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Freelance Photographer – one + one
By One Who Knows
There are some really nice perks to being a freelance photographer. It allows you to travel and meet lots of interesting people. Some of those people will occasionally surprise you in unusual or "Blow your mind" ways. I divorced in 1976 after several years of marriage. I had a good job and made good money, but the divorce left me with a large hole in my life which I was finding difficult to fill.
I took up photography as a hobby, took some classes at the local community college and met some new friends. I was diligent at studying and always trying to improve my skills. I started doing some portraits for friends. I upgraded my equipment with a better camera, a backdrop and some lighting for the small studio I had set up in my apartment. I was getting better. I had a print shop make me some business cards with my name centered, and under that a line that read Freelance Photographer. At the bottom was my address and phone number.
I started passing them out to my friends and some times when I met someone new. One of those new friends that I had met was a few years younger than me, not that it mattered. We were just photography friends. Shelly was just 20 years old, very pretty, with a body most ladies would love to have. Men would certainly love to enjoy her body!
One Saturday she called me. I was pleasantly surprised.
When the phone rang I answered it. "Hello."
She said, "Hi, Mike!"
I was pretty sure I recognized the voice, but to be sure I asked, "What's up Shelly?"
She answered, "How did you know it was me?"
I answered back, "How could I miss your sultry southern drawl?"
Shelly asked, "If you're free for lunch, can you meet me at that little deli on Broadway?"
I was certainly not going to turn down a lunch date with a young southern belle.
I asked, "Does 20 minutes from now work for you?"
Her answer, "See you then!"
Man, she sounded excited about something. I had no idea what had her so excited, but I guessed I'd find out at lunch. I drove to the deli where she was waiting outside. I walked up and was in total dis-belief when she gave me a tight hug and a little kiss. I said, "Thank you. You really are a southern belle, aren't you?"
She said, "Let's just grab sandwiches, some chips and something to drink. We can walk across the street and eat in the park." We went in and ordered lunch.
I said, "I know that you asked me to lunch, but a gentleman always treats a lady to lunch for the pleasure of spending time with her." A few minutes later we were sitting across from each other at a picnic table in the park. Before we even started to eat I asked her, "Shelly, what has you so wound up?"
She paused to a moment, then spoke, "I want to ask you for a favor, if you are willing. You don't have to, but it would make me happy."
How was I going to say no?
Shelly seemed hesitant, but after a few seconds she started, "Yesterday I received a letter back from a talent agency up in L.A. I had written to them because I had seen an ad, that they were looking for new models for commercials or acting. I've studied acting and been in a couple of plays, so I told them about myself and what experience I had. They said to please send pictures of myself in a few poses to them, as that would help them decide if there should be a follow up interview in person. I know you're a really good photographer. If you will, I'll figure out some way to at least pay for your costs. I've never done any modeling. So will you help me… Please?"
I said, "Shelly, I would love to be your photographer, but only on one condition…
I will NOT take your money. I have a good day job and this will be a good learning experience for both of us. Deal?"
She answered, "Are you sure?"
To which I replied, "Absolutely!"
She got up from the table and walked around to my side, motioning for me to stand up, so I did. She gave me a big hug and really nice kiss. I had my answer!
She said, "Let's eat. I've been too nervous about asking you to do this to eat anything since I got that letter."
As we enjoyed our lunch we discussed how we were going to do this. We were tossing ideas back and forth about what she should wear, what kind of poses, and agreed to think about it for a couple of days and she would come to my apartment to work out the details. I decided right then to join the co-op darkroom that I had been considering.
When I got home from work on Tuesday and was starting to fix some dinner my phone rang. I answered, "Hello."
It was Shelly. "Hi, Mike! Are we on for tonight?"
I answered, "I just started fixing my dinner. If you haven't eaten yet, come on over, I'll fix enough for two."
She said, "OK, see you in a few."
Shelly knocked on my door in just a few minutes and I let her in.
She immediately gave me a hug and a nice hello kiss. I was enjoying this young southern belle. She was actually from Georgia. Dinner was ready so we sat down to eat, talking between bites.
After we finished I said, "Let me show you my studio."
She followed me down the hall to the second bedroom. What she saw was a couple of different kinds of chairs, an antique French chaise lounge, a nice light blue backdrop on one wall, a dresser with my camera, a nice Nikon 35mm, with a couple of extra lenses setting close by. There were a couple of tripods with lights on them, an umbrella reflector on another tripod, and one for my camera.
