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Freelance Photographer Ch. 02 – Shelly thanks Mike!
By OneWhoKnows
If you haven't already read the first chapter, which says one + one = FUN you really should go read it first to understand who the characters are and how we got here. Enjoy!
I followed Shelly as she led me down the short hallway to my bedroom. I had no idea what she had planned. At this point I would agree to ANYTHING she wanted to do. I was still dressed, but Shelly was NAKED! We entered my bedroom as she was saying, "You've been so good with me, sharing lunches, kisses and touches, guiding me thru the photo shoot so that I was completely comfortable with everything we were doing. I trust you completely. A week ago I invited you to lunch and asked you to do a favor for me. I am so happy that you agreed. Now I want to take my time thanking you in my own way. I would have loved to do a sexy, seductive strip tease for you… but I'm already naked. You should be naked, too! Have a seat in the chair by the bed and take off your shoes and socks." I sat down, slipped off my loafers and socks, setting them on the floor. She stepped in front of me and said, "Raise your arms." I did. She pulled my t-shirt off over my head dropping it on the floor. "Stand up so I can finish stripping you naked."
I stood up, in a daze, my dream was continuing to unfold. She unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my khaki shorts, and pulled the zipper down. Shelly continued to amaze me. She put her hands on both sides of my waist, hooked her thumbs in the waistband pushing my shorts down to my knees. I was told to sit on the bed, which I willingly did. "Pick your feet up while we get rid of these." She pulled my shorts the rest of the way down and over my feet, dropping them on the floor. Shelly was standing directly in front of me, her marvelous 34C breasts inches from my face.
I said, "I can't resist your beautiful breasts." I took one in each of my hands, squeezed firmly, and sucked a very hard nipple into my mouth, then moved to the other hard nipple giving it the same attention. Shelly moaned softly. I looked up at her angelic face… her eyes were closed. She let me pleasure her for a couple of minutes.
"Now, I am going to treat you to a thank you that you could never imagine." She softly said, "Lie down on the bed, on your back, close to the edge."
I took a deep breath, "Now that I'm naked I'm all yours."
My cock was rock hard, standing straight up. When she wrapped her soft hand around my cock and started slowly stroking it I thought I won't last long if she keeps doing that. I almost came when she leaned down, slipped her soft lips over the head of my cock and sucked hard. She had one hand wrapped around the base of my cock, the other hand gently squeezing my balls. I was in heaven.
I had no clue that I was only on the first little cloud in a sky full of clouds. She started taking more and more of my cock in her mouth as she slid her lips up and down my cock. Every time I thought I was going to cum she squeezed my balls. Not hard, but enough to slow me down. She continued to pleasure me taking me to the edge. Then she would squeeze my balls to slow me down. After a few minutes of teasing me she took a deep breath. She took my cock deep in her mouth, using her throat muscles in a swallowing motion to literally suck my cock into her throat. I've had my share of blow jobs but never anything as intense as this. She sucked hard… using her tongue on the bottom side of my cock and squeezed my balls hard. To my amazement….. instead of slowing me down,
I exploded, sending a big load of cum down her throat. She slowly raised her head up until my cock finally slipped out of her mouth. She took a deep breath, swallowed whatever was left, slipped her mouth back down over just the head and sucked hard… draining me completely.
She bought me back to earth from the cloud I was on, speaking softly, "That was round 1, we have rounds 2, 3 and 4 to go."
I wasn't sure I could handle all of what she seemed to have planned. But I was damn sure going to try! I was lying there exhausted looking up at her. I asked, "Where did you learn how to do that?"
She replied, "I had a good teacher."
I was almost afraid to ask what 2, 3 and 4 were, but curiosity got the best of me.
I asked, "I think I would love to have you describe 2, 3 and 4 to me while I try to recover."
She spoke in her quiet voice, "Well, in round 3 you get to pleasure me in a similar way like I have just done to you. We will finish in round 4 sharing the most intense fuck session to a final explosive finish together." She paused…
My curiosity made me ask, "What's round 2?"
