Friends With Benefits

Hello everyone.Iam Krish, an architecture student from a reputed college from Bangalore.To describe about myself iam 5’8″ tall and atheletic,iam a basketball player.I stay alone in an appartment in a  very nice residential area in Bangalore close to my college.Pretty girls and aunties would like to have a nice friend,please mail me and  please comment on my story.
The area i stay in Bangalore is surrounded by lots of colleges,and the area is flocked with a large number of student crowd.The story is between me and one of my very close friend Apoorva who again stay’s alone in a rented pented house in my locality.To describe Apoorva, she is a tamil brahmin from coimbatore,milky white complexion,very pretty lips,firm boobs and a hot ass.She was 34-28-36,and one among the hot chick in my batch.She has aldready dated a couple of guys in the past and currently dating a junior from the bio-tech dept.Apoorva has been banged by so many guys earlier.
It was Feb.07 2012,i was just bored at home.I was bored with my cook’s food,so wanted to have me dinner out somewhere and i jus felt like drinking tat day.It was by around 6pm i called up couple of my friends for a dinner and a drinking plan.None of the guys were in a mood and i got so irritated and i was scrolling my contact list on my phone and i jus stopped at Apoorva.She was always a good friend for me and why not ask her,because we catch in some party or the other very often.So i called her up and asked if she was ready for dinner and drinking plan,she was so excited and told me tat she is also so bored and she also felt like goin out somewhere.I was a little happy tat finally i had a company.So i told her to be ready at 9pm,so i’l pick her up from her place as she was staying alone on the terrace and she did not have restrictions.
I generally have a habit of stocking a collection of booze bottles at home,because I have lots of friends and the drop in anytime.. so i entertain them with some booze.That day i had lots of stock at home including bottles of whisky and rum.By around 8:45 i went for a nice shower,sprayed my issye miyake on my body and wore a casual t-shirt and jean.I went o her place by 9:15 and gave her a call,She came down she was looking smoking hot.I complimented her saying look hot and pretty,she blushed and thanked me for it.She was wearing a cotton shirt and a Jean pant.
We reached the Club which was  5 minutes drive from her place.We went and ordered some starters and a large whisky drink for both of us.We were chatting about some general stuffs and some of her petty fights with her friends.I was getting a little bugged,but then i did not care much.In the next one hour we both were done with 4 larges each and i was a bit tipsy and she was kind of drunk,and when i was about to call for the food she said that she wanted to have one more drink.I told her to come home after the dinner so that we can drink together.She was drunk ad so stubborn so i called one more drink for her.Then she had a bit of fried rice and then we pushed toward the car and she was just not able to walk steadily and she was falling all over me and walking.I slightly noticed that 2 of  her shirt buttons were opened and i could see her cleavage and the upper part of her bra.I got a major hard on immediately as i got into the car.Some alcohol in my body and a hot girl next to u,damn i got so horny.
We reached home and i stay on the top most floor of my building.Somehow i managed to hold her and take her up and i brushed her boobs some million times.We entered the house and i started to play some ice house music on my speakers.She was dancing for a bit and then i went to my kitchen bar counter to pour a drink for myself.Apoorva came running behind me and she said that she will select which drink for me and finally she said she likes rum a lot and selected the old monk  rum bottle.I jus poured a small drink for me and she said she wants a large and poured her drink by her herself.Within i finished my small drink she was done with 2 large drinks.Mixing of alcohol,that was Whisky and Rum really got her high and she was dancing madly for the music and ccompletely out of control.All of a sudden she puked madly on my carpet,the i slowly walked her down to the washroom and she puked for some ten minutes and one her third shirt button was also opened and i could literally see 70{041eef37a7f5b4db29dcc3cd09231a71295f4b2233e89afb6c97dccfcef67ea6} of her boobies.I got a massive erection.Then i washed her a bit and told her to come to the roof top terrace to get some fresh breeze.I took my drink in hand and held her slowly and walked her to the terrace and we sat under the water tank. I was having my drink and i lit a smoke.I was really getting high with the smoke also and she was lying on my lap with 70{041eef37a7f5b4db29dcc3cd09231a71295f4b2233e89afb6c97dccfcef67ea6}of the boobs exposed.Her head was right next to my erected dick.All of a sudden she asked me to teach her how to smoke, i was teaching her slowly she got up from my lap and fell completely over me taking a drag from my cigerette.
Suddenly she was slipping from my shoulder and for support she placed her hand on my erected dick unknowingly.I was completely enjoying it and she asked me why is your dick so erected now.I told her a hot girl next to me and some alcohol in me is the reason.She started laughing and she said she also misses her boy friend and she is also feeling horny.Slowly she hugged me and we started smooching madly.I placed my hands on her breasts under her shirt and i was squeezing those lovely melons.she was giving me a hand job over my trousers.Then i told her,lets go down to my room and we went down.I put her on my bed and went to the washroom to take a leak.When i came back i was shocked seeing apoorva nude on my bed.Oh my God!.. she was amazing!.. a porn star on my bed!
I jumped to my bed and undressed myself and started kissing her madly.I was playing with her boobs and chewing her nipples which was pinkish.She got out and held my dick in her hand and told me your dick is amazing and took it in her mouth and gave me a amazing blow job.I was on heaven when her boobs were brushing my thighs when she was giving me a blow.Then she spread her clean shaved pussy apart,i was playing with her pussy with my tongue and she was going crazy.She asked me to fuck her hardly,i inserted my dick into her pussy and fucked her madly and she told me to be very careful when i was about to cum.And exactly when i was about to cum to took my dick out and sprayed my cum on her face and tits I just lit a smoke after that,.Shit  that was just amazing after cumming. 
Then she got up wore her under garments which was a black lacy bra and a black panty.Then she told lets drink somemore,i never hesitated then we had a drink for 45 minutes just taking some useless crap.Then again we started making out and she lowered my boxers down and gave me a blow again.She told me that lets go the terrace and have some fun.I could’nt believe that i was walking with my boxers and apoorva walking with me in her bra and panty.We went to the terrace and undressed each other in seconds.It was freaking cold outside at 2:30am in tne morning and we were madly horny to go physical.I was twisting and twirling my tongue inside her pussy.Then i was ready for my second shot and i let my dick into her pussy and fucked her hardly.My energy level when i was fucking her was much higher this time and i really wonder how!. I again cummed on her mouth this time and a bit on her hair.We stared kissing madly for 10 minutes after that cum shot.we hugged each other and she wore her bra and her panty and walked down.
We hit the bed directly hugged each other kissed for somemore time and slept off with jus our inner garments.The next morning i got up by 9 and i woke her up.She went to the wash room and wore her clothes and came back.I was dressed by then.We were shy to face each other and i boke the ice bu laughing and she also started to laugh.I hugged her and we kissed for a minute and she told me it should be a secret between us always.So we some how end up in bed monthly once or twice.Hot Aunties and girls post your valuable comments on the story and my next story is about how Apoorva fixed her friend Swathi up with me to get fucked.