Shelly said, "WOW, I'm impressed!"
I explained to her that this was where I was doing portraits.
She walked over to the chaise lounge, sat down, leaned back while slipping her sandals off, swinging her feet up onto the end of the lounge. She gave me the most seductive smile I had ever seen and said, "When do we start?"
I laughed, "In good time my fine lady!" I sat down on one of the chairs and we started sharing what we had thought of in the last couple of days.
I asked her, "What kind of modeling do you want to try getting into?"
She spoke, "Anything. I really want to make this work, maybe even full time. Why do you ask?"
I paused… "What kind of modeling you want to do will determine what sort of clothes you will need to bring for a photo shoot. Maybe a fancy dress, a casual skirt and blouse, maybe a long pants suit to show off your long legs, or maybe a bikini. If you want some in lingerie that's fine… even nude if you're comfortable with that. I'm a member of a local photo darkroom co-op. I pay a membership fee and a small fee per hour for the use of the facilities. All I have to pay for is my photo paper. It's really a great set-up that they have. They have all of the developing chemicals and trays, individual dark rooms, enlargers up to 8×10, print drying equipment, and everything is always fresh. This way I do the complete process and never have to send anything out to some lab. No one else ever sees my photos." I could tell that she was deep in thought. So I just waited for her to grasp what I had said. I asked her, "If this is what you really want to do, I'm free all day Saturday. Gather up what you want to wear, your hair always looks beautiful and just light makeup usually turns out looking great. What do you think?"
There was a long pause… "I think… no, I'm positive! This is my chance. I'm not going to miss it. Let's do it!"
This was really my first model shoot. We would learn together. I asked again, "How much of what I've explained do you want to try?"
Her answer, "Everything… including nude!"
I didn't know what I had done or why I deserved to be so lucky. Shelly and I sat there for quite a while, just talking and really getting to know each other better. She wanted to get home so she could start picking her attire for the photo shoot. Like most girls, she knew she would probably change her mind several times before Saturday arrived. We agreed to start about 10:00AM. That way she would have time to change outfits a few times, with me taking photos of her in several poses. Then we could go out for a nice lunch break, discuss how it was going, plan the afternoon shoot and get back to my apartment. I was really looking forward to the afternoon session. I walked her out to her car and shared a memorable good night kiss. I watched as Shelly drove away, wondering how Saturday would go. Then I went to my apartment. I tried watching some TV, nothing good was on. It was too late to go anywhere so I just stretched out on the couch. I woke up with a start a couple of hours later. I looked around my own apartment, making sure I was really home. DAMN! I must have been dreaming about all the possibilities and unknowns of the photo shoot coming up on Saturday. If it really went the way my dreams had been…. I could hardly wait for Saturday! Those had been some wild dreams.
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday dragged by at work. Evenings I stayed in, trying to get set in my mind how the photo shoot should proceed from outfit to outfit, with Shelly changing in the bathroom. I knew I would be waiting with anticipation for her to walk out in each new outfit. My mind could not stop wondering what she would look like when she walked out in the nude, and would ask me where I wanted to start. Saturday finally arrived. I was up early, had a bite of breakfast but wasn't really hungry. My mind was too busy thinking about what might transpire as the day progressed. I had put new batteries in the camera and the flash unit.
I had plenty of color film. The studio was all in order. I was dressed in khaki shorts and a t-shirt with a collar. I had loafers on for shoes with socks. I had made sure to shower really well on Friday night, had on my deodorant and some Old Spice Cologne. I never shave because I wear a full beard, and have for years.
I sat down to wait for Shelly. Having not slept well for the last four nights, I dozed off in the chair. A knock at the door jolted me awake. I jumped up out of my chair, ran my fingers thru my hair and down thru my beard to make sure I looked presentable. I opened the door and there stood Shelly. I thought DAMN I'm either still dreaming or there is a goddess standing at my door with a suitcase in her hand. She came in, set the suitcase and her purse down, turned to me and gave me a long hug and a lingering kiss.
She said, "I have a couple of other things in my car, come help me."
I was stunned by the way she was dressed. I should tell you it was a nice sunny summer day. She was wearing a mini skirt and a tiny halter top with sandals.
We went down the stairs. My apartment is on the second floor. She handed me a bag of shoes and a sun bonnet. She picked up a long travel bag I assumed contained her fancy dress. We started to go back up the stairs.