Slowly her expression changed. Her beautiful eyes were sparkling. Her smile turned into a devilish grin. She spoke in her soft voice again, "I want you to just listen carefully but not say anything until I finish. I have this little fetish… some would call it kinky. I want to spank you. I want to put you face down over two pillows so your ass is up in the air with your legs spread and your cock and balls hanging down on the pillows. I want to spank you… HARD! I want to spank you until your butt cheeks and the upper part of your thighs are REALLY RED. Don't worry your genitals will be hanging down safely out of harm's way. With you in the center of this standard double bed I will be able to alternate sides by just walking back and forth. I will spank you in sets alternating sides to be sure I cover every inch of your ass and thighs. I'm not going to use my hand. I have a very effective hard rock maple paddle in my suitcase. It's just over a foot long 2" wide and 3/4 of an inch thick. One end of it is trimmed down into a perfect grip area. This is NOT a punishment. This is you letting me do something I REALLY enjoy. Consider your answer very carefully. Once we start I will not stop until your ASS is properly RED! I will only stop if you say 'UNCLE'. Do you trust me?"
This was totally new ground for me. I had been spanked as a child by my mom… but this was different. This was a lovely, sexy young lady wanting to enjoy herself. I had certainly enjoyed all the teasing by the way she had dressed. I had enjoyed all the hugs and kisses. I had thoroughly enjoyed photographing her. I had absolutely enjoyed her pleasuring me just now. I took a deep breath, "Absolutely and completely!"
She said, "Thank you. Drape yourself over the two bed pillows in the middle of the bed with your cock and balls hanging down, spread your legs and relax while I walk to the bathroom to get my paddle." My head was spinning and my stomach was fluttering. She started thru the bedroom door, then stepped back and said in a firm voice, "We're doing 10 sets……. Of 100!" She headed to get her paddle. My mind wondered. Was she really going to spank me 1000 times?
When she got back to the bedroom she had her paddle in one hand and a tube of something in her other hand. She laid the tube on the night stand. I guessed it was to soothe my ass after she had finished spanking me. Her paddle looked devious and dangerous. It was too late now. This was going to happen. She laid her paddle on my back, it felt really heavy. She ran her hands all over my butt cheeks and thighs. That felt wonderful. I hadn't noticed that she'd had something else in her hand with the tube. I guess I was too busy looking at her. She leaned down over my ass, reached down and was playing with my balls. That felt wonderful, too. She pulled my testicles down tight in my ball sack. It felt like she was wrapping a strap around the top of my ball sack above my testicles. I heard a click as she tightened the strap and gently let her hand slide away. The weight got heavier and heavier as she let it hang down off the pillow.
I groaned. I managed to ask, "How much does that weigh?"
She was giggling as she replied, "16 ounces or 1 pound. This will keep your balls pulled down while I'm spanking you. It will help distract you from the sting."
I was struggling with the weight. Damn it was heavy! She said, "Reach back with both hands and spread your butt cheeks for me." There was no stopping now so I reached back! She stepped over to the night stand and picked up the small tube. Holding it up for me to see. She said, "This is regular strength Ben-Gay, it has about 2% menthol in it. Never use extra strength which has 10% menthol…….. way too hot." I wondered what hot she was talking about. I felt her start rubbing my asshole…. suddenly things started to get really hot as she spread the Ben-Gay in about a 3" circle around my asshole. She giggled again, "This will also help distract you from the spanking. You can move your hands away now." That allowed my butt cheeks to close, trapping the heat! My cock was hanging down, but rock hard! And she hadn't even started spanking me yet.
I gasped, "Damn that's heavy… and HOT!"
She picked her paddle up off my back and tapped my ass lightly. "These don't count. I just wanted you to see how it feels. I'm going to start with the first set of one hundred from this side then move to the other side. Each set will be a little harder than the previous set. You might want to count silently to yourself, in case I forget where the count is. Otherwise I would have to start all over!"
