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At about 10 p.m., we finally got all the kids down for the night. My wife brought me into our bedroom, where she stripped me of all clothing and had me lie in the middle of the bed. One at a time, she strapped each leg and arm down with incredibly soft velvet shackles, then added a satin blindfold. I truly couldn’t see a thing.

She started by using the feather on me. It lightly grazed my body from my head to my stomach, then tickled my cock and finally my thighs beforeing back up.

Next, she took her warm hand and lightly grabbed my already firm dick. After just a few strokes, she began to lightly kiss him. Then, she kissed my thighs and moved up to my nipples. She sucked these for a bit before kissing my neck and sucking my ear. Finally, she moved around to my face and gave me a few passionate French kisses. She didn’t let me indulge in anything for too long.

Sitting up between my legs, my wife used her nails to scratch me lightly all over. Slowly, she moved them further down until she passed over my balls to tease my crack and hole.

I was about toe unfurled at this point.

Slipping off her panties, she sucked the head of my cock and followed that with some good deep sucks—the deepest she’d ever taken me. Then she climbed on top, slowly took me inside herself, and began to ride.

At this point, I thought my cock was so hard I thought it would split open.

My wife made deep, powerful thrusts up and down on me. After a few minutes of this, she turned and rode me backward. I could feel every inch of her womanly walls sliding up and down on me.

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After several more minutes, she dismounted and began to jerk me off with a handful of warm lube. I couldn’t take it anymore and started begging her to sit on my face. She refused. She was in total control.

It ended up that this entire session became a giant tease. I never came. She unstrapped me, then freshened up, and we went to bed.

However, this morning was a different story. She was asleep, and my cock was wide awake; now it was my turn to be in control.

I lightly rubbed all over her, slowly making my way down to her mound. She was already wet, and her hips moved in wee. (“Come on in.”) So, I slid her panties down and made my way under the covers. They trapped the heat and made her sweet smelling perfume more evident. My tongue became an instrument that brought her to writhing pleasure. She came.

Then my quivering member found his way home. He thrust deep inside her, back and forth, while she moaned with pleasure. Slow and steady thrusts progress to deeper, forceful ones. Her pussy lips clasped at my cockhead as they swelled even more. There was no denying either of us at this point. As my head rubbed more and more against her silky walls, I could feel warm cum begin to rise out of my balls and up my shaft. A moment later, it burst into her, more and more of it as my cock pulsed.

After a release that had built up for so many hours, we collapsed into each other’s arms. Then the baby woke, and it was back to the real world—but we’ll always have our Friday night experience.