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Red swallowed all Johnny had to give. As he pulled his spent cock from her throat, she licked the knob clean, her tongue lathering across his sensitive head, making his body vibrate with her touch. Her finger slowly left his arse allowing him to stand on wobbly legs.
Red lay exhausted and spent on the bed. Cum dribbled down her chin as she dreamily watched her wolf redress and stumble out of the cabin. She enjoyed the cooling sensation of the night air on her exposed, sore pussy. She curled up on the bed and drifted into an orgasmic dreamy slumber.
Johnny fumbled his clothes as he headed out the door of the cottage. He had certainly had his share of pussy, and experienced pussy at that, but her sweet little snatch and virgin lips took more out of him than he expected. And her surprising finger work had shock him making him cum harder than he had in a long time. He stumbled through the forest, off the track, thinking about the events of the night, and didn't see the log until he tripped over it. Shaking his head, he became aware of the sounds around him, a giggle and a feminine moan.
Kathie lay prone across the picnic table. Her ample bosom exposed to the quiet forest, her large nipples stood erect. Katie sat on the chair between her legs. Her tongue snaked out to lick the glistening slit before her. Kathie jumped and moaned each time the wet tongue touched her bare skin. Her body tingled as the tongue glanced her swollen clit. As her moans grew louder Khandie climbed onto the table and straddled Kathie's face, her dripping pussy smothered her friend's mouth.
Johnny watched the scene before him, his cock responding despite the attention it had just received. He watched as Khandie lowered her shining pussy over Kathie's face and began to twist the nipples before her. Kathie moaned into Khandie's pussy, making her shiver and bite her lip. Khandie's head fell back as it was clear her snatch was being expertly eaten by Kathie.
Kathie drove a tongue into the pussy above her, almost mimicking Katie's ministrations on her. She arched her back as Khandie tugged and twisted her nipples, making her own pussy gush onto Katie's tongue. Katie happily lapped at the juices given to her before plunging three fingers deep into Kathie's cunt and sucking her clit into her mouth. Kathie's hips bucked as the orgasm rippled through her body. She moaned into Khandie's pussy, sucking her clit into her mouth and holding her in place as the woman screamed out her orgasm.
Johnny began to stroke his straining cock watching the two women cum before him. He continued to watch as the two manoeuvred Katie onto the table and spread her legs. Khandie sucked a breast into her mouth, her tongue and teeth paying attention to the pert nipple. Her hands caressed and tugged the other nipple, making Katie squeal with pleasure and pain. Kathie drove three fingers into the dripping pussy before her. Her mouth closed around the clit and sucked hard, nibbling the sensitive nub. Both women held Katie down as her body thrashed with her orgasm.
As they came down from their mutual play Johnny watched the women kiss, licking their juices from each other's lips, before donning their "Little Pig" biker's jackets, rearranging their skirts and walking towards their bikes. Johnny's cock vibrated at the thought of their bare, soaked pussies enjoying the hum of their bikes as they road into town.
The three "Little Pigs" were known throughout town as the women not to be messed with. They ran a local tattoo parlour and, though feared and mostly respected, the townspeople weren't entirely accepting of their wild and sexual behaviour. Every man in town wanted a piece of their "bacon" but none were game to try.
Johnny knew the gang well and had lusted after the head "Pig" Khandie for years. Seeing her being eaten in front of him made him drool and gave him the courage to try and ride that arse.
The three "Little Pigs" lived on a property just out of town, away from prying eyes. All three had their own houses made from material of their choosing. Katie lived in the house at the front of the property. She had chosen straw as her material as she loved the feel of the cool breezes that flowed through the flimsy walls. Kathie had chosen sticks for her house and positioned it further into the property behind Katie. She loved the smell of the wood and the feel of the hard sticks against her skin.
Khandie, the leader of the gang, positioned her house at the back of the property. Her house was made of brick, strong and resilient, just like her. Through the day, when not required in the shop, the three women congregated at Khandie's house for some mutual pleasures. Khandie had all the toys and restraints that made the women gush the most.
As the sun began to streak pink and orange across the sky Johnny approached the property. He could see the three bikes parked outside each house and approached the first, knocking gently on the weak door.