The first SPANK landed on my left butt cheek. SMACK! Followed by 4 more. Then 5 spanks on my right butt cheek, she moved down to my thigh… 5 more, and 5 on my other thigh. They were firm, but nothing I couldn't handle. I wondered about later when the spanks would get harder. Shelly repeated her pattern until she had spanked me 100 times. She walked around the bed and asked, "Ready?"
I weakly answered, "Yes."
The 2nd hundred were indeed a little harder, with the same pattern until she had spanked me another 100. She just kept switching sides, using the same pattern spreading the spanks all over the whole area…. 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800.
The spanks were getting really hard now. I was struggling… my ass and thighs were on fire, but I was not going to say Uncle! My asshole was also on fire. My balls were getting pulled down by the 1 pound weight on every spank! She walked up on the first side and said softly, "This is the last 200… But I warned you I was going to spank you HARD!" I was still counting. SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! A slower pace, but REALLY HARD! She continued until she reached 100. She walked around to the other side and asked, "Are you ready?"
I whispered a determined reply, "Yes. Do it!"
The last 100 came in a fast flurry. I was determined to make it to the end.
When she finally finished she leaned down rubbing her breasts across my ass. She spoke softly, "Thank you. You did well, I'm proud of you for doing this for me." She reached down and removed the ball weight. "Roll off the pillows, on your side, so I can move them out of the way. I want to cuddle up behind you and feel how hot you are on my body." She cuddled up tightly, sharing the heat she had created. She spoke softly, "I just want to hold you for a while." In minutes we had both drifted off, cuddled tightly together. When we woke up my ass and thighs were really tender and still very hot.
She asked, "How are you feeling".
I replied, "Thoroughly spanked. That was INTENSE!" How are you feeling?"
"Oh, I'm feeling great…. That was fun!"
We were hungry but we were not going to try to go anywhere. I said, "I'll call the Pizza Shack and have them deliver two regulars and get different toppings on them." I called the order in.
Shelly asked, "Do you have any beer to wash the pizza down with?"
"In the fridge." I answered.
I sipped my khaki shorts back on. Damn my ass was tender. She slipped her short little sun dress on. It wasn't very long until the pizza guy knocked at the door.
I opened the door, took the pizzas handing them to Shelly. I paid him + a tip.
We went to the kitchen to eat.
I jokingly complained, "Damn, it's tender to sit on my spanked ass."
She said, "It will probably still be a slight pink color in the morning but I promise you there will be no marks and no bruises. I'm good at spanking!" We enjoyed the pizza and beer. We moved to the living room where we could snuggle on the couch. Shelly said, "I need to let dinner settle a while… and then I'm ready for you to ravage me."
I said, "Oh, I will enjoy doing exactly that!" After we rested a while I said, "OK, Shelly, I hope I can satisfy you like you did me. We need to go back to my bedroom."
I had her lie down on her back with one pillow under her butt. I positioned myself between her legs, using my fingers and my tongue to take her to a half a dozen powerful orgasms. Then I settled down with my lips held firmly around her clit.
I started sucking on it, softly then hard. I used my tongue to give her clit a non-stop licking.
She cried out. "No more, I'm too sensitive!" I licked her to another intense orgasm. She pleaded. "No more, I can't take it!"
I teased her. "What's the magic word?"
She figured out what I was talking about. "UNCLE!" She cried.
I pulled the pillow out from under her so she could roll onto her side. I curled up behind her. It was my turn to hold her while she came down off her high. It was no surprise we were both completely out of energy.
Shelly said softly, "I think I have properly thanked you. I know I properly spanked you. You have completely worn me out. How about we save round 4 for next time. When we can do that intense fucking session properly. When will you have my photos ready for me to look at?"
I answered, "Next Saturday."
I hope you enjoyed my true story. I appreciate your vote.

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