the perfect guy with loads of money and live the high-life, she has a self-described ‘free-spirit’. On the weekend, the girls would go to their mother’s and Nicolas and Howard would stay home alone.

Today was special because it was the middle of the summer holiday, and the girls were coming back from their 1 week in Rome with their mother. Howard was buzzing with excitement waiting in the car outside the airport, Nicolas had gone inside to collect them since their mother was planning on staying another week with her new Italian lover, Fabio. However, Howard was not alone in the car, droning on about how he needed to be paid back was Howard’s long time best-friend Michael.
“I’m just saying Howard, even if the trip didn’t go through you still owe me”
“You said it was a birthday present” Howard rebuttled, half paying attention.
“A lot of things were said Howard.” Michael was attempting to get Howard to pay him back for a trip to Disney Land that fell through even though he had promised he would pay as a birthday present. “But I’m pretty sure I remember you saying that you would pay”
“I definitely did not”
“Howard. If you don’t do this the consequences will be grave.”
“Oh yeah?” Howard chuckled calling Michael’s bluff. Michael was by no means the sharpest tool in the shed, Howard was definitely the smart one, Michael as a child, was fat and dumb, but recently Michael had been in a huge gym phase which meant he lost a bunch of weight and was a lot buffer.

Just at that moment Howard heard the joyful chatter of the girls as they walked towards the car, Howard straightened up and stared out the window. The sun setting behind their shoulders, the cinematic nature of it all made Howard feel like they were all walking in slow motion, 3 beautiful girls walking towards him, silhouetted by the sun. Lucy was wearing a light blue crop-top, her cleavage just peaking out of her top, falling into said cleavage were a series of necklaces, they all looked new as Howard observed. He couldn’t help but notice her bright red lacey bra straps peaking through. She was also wearing a short white mini-skirt that showed off a lot of her beautiful legs. Her hair was in plats and she had a pair of sunglasses over her eyes, pulling a baby-blue suitcase behind her. Howard’s eyes moved to the next sibling, Elaine, she was wearing a backless, slightly transparent black sundress with a floral pattern on it, you could see her white bikini underneath, her boobs weren’t as big as Lucy or Abbie’s but she made up for it in other factors, her black hair was done up in a messy-bun and was pulling a black suitcase behind her. Abbie, looked upset, which offset Howard’s horny perception of her, he did a quite quick run down of her appearance anyway, she had clearly been crying and had mascara down her face, but she looked brilliant anyway, she was definitely the most attractive of the 3, her blonde hair curled as it reached her chest. She was wearing a hot-pink tube-skirt and looked like Margot Robbie in the Wolf of Wall Street. She was wearing a cap pushed far down her face to cover her teary eyes, the cap read ‘Italia’ and had the Italian flag on it. She was bare foot and was holding her white high heels in her hand. Nicolas was lugging her huge hot-pink suitcase for her.

