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Hi to all,

This is me Santosh (name changed) again I think all of them u read my first story of milky boobs, after I wrote my story in iss, I got a lot of mails some of the guys asking me introduce the aunty/ give her no. But according 2 my promise to her, I didn’t give her details to anyone after 2 days I read a mail in my email box that one aunty wrote to me that she has read my story in iss and she is staying nearby my place and she told that want to talk with me as she is married and just 5 months back itself she has given birth to son, and her hubby is working in some pvt firm and he will be out of station most of the days regarding his office works, so she is suffering lack from the sex, so she want to the sex, after that I wrote mail to her regarding my details and gave my no. To her, after 2 days, I got a call from her, her voice was very sweet and she asked me “is its Santosh? , yes its me Santosh, I asked who is online that side? She said her name is savitha, and she only wrote the email just 3 days back and v spoke with the phone for 15 min, and she told that her hubby is going out of station on this Saturday and she told me her contact no.

And address and she told me to call on Saturday morning and kept the phone, I was waiting 4 Saturday itself, I couldn’t sleep for other 2 days and I doesn’t know how I had spend 2 days, in the Saturday morning I had wake up at 7am itself and had my bath and I went to the particular place which she told to me come and went their and gave a call to her, she only lifted the phone and said to come to her house and she had already told me her house address in the phone last time, after 30 min, I went to her house after 30 min when I stand in front of her house, I was surprised and amazing it was looking like big bungalow built up by 60×100 site, and I rang the door bell, one lady has came, who is aged of 32 years, I asked can I talk with Mrs. Savitha, she said r u Santosh? Yes its me Santosh, she told to come inside and locked the door, and told me to sit on the sofa, once I looked the house, it was a very big hall, right side there was kitchen, and next to that there was store room and left side there was one bed room and she came and sat in front of me in other sofa and she said she was very happy to see me and she was doubted whether I come r not, and she told what I will have.

I told anything and she went inside and brought 2 cups of coffee, and I drank it slowly and was watching her, she was wearing blue nighty and from that I can see her big boobs trying to come outside, and I said that she is looking very nice in this dress, she smiled and said thanks, only nice??? I said cute and sexy after that she said thanks and asked about me, what I do, and my hobbies and I said about myself, and asked about herself, she said that she is married about 15 years back and now her age is 38 years, I said that she wont look like 38 years, she might be 32 years, and she got 10 years son and now she has 5 months daughter and her son has went to school and her hubby is working in some software company as south Asian manager, and he will be always going abroad and tours and he will be in the house only 3-4 days in a month and so she always think about the sex, and whenever she needs it, she will masturbate and watch the sex movies in her bedroom, and she get up and she told that let me see her house and she took me to the first floor there was 3 bedrooms in the first floor as some of her hubby friends and her relations will come often so only they had build up 4 bedroom and when she took me to her bedroom I was surprised it was built up by 20×25 area there was double cot bed and there was 29″ TV with vcd player and bathroom was also very good, and she told me to sit on the bed and she also sat next to me, and I asked about the baby, she told the baby is in other room now only she has given the milk and the baby is sleeping, and I slightly touched her hands and took her hands and give a kiss she didn’t react for that, I thought that she also like it, and I went near to her and gave a kiss on her chicks and rubbed her lips, she was moaning ohhhhh ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm and slightly I put my hands on her boobs above the nightly itself and I started squeezing it, she took my hands and was mourning and she suddenly got up and said plsssssss control urself now, coz some of her cousins or her friends might come, so that she told me to come to her house at night after 9.30pm so that there will be no problems, I asked about her son, she said that her son will be going to her parents in law house in the evening and she will be alone in the house till Sunday evening and will have a lot of time from night to morning and I gave one sweet kiss to her lips and both came down and she told to have the lunch and go, I said already I want to the lunch from u seeing her boobs, she said don’t see that much, that food is only in the night and again she said pls go soon, coz if someone comes, she might get into trouble, again I had given a kiss to her lips and came out of her house and went to the house and slept and wake up at 5.45pm and again had bath and went for the round and I came to her house at 9.30pm sharply, and I rang the door bell, she only came and open the door and lock the door when I went inside and switch off the lights of the hall and she took me to the dining hall and she asked me had my dinner r not, I said no looking her boobs, she said I will give that food afterwards first let us have something saying she went to kitchen and brought some snacks and v both ate some snacks and she said to watch the movie in her bedroom by the mean time she will feed the milk to her kid, I said me also come, let me also see it, she that u naughty after that u can see and do it anything, just wait for 10 min, and went to other bedroom where her kid was there.

