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By Roger Count friend with dog and saw cd with her mate

This is very true we had known our friends Linda and Graham and Adrian there son and dog rex for years whenever you went around the house Rex the dog would always be trying to sniff up my wife skirt and any friends that came round we thought that was weird but Linda just used to palm it off
They were going through a bad patch and in the end Graham left
Linda was around our house and got a phone call saying that Graham was moving out I went with Linda to their house when we got in Rex was in the kitchen the front room was a bit of a mess I’d gone upstairs and when I walked into their bedroom there was lots of photographs on the bed so as I would look in there were photographs of Linda with cucumbers marrows and other things upper pussy there’s also some photographs of wrecks with his head between the legs and there was two where he was on her back and she was kneeling down and there was a photograph of cock up Linda’s pussy I picked up three and put them in my pocket I called Linda up and I was standing outside the bedroom I set you better go in there when she went in and see the photographs she came out and asked had I had seen them I said I’d seen some and I called her up straight away she went in and picked the photos up she was very raid that’s it pleased don’t say anything I said I wouldn’t the photographs of her and the dog I’d put right up by the Pillar so she presumed I hadn’t seen them I helped to tie it up the bedroom and put things away there was a few vibrators dildos a few very loud black vibrators and I ask her you don’t actually get that in there do yeah she looked and I just loved when I got home I never mentioned it to my wife
It was some weeks later that I’d gone round to see if she was ok the curtains were pulled shut when when I looked I could see a little gap I looked in and I could just make out Linda on a hands and knees and Rex on her back I watch a little while then I drive away
A few days later Linda said she was going away and could we look after rex we sit ok I’d go around there and take him out UK visa key why she was gone I had a look around her bedroom and her bed I found a box I pulled it out and opened it there was lots of photographs of her Summerhill sucking cocks others her around the hands and knees and the Cock upper bum some of them were black there was quite a few of her and the dog in different positions her sucking him off there was the DVD so I took it downstairs and put it on and it showed her in the living room stripping off then getting on a hands and knees and Rex getting on a close-ups of her pussy from rex’s cock close up of the not going in of him of the dogs cock Square in these coming amounts and there was one with Linda on the floor and woman’s face between their legs wind and woman came up I saw it was the woman two doors away from where Linda lived they did all sorts of things letting the dog Falcon I don’t think it was Graham actually using the camera I put it back where I found it a made sure everything was okay before she come bac I still had the key I’ve gone around there about three weeks later and the gain the curtains were closed and I looked through the gap and there was Linda and Rex I fought hold used my key I quietly opened the door and walked in then there was facing away for the living room door and Rex was on a back she was saying to rex about getting his not in then she said yes erect was going 10 to the dozen after a few minutes ripped actually stopped and I presumed he is he was coming up a i quietly walked around Linda look up saw me she did not say a word she could not get rex off her back because he was knotted I dropped my trousers I got hold of the head lifted the up and move my cock to a mouth she said please don’t tell anybody and I’ll just move my out cock forward and she’s began to something I didn’t take long to come rex’s pulled out and sat in the corner India put a house coat on and sat on the sofa there was a knock at the door so I said I’d go when I opened it was lady from the cd from two doors down I said to her come in she walked went into the living room Linda was sitting there and they spoke Rex got up and started sniffing up the ladies skirt she tried to push him away kept trying I started to laugh I said the dog wants more Brenda the lady’s name looked at me then looked at Linda I said the dog wants more so Brendon still looked at me she did not say a word I sat next to Linda i got my phone out and showed her the video clip from the CD that I put on my phone her mouth fell open Brenda ask want was on the phone I showed her the clip.
She just stood there rex had come over to Linda and was putting his head between her legs I put my hand on her leg and pulled it open Brenda said she was going I said OK when I see your husband I show him the clip she just looked at me and started to cry please don’t Linda tried to close her leg I said if you don’t open them I put this on Facebook she open them rex started licking her I pushed her back opened her house coat filling her tits I told Brenda to get undressed she said no ok see what your friends say when they see you with rex .
Linda was breathing heavy I stood up and got undressed Brenda striped I told Brenda and Linda to get on there hands and knee I pulled rex of her Linda they both did I put rex out in the kitchen I went back to the lady’s and told them to put on a lesben show for me Linda was first to act she started sucking Brenda tit and Brenda start to finger fuck Linda then they got I to the 69 and was sucking each other pussy Brenda on top I got rex in he started to lick Brenda pussy and ass I pulled him away I could see
she was coming he got on Brenda back I took his cock and put it by her ass just as rex push forward Brenda cry out no but it was to late rex was up her ass she was shouting it hurt get him off me .
Linda told it will out hurt for a bit then you will love it she sucked on Brenda clit and put fingers up her pussy and was finger fucking her .
Brenda stopped saying anything rex was really fucking her she cry out again as rex push his knot after a few minutes Brenda started to push back onto rex cock I walked in front of her and push my cock into her mouth she sucked it l only lasted a few minutes before I was unloading into her mouth Linda was still under Brenda sucking her pussy rex had stopped moving Brenda said his coming in me about 10 minutes went by and rex pulled out his come run out of Brenda ass down onto her pussy Linda was licking all up
When we all got our breath back I said we will have to do this again soon got dressed and left

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By Roger #Blackmail #Lesbian #Zoophilia