Howard stepped out of the car and waved them down, flocking towards him was Lucy, her breasts (hers being the biggest of the 3) bouncing up and down as she jogged forward to meet him. “Howie!” she says flinging her arms around his shoulders like a proper couple, she was about 5″3 and Howard was about 5″11, so she buried her face into his shoulder “You would of loved Rome” she said whilst she pulled her head out of his shoulder, stared up at him with her arms over his shoulder, she stared at him seductively for a second, Howard felt blood start to pump to his cock “Have you got a haircut?” she broke the silence and took her arms off him, clinging to him just long enough to keep him hopeful.
“Uhm- Yeah-” he responded awkwardly
“It looks good” she said earnestly
Just then others reach the car, Elaine gives Howard a one handed hug for about a second “How you doing Howie?” she asked, as she piled into the car.
“I call shotgun!” Lucy shouted out.
“No. Abbie get’s shotgun cos she’s had a bad day”
“You okay Abbie?” Howard said gently pulling her shoulder, she embraced him for a warm hug, not as playfully flirtious as Lucy but certainly meaningful, she definitely needed a hug. She began to cry into his shoulder “What’s wrong?” Howard said gently.
“Her summer fling and her broke up-” Elaine said flatly
“Alonso!” She cries “I loved him!”
“You didn’t love him Abbie” Elaine chimed in again.
“I did!” Abbie said defensively
Lucy grabbed Howard whilst the argued in the background “do you want to see my new necklaces”
“Of course” He said congratulating himself for noticing that small detail
She pushed her chest close to Howard, Howard leaning in closer so he could see the ‘details’ “This one here is supposed to deter bad omens-” She went on for a while about her necklaces whilst Howard ogled at her cleavage and the perfect curvature of her breasts
“I asked Mom whether I could stay for another day and she said no!” Abbie’s loud arguing snapped Howard out of it, his head sprung back up “So me and Alonso had to break up! That bitch!”
“Hey” Nicolas said sternly “You respect your mother”
“She’s literally fucking some Italian hunk! What do you care!” Nicolas was speechless, Howard had heard him cry about Sandra plenty of times, and when he heard about her new Italian boy-toy, he certainly didn’t take it well. He simply swallowed the lump in his throat and said “Everybody get in the car”
“Dad there’s only 5 seats” Asked Lucy
“Oh yeah, you’re going to have to sit on someone’s lap.”
“Not again!”
“You sat in mine last time, so it can’t be me!” Elaine quicky stated. That left her options; Michael or Howard. Howard didn’t want to suggest that she sit on his lip because he would definitely have some sort of accident in his pants, but he sure as shit didn’t want her to sit in Michael’s lap, plus Michael was too busy asking Abbie about Alonso, comforting her about it, placing a hand on her shoulder. Howard was about to suggest that she sit on his lap when he sees the door on Michael’s side open as she sits on his lap. He looked shocked and although no one else noticed Howard watched as Michael’s eyes rolled into the back of his head. “Fuck” Howard thought. The sun was setting on their journey home and with each bump in the road he witnessed Lucy get sweatier and Michael’s stupid fucking eyes roll into the back of his head. Eventually Howard stated “So many pot-holes huh?” which was acknowledged with grunts of agreement and Michael shot him a knowing look. When the journey finally ended and they pulled into the drive, Lucy rushed out and said “I need the bathroom!”. Michael however sat in the car a little longer, not daring to move.
“You want a hand out Michael?” Howard asked patronisingly
“No thanks” he sat in the car until it had been emptied and then got out and walked to the bathroom like he was trying not to shake anything out, Howard knew that he’d came all in his jeans and was trying to avoid it ‘spilling’, for lack of a better word. Howard waited outside the bathroom and as Michael came out, presumably having cleaned himself off “You owe me a huge fucking favour” Howard said assertively
“Did you enjoy the trip home?” sarcastically
Michael, hearing the sound of the girls talking out on the deck said “I don’t know what you’re talking about?”
“Oh really? I want you out!”
“We already agreed that I’m staying over”
“Too bad”
“It’s too late for me to go home now”
“Not my problem.” Howard said sternly
Michael sighed and looked at him angrily “You’re an asshole”
“I’m not the one who just came over my sister” he said whisper shouting
Michael looked at him knowingly and then sarcastically said “Sure”

Michael went to grab his things but just happened across Abbie on the way out, Howard couldn’t hear what they were saying but Abbie was giggling. “She’s clearly cheered up” Elaine said into Howard’s ear, knowing he was watching them. Howard pretended that he wasn’t and put his nose back into the book he was reading.

Nicolas borrowed Howard for a DIY job, fixing the light on the front porch, a job Nicolas had been meaning to do for about a month but was too depressed to from the fact that his ex getting a new boy-toy and not having any of his daughters around. The job went on, and on, and on, until about 3 hours had passed and it was about 1 in the morning, Nicolas’ head dropped onto the workbench and he feel fast asleep. Howard, deciding it was time that he get some sleep too headed up the stairs, however when he stepped onto the steps, the floor board made an unusual creeking noise. Howard was confused but continued up the stairs until he heard the creek again. Sounded unusual, he tried to replicate the sound with the floor-board, but it just wouldn’t work. He stood very still to see if the sound wasn’t coming from him when he heard a muffled “FUCK YES!” in pure confusion Howard’s head turned like an owl to the source of the noise, Abbie’s bedroom, he stood still listening in. Coming again louder this time was “FUCK ME HARDER”, Howard realising that his assumptions were correct and it was the unmistakeable sound of sex crept towards the door “YOU’RE SO GOOD”. With that he swung the door open.