I was watching the TV and after 10 min she came out of the room and told me to come to upstairs to her bedroom and v both entered to the bedroom and locked the room and I sat on the bed and she also sat next to me and she gave me a good smile, I put the hands on her lips and started rubbing her lips, she was closing her eyes and moaning and my hands came down towards her boobs I pressed her boobs from outside of the nighty, she was moaning very hardly ohhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhh and I squeezed her boobs for more than 15 min, and now she put her hands on my missile she told that my missile is bigger than her hubby and started removing my pant, I told her to remove her nighty, she told me to remove her dress, when I removed her night she was not wearing bra she was wearing only blue panty her boobs was very big now she was mom to new kid and the milk drops was also left there as just 15 min back itself she has given her milk to her kid, I started pressing her boobs, she said do it slowly there is a lot of time, by the mean time she opened my pant and shirt and she started pressing my missile and she took my missile into her hands and started kissing it, o told her to sleep on the bed and I started kissing her boobs and sucking her boobs and there was a milk, it was not sweet, it was like slat, but I liked it, I was sucking her right boob till 15 min after that I changed my position to the left boobs and sucked her left boobs for the milk for other 15 mins after that she started sucking my missile and I put the hands on her pussy and open her panty, ohhhhhhhh I was surprised it was cleaned shaven.

I asked her when did she shave her pussy, she said in the evening only she has shaven her pussy, I put my hands on her pussy she was moaning again she put her hands to my missile and started eating like chocolate and after 5 min, she told me to enter my missile into her pussy and I put my missile into her pussy after 5 min it has entered into deep after that I started fucking her slowly and deeper she was moaning like ohhhhhhhh ummmmmmmmmmm nooooooooo plsssssssssssssss stop it plssssssssssssssssssssss I cannot tolerate plssssssssssssssssss Santosh darling, pls again I started the pressure more, she was moaning like before itself after 3 min, plsssssssss darling plssssssssssssssssss fuck me harder I was dying for the sex since from 1 year, plssssssssssssssssssssss fuck me hard ohhhhhhh ummmmmmm ayyoooooooooooooooo yooooooooooooooooooooo, after 10 min fucking I told that I am cuming , she told to cum into her mouth, as she want to taste my cum, I took my missile out of pussy and cummed into her mouth she dranked all my cum and she told that its very taste and after that I again put my mouth into her boobs, she said pls drink how much u want to it is all to u only, u can have it whenever u want to, after 10 min v both got up from the bed and went to the bath room and had bath and came to dining hall and she went to kitchen and bought the food and v both eat by keeping the food to each other after that again v went to the bedroom and had a nice session till morning for 4am for more than 4 times and slept and in the morning I got up at 8am and see there was empty next to me, and after 3 min she came inside the bedroom and said good morning my honey and gave me a cup of coffee and v both share the coffee and I had bath and she told me to have the breakfast and go as it was Sunday someone might come to her house to see the kid, so I see her boobs she came to know what I was looking for, she said u naughty, this food is always for u whenever u want to u can come and have this food but not now, only when her son and hubby is not in the house after that v both had the breakfast and she finally said that not to tell this matter to anyone and keep this matter as secret and I gave a sweet kiss to her lips and came out of the house.

Any ladies, aunties staying near by kormangala, btm, jaynagar, jpnagar, bsk, indiranagar airport road can email me, I will give u assure that I will keep this matter as secret, and guys pls don’t as the details of that aunty and her contact no. And their address. As I had given promise to them, I wont relieve their identities to anyone.