I complemented her, "Shelly, you are a vision of heaven. We're going to get some fantastic photos of you today!"
She said, "Thank you, I thought I would just wear my first outfit!"
She started up the stairs. I let her get several steps ahead of me. As I looked up the stairs at her I was looking at beautiful, long, shapely legs and a gorgeous ass wearing thong panties. DAMN! Maybe my dreams will come true. We went in the apartment and back to the studio. I hung her long travel case up on hook inside the studio door. I set her bag of shoes on the dresser.
She took her suitcase into the bathroom, saying, "I want every outfit to be a surprise for you. Any complaints so far?"
I responded, "Absolutely none, I can hardly wait to see what your choices are."
I turned my photo lights on, adjusting them in front of the backdrop. We spent the next two hours burning thru three rolls of 36. We started with what she had arrived in, some standing, some seated and some lying on the French chaise lounge, with me telling her how I wanted her to pose while I arranged the lights for the best effect. She changed into a long skirt and tight fitting sweater, then into the long pants suit which must have been silk. It clung to her body like a second skin. It was obvious she had nothing on under it. There was not a wrinkle anywhere, just two lovely points where her hard nipples were poking out. Shelly was fairly tall for a girl, maybe 5' 8". I guessed about 125 pounds, small waist, a slight flare at the hips, and marvelous 34 C breasts. Everything was perfectly proportioned. She had curled her hair in a wonderful style. I was looking at pure perfection.
I finally shook myself out of the trance I was in and said, "Change into something comfortable and we'll go have lunch."
She came out of the bathroom in a very short little summery dress and her sandals. I doubted that she had anything on under it. This was going to be an interesting lunch. I'd better take her somewhere nice, with a soft, smooth seat in a booth where I could sit beside her. I opened the passenger door for her to get in. What a beautiful sight as she slid in, the hem of her dress riding pretty high up her thigh. I got in and we headed for the nicest restaurant in town. We walked into the restaurant and I asked the hostess for a booth in the back. She led us to the corner booth. I let Shelly slide in first, and slid in beside her. We ordered iced tea. After looking at the menus we each decided what we wanted and ordered. Shelly scooted over close to me, the hem of her dress sliding up a little more.
She said, "You didn't have to bring me here, the burger shack would have been fine."
I answered, "My pleasure, I want you to know I am thoroughly enjoying my fantastic day with a lovely young lady."
She pulled my face to hers and pressed her lips softly on mine for a lingering kiss, and said, "I too am having a dream day… and we are NOT done yet. We have all afternoon."
We chatted a little as we enjoyed a light meal. Every time I turned to speak to her I let my hand rest on her thigh, well above her knee, to be sure I had her attention. She certainly had mine! Too soon we were finished eating. I got out of the booth and held my hand out to help her slide out. The hem of her little sun dress slid way up, showing me that she was not wearing panties. My dreams were coming true! We both used our separate restroom. As I let her get back into car, I was again rewarded with that fantastic view! I got in and drove back to the apartment. The stairs were narrow so I let her go up ahead of me, with me lagging back a bit for another view of that gorgeous little ass with no panties.
After we got back into the apartment she said, "Let me change so we can continue with this amazing photo shoot you are giving me." Soon she was back out in a tiny bikini and the sun bonnet. " Too bad there's no water, we'll just have to imagine."
After I had taken several photos, I said, "That's the end of roll four. I'll put a new roll in while you change."
She asked, "Are you ready for my grand entrance?"
I knew this was the moment I had been waiting for and just smiled at her. I finished putting the 5th roll of 36 in the camera. I positioned myself down on one knee, just a few feet in front of the door and waited. Camera at the ready. She opened the door, stepped out NUDE, and struck a very sexy pose. I was never going to forget this moment. CLICK! CLICK! Shelly continued to turn this way and that, as I kept snapping photo after photo. She walked to the French chaise lounge and stretched out, again changing poses several times. I finally got to the end of the roll. I set the camera down on the dresser, walked over to her, took her in my arms, and showered her in kisses.
I took a deep breath, let part of it out and said, "Shelly, this has been the most wonderful day I have ever experienced. You just totally AMAZED ME! Nothing could top this."
She took my hand and asked, "Wanna bet? Come with me to your bedroom,
I want to properly thank you for today."
To be continued…I hope you enjoyed my true story. I appreciate your votes.

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