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Jerry is a 30 year old single man. He lives in a large condo building. It’s one of those converted warehouses that are popular in downtown areas. Every day he passes a family that lives just down the hall from him. They have 2 young daughters that fuel Jerry’s fantasies. One is tall with blond hair and pert titties that stand out in the tees she wears, often without a bra. The other is shorter with brunette hair but larger breasts. She is also fond of wearing tight tees. They both smile at Jerry as the pass in the hall. Their mother looks like the older daughter with blond hair and very large boobs.

One day as he came home from work, the man of the family invited him to a dinner party the next evening. Of course Jerry accepted, thinking that a dinner with the three sexy ladies would be very enjoyable.

He had been told by Andy that it was casual so he showed up in jeans and a polo. He knocked on the door and the older teen answered.

“Come in, glad you could make it!”

He almost drooled as he took in her appearance! She was wearing loose silky lounge pants and a matching silk top. He could clearly see the nipple bumps as she was obviously not wearing a bra. He followed her into the large common room, noting that he saw no panty lines.

Andy welcomed him and introduced him to the ladies,

“Hi Jerry, this is my daughter Tiffany, her sister Sandy, and my wife Terri.”

Jerry took each of there hands in turn,

“Nice to finally meet you all, but where are the other guests?”

Tiffany smiled at him and said,

“Oh, you’re the only guest, Jerry. We have been bugging dad for ages to invite you over!”

“Yeah, I had to invite you just so that would stop bugging me!”

“Have a seat Jerry.” Terri invited, pointing to the large sectional.

Jerry sat and to his surprise and delight, Tiffany and Sandy sat closely on either side of him.

“You’ll have to excuse my daughters if they get too close, they’ve been talking about you since yesterday, couldn’t wait for this evening!”

They both put a hand on my thighs,

“Yes Jerry! We’ve been really looking forward to having you here!”

I didn’t know whether to push their hands away or not, but Terri laughed and said,

“My daughters are very aggressive young ladies so if you don’t want them to continue, just let them know.”

Wow, thought Jerry, this is unreal! They really don’t mind that their daughters are seducing me right in front of them!

They each took one of my hands and putting my arms around their shoulders, put it on a boob. I had a fleeting thought that they are obviously under age but there was no way I could stop them. I started rubbing their nipples.

“Mmmmm, that feel nice Jerry!”, Tiffany purred.

“Yes Jerry, it feels really nice!”

“Let’s see what’s in your pants, Jerry!” Tiffany giggled.

She unzipped his pants and reached in and pulled out his cock. He had a decent sized 7 inch cock and Sandy said,

“Mmmmm Jerry! What a nice big cock!”

Tiffany started to stroke him and Sandy caressed his balls. He was leaning back in pleasure as the two teen darlings slipped to the floor in front of him. Sandy pulled his pants and he lifted his hips to allow her to get them off.

Tiffany leaned in and licked his shaft while Sandy licked his balls, then they switched. Sandy licked from the bottom and then opened her mouth and took his cock in while Tiffany licked his balls and then his ass crack! Damn! These girls are hot! Jerry thought. While sandy continued to suck his cock, Tiffany stood and untied the sash holding her slacks up, letting them float to the ground, baring her perfectly shaved cunt. She climbed on the sofa and straddled his face, lowering herself until he could lick her cunt.

He sensed another mouth on his cock and he looked to see Terri next to her youngest daughter. Andy was still on a chair but had his cock out stroking it!

Tiffany got up and lowered herself onto Jerry’s cock.

“Ohhhhhhhhh god! You’re big! Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh!”

She bounced on him, taking him deep before lifting up til his cock was just barely in her cunt, then with a grunt, slamming back down!

She fucked him for several minutes then Tiffany told her,

“Oh god Sandy! Let me fuck him now! Please!”

Sandy pulled off and Tiffany took her place,

“Ohhhhhhhhh yes! Fuck me!”

Sandy went to her dad and jumped on his cock. Jerry couldn’t believe this was happening. He was fucking a teenager and not only do her parents not object, they are participating as Terri licked his asshole while Tiffany bounced on his cock.

He was getting close to cumming and told Tiffany,

“Ohhhhhhhhh god! I’m going to cum!”

“Cum in me! Cum in my cunt! Ohhhhhhh yes! I’m cumming too!”

