Franny’s Training Continues (New Toy pt 5)

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By DarkSideEng The night continues for Franny. Her stepfather and Mark show her new, amazing things

Franny’s head lolled mindlessly in the depths of her most recent orgasm. Holly gently reached over to the young girls face and brushed away her tears. She had been kidnapped, drugged with meth several times and fucked all day, the result being her stepdad’s cock inside her right now, and despite her best efforts, her body betraying her and coming at that same time he did. She hated all of this, but couldn’t stop herself. The young brunette had been mostly helpless to the assault on her body and senses, but was still capable, somewhat, of being aware of what was happening to her.

Franny tried to snap back to reality. Her stepdad was still on top of her and inside her. He was gasping for air, and trying to recover from the fucking he had just delivered.

“Daddy, get off me, please, daddy,” Franny said, trying to sound strong. But her voice was weak and slurred. She put her hands on his chest and tried to push him away.

“Oh, you don’t mean that, baby,” Drew said. His breathing was slowing. “I could feel right there how much you wanted me, too, Franny. I’m so happy you felt the same way I did, even if you couldn’t admit it to yourself.” He reached a hand over and caressed the 14 year old’s face, gently kissing her other cheek as he did.

He was amazed that was still so deep inside her. His cock was still somewhat hard- despite his quick orgasm, he had been waiting for two years to fuck this girl, and the the Viagra was overcoming the effects of the meth still building in his body. He was somehow growing even more hungry for his stepdaughter as he lay there, catching his breath.

Holly, the young girl that had helped her rapists- first Mark and now Drew- all day, was sitting beside the girl and whisper to her “Don’t upset Daddy Drew or Master, Franny. Just relax and enjoy it. Make them happy.”

“Make them happy?” Franny asked, her eyes growing wide.

“Just enjoy it. You want to make them happy, don’t you? Your Daddy Drew wants you to be his little fuck toy. You like fucking- I can tell! Just keep fucking. Just relax. Besides, Daddy Drew is a fun lover- I have loved fucking him the last 6 months.”

Drew’s cock grew harder in Franny’s tight, sopping cunt at hearing Holly say that. Franny looked up from under Drew at Holly, and some more tears filled her eyes. Somehow, even that made Drew’s cock pulse, although accompanied by a jolt of passing guilt. Against her will, Franny’s pussy twitched in response. The guilt quickly vanished in Drew.

Drew lusted to felt her young, tight pussy clench on him. “Oh, my dear sweet Franny.” Drew started to pull out a little- he still wasn’t fully hard, and was careful not to slip out- and he slid back in.

Franny’s eyes closed and a soft moan escaped her. “Daddy, please, no, not again.” She whispered.

Drew’s veins caught fire at the girl’s conflicted messages, her mouth saying no, but her body clearly on board. He drew back a little further, and pumped into her more deeply. Her hips rose to meet his. It was all his cock needed, swelling to fullness. He started to truly fuck her, more slowly than the first time, taking in every twitch, every beat of her heart that he could now feel around his cock, taking it all in. Here she was, the object of his desire for two years now, and her hips and pussy were on fire and responding as strongly to his cock and he could ever have hoped.

Drew moaned down at the girl beneath him. “That’s it, Franny, give yourself to it. Let Daddy make you his.” He leaned forward, and kissed her. She senselessly responded even faster to this kiss than she had the last, his steady stroking causing a rising helplessness and passion in the girl. He wasn’t sure she realized she was kissing him, or just kissing, but he didn’t care.

Drew fucked his stepdaughter with all the control he could muster. He wanted to take her and fuck her until her body was a mess, cum all over her tits, in her hair, her ass, in her mouth. He sat up on his knees, and pushed the girl’s legs forward. He took one long slow stroke, watching his cock, thick and wet, slide all the way out, and then plunge in. Then, all the way out again, and back in. Just watching for a second. This was his cock, sliding in and out of his stepdaughter, glistening with her cunt juice- finally! She had flaunted herself for two years now, daring to grow those curves, to not be his little girl anymore. To make him think those thoughts! The reality of this moment, seeing himself enter her tight, drenched, hole, made his cock swell even more, threatening to make him erupt again- he bit it down, pinched that orgasm off. He stopped pumping into her.

