From My Mom to My Co-Wife Pt. 02

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tagIncest/TabooFrom My Mom to My Co-Wife Pt. 02

Note: This is loosely based on our real-life. I (Nancy) can only be 100% sure of the things I personally witnessed. The rest are recreated from my mom Jan's and husband Mike's recounting. I also cannot be sure of they "felt" at any moment, only what I saw or was told later. There are some moments that are so personal, I didnt ask about, so there is a certain amount of creative liberty. I do have their permission to write our story but they are by no means active contributors. This is part 2, so of course you should read part 1 first!
As we all retired to bed that night, I can honestly say Mike had me so off balance that I didnt have the slightest idea what was next. What I remember is one of the most tender loving nights of my life. He just seemed drained by it all and melted into my arms. Now we had been apart for a week, so tender kisses and hugs of course did give way him slipping into me but the love-making was remarkable because of its tenderness which is a little different from normal for us. I usually need that extra stimulation which for me is a hand around my throat or pushing the back of my head down into the pillow…you get the idea and he usually is up for it all and more. That night though, we just wanted to be together. I dont think he even noticed my new addition to the outfit. I had purchased a few crotchless panties, something I had discovered he was recently enamoured with ( I snoop on his browser history, yes I know, not cool, but I cant help it).
The next couple of days were a bit of a blur. If I recall correctly I had a submission due for some illustration work for a graphic novel and those are a pain in the neck to finalize and get accepted by the editors.
The one thing we did get done was a little mom-daughter time while we were out shopping. I discovered my mom was not kidding when she said "I might as well have not packed my suitcases". Her night clothes were almost exclusively pajama sets that would have been appropriate for a teenage boy. "Seriously mom, you've got a great body, you cannot tell me this is all you wear?"
"Honey, the walls in my house were all that were looking, so I went for comfort."
She surprised me a little with what she was picking to try on. I figured she would pick the most conservative night gowns but she definitey wanted to know what was "in" nowadays. Nothing outrageous, we were certainly not buying "lingerie", but she picked out a bunch of cute outfits. Usually Mike is pretty particilar with underwear too but I figured that isnt something to worry about for her.
The next weekend came around rather quickly and Mike came home on friday carrying a bunch of paperwork. He sat us down and explained that he had added my mom to our bank accounts, utilities and the deed of our house. "I want you to feel like this is your house Jan. When you go shopping, it is your money. We dont do yours and mine in this family."
"I dont know what to say Mike. I havent thought for a second about where I used to live. I guess I do feel like this is my house. you know what would help to make it more so?"
"Dont change anything you do on account of me being here. My husband would freeze up when his parents were over and that made me resent them. I dont want that."
Mike responded: "Okay, that makes sense."
"Nancy, why dont you heat up some oil. I would like one your awesome massages. I'll setup the table in the sun room."
I just thought to myself, "ooookay". Mike is just like any other guy when it come to massages. Can't keep his hands off the massuesse and it always ends the same way 🙂
"Ooh, I didnt know you gave massages honey!"
"We both took a class at the local community center mom. Mike is being kind, I dont think I am any good."
"Nonsense, a hundred percent of her clients love her. Softest hands in the business. Why dont you go first Jan?"
"Oh not me. I have never had one!" mom said, turning a bright shade of pink.
"Never too late. Go change Jan."
I just had enough time to catch her eye, and put that mother-daughter bond to use. She understood to shut up and go follow his instructions. It was hard for others to pick up when Mike goes from casual conversation to "Do what I say, this conversation is over" mode.
We both scooted away upstairs while Mike went to the basement to get the massage table.
"Nan, what do you even wear when getting a massage?"
"Nothing mom."
"You can say you dont feel up to it mom. Its okay."
"No. I need to get over my hang-ups. I want to try it. Besides, if that is what our family does to bond, I need to buy-in."
The fact that she said "our family" was not lost on me. To be perfectly honest, it was part jubilation, part trepidation and a tiny part jealousy.
We went back down with the supplies from the linen closet and started setting up.
"You go first Jan, so you can see how it goes."
Mom lied face down and we both started by rolling down her towel to her waist. Hot oil takes some getting used to at first but man does it feel good once you adjust. Mike went up to her head and started soaking her scalp in oil and focusing on her head and neck. I took her back and started giving her a good rub down shiatsu style.
"This feels amazing. I cant believe I am being pampered like this!"
Mike kneels down gets real close to her ears and says "shhh…try to get your mind in a zone. No talking just feeeel".
After a while, we switched to her lower body. Mike very carefully rolled up the towel to expose her thighs and we started working on her legs. Eveything was perfectly "kosher", but as every woman knows there is no such thing as getting your thighs and butt worked in a non-sexual way. By the time we were done, she definetely had a strange look on her face.
Mike was next and got on the table.
"You can go take a shower Jan. Nancy can finish up with me."
I swear I almost a flash of dissapointment on her face, but I am sure it was just relief that she could run some water and think through what she had been through.
Mike's massage went as usual and of course when he flipped over, he had a raging erection. I heard mom finish up her shower and no doubt so did Mike. Didnt matter, or perhaps it did, I will never know. He picks me me up and lowers me on to him. My panties slide over and I feel him alllll the way in. I start grinding him and we both lose ourselves in pleasure. I dont orgasm easily like some other girls and grinding for a long period of time is one of the most reliable ways I have found of getting off. Mike and I were lost in each other for a while and no doubt mom came down and noticed us. She chose to busy herself with laundry in the basement.
The next time we were all together was at lunch and I have to say I breathed a sigh of relief when the conversation was easy flowing. My mom certainly surprised me with her openness and if I am being honest, that morning was all kinda of interesting for me too.
To be continued…

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