Free use mom | incest story from Maggie Mae

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“You limp dick motherfucker.” Tim heard his mother almost scream as he lay in his bed.

A couple of minutes later Tim his mother mutter something to his father.Then he heard the door slam.

Tim waited a minute listening for their bedroom door to open with his mother returning.

But, after twenty minutes of nothing.

Tim figured he would go to check and see if his mother was okay.

Expecting to find her on the couch Tim strolled down the hall.

Then to the kitchen.

Still nothing.

He looked in the garage and on the back deck.

Figuring his mother was downstairs watching tv as she did sometimes. Tim slipped down the stairs.

Standing at the bottom of the stairs.

Tim looked at his mother directly into her blue eyes in shock.

There his mother set.

Naked, with sweat her damp and lust-filled eyes as she worked her hips back and forth.

Tim could hear the low growl of a motor turning and a soft buzz.

It would get light. Then buzz heavy.

Tim’s mother never stopped her motion.

She was to close to an orgasm to stop. An orgasm she badly needed and wanted.

“Come here,” Beth growled looking her son directly in the eye as she moved her sexy hips from side to side and up and down.

As if in a trance.

Tim walked over to his mother who kept her lust-filled eyes locked with her sons.

“Take your cock out and stick it in my mouth” Beth moaned to her son.

Obediently Tim unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard cock.


Beth admired the size of her son’s cock.

“FUCK MY THROAT!” Beth growled with a desperate need.

Tim looked down at his mother who had her mother open and was big-eyed.

Holding his young cock.

Tim stuck it in his mother’s mouth and started sliding it in and out gently.

Sipping her son’s cock out.

Beth looked up at her son with an angry look.

“FUCK MY SLUT MOUTH. SHOVE THAT FUCK COCK DOWN MY THROAT AND MAKE ME CHOKE ON IT!” Beth growled in desperate need as she shoved her oozing pussy down hard on the plastic phallus.

Opening her mouth.

Beth leaned forward and took her son’s cock back in her mouth and started sucking it hard.

Watching his mother. Tim took the hint and grabbed his mother by the back of the head and started pumping his cock into her mouth.

Tim didn’t need to be told she liked it. Her body and actions told him that.

Grabbing his mother by her blonde hair.

Tim started pumping into her throat in earnest, bouncing his dick head off the back of her throat.

Beth’s pussy contracted hard around the rubber phallus as her son pumped his large cock into her throat.

The hard Beth orgasmed. The harder she wanted her throat fucked.

She wanted to taste her son’s cum and feel his cum being shot down her throat.

Reaching up.

Beth grabbed her son by the hips and pulled him to her.

Bouncing up and down on the rubber cock.Beth wrapped her arms around her son’s waist and held him as she forced his entire cock down her throat.

Swallowing hard.Beth used her throat muscles to milf her son’s hard cock of its juices.

“FUCKKKKKKK!” Tim grunted as his cock erupted spewing cum down his mother’s throat as she squeezed him tight grinding her pussy down hard onto the plastic dicking releasing her own seed.

“FUCKKKKKK?” Beth gasped when she spit her son’s cock out gasping for air.

As soon as Beth caught her breath she looked at her son with the same lust-filled eyes.

“Stick your cock back in my mouth.” Beth hissed greedily.

Doing as he was told.

Tim pushed his cock back into his mother’s mouth and started pumping away.

When his cock was back to being fully hard.

Beth spit her son’s cock out again.

“Stick that big fucker up my ass,” Beth growled.

Tim looked at his mother for a moment.

“FUCK ME IN MY SLUT ASSHOLE!” Beth growled looking her son in the eye.

“SPIT ON MY ASSHOLE AND SHOVE THAT FAT COCK UP MY ASS!” Beth spat over her shoulder.

Tim did as he was told and spat on his mother’s asshole.

Holding his hard cock he started pushing his dick into her puckered brown hole.

When his dickhead popped past the rubbery ring Tim stopped.


Grabbing his mother by her shoulders Tim started pushing.


Tim could feel his mother’s asshole give way around his cock as he went deeper into her guts.

When Tim’s abdomen hits his mother’s ass cheeks. He pulled back and shoved back into her hard.

“FUCKKKKK!” Beth spat out.

Tim started driving his cock into his mother’s stretched-out asshole as he held her shoulders.


“MAKE ME YOUR FUCKING BITCH!” Beth spat as her son pounded his fat cock into her asshole.

Sweat dripped from Beth’s mature body as her pussy continued to convulse around the plastic cock shoved in her pussy working it back and forth.

When Beth’s asshole totally relaxed and fell open in ecstasy.

Tim lost all control.

“FUCKKKKKKK!” Tim spat as he rammed his hard cock into his mother’s guts as hard and deep as he could pumping his hairless nuts into her guts.

“JESUSSSSS FUCKKKKK!” Beth cried as she felt her son’s cock erupting in her asshole.

Laying on the floor.

Beth looked over at her son.

“I’m a free-use slut.” Beth smiled.

“Free use?” Tim questioned.

“Yes. You don’t have to ask. I’m here for you to pump away at any time you want.” Beth smiled.

“Mom?” Tim asked.

“Free use slut. That’s what I am.” Beth smiled.

“Even when dad is home?” Tim asked.

“Yes. Even when dads home. I will make it work. You worry about fucking me and I’ll worry about the rest.” Beth smiled.

“My dick is hard a lot.” Tim smiled.

“Then fuck me with it. I need cock.” Beth smiled.