He pulled out. Franny mewed beneath him, a hand coming down involuntarily to rub between her legs, stopping, pulling away as she returned briefly to reality. Drew looked at Holly- “Hey, Holly good girl, can you go get Daddy a cock ring? I don’t want to come again too fast inside my little girl here.”

She ran off and quickly returned. “Here, Daddy,” Holly said, handing him the black ring. He quickly slipped it over his swollen cock.

Franny was whimpering softly, her eyes shut. “Please don’t, please don’t fuck me again, please,” she said, barely audible.

“I’ll fuck you as many times as I want, Franny. You like fucking me. I can feel it.” He asked, taunting her.


Drew’s cock swelled to the point that he couldn’t resist sliding it back into the young girl. Despite herself, her smooth, thick thighs spread wider to let more of him in.

“Then why does your pussy squeeze my cock every time I move?”

Franny’s face screwed up, trying to deny what he was saying, but her body was giving her away. He started fucking her slowly, deliberately, almost taunting her. The cock ring helped to keep him from blowing into her too fast, despite the sense of power, of ownership that was combining with the sweet girl’s pussy on his dick. His lust consumed him, firing in him with her every whimper, moan beneath him. Every time her hips rolled up to grind her swollen, prominent clit against his pubis, he owned her a little more. Eventually, despite her best efforts, her warm velvety walls started to grip him, her core tightening, and her moans grow more desperate.

As Franny’s orgasm hit her, her body seized up and Drew felt her pussy spasm around him. Her eyes shut tightly, and a low, almost pained whine escaped her throat. He kept pumping her, and a second wave hit her, her pussy gushing with more liquid. Her body was still responding, her hips bucking, her walls contracting rhythmically, as if they were trying to draw him deeper inside. She had orgasmed yet again.

“There, there, sweet Franny. See how bad you wanted me?”

Mark had been on the other side of the room, watching events unfold. He quickly bent down and got another line of meth, snorted it up. Then…

“Holly, get your ass on the couch next to Franny. I’m going to fuck you. Which hole do you want it in, babygirl?”

“Master, Holly likes watching Franny get fucked in her pussy. Holly would love Master in her pussy.”

“Well, lay down and spread your legs babygirl. Drew, let’s see who can make their slave scream loudest.”

Holly quickly laid on edge of the couch, next to Franny, and spread her legs, while Franny continued to gently twist under Drew. Holly grabbed Franny’s hand and squeeze it. “We’re both going to get fucked now, Franny!”

“Yes, yes, you are,” Drew said. “Franny, you’ve been so naughty, keeping this tight, sexy pussy from me. You’ve had this coming for a long time, haven’t you?”

“Nooo…” Franny whined, but her hips bucked upward, and Drew started to fuck her in earnest, slamming into her, his hands on her hips, pulling her into him.

“Yes, you have, and now, we’re going to fuck you until you can’t walk right.” Drew was slamming into her now, and the only sounds from her were a series of moans and cries. “Say it,” he growled. “Tell Daddy what he wants to hear. Say ‘I’ve been naughty!’”

Franny was crying again, but she couldn’t resist, her body was too overwhelmed, her mind too clouded with drugs and pleasure. “Ahhh, fuck, I have been naughty.”

Mark leaned over Holly’s tight body, lining his cock up with her hungry pussy. He slipped it in, more gently than he might have another night, letting her adjust to him as he went deeper. She had done a fantastic job for him today and he wanted to reward her. He leaned down and gently kissed her as he fucked her well and knowingly, in a way he knew she loved.

“My good girl Holly made me so proud today, helping with Franny. You’re such a good girl. You ate her pussy so well- you loved her pussy, didn’t you.”

Holly let herself enjoy this- she could tell when she was being rewarded and could just relax and relish it. “Yes, Master,” she said.

“And you helped her give herself to the cock- you were so patient with her, so kind.”

“Thank you, Master,” she sighed.

“And she looks so pretty with a cock in her, doesn’t she.”

“Oh, yes, Master, she does. She loves it, Master.”

“She’s going to stay with us a while. She can be your roommate.”

“That would make Holly so happy, Master.” Holly moaned.

Mark listened to the young, inexperienced Franny starting to come yet again. He smiled as he kissed Holly, “Listen, babygirl. Franny’s coming again, Holly. You need come soon so she can hear you scream.” And Mark stepped up his efforts.

“Oh, Master, that feels so good!”

“That’s it, my good girl. Cum on my cock, come for me.”