Presented in front of Howard was all 3 of the sisters, heads on the ground, asses in the air in nothing but their bra’s, except for Elaine who was wearing was a black, lacey and silky nightie. It was Abbie’s pussy that was getting filled by none other than Michael. They all turned to look at Howard, Lucy and Elaine screamed and Abbie looked unaffected and kept thrusting herself into Michael who looked guilty. Elaine dashed for the door, but Howard in a moment of pure skill and swiftness, slammed the door shot, locked it shut and shoved the key down his pants.
“Give me the key” Elaine said firmly
“You’re going to have to come get it” Howard was as hard as rock by this point, his cock straining against his pants
Michael exited Abbie’s dripping wet pussy and walked towards Howard, fully nude “Buddy I can explain.”
“Fuck off!” Howard barked at Michael. “Sit down” Howard said pointing at an arm chair. “This is how this is going to work. If you guys want to get out of here, EACH of you are going to make me cum and follow my commands”
Lucy looked appalled and said “But Howie, you’re our brother!”
“Fuck that!” He responded “You all have denied me too long. I’m going to take all 3 of you, and Michael.” Michael perked up “You’re going to sit and record the whole thing”
“What no! Howie you’re joking!” Lucy objected. Howard noticed the other girls weren’t commenting they were simply still, stuck in their places.
“I’m not fucking joking Lucy. If any of you tell your father about this, I release the video online, so everybody will know how slutty you all are”
“Howard? You’re not a pervert!”
“No, I’m not. I’m not the one who started this, you all chose to be here, you all chose to submit to the real pervert” he said pointing over at Michael who slumped down into the armchair in the corner “If you so much as touch my girls I will ruin you!” he shouts towards Michael, who nods and begins to jerk his cock, getting out his phone to record the whole event. “Abbie, you seem to be the most eager, why don’t you start us off.”
She crawls over to him on all fours, she had admitted to herself that she liked this, she was no prude, she loved sex, just like all sluts do. She felt his bulge through his jeans feeling the whole length of it. “Jesus Howie! You’re huge”, he smirked. Wasting no time she unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down, springing out, an 8 inch cock hit Abbie in the face as it sprung out. Elaine audibly gasped and Abbie grasped it tight, Lucy covered her eyes, but curiously began parting her fingers, it certainly looks more pleasant than she had thought it would. “You’re way bigger than Alonso, and your definitely bigger than Michael” she said slowly moving her hands up and down the base of his cock, Michael began to squeeze his own cock even harder “This might be the biggest I’ve ever had” which meant a lot since she had fucked every boy in her year at school.
“You’d know Abbie, your such a slut you’ve seen every boy in the neighbourhood” he felt a satisfaction finally telling her honestly, too long he’d tip-toed around the subject, the only one in the family who would ever call her out was Elaine, Lucy was too polite and he felt that he always had to protect the girls feeling, well not today, not right now.
Abbie simply giggled whilst Lucy gasped like a puritan, Abbie pulled the cock high, stuck out her tongue and licked from the balls to the tip, licking the entire underside of his cock. Abbie gasps like she’d just had a tall glass of lemonade in the desert “Yeah I am.” then she unclenched her jaw and placed her mouth around his cock, rapping her lips tight around it. She had only about 5 inches in her mouth, but started bobbing her head up and down his cock, slowly taking a bit more with each thrust of her head, “Suck it like I’m Alfonso” said Howard. Feeling confident he grabbed her golden blonde hair in a bunch and pushed her fully down onto his cock, she gagged loudly and gripped firmly onto his pelvis, hoping that would in some way give her more control, her eyes were watering and when Howard let go she threw her head to side, ripping herself away from Howard’s stiff cock she coughed and spit but turned her face up to look at Howard. “Good girl” he responded and watched as Abbie crumpled with delight, she was so horny and Howard knew it.

