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Hi friends this is vikas again with a new real experience of my life. Today I am going to tell you a another story of my sex relations which was happened few months before with my friend’s sister.

I give tuitions (not professionally) at my home. One day my friend came to me and said to give tuitions to his bua’s children at their home I said “ok” and went with him to their home. They were two brother studying in 6th and 7th class, I started tuting them. I used to go to their home daily and did not meet another person of their family except their mother but I always see the ladies suits and salwar spreading their on sun so it was clear that there was a young girl too in their family but I never saw her because she hardly come out in our study room.

One day I went to their home and knocked the door and I was surprised to see a young girl of 15-16 of age opened the door, she was not much beautiful but she had a sensational body in that teen age. I went in and set in the study room she brought me water and moved back I was watching her heavy back. She was really full of juice… But I could not do anything. After some days I asked her brothers about her and they told me that “she is sonika (sonu) she is studying in class 10th” I said “ok”…after some months both of brothers passed with good marks but she did not got good marks because she was not good in her studies. So her mother requested me to teach her for the final exams and I was agreed because I wanted this to be near of her… And she started her studies with me.

Now during the studies I always look at her huge boobs. I was surprised to see that she did not wear any bra as she had huge boobs. Her suites were transparent so her shameez was clearly visible to me but there was not any bra. And this was the thing which mostly fascinated me to her. But she was unknown on all these things. She had no interest in movies, magazines and entertainment, she was a house girl so it so difficult to me get her easily but I was badly desired to crush her boobs, ass and her soft, untouched pussy day by day my desire was increasing. Sometimes I could see a little glance of her big boobs through her neck side. And I had no way to have sex with her. Many times I fucked her in my dreams. And I never know that my dream will come true soon.

After few months I took a room on rent for tuitions and I said to her mother that “I am not able to come to your home now, so if you want your daughter’s studies continue then pls send her to my institute”. Her mother agreed to send her and her sons also. Now she always comes to my institute regularly. And I thought that now I could have an opportunity… But I have to be familiar with her before everything. And I started laughing and joking with her and after few days she became very familiar with me and this was better for me.

One day I gave her some work to do and she made lots of mistakes I became angry and I clutched her arm to punish her and suddenly my finger touched her one of the balls I felt like I touched any strong thing. First time I realized that her boobs were as strong as a stone. During this my cock became hot and it was erected as a rod but she did not feel this she just moved her arm from her breasts. This incident made me more anxious to fuck her. And one day I was waiting for her in my institute for her class. I was still thinking the hardness of her boobs my cock was erected and I was rubbing it, I had closed my eyes, my one arm was on my eyes and one hand was rubbing my cock. My cock was fully erected and clearly visible in my pant near my thighs.

Suddenly I heard the voice of sonu. She was coming. I moved back my hand from my cock and pretend to sleep. I had opened my eyes slightly so I could see her but she could not guess that I was sleeping or not. She came in and set towards me. I wanted her to see my cock. She was sitting there quietly… And suddenly her eyes fell on my cock. She moved her eyes from there first but she again fixed her eyes on it. I was seeing all this and my cock became stronger as her sights were falling on it. It was really a great feeling if one girl is watching at your cock like that. I was waiting for the next. Her face became red and her eyes were half closed. My 8″ cock became tighter and it was looking huge through my pant.

Few minutes later her hand moved and she placed it on my knee and said “bhaiya…”

I did not answer because I knew that what she was trying to do. When I did not answer her then her hand moved a bit upward on my thighs and she again said “bhaiya”. But I was still quite. And her hand moved more upward. Now her finger was on the edge of my cock and her palm was on my thighs. she slowly ran her finger on the edge of my cock. I was on fire at that moment. She moved back her fingers from my cock and again said “bhaiya utho na”.

But I still did not move and finally she placed her palm on my dick and slowly ran it on my cock from its top to bottom. During this her face was become very red. She licked her lower lip and slowly pressed my dick. now it was the right time to attack because her hand was on my cock. I rapidly moved my hand pressed her hand which was on my cock that time. Her face became white she was caught red handed. She tried to move her hand but I said “knelt rah is se” she smiled in embarressment and stood up. I rose from the chair and took her in my arms. I took her one ball in my palm and pressed it. It was really sensational her boobs were really very hard as I never imagine. I took her to bed and began to remove her kameez.

She said “nahi pls aisa mat karo” but I did not want to listen anything I placed my lips on her lips and began to suck my one hand was still pressing her right boob. after some time she became hot and I removed her kameez. Her boobs were now behind her shameez. But her shameez was not able to hid her boobs because they were too large to fit in the shameez I removed her shameez too. Now her breasts were naked kissed her boobs and took one nipple in my mouth wow it was really tremendous to suck the big boobs like those. Then I removed her salwar and panty. She was nacked now I removed my dresses and shown her my large cock I placed her hand on it and said “lo ab khelo is se” she grabed it and began to press it with joy. Then I said her” sonu ise chooso plzzz” she denied. But I forcefully entered my cock into her mouth. With a slight hesitations she started sucking it. I was about to cum then I pull out my cock from her mouth and moved down to her legs and placed my lips on her wet pussy I was licking and sucking it.

She was still rubbing my cock and my balls then she said “bhaiya ab a jao na pls” saying this she spread her legs more widely I set down between her leges and placed my cock on her pussy door. She was moaning “aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh daaaaaaaaaaloooo naaaaaa plzzzzz” I pushed my cock in a bit and she screamed loudly “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh bahutt darddddd hooo rahaaaa haiiiiii.” But I did not care at all I pushed more hardly tearing her pussy. It was bleeding and she was crying with pain. after sometime she began to enjoy it. And she took me in her arms. now she was pushing her waist upward to get full cock in.

We both were moaning loudly. I was pushing my dick in with strong hits and she was enjoying my every struck… Then I released my cum in her pussy. She pressed me more tightly. Her pussy was full of my cum. then I pulled out my pussy and slept on her large boobs for some time. After some time my cock erected again and then I fucked her ass hole. we enjoyed sex then she went back to her home. we always have sex during the class.

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