"Come in, it is open," Katie had seen him approach through the gaps in the straw and welcomed him into her house. Her heart skipped a beat seeing the muscular form in front of her. The hair on his chest poked out from under his shirt, slightly unbuttoned at the top. His excitement at being permitted into the house was clear in his pants.
Johnny growled at the sight of the "Little Pig" before him. Dressed in a black lacy bra and matching panties, her ample bosoms were barely contained, and her pussy was visible through the thin fabric.
"Were you expecting something?" Johnny's voice was hoarse with anticipation, his cock twitching in his pants.
"I know your reputation Mr Wolf," Katie ran her tongue over her lips and moved to the wall. Turning her back to him, she bent over, spread her legs, pulled her panties to the side and grunted, "Make it count, wolfy."
Johnny was surprised at the forwardness of the woman but needed no further encouragement. He walked over to the prone woman undoing his pants and dropping them to his thighs. His hard, thick cock sprang forward eager for the next round of pleasure. He moved a finger along her slit, separating her lips and feeling her body jump at the touch. Her wetness dribbled out over his fingers, coating them. His own body shuddered as he lathered his knob in her juices.
Grabbing her hips, he thrust forward, driving his throbbing cock into her warm pussy. Katie moaned as the rod entered her. She pushed back on him, taking him deeper and clawing at the flimsy wall. He filled every inch of her cunt and made her pussy gush as he moved inside her.
Johnny groaned at the feel of her warm wet snatch engulfing his cock. He settled inside her before beginning the hard pounding she had asked for. He slid his rod all the way out of her pussy, tapping the knob on her engorged clit, watching her legs shake with each touch, before slamming back into her pussy, deep. His fingers dug into her fleshy hips as he pulled her back onto him, making her cry out as his cock hit depths she had not felt before. He pulled out again, tap, tap, tap, and pounded her cunt once more.
Katie closed her eyes and savoured the sensations in her pussy. The warmth began to grow, building in her stomach and radiating to her clit. Each pump of his cock and tap on her sensitive nerves sent electricity through her body. She gripped the wall tight, feeling it shaking under her weight. Her breathing deepened as the orgasm rose in her.
Johnny felt her body shaking, he knew she was close. So was he. His balls tingled and tightened with each trust into the soaked pussy.
"Little Pig, Little Pig, where can I cum?" he breathed, slamming his cock into her, ready to explode.
"Cum in my tight little bummy bum, bum," Katie breathed.
Not missing a beat Johnny pulled out of her warm pussy and drove into her tight arse, thrusting hard making the walls shake. The sudden change in pressure on his shaft made him cum instantly jetting his seed deep in her arse.
Katie gripped the wall tight as Johnny slammed into her arse and came. His vibrating cock sent her over the edge, her body shaking with an intense orgasm. As their bodies quivered with their mutual orgasm, neither noticed the structure of the house begin to crumble.
Johnny, panting, pulled his spent cock from Katie's arse and collapsed on the floor. Katie adjusted her panties, feeling her wetness and his cum pooling and dripping through the lacy fabric.
"That was spectacular, thank you," she leant over and kissed his cheek before covering herself in her robe and walking out the door.
As she opened the door the roof of the dwelling caved in, covering Johnny in straw.
Kathie watched as Katie's house crumbled and Katie skipped her way to her door. She smiled as she let the woman inside. Katie's cheeks were flushed and the familiar scent of cum and juices filled her senses. Without a word Kathie slid a hand between her friend's legs, a single finger finding its way under the lacy fabric. Katie giggled as Kathie stroked the woman's slit, feeling the combined juices of Katie's play with "The Wolf." Kathie removed her finger and brought it to her lips, licking the juices, a wicked grin spread across her lips as she watched "The Wolf" walk up to her door.
Johnny lay on the floor covered in straw, catching his breath. His cock, though spent, was still hard thinking about the two other "Little Pigs" he had yet to fuck. He wondered what awaited him in the next house. He stood, covered his rod but didn't redress, and climbed out of the remains of the straw house. He looked up at the next dwelling and made his way.
Knocking on the door he heard Kathie's voice, "Come in, the door is open."
As his eyes adjusted to the dimness in the room, he saw the two women, naked, kissing and fondling each other. His cock responded immediately, throbbing in his hand. Kathie guided Katie to her bed and lay down on the soft mattress. Katie leant over her friend, dropping her head down to suck a breast into her mouth. Kathie moaned as she felt teeth tugging on her nipple and fingers caressing her pussy. Her legs voluntarily parted giving her friend access and Johnny full view of her dripping pussy.