Clicking his fingers he ordered “Elaine” and she looked up from her trance, Howard knew she was dreaming about being fucked hard, but didn’t how bad she really wanted it. Elaine sat on her knees in front of Howard “I’m a virgin” she said shyly, Abbie looked shocked and assured her “You’re going to fuck love it.” Howard watched as her hand trembled next to his cock, twitching with anticipation, Abbie grabbed her hand and gently guided her hand onto his cock. She began furiously stroking and Howard felt his knees buckle as the satisfaction washed over him “Slowly” Abbie instructed grinning. She slowed down, good thing too, Howard had good plans for his cumshot and wanted to save it for a special moment. “You’re ready” Abbie chimed to Elaine
“No I- I’ll just stroke-”
“You’re ready” Abbie insisted
Elaine nodded “Okay- I’m ready” she got up and moved into the doggy position, Abbie started gently stroking her nipples to comfort her, “Stop”
“Don’t lie you like it you slut”
“Maybe a little” she said with a coy grin, Howard pressed his cock at the entry point, she let out a gasp as she felt it’s hot precum lightly kiss her pussy, Howard had only ever done this once before, a foreign exchange student from Vietnam gave him a quick fuck to shut him up.
“You’re so lucky” Abbie added as Howard slowly entered her “And you call me the slut!”, Elaine moaned loudly, gripping her black fingernails into the carpet as it entered her “FUCK YES” she screamed “YOU FEEL SO GOOD INSIDE ME”. Howard started picking up speed, moving more and furiously in and out of her, with each thrust she let out a moan and a 1 of the following 3 phrases; “FUCK ME” “OH YOU FEEL SO GOOD INSIDE ME” or “YES! FUCK YES!” Abbie laughed as watched her sister start to become a whorish mess, Elaine beautiful, gothic and meticulous make-up started to run making her look properly used. Abbie glanced over at Lucy who stood back turned in nothing but a black bra and panties, panties which grew increasingly wetter by the second, her back may have been turned but she was still observing the whole thing. The sudden sound of Michael cumming alarmed everyone, they’d almost forgotten he was there, he let out a pathetic little rocket of semen all over the carpet, shrugging he started again. Elaine cried out to Howard “WHY HAVE YOU STOPPED, KEEP GOING!”
“She’s going to cum Daddy” Abbie added once again
“OH FUCK DADDY” Elaine confirmed
The fact that they were calling him Daddy made Howard fuck more furiously than ever, he felt Elaine body contort and shudder as she yelled out moans “FUCK OH FUCK DADDY YOU’RE TOO GOOD, FUCKKKKKKKKKKK” she stopped thrusting herself into Howard and lay limp
“We should let her rest Daddy” Abbie suggested “But for now, my pussy is aching for you” wasting no time Howard grabbed Abbie’s ass and forcefully shoved a finger up her ass “OH SHIT” she cried “NOT THERE DADDY”
“What was that slut” He cried
“nothing.” she said wobblily, Howard pressed his cock into her ass “AHHH FUCK DADDY IT’S SO FUCKING BIG”
“Take it whore!” He shouted, refusing to waste any of his grunts without degrading her too in the process “Fucking slut. Fuck me like you fucked every boy in school”
“Yes Daddy I’m a huge fucking slut!! TAKE MY ASS! MY ASS BELONGS TO YOU DADDY” his balls slammed against her with each thrust, her heavy tits bounced up and down like two huge balloons
“What are you!”
“I’M YOUR SLUT DADDY, I’M YOUR RAPETOY! YOU CAN FUCK ME ANY TIME YOU WANT, ANY HOLE, ANY PLACE. FUCK ME ANY TIME YOU ASK. WHEREVER YOU WANT. IN SCHOOL, IN THE CAR, IN THE SHOWER, I DON’T CARE I’M JUST A WHORE” Howard could barely resist anymore, sensing she was cumming too, as her moans grew louder and her legs shook and wobbled even more he took the opportunity to pump his creamy load right into her huge firm ass “YES FILL ME LIKE A SLUT” she said as she came too. She fell to the floor out of breath.