Holly’s hips bucked and her pussy clenched around Mark’s thick cock. She keened- she often did when she came- a high pitched sound emerging from her chest, pulled out of her soul by her passion. Mark had grown to love it. He kept fucking her- she deserved her reward. Holly reached back out again for Franny’s hand and just held it.

“One more orgasm for me, baby girl, and I’m going to give Daddy Drew a surprise.”

“Oh, Master, I love fucking you.”

Mark slammed into her harder, watching her small tits jiggle and shake as her orgasm swept through her, his own orgasm bubbling up from the base of his spine and pushing into his belly and groin. He reached down and pulled his balls away from his body, holding off his orgasm. He wanted to save this one. He kissed Holly, and pushed up from her.

“Drew, it’s time for you to possess her back hole. Get up a minute.”

Drew pulled out- amazed he hadn’t come again already, but now excited about maybe coming in her ass. He nodded at Mark and they quickly swapped positions. Holly smiled up, laziily, at Drew and opened her arms, welcoming him. He pushed into the wet, welcoming pussy, and then he kissed her. “Hey, Holly baby!”

Mark lined his cock up with Franny’s sopping, swollen pussy and drove into her. He started fucking her with power and menace. He’d been purposeful and deliberate, before, getting her ready for Drew, but this fuck was about dominance and ownership. He needed to show her how thoroughly he could control her body.

“That’s it, you dirty little slut, take my cock.”

Franny’s whimpers grew more pronounced, and she bit her lip, trying not to respond to his words. Despite her resistance, she was already building up yet again.

Mark laughed- it was her eyes rolling back that he was after, her face that told him how much he owned her. And her pussy and ass- those were just the tools to help him do that.

Mark fucked the girl hard. He spent several minutes building up her pleasure and now he was riding her with all his might, making sure she felt every inch of his cock. The girl thought she had felt as much as she could down there, but his insistent, masterful fucking was awakening an animal presence inside her. She found her legs thrown around his ass, her hips rising to meet his. Her belly started growing taut, her entire being collapsing on the rod fueling the fire in her. Her pussy convulsed around his cock, her entire body seizing up, her head tossed back and forth, her eyes closed tightly. She clutched at his back and screamed, convulsing on his dick. She drove herself on him as hard as she could, milking him, her orgasm wave after wave rushing over her as he continued. Finally, Mark watched her body spasm around him and his cock swelled and grew harder, ready to fill her. He reached down and pulled again on his balls, forcing himself to hold off. He was not ready to come in her just yet- he had work to do.

Beside her, Franny heard Holly giggle around some moans. Holly, breathlessly, “Ohhh, Franny, I love it when Master fucks me like that. Doesn’t Master feel great, Franny?”

Drew grunted, leaned down and kissed Holly again.

“Holly, baby,” Mark said, around his grunts of effort. “Go get Franny another booty bump. It’s time to open her up more. Drew, hurry up and let Holly up- but go ahead and finish if you’re close. We need to get her to relax and let it in, so we need to give Franny a few minutes on the booty bump.”

“Fuck, Mark, I’m going to blow again in Holly here so quick. Holly, you fuck so good, baby.”

“Yes, Daddy Drew, I love you fucking me, too!” Holly said.

Drew pulled his cock out, and tried to pinch himself down for a minute not wanting to come so fast again. He wasn’t as young as Mark, and certainly not as young as the girls.

Holly got up, naked and beautiful, walked over to the cabinet were the drugs were stored, her tight young body drawing Drew’s eyes. Mark continued fucking Franny, the poor girl fully delirious under his assault. Holly open the cabinet, grabbed the vial of powered crystal meth, poured some powder into a shot glass, took out a syringe with no needle affixed. She wanted her new friend Franny to be happy and compliant, so she pour a large dose. She swirled some water into the powder and the crystals completely dissolved. She drew the fluid into the syringe. Then she re-lubed the sides of the syringe.

Holly walked back over to the couch, where Drew sat watching Mark ravish his stepdaughter. “Here, Master, with Franny’s bump.”

Mark grabbed the youngster on his cock by the hips with one hand, and put another under her head. “Franny, roll over on top of me. You get on top now.”

He pulled the confused and limp 14 year old onto his body, her head lying against his chest, and her hips on his, keeping his cock buried fully inside her. “That’s a good girl, Franny, now, hold still.” He reached around her and spread her ass cheeks. “Shoot her up, Holly, but go deep. Can’t have it just leaking out.”