Jerry arched up and started spewing his cum into the young cunt!

His cum ran out around his cock and Terri sucked it in as fast as it ran out!

He was still in a state of disbelief even though he had a teen nymph and her mother cleaning up the remnants of their lust. They were licking his crotch all over and sucking any cum that might still be in his cock. He had never met a more sex crazed family!

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They finally had him all cleaned up. He looked over at Andy and Sandy. The were still going at it so he and the two ladies sat back and enjoyed the show. Sandy’s ass was facing them and they had a clear view of Andy’s cock going in and out of the tight cunt!

“She sure does love her daddy’s cock!” Terri remarked.

Sandy was moaning,

“Ohhhhhhhhh daddy! Ohhhhhhh god I’m going to cum daddy! Fuck me! Ohhhhhhh yes! Ohhhhhhh fuck!”

“Yeaaaaaahhhhhhh! Cumming in you baby! Cumming!!”

They both stopped moving and just trembled through their orgasm. Terri and Tiffany didn’t waste the cum that was now running out of Sandy’s cunt! The hurried over and licked it from Andy’s shaft and his thighs. When Sandy pulled off, her mom sucked the cum from her cunt.

Terri laughed after they were done, “well, I guess we better eat some food! This is a dinner party after all!”

The next day was Saturday and Tiffany and Sandy knocked on his door. He opened it and was happy to invite them in.

“Come in girls! I hope you like football. Me and a group of my friends are watching a game!”

“Oh wow! We love football, don’t we Sandy?”

“Yeah, especially with a bunch of guys!”

He led them to the living room and there were 5 guys sitting around drinking beer and watching a game on the big screen TV.

Jerry announced, “hey guys, we have our own private cheerleaders!”

Tiffany and Sandy got right into it. The guys cheered as they got in the middle of the room and started doing cheerleading moves. They were wearing shorts and tee shirts and as they danced, their boobs were bouncing nicely!

Jerry said, “hey girls! I think you’re a bit overdressed for cheerleading, don’t you?”

The rest of the guys agreed and yelled for them to take off their clothes.

“Yeah, take em off! Let’s see the goodies!”

Tiffany and Sandy made a show of pulling their tees over there head, exposing their perfect breasts to the guys. Then they both turned around and grabbing their shorts at the hem, bent over as they peeled them off. The guys hooted as the girls wiggled their asses and twerked like professional cheerleaders.

Then Tiffany and Sandy danced close to the guys, pushing the coffee table out of the way. They were on a large sectional and Tiffany started on one end and Sandy on the other. They unzipped the pants of the guys in front of them and pulled them down along with their underwear. They looked at each other and smiled then took the two cocks in their mouths.

“Oh wow!” One of the guys said, “these chics are hot! Damn! She knows how to suck cock!”

The game was forgotten as the other four guys got up and surrounded the two teens. They shed their clothes and soon two of them had their cocks shoved deep in the girls cunts.

“Ohhhhhhhhh yes! Fuck me!” Tiffany moaned!

“Ahhhhhhh fuck! More! I need more cock!” Sandy begged!

The remaining two men had their cocks in teen hands getting jerked off. It was quite a scene with the two lovely very young teens with six guys fucking and fondling them and being sucked off!

One of the guys getting sucked moaned,

“Aw fuck! I’m cumming!”

Sandy swallowed as he filled her mouth with his load. When he was spent, she started sucking Jerry, who was at her side.

Then another, “oh my god! I’m cumming in her mouth! Ahhhhhhhh fuck!”

He unloaded into Tiffany’s mouth and she also swallowed it all down, to be replaced with another cock.

The two fuckers were still hammering away at the darling schoolgirls, but by their breathing it was evident they were close. The guy on the right was first,

“Ahhgghhh! Ahhhgghhh! Cumming! Aw shit! This bitch is tight!”

He unloaded all his cum deep inside her just as the last guy bellowed that he was cumming! He filled Sandy to overflowing then pulled out, letting the cum run onto the floor.

The guy with his cock in Tiffany’s mouth pulled out and shot all over her face and tits. The guy with Sandy did the same and they both had cum all over.

Sandy smiled with cum running down her cheeks and hanging from her chin,

“Anyone want to watch some football?”

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