Johnny struggled to control himself watching the women play with each other. He could see fresh juices glistening on Katie's pussy. Breathing deep he received the heady aroma of excited women, his cock begged to be part of it.
Katie lay flat on her friend's chest, their breasts mashing into each other, their lips so close, and beckoned Johnny over. Looking over her shoulder she directed him to kneel behind them, between their legs.
"Alternate," Katie commanded, and resumed her kissing of her friend.
Their passionate display made his cock twitch as he leaned forward, hands on the bed either side of their hips, and thrust his rod into Kathie's pussy. Kathie moaned on her friend's lips feeling the thick shaft drive into her aching cunt. She widened her legs giving him deeper access to every inch of her. He pumped his cock in and out of her, feeling her squelch around his throbbing muscle.
As her moans grew louder, he pulled out and drove into Katie's waiting pussy. She jumped and groaned enjoying the cock once again deep inside her. He began slow deep thrusts this time, pulling out of her slowly and slamming back in, balls deep, hearing her familiar cry. He felt his balls tighten as the tingling began in his stomach. He held back, wanting to savour the different women before him.
Katie's breathing deepened, her pussy ached as Johnny pounded into her, rocking the bed against the wall of sticks. She felt the rise of another orgasm beginning in her stomach. Katie pushed back on his cock as she bit down on her friend's lip, wanting to cum. Johnny pulled his shaft from one pussy and drove it into the other once again, hearing Kathie gasp at the intrusion.
Feeling himself close he alternated as directed, pounding deep into one pussy before withdrawing and driving into the other. Every thrust made the walls vibrate and wobble. Each woman felt different on his cock. Katie was softer than Kathie, but Kathie was tighter. He felt the bodies beneath him begin to shake.
"Little Pigs, Little Pigs, where can I cum?" he breathed.
"You can cum on our tummy, tum, tum," the women groaned.
Johnny pulled out of the pussy he was buried in and drove his cock into the tight space between the two, his knob brushing their clit making them both cum together, their vibrating bodies milking his seed as he exploded onto their squished stomachs. He could feel his cum pooling in the cavity creating by this thick rod, as he thrust forward, emptying himself on their flesh.
Katie captured Kathie's lips in a tight kiss as Johnny's cock touch her clit and her body responded. Kathie's body shook as the tap on her clit sent her over the edge. Her tongue drove into her friend's mouth, tasting her, caressing her. She held her close as they both came together. Katie rolled off her friend, feeling the stickiness of Johnny's cum on her stomach. Johnny fell back on the bed, slowly stroking his spent cock.
Kathie rose from the bed, cum travelling down her stomach. Both women retrieved their robes, licked their mutual juices from Johnny's cock, before giggling and walking out the door. As the wooden structure closed behind them the roof began to crumble. Johnny, sated, hurried out of the house before it collapsed around him.
Khandie stood naked at the window and watched as each house crumbled, and her friends skipped to her front door. She sipped on her tea and twirled her auburn hair in her fingers watching Johnny escape the collapsing house and stumbling towards hers. She let her friends in and prepared for her company.
Johnny approached the final house, stumbling forward, he raised his hand to knock. As his hand came down on the solid door it opened unexpectedly, and his momentum tumbled him into the warm confines of the brick house. As he regained his balance soft, sweet lips captured his. He attempted to recoil at the sudden touch until he saw the deep hazel eyes of Khandie before him. Her delicate hands cupped his face as her eyes closed and forced her tongue between his lips.
He melted into her, closing his own eyes and eagerly parting his lips to allow her tongue entrance. She caressed his tongue hungrily, savouring the taste of him. He barely felt his movement as she pushed him towards the bed. Without breaking the kiss, she directed him down onto the soft mattress. Leaning over him, lips still devouring his, she slid him up the bed till his head rested against the pillow.
Johnny's head began to spin, and his cock responded, pushing against the confines of his underwear. He felt his arms being stretched out either side of him and jumped as the cold steel of the handcuffs clamped down on each wrist.
Khandie broke the kiss, biting Johnny's lip and pulling it with her as her head rose.