“Yes, Master,” Holly said, and carefully placed the syringe’s tip up against Franny’s virgin tight asshole. Franny whimpered a bit, her muscles trying to tighten against the intrusion, but the lube and her position helped the syringe go in quite easily. Holly slid it in deep, and then started pushing the plunger down, and the splash of warm fluid in her rectum made her instinctively clench to hold it in.

“There you go Franny. Just sit there a minute and rest.” Mark held the youngster, stroking her sweaty, matted hair. But keeping his fully erect and deeply buried cock in place.

Drew was still recovering, sitting beside Mark the couch. He was watching Mark and Holly drug the 14 year old even further than she was, and his mind was spinning. His stepdaughter was about to get her ass fucked. Drew decided he needed another small bump and went and got one.

After a few minutes, Mark whispered to the limp girl. “Now, Franny, listen to me, and listen well. You know your daddy’s cock you just had in your pussy?”

“Uhhuh,” she murmured, still delirious from her recent orgasms and the new dose blossoming in her ass. Warmth was spreading out from the core of her, and despite herself, she was getting even hornier. Mark decided he didn’t care about the girl not calling him Master right now. She’d been through a lot and she was going to be going through a lot more. That she was compliant was enough, tonight.

“It’s going to be back inside you, soon, but not there. It’s going to be inside your ass, fucking it, owning it. Do you understand?”


“Now, if you fight it, it will hurt. But if you relax and breath, and let it in, it will feel amazing and you will love it. Do you hear me?”

“Mmmm-hmmm” Franny’s hips started to move a little on their own as the booty bump took further hold. Mark could feel heat growing in her pussy.

“Good. Now, you are going to want to push it out, so you have to stop that. Keep breathing and don’t fight it. Okay?”

“Uh huh,” she said.

“Holly! Get Franny here a Gatorade, babygirl.”

Holly, who was also busy with a fresh line, heard her Master. “Yes, Master.” She went to the mini fridge that Mark kept stocked for nights like tonight and got out a yellow, cracked it, and walked over, held it to Franny’s lips. “Drink up, Franny. You need to stay hydrated on these special nights on weekends!”

The girl sucked at the bottle, unaware til it was there just how thirsty she was. She felt her body come further to life as the fluids filled her. She stirred even more on Mark’s cock.

“Okay, Drew. I think our little Franny here is ready. Grab the lube. Franny, lean forward here.”

Mark leaned the girl a bit more forward and again held her cheeks spread. Drew applied a copious amount of lubricant, and then lubed himself, and then pressed the tip of his cock against her asshole.

“Now, Franny, just keep breathing. And relax. Let it in.” Mark held the girl’s hips on top of him, and started gently grinding her large, swollen clit- Franny did have a such a large clit!- against his pubis.

“No, no, Daddy, no,” Franny said, but her body was still betraying her, grinding into Mark’s crotch, her pussy leaking fluid, her body starting to hum with her growing arousal. She could feel the head start to push in.

“Relax, Franny, you’re going to like this.”

“No, no, no, please, no,” she sobbed, her face buried in Mark’s shoulder.

Drew’s cock started sliding in, and as he did, he looked down at Mark. Mark winked and grinned at him, and kept the gentle rotation of her hips growing. Despite what the girl said, despite her tears here, he could feel her pussy respond to the clit stimulation. It was obvious, if he wanted to make this easy, he could just go get the Wand he used sometimes on Holly and Franny would be putty in his hands, but he wanted to see if first time DP would work here. Maybe a little more painful for her, but for sure, Drew would consider this event his money’s-worth.

Franny started to tense, and he said “Keep breathing, sweet Franny.” He looked up at Holly, “Come here, Holly.” He beckoned her, and she quickly moved next to him, “You help her out, Holly.”

“What do you want Holly to do, Master?”

“Lick her nipples, Holly. Make her feel good, distract her a bit.”

Holly leaned down, and licked and sucked the 14 year old’s nipples, stroking one with her hand and the other with her tongue. “Relax Franny, and it’ll feel good. It took me a little bit to learn to relax, but even so, it felt good from the beginning.”

Drew was about halfway in, slowly going slightly deeper, holding it in place, pulling out. Franny whined. Her asshole was screaming despite the breathing, and while the lube and meth was making the way easier, it was still a tight fit, and the cock in her was stretching her. But as her daddy fucked her asshole, her pussy was being pressed against Mark and her clit was being rubbed. And Holly’s efforts were masking some of the pain.