Howard turned to Lucy who winced as he turned her way. “Please Howie.” she said as he walked nearer, cum still coating his cock, she diverted her eyes from him and stared down at her sisters who lay on the floor panting, ruined. “You said we could go when you came. And you’ve umm-” she stared down at his cock, bit her lip slightly but snapped back into reality “You’ve had your orgasm.”
“I said you could go when EACH of you make me cum.” Lucy looked terrified and swallowed the lump in her throat “It’s your turn.” Lucy looked up into Howard’s eyes and he thought “Fuck I’ve wanted to grab your head and force you onto my cock like a little slut since the moment I met you”, she looked slightly flattered, and then he realised, he said it out-loud, oops, oh well. “Now. On your knees.” She slowly moved her platted hair out of the way, brushed herself off and slowly got on both knees
“Like this” she asked innocently. Howard knew this wasn’t her first time, she had had 2 boyfriends, however they were both nice, so perhaps they never gave her the cock-sleeve treatment.
“Just like that. Now you’re going to call me Daddy, understand?”
“Yes… Daddy” she said. Howard nodded gently… Then he grabbed her slutty little plats and forced her mouth straight down onto his cock, she tried to start screaming and kicking but couldn’t, all she could do was claw onto Howard’s legs, gripping the back of his legs tightly as her head was thrust across all 8 inches of his dripping with cum, stiff, dick. He thought about all times they went to the beach together and he used to stare at her in her bikini and she bounced around, titties bouncing high. He thought about all the times when she used to talk about finally finding “a guy like you” whilst hugging and cuddling with him, how they used to spend hours together every night and she would always make him hard by accident by giving him little hints that maybe she liked him, but she definitely didn’t. He used to rush into his room and jack off furiously into the bra she one time accidently left lying around, stalking her Instagram for that one photo where the light hits her curves in such a way that you can see everything and then feeling like shit after his nut coated his sister’s bra. This time he didn’t need to jerk it some random bra, he had her right in front of him, his cock moving far down her throat as he pushed her head into his lap, getting out all the frustration and pent up horniness he had for her over the 6 years they’d known each other. He finally let go of Lucy to let her breath and she was sobbing and screaming, quickly Abbie covered Lucy’s mouth “You’re going to wake up Dad” Abbie protested, she continued screaming and Abbie shoved her back down deep onto Howard’s cock, he started thrusting his hips again. After about 20 seconds Abbie pulled her off and stated “If he wakes up we’re all fucked” she looks at her sister as if she’s begging for mercy.
“Please guys, can we just go to bed” she stated
“I’ll be honest Lucy, the way that you’ve acted around Howard for the past few years, I thought you guys you were fucking. I think you owe him this one” Lucy looks up at Howard realising that maybe this is a little bit her fault.
She huffs defeatedly “Fine. Just please, a little gentler”. Howard grins.
“How do you want her Daddy” Abbie asks eagerly ready to see her know-it-all sister get fucked.
“Her tits” Howard said through a deep breath
“Oh, we can do that can’t we Lucy?”
Lucy looked accepting and said quietly “Yes Daddy”
“Speak up for Daddy”
“Yes Daddy you can fuck my tits” she said with a bit more encouragement. Howard pushed her down to the floor, laying on top of her, Elaine and Abbie came held her down to make sure she didn’t go anywhere. Howard kneeling on top of her now, cock now touching her tits, without a word, she grabbed Howard’s cock and stuck it in-between her two huge rounded breasts. Abbie pressed her tits together to form a tight seal around his cock as it was swallowed by her huge boobs, the tip just about poking out the top.
“You’re wet aren’t you Lucy” Howard said as he slowly started pressing his cock in and out her tightly sealed titties.
“No!” she said defensively
“She’s lying Daddy” Elaine called out
“Oh fuck! Get off my pussy Elaine”
“No Elaine keep teasing her” Howard ordered
“Oh fuck!” she started to moan as Howard’s cock appeared out from her tits and then retreated, again and again “I was such a fucking tease!” Lucy cried
“Fuck yeah you were”
“I was such a little teasing whore! I’m sorry Daddy! I deserve to be punished Daddy! I deserve it! I do!” Howard could feel the tension mounting in the head of his cock and pushed his cock deep into Lucy’s mouth as she was mid moan, jizzing a fat load right onto her tongue, she looked shocked and tried to shoot up in surprise, however as she got up her mouth only got further onto his cock, and before she knew it she was swallowing his seed.

Howard un-mounted Lucy and ordered “Girls, on your knees in front of me.” Quickly they all rushed to his will “Suck me off” he called out to them. They got right to work, Elaine who was in the middle, started gently tonguing at Howard’s balls whilst Lucy and Abbie sucked one side of his cock each working the full length of his cock. Whilst they sucked he started monologuing about “Every week Friday night we’re going to give your Dad a sleeping pill, and I’ll become your new Daddy, I’ll fuck all 3 of you, then I’ll give your prize, every week. A new slutty kind of make-up. Girls. look up at me. All 3 girls pushed their faces together and stared up at Howard longingly. He spurted his hot white cum straight onto their faces it coated all 3 of them, getting cum tangled in their hair which they took so much pride in, it pooled onto their chests and into their cleavage. Michael was standing behind him getting the perfect angle for the cumshot when Howard grabbed his phone “I’ll be keeping this” with that he pulled up his pants unlocked the door and threw Michael out
“That’s my phone-”
“We’re done here girls you’re free to go”
Lucy looked disappointed “But you never-”
“Fucked you. Well the party continues in my bedroom if you’d wish Lucy.” The other girls jealously watched but let Lucy have her moment, she ran over to him embracing him a couple like hug, his cum still coating her face.

Howard and Lucy finally fucked, the whole night and the following morning Lucy asked Howard to be her boyfriend claiming “I want to ask you before any of my slutty sisters steal you from me”. They became a happy couple who every Friday happened to open their sex-life up to 2 other people. Eventually Howard told Nicolas about it and got his blessing, he’d never legally adopted him, so this way he was a legal member of the family!

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