Her hazel eyes laughed at him as she released his lip and stood back with the "Little Pigs" to admire the beast restrained to her bed. Johnny's head cleared and he tugged on the handcuffs to no avail. Looking around the room he became aware of the women's gaze on his cock. His muscle strained inside his underwear, eager to be released.
He watched as Katie, Kathie and Khandie stripped their flimsy robes and stood naked before him. Khandie was the shortest of the three. Her auburn hair cascaded over her shoulders; her ample bosom heaved as she stared at the clothed cock before her. Her beautiful voice gave commands to the women as she grinned innocently at Johnny, twirling the ends of her hair in her fingers.
"Katie, remove his underwear, but don't touch that gorgeous muscle."
Katie knelt on the bed next to Johnny and hooked her fingers under the elastic at his hips. In one movement, and surprising strength, she reefed the clothing down and onto the floor. Johnny's hard cock sprang forward and stood strong and waiting before them.
"Kathie," Khandie bit her lip as she gave the next instruction. "Lay on your side over his stomach with your arse in his armpit."
Kathie did as directed, laying her weight across Johnny's rippled, fury stomach. Johnny's breathing deepened as he watched the woman position herself so close but just out of reach. As she opened her legs, he caught a glimpse of the pussy he had just pounded, red and soaked. He inhaled her scent and his cock quivered.
"Katie, drape yourself over his leg and worship that pussy."
Katie slid down beside Johnny. Using her heels, she hooked his leg and pulled it to the side. With expert movement she lifted her hips and slid between, her upper body draped over his hip to reach Kathie's glistening pussy. Johnny felt the pressure of Katie's body on his hip, so close to his cock. He could almost feel the heat of her pussy on his member.
Khandie crawled onto the clear side of the bed and placed her elbow between Johnny's legs, positioning her face at Katie's pussy, her mouth inches away from his cock. Johnny could feel her breath on his shaft and his rod jumped eagerly. She moved her hips towards Kathie's face, giving Johnny a full view of her engorged, dripping pussy before Kathie's head obscured his view.
The three Little Pigs lay in their triangle formation draped over Johnny's body, each with a pussy to play with. In unison each slid their tongue along the slit of the pussy before them making their partner moan. Arms linked under legs pulling their meal closer to allow tongues to delve inside, darting in and out of the soaked snatches.
Tongues flattened and pressed against the clit of each woman, making their bodies shake at the touch; then gliding down over the pussy to circle their arse. Each moaned into the pussy of her friend. Hands manoeuvred to allow fingers access, two driving into each. Bodies shivered as fingers fucked the dripping pussies.
Johnny felt the weight of the women draped over him, their bodies shaking with each touch. He could hear the squelch of fingers inside wet pussies, tongues lapping at flowing juices, the moans and groans of women enjoying their friends.
The scent of sexual pleasure filled his head as his cock ached to be touched. He tried to free himself, wanting to be part of the ministrations spread over him.
Khandie felt Johnny's body move and briefly looked up, watching his arms pulling at the handcuffs. A wicked smile crept across her lips as she removed her fingers and lathered the throbbing cock with Katie's juices. The rod bounced with her touch and Johnny groaned feeling the warm gel smeared over his knob. Khandie lowered her mouth to hover over his balls. She breathed her warm moist breath over the loose spheres, watching them tighten.
Khandie resumed her engagement with Katie's pussy, driving two fingers deep inside her, making her moan onto Kathie's snatch, vibrating the sensitive flesh. Kathie continued the moan and vibrations into Khandie's cunt, completing the triangle. Each woman clamped down on the clit before them, sucking the nub into their mouths. Fingers pounded the pussies as tongues flickered over the delicate nerves. Hips bucked as the three Little Pigs came in unison, held by each other, sucking hard on each other's clit.
Rising slowly, Kathie spun her hips around to straddle Johnny's face. Her dripping, spasming pussy rested just above his lips. Unable to free his hands he lifted his head and lapped the juices before him, tasting her sweet snatch. His cock jerked as he cleaned each woman of their cum, lapping the fluid that dribbled onto his tongue.
Kneeling on the bed facing Johnny, he watched as each waited for a nod from Khandie. Katie received the gesture first and straddled Johnny's hips. He could feel her pussy hovering over his head. In one swift movement she dropped her hips taking his throbbing cock into her pussy. She cried out as the head hit her deep inside.

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