Drew took a moment to look down. He couldn’t believe his cock was half-buried in his stepdaughter’s tight ass. While Franny’s pert and lovely c-cups were her best feature, her ass was a close second. He’d never really been into anal until Mark showed him that anal was how you truly owned a slut. From that first time 6 or more months ago that he’d fucked Holly’s skinny, if shapely, ass, he’d been fascinated with the idea of fucking Franny’s thicker, rounder ass. And now here he was. He couldn’t stop himself- when he pulled back out, he drove in a bit harder- not all the way!- he wasn’t a savage-, giving her a full additional inch.

“Ahhh, Daddy, Daddy, no, stop, please,” the youngster cried, her body responding by humping forward into Mark, her asshole squeezing on him.

“Relax, Franny, don’t fight it,” Drew said, his voice almost a moan.

“Just relax, Franny. This will feel amazing soon. Just keep relaxing and letting it in.” Holly kept stroking the youngsters large breasts and sucking her nipples.

Drew was going deeper and deeper into Franny’s tight asshole, her pussy growing hotter, more liquid as the meth from the booty bump kept coming on- she was beginning to finally crest on the booty bump- and Mark started to purposefully swell his cock inside the youngster. Franny moaned against him. Her mind was drifting away again under the assault on her body, becoming a thing of sensation.

Drew grunted and shoved in a bit harder, a bit deeper, and Franny yelped again, but this time Drew pushed and then held firmly in placed, his cock finally buried in his 14 year old’s tight, virgin asshole. “There, you see, Franny? You took all of daddy’s cock in your ass. Such a good girl.”
He felt his stepdaughter’s hole convulse on him, trying to relax, and it was his turn to moan. “Oh, baby girl, it’s so tight. It feels so good, you’ve made Daddy very happy. Daddy’s going to fuck your ass every day, baby.”

“Yes, Drew, you will. Little Franny here is a natural slut and will love it.” Mark flexed his cock inside the girl.

Franny was still whimpering and crying but her hips had begun moving up and down a bit, her ass rising and falling, just a little. Whether she wanted to or not, her body was trying to adjust, admit both intrusions, minimize pain, maximize pleasure. And Mark’s continued gentle grinding, continued clit stimulation, along with Holly’s gentle ministrations, were helping.

“Franny, my dear sweet little slut. Holly, keep working her nipples. Drew, start fucking her.”

The older man grunted and began to thrust a little, his cock pulling out and then pushing into the 14 year old’s asshole. Aside from the delightful sin of it all, he couldn’t believe how tight she was. And while he and Mark had DP-ed Holly on several occasions, the fact of this being Franny- of feeling Mark’s younger, larger, and firmer dick on the other side of her thin membrane- was utterly amazing to him. He knew he was going to blow fast. He began to thrust a little more regularly. Still pretty gentle, but more insistent.

Franny was still moaning, still crying, her hips still moving in response to Mark and his cock, but Drew could feel the young girl’s body begin to give, to accept. Her hips were rolling up to meet his, her asshole starting to grip him. The girl had stopped trying to keep him out.

Mark could feel her surrender. “She’s starting to relax, Drew. You can start fucking her now, hard. Take her ass. You paid for it, after all.”

“Yes, Sir,” the man said. “Franny, I’m going to fuck your ass now.”

Franny cried, “Daddy, no, please…” but it was mindless repetition at this point, and not in earnest. Her hips started telling a different story.

Drew pulled almost all the way out, and slammed his cock in. The youngster screamed in response, but her asshole clamped down when his base hit her. It could be hurting her a bit, he thought, but clearly she was enjoying it some as well. He did it again, and again. As she kept responding, he started to quit caring quite so much about how she was feeling. The feel of her was …overwhelming to him. He needed this.

Franny cried, and moaned. Holly was licking and stroking her nipple. “It feels good, Franny, doesn’t it?”

Franny moaned and said nothing.

“Answer her, Franny!” Mark snapped. And slapped her thigh.

“Yes, oh god, yes,” Franny gasped, shocking herself with the truth of the moment. She was genuinely enjoying this, pain and all.

“See, Franny? Daddy Drew’s fucking you like he owns you. But he does, doesn’t he.”

