From My Mom to My Co-Wife Pt. 03

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tagIncest/TabooFrom My Mom to My Co-Wife Pt. 03

Note: This is loosely based on our real-life. I can only be 100% sure of the things I personally witnessed. The rest are recreated from my mom Jan's and husband Mike's recounting. I also cannot be sure of they "felt" at any moment, only what I saw or was told later. There are some moments that are so personal, I didn't ask about, so there is a certain amount of creative liberty. I do have their permission to write our story, but they are by no means active contributors. This is part 3, so of course you should read the earlier parts first.
One of the big challenges of recounting our story is to simply remember that many of the things I take for granted now were very much not so 2 years ago when this journey began. I feel that my memories right at the beginning are more vivid than the ones even a few months ago. Anyway, I digress…
I had mentioned a while back that Mike absolutely forbade me to wear pants and this on the face of it seems arbitrary, but I have to come to realize that there is a very "physical" reason for this. Mike isn't a man of many words, not many men are, and hence defaults to physical expressions of love. Even as we pass each other countless times through the day, a playful squeeze of my butt or the more serious moving aside of my panties as his fingers give me all sorts of delights is the way we stay connected with each other. I found early on that when I wore pants he simply didn't have "access" to his mode of expression and would get super frustrated at simple things. I say this to give a window into my husband and to say that more than others, I tend to judge his closeness with people through his physical expressions.
My mom on the other hand had no such insight and was frankly as clueless about her "relationship status" as a high school girl constantly snooping on her crush's facebook account. Mike had both gone way farther with her than anyone would expect but also not at all as far as a lover would expect.
This created a lot of doubt and insecurity and pushed her into finally confiding in me. I had to explain to her that Mike was both super dominant at times and super laid back most of the time. That unless she made a move, he might ignore her forever or bend her over the kitchen table one fine day, for all I knew. "What exactly would you prefer is the real question."
"I just have so many thoughts running in my head honey. On the one hand, he is your husband and I wouldn't ever do anything to jeopardize that. On the other hand, he did ask me to come here, treats me like I am his to order and has touched me already in ways no man I have allowed in ages. What gives me great comfort is that he has done all this in the open with you right there and I dont see you upset by it. If anything, you seem happy dear. Am I crazy?"
"No mom, you've got it just right. I just am not the jealous type. Mike pushes my buttons and his dominant style is part of it. I love having you here. And whatever role Mike wants you to play, I am good with it."
"What you want is what I am curious to hear mom."
"Well, gosh honey, I just… I cant believe I am saying this… I feel like a schoolgirl in front of him. When he isn't around, he is all I can think of. The man is intoxicating. I just cannot tell if he is attracted to me. I mean I am much older so perhaps I am being delusional."
"You are not mom. I can tell by the way he looks at you. I could tell by the way he massaged you the other day."
"He is also old-fashioned in some ways. You have to let him know you want him."
The door started to open just then and Mike burst inside all excited about the Oscars. I guess Tim, his foreman had started an Oscars betting pool and Mike got roped into it. He wanted us all to get an early dinner and then watch.
As we did the dishes after dinner, I casually suggested that we would watch in our bed. "The show tends to drag on for like 3 hours and I dont want to be stuck on the couch." Mike just said "okay, you are the expert. I dont even know half the movies."
So we changed into our night clothes and got under the covers. At this point Mike I think was under the impression it was just the two of us. He was in his boxers and already getting handsy. My mom had changed into one of her newly acquired outfits and came into the bedroom. "Love watching the Oscars. Such a good idea Mike. Room for one more?"
"Of course mom, come on in!" I exclaimed.
She scoots over to Mike's side and slides under the covers. Mike just had the look of a man that had been "had". We proceeded to have wonderful hours of banter with both of us at his side and getting cozy on his shoulders.
At some point the show fizzled out, and we decided to call it a night. My mom got up to go to the bathroom, and we both assumed, to head to her room afterwards. She pulled a surprise on us both when she came right back in, turned off the lights and slipped under the covers. I guess she took my advice to heart. I think at that point, if Mike had any hesitancy about her desire, they were gone. All we did that night was cuddle each other and slept the most restful night of sleep in ages but it felt like we made a significant step forward in the relationship.
To be continued…

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