Four Minutes of Darkness – (The Solar Eclipse)

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By Carrie The Solar Eclipse was minutes away. The dogs were barking, the birds were chirping, then something forbidden was about to occur.

You can still hear the echoing sighs of pleasure when Michael and I are ‘home alone.’ We indulge in each other’s needs quite frequently. His appetite and stamina are unrelenting. Those late-night visits to his room are irresistible. Our secret remains kept from those who would object or interfere. Although I prefer to keep it behind the walls of home, we have explored different locations to indulge.

While hiking in the hills of Tennessee we wandered off the path and made love behind a rock, hidden by a cluster of trees. I pleased him in the hallway while a plumber was downstairs working one afternoon. I quietly rode him in the back seat after a concert at Blossom Theatre, thank God for tinted windows.

We have found the tension to be very exciting. We have sex daily and sometimes, multiple times a day. Michael has a thing for his mother’s legs, and that’s all the bait I need. I still leave my torn pantyhose and stockings in his top drawer. His collection is growing.

A few hours before the ‘Solar Eclipse’, I saw Michael setting up the hammock in the back yard. I didn’t think anything of it. We were in the ‘Maximum Effect Zone’ for the event. He coaxed me outside about fifteen minutes prior to the eclipse. Many of our neighbors were outside to capture the darkness as well. I waved to them from the back deck.

About five minutes were left in the countdown when Michael scrambled up to the deck. ‘I have a really erotic idea,’ he said. I tilted my head and smiled, ‘what are you up to?’ I asked him.

‘Just promise me that you’ll say ‘yes,’ he said. I laughed, ‘what is it?’ ‘It’s gonna be pitch black for four minutes,’ he said. …’And’, I said. He looked over at all the neighbors outside. ‘They won’t see us!’, he said.

‘I set up the hammock,’ ‘please say yes’, he said. ‘You want me in the hammock during the four minutes of darkness?? I asked. ‘Yesssss,’ he replied so eagerly. I put my hand on my hip and gave him that look, ‘you must be joking,’ I said.

The more I thought about it, the more turned on I became. ‘Please,’ he said,… ‘please.’ ‘I’m not saying yes, but let’s walk out in the backyard,’ I said to him. We looked around at the neighbors outside. ‘They won’t see us’, he said again. My heart was pumping.

As we strolled my nipples rose to attention. ‘It’s right out in the open,’ I said to him, as we approached the hammock. I stared at the hammock, I looked at the neighbors nearby, then I gazed at Michael. ‘Look at you’, I said. His bulging erection was pressed against those jeans.

I paced in circles pondering the opportunity. ‘It does sound exciting,’ I said to him. ‘They won’t know,’ he said so desperately. ‘OMG Michael’, I yelped as I looked at the neighbors again. ‘We’d have to be absolutely silent,’ I said to him, ‘can you do that???’ I asked. ‘Oh yes, yes please,’ he said. I paced in a few more circles. ‘You’re more like your mother than you’ll ever know,’ I said playfully.

It reminded me of the ‘rest-area’ encounter years ago, among other incidents. ‘Is that a, yes?’ he asked. ‘No sound,’ I said firmly.

He looked at his watch, ‘see it getting darker?’ he asked. ‘Yes, I see it honey,’ I replied. ‘This is very risky Michael,’ I said.

The darkness was increasing and rapidly. I stood close to the hammock, ‘stand over there’, I said to him, ‘way over there’, I pointed. He was now about thirty feet away. ‘We only have exactly four minutes Michael,’ I said so nervously aroused. ‘Here it comes,’ he said. ‘I see it,’ I replied. ‘Get ready to run over here,’ I said to him.

I was so nervous that I became dizzy with anticipation. I stood beside the hammock,… and waited. ‘Get ready,’ I said again. A few seconds later,… the sun was gone.

‘Now’… I said to him.

I yanked my blouse off and dropped my shorts to the grass below. When I dove into the hammock Michael was nearby stripping out of his clothes, and fast. My heart was racing! ‘Hurry!’, I whispered. When he jumped into the hammock I locked my ankles behind me neck. ‘Hurry!’ I whispered again. Michael drove his cock straight through my front door so quickly. ‘Jesus Michael,’ I whispered into his ear. He immediately started hammering me. I was soaking wet.

I could hear the neighbors chorus of comments in regard to the event, while Michael and I were engaged in the dark. It was exhilarating! I grabbed his buttocks and assisted in the forward shove. We were both panting like crazy. I pressed his face into the crease of my neck to muffle his breathing. ‘Shush’, I whispered. He was slamming me.

The neighbor’s distant voices were easily heard. My eyes were open wide, examining the level of darkness. ‘Hurry Michael ‘ I whispered. I was seconds from an orgasm, and he knew it. ‘Cum sweetheart’, I said close to his ear. He was so riddled with excitement, so was I. I feared being discovered, like you can’t imagine.

I felt his body stiffen. My shuddering orgasm triggered him quickly. I wrapped my arms around him as he emptied himself inside me. Our cover of darkness began to lift.

‘Hurry, get dressed’, I said hastily. We dove to our feet and scrambled to find our clothes. I threw my blouse on and was only able to secure two buttons. Michael quickly slid his jeans back on. I saw him fight to get his shirt back on while I struggled with my shorts. ‘Hurry!” I whispered. Seconds later, he was dressed. When I pulled up my shorts… the lights were on…

We stood silently gasping in the middle of the backyard, in total sunlight. We both stared at the neighbors as they gazed at the sky. We looked at each other in utter shock. A stream of Michaels cum ran down my inner thigh, as I stood with my hands on my hips. ‘Oh my god, they didn’t even see us,’ I said profoundly.

Michael was overexcited. He rattled with joy. I waived to Mrs. Anderson, she waived back. ‘Wasn’t that something??’ she asked. ‘It sure was!’ I hollered back.

‘Come with me,’ I said to Michael. When we got inside, we both celebrated wildly. ‘OMG,…. Michael kept repeating, over and over. ‘Jesus Michael, that was very daring,…and hot as hell,’ I said, and gasped in relief. He was twitching with excitement.

I walked into the living room and began taking off my clothes, I didn’t utter a word. Michael was stripping as well. We went at it for another thirty minutes. He fucked me silly.

When it was over we rested on the floor, naked and breathless, once again. Eventually I rested my head on his chest and heard the roar of his beating heart. ‘That was so naughty,’ I said. He was inconsolable.

‘I have a confession to make,’ I said to him. ‘I have a fantasy to fulfill, maybe you can help me,’ I said. He perked up fast. ‘Tell me,’ he said.

‘Your father is on an international schedule this summer,’ I said. ‘I wanna take you to the Greek Islands,’ I said. ‘Greece???’ he cried out. ‘Yes,’ I replied. ‘Why?’ he asked. ‘You’ll see when we get there,’ I replied.

‘We could make love in front of others there Michael,’ I said softly. ‘It would provide us an opportunity to shine,’ I added. I think his bag is already packed. I have already begun to search for the best location. I’m taking Michael to Greece this summer. I want him on the beach,… at night, but he won’t know until we arrive. I’ll share the results with you all. / The End

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By Carrie #Exhibitionist #Incest #Teen #Voyeur