“Uh, yeah, uh, no, no,” Franny mumbled, her hips rising to meet Drew’s next thrust. Drew couldn’t believe she had just admitted she was enjoying this, and his nut was rising powerfully inside him.
Mark had been stroking in and out gently, not as forcefully as Drew, but with more control. Just a matter of an inch or so, just stimulation. His cock was swelling, he could feel it, and the youngster was responding, her pussy grinding his pubis, her juices dripping over him. He looked at the youngster’s sweaty body on top of him- wet nipples, a full flush on her cheeks, down her neck and across her chest. He swore he could see her belly swell with each of Drew’s thrust, but maybe that was wishful thinking. Her eyes were open, red and swollen from crying but also unfocused staring at nothing over his shoulder.

“Franny, do you want Daddy Drew to come inside your ass?”

Franny moaned, “Uh, yes, no, I mean…no…”

“Yes, you do. And he will. And I will also come in your ass later on tonight. Why don’t you go ahead and come now, for both of us. Let yourself go and come on our dicks, Franny.”

“I.. I can’t…”

“Yes, you can. Just let yourself. You’ve never felt like this, have you? Your Daddy and your Master, both inside you, making you come, making you feel good. All good sluts love to come.”

“I’m not a slut. I’m not. I’m not a slut. Oh, please, god, I can’t help it.” He could feel her clamping on his dick and knew she was right on the edge.

“Come, Franny. Come with our dicks in your ass and your dirty wet pussy like the slut you are.”

The youngster screamed and came. She came around his cock, her asshole and her pussy squeezing him and Drew both. Drew could feel her come, feel her body spasm and shake. Her head rolled back and forth as she keened, helplessly, hands gripping the back of the couch on either side of Mark’s head. Drew could see veins in her neck as the girl came the hardest she had all night. And it continued, on and on.

As her ass started milking his cock, Drew couldn’t hold it any longer. The girl’s orgasm triggered his. He grunted and shoved his cock as deep in her ass as he could. Her core muscles spasmed, seemingly sucking him in deeper, and he could feel they were trying to pull his load from him, and he gave it to her, again and again, rope after rope. Despite himself, he weakly fell forward, driving her to collapse on Mark, in his need to bury himself deeper.

Mark chuckled. “That’s it man. Stamp that ass with your rule. It’s yours now.”

Holly giggled. “Franny likes ass-fucking, Master.”

“I believe you’re right, babygirl. Drew, fall over on the couch. I’m going to take turn back there.”

Drew fell off Franny to the other side of the girl from Holly. Franny could feel her asshole burning as he pulled out, but also, amazing, felt an emptiness, a lack. One of her hands started to reached back, mindlessly, to feel herself.

Mark picked the girl up off himself almost effortlessly. Franny involuntarily gasped when the second cock left her. She felt even more incomplete in that moment. But it was short lived. Mark gripped the girl, guided her down on the couch on all fours. He lined his cockhead- bigger and a bit girthier than Drew’s- up with her asshole. He started driving in.

Franny, still coming down from her orgasm, was only dimly aware that this was no longer Drew’s cock, and that Mark’s was replacing it. But as she started to return to earth, the pain of his larger entry became more apparent, the fullness that was growing again as he pushed harder and less gently than her daddy had. She yipped, and Mark could feel her fighting the entry a bit.

“Holly, work her clit and nipples some more. Girl, you better breath for me. This is coming in.”

Holly’s fingers started playing with the youngster’s large, swollen, protruding clit. The drug- mixed with her orgasms, and the aftershocks still firing through her- were already bringing Franny’s lust back, even if coupled with a bit more pain this time. She was trying to relax and breath. Still, his cock was fatter than the one just there.

Mark was less caring about what she felt and, really, just needed to finally unload this nut. Still, his pride was there. He was determined to make her come one last time before he blew. He took hold of her hips- he was halfway in- and dammit, if he hadn’t torn the girl’s ass by now, he wasn’t going to- he pulled out a couple inches, put on hand on her hip and the other on her shoulder and then, mercilessly, drove himself in fully.

Franny’s scream was genuinely of pain this time. He found he didn’t want to wait for her to adjust- she would, quickly enough, experience had taught him. Or she wouldn’t, but learn that she needed to. Either way.

