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Tim thought about what his mother had said. Wondering if she was serious about being able to fuck her as much as he wanted any time he wanted.

He waited till his father left for work.

Beth was in the kitchen talking on the phone when Tim came in the kitchen.

Walking up behind his mother.

He put his hands on her hips and guided her to a kitchen chair.

Beth smiled as she let her son guide her.

Stopping at the chair.

Beth leaned over it as Tim pulled her shorts down.

Spreading her legs in anticipation Beth kept talking on the phone.

Tim thought for a moment about going for her asshole.

But, he hadn’t her pussy.

“MayBeeee.” Beth smiled into the phone as Tim pushed his hard prick into her.

Beth continued her conversation as her son pumped away at her mature pussy.

Tim would smile and chuckle as his mother would wiggle her ass around in circles and just say “Mmhmmm” into the phone.

Beth was loving the fact Tim didn’t ask and just took her.

Her mature pussy was oozing love juice.

Tim could feel his mother’s pussy contract squeezing his cock to the point he could barely move it then relax where he could get a full stroke in.

Needy to cum.

Tim pushed his entire length into his mother’s mature pussy and grunted as he emptied his young nuts into her mature pussy.

Beth looked over her shoulder at her son with a screwed-up face as his cock pulsed inside her coating her cervix.

Tim pumped his mother another minute or two after he finished filling her with his seed as she continued her conversation.

Then he simply pulled out of his mother’s loose pussy and walked off to the bathroom, leaving his mother standing there with his cum running down her thighs.

Beth stood there a moment enjoying the feeling of her full pussy as she listened to the shower run.

Saying her goodbyes.

Beth left her shorts laying on the floor and headed to the bathroom.

Stepping in the shower.Beth smiled up at her son.

Tim smiled back at his mother as his cock started to harden again.

“I can see this is going to be a good day.” Beth smiled big as she started to squat in front of Tim.

Tim had his arms wrapped around his mother’s waist driving his hard prick up her stretched-out asshole when the water went cold.

“SHITTTT!” Beth spat out laughing when the first blast of cold water hit her belly, causing her to jump. Dislodging Tim’s fat cock from her asshole.

“Holy fuck!” Tim laughed when the cold water blasted him.

Beth didn’t worry about panties. She just slipped her shirt on and headed down the hall to the living room.

The rest of the day was filled with Beth getting randomly fucked around the house.

Tim only came twice more that day.

Beth didn’t care. She had more orgasms on that day than she had in almost a year.

The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful for Tim.

But, for Beth, it was a disaster.

All she could think about was getting her son to fuck her.

Twice Beth snuck off and gave her aching pussy a little finger action.

Tim was still in bed when his father left in the morning.

Beth stood at the front door watching till her husband was out of sight.

As soon as he turned the corner to head to work.

Beth went straight to her son’s room.

Tim was laying in bed asleep with a hard-on to Beth’s delight.

For a moment. Beth thought about just mounting.

But, her need to suck the load of cum from his cock overpowered her.

Leaning over the bed on her hands.

Beth opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue, and swooped up her son’s hard cock.Immediately Beth went to deep-throating her son.

When Tim made a noise.

Beth looked up and smiled at him with his cock sticking out of her mouth.

Five minutes later.

Tim held his mother’s mouth down on his cock as he grunted and blasted cum down her throat.

“Jesus fuck! I needed that.” Beth smiled as she wiped her chin and licked her fingers clean.

“That’s an alarm clock.” Tim chuckled.

“I got to piss,” Tim said after a moment.

Leaning back on her hunches. Beth smiled up at her son.

“Piss here.” Said as she opened her mouth.

“What? Tim asked with a funny face.

“You heard me. Piss on me and in my mouth.” Beth smiled.

Tim just shook his head as he stood up.

Grabbing his semi-erect cock.

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Tim pointed it at his mother’s mouth and started pissing as his mother held her mouth open wide for him.

When the last drops fell.

Beth reached out and grabbed Tim by the cock and pulled him to her and started sucking him again.

Tim looked down at his mother in amazement.

As Beth sucked her son off.She licked and kissed farther and farther down his rigid shaft.

Licking and sucking his balls.

Turning around and setting on her plump ass.

Beth started jerking Tim off with both hands as she stuck her head in between his legs and shoved her tongue up between his ass cheeks.

Tim took the hint and squatted a bit giving his mother better access to his asshole.

Beth delicately licked her son’s asshole as her pussy quivered in ecstasy.

When Beth’s neck got sore.

She rolled out from under her son.

Guiding him by the hips.

She leaned him over his and pushed up on it.

Tim just followed his mother’s lead and climbed up on his bed onto his hands and knees.

Pulling his cock straight back.

Beth violently sucked her son’s dick and licked his asshole.

When Beth tasted the drop of Tims’s precum.

She focused strictly on making him cum.

“MOMMMMMMY!” Tim cried out as a powerful orgasm ripped through his body and he blasted cum all over his mother’s face as Beth jerked him off aim his young cock directly at her face.

“Jesus.” Tim chuckled.

“I need a shower.” Beth laughed as she scooped the cum from her face and licked off her fingers.

“You coming?” Beth smiled as she stood up.

“I can’t get hard again.” Tim smiled.

“That’s okay.” Beth smiled. “I have some running to do anyway and I’m hungry.” Beth finished.

“What are you doing?” Tim asked his mother when she handed him the large pink butt plug.

“I want you to put that in my asshole.” Beth smiled pointing to her butt as she turned her ass.

“Why?” Tim asked.

“Two reasons.” Beth smiled.

“One it is wifi, so you can control it from your phone. Second I want my asshole ready when you want to stick that big cock in it.” Beth smiled big.

Leaning over the chair.

Beth spread her legs and looked over her shoulder as Tim smiled to himself and pushed the pink plug into his mother’s asshole.

“Your cock hard yet?” Beth asked Tim as they walked through the department store.

“We can’t fuck here.” Tim smiled.

“Who says?” Beth smiled.

“We might get caught.” Tim chuckled.

“That’s a possibility.” Beth smiled feeling her pussy contract.

When Tim saw the opportunity he guided Betg to a door marked employees only.

Opening it. Tim pushed his mother inside.

Beth didn’t need to be told what to do.

Quickly she wiggle her shorts down and bent over.

Tim spat on his hard cock and pushed hard into his mother’s greedy twat and ruthlessly fucked her till he came.

Spinning his mother around.

Tim stuck his cock in his mother’s mouth.

“Suck it clean,” Tim growled.

Obediently Beth did as she was told with pleasure.Making sure Tim’s cock was completely clean of their fuck juices.

Driving home Tim reached over and grabbed Beth gently by the back of her neck and pulled her head into his lap.


Beth leaned over and unzipped her son’s pants and took out his hard prick and sucked slow and deep.

“Don’t make me cum.” Tim said as Beth swirled her to gue around the large head of her son’s cock.


Beth let up a bit and just sucked his dick.

Once in the garage secure from the outside world.

Tim leaned over and crawled across the SUV and on top of his mother.

Leaning the seat back.

Beth spread her legs and welcomed her son in between them.

“No more panties.” Tim smiled at his mother as her pulled hers to the side and pushed his hard cock inside her.

Beth was amazed at how often Tim got hard and how many times he could during the day.

It seemed to her that every Tim his dick got hard. He was full of cum.

The rest of the week was the same.

Tim fucking his mother several times a day.

He even took the liberty to fuck her while she was on the phone with his father.

Tim also texted her a couple of times during the night to come to his room.

Saturday was hard.

Tim wanted to fuck and Beth wanted fucked.