“There we go, my dear. I’m in now.” He started thrusting in and out, her asshole and rectum gripping him. He leaned down, grabbed a handful of her sweaty, matted hair, and pulled her head back, whispering in her ear. “You like this, don’t you, slut? You’re taking your second cock in your dirty asshole tonight, aren’t you? You’re a dirty little anal slut.”

Franny didn’t respond except to grunt, and Mark pulled her head back even more, his hips slamming her. Holly’s fingers continued strumming her clit.

“Say it, Franny. Tell me you’re a dirty little anal slut. Now!” He slapped her ass cheek, hard enough to leave a print. Her asshole clench on him, and then quickly relaxed, loosening a bit.

Franny didn’t think- the drugs, the sex, her own lust, the pain, all coalesced together. “I’m a dirty little anal slut! I am, oh, I’m such a slut.” Holly was furiously stroking her clit underneath her, and giggled.

“Yes, you are. Say ‘Master, please make me come’.”

“Please, oh, please, Master, make me come. Please, oh, please, I’m such a slut. Make your dirty little anal whore slut, please.”

Mark chuckled. “Of course, my good girl. Holly, stop a minute. Let her just feel my dick in her dirty whore ass.”

Holly backed off, her fingers and lips leaving the 14 year old’s breasts and clit. Mark, without warning, reached down, put one arm around her waist and another under her legs, and almost effortlessly scooped the girl up, his cock staying fully in her, and held her and stood up, her legs splayed out. Her pussy and asshole were spread wide, his cock lodged deep. Her body was limp, her head rolling back against his shoulder. She was breathing rapidly. She’d thought she was full when her daddy’s dick was in her ass, but this was fullness on another level.

Mark started bouncing her on his cock. She was thicker and heavier than Holly, but still it was easy. He could feel the depth of her with each bounce; Drew would never get this deep on her. The girl, eyes wide open with surprise and awe, was moaning in time with his thrust, and her pussy was starting to leak yet again, the juice running down and onto the shaft of his dick and his balls.
He turned his body away from the couch and sat down, so she was splayed wide open facing the room. She glanced over, mindlessly, to see her stepdad masterbating himself, watching what was going on.

“Holly, come eat out Franny’s slutty pussy here while she bounces herself on my dick.”

“Yes, Master,” the older girl said and quickly moved down in front of them, her knees going wide. She buried her tongue deep into the youngster’s pussy, sucking up her fluids, and slid two fingers inside the girl’s wet pussy. She hooked the fingers and started stroking Franny’s g-spot.

Mark could feel the vibrations of Holly’s fingers inside the girl, and her pussy responding. “Franny, fuck yourself on my dick. And give my good-girl Holly there your cum- she’s working hard for it. Oh, and don’t let me slip out- I hate that.”

“I, oh, I,” Franny stammered, her hips rolling on Mark’s, her pussy and asshole spasming. “I’m trying, Master, please, it’s so much, it’s so much.”

Mark smacked her ass, slightly harder than she would have wanted. “You’re doing fine, girl! Keep it going.”

She moaned, and started to push herself up and down. Mark leaned back and held her legs, letting her do the most of the work. Her pussy was leaking fluid again, her asshole was stretched wide, and her clit was fully extended and being sucked on and licked by Holly. Franny started fucking herself hard on Mark’s cock, her arms reaching down to support herself as best she could on Mark’s torso, her cries and moans coming hard and fast. Her next orgasm was already swelling in her belly, and then grew and snapped over her with overwhelming speed.

Mark felt the girl start to convulse and he let go of her legs, pulling her back and tight into his cock. Holly moaned, feeling Franny coming on her face and working even harder to keep her coming, Mark felt his nut finally breaking free from him. He couldn’t stop himself from driving the girl’s hips harder on him, letting the youngster’s clamping core wring his seed out of him. He groaned and drove himself deep. As Franny barely started to come down, her asshole and her pussy contracting on Mark’s dick, she felt him start to fill her, and she moaned and came again, her pussy clenching and releasing, her juices flowing. She felt him pulse, over and over, the warm ropes jetting into her ass.

“Oh, god, oh, god, it’s so good. It’s so hot and warm.” Franny moaned, “You’re so deep, Master, you’re so deep.”

Mark could feel her asshole and her pussy still twitching, and her come, mixed with his and Holly’s, was dripping down his balls and the base of his cock, soaking Holly’s face.

“Fuck, I need a break. Maybe we all take a little break. Holly, Gatorade all around. That’s my good girl.”

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