From My Mom to My Co-Wife Pt. 06

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tagIncest/TabooFrom My Mom to My Co-Wife Pt. 06

Note: This is loosely based on our real-life. I can only be 100% sure of the things I personally witnessed. The rest are recreated from my mom Jan's and husband Mike's recounting. I also cannot be sure of they "felt" at any moment, only what I saw or was told later. There are some moments that are so personal, I didn't ask about, so there is a certain amount of creative liberty. I do have their permission to write our story, but they are by no means active contributors. This is part 6, so of course you should read the earlier parts first.
I have to say the next 30 days after that night of the dinner party are the most vivid in my memory of the last two years. Mike let the investment firm know he would not want to partner with them because of how John had behaved. It turns out the firm valued Mike's partnership more. They sweetened the deal and got rid of Devon to make things right with Mike.
On the home front we three became a lot more open with each other. It turns out all of us were at a heightened state of arousal and there was plenty of fun to be had. Well the ladies got to end the fun with orgasms while Mike had to be satisfied with administering the spankings to mom. My mom enjoyed all the attention her son-in-law/new lover was paying her with his mouth, but a woman needs a good filling every now and then to really quench that thirst. I have a wall mounted dildo setup in my shower that I had taken to using every day and after about a week, I started noticing mom sneaking in there for some time alone. Now I didnt mind of course, why would I when I was ready to share the real thing with her, but I wanted to get her to open up more. I waited for her outside the door one such time and asked her casually, "How do you like it? Too big or small? We can get them in other sizes too you know?"
"oh, honey, I didnt know you were here!"
"Its okay mom! Have fun."
"It hits you at all the right spots. I wish I had known about this earlier." mom said.
"Does Mike not mind you having it out in the open?"
"Mind? Mom, Do you know how many times, he has fucked me with that thing in my ass? He loves feeling it through me and I have to say I never cum harder than I do with two cocks in me."
"oh my, in….your ass, you said?"
"yes mom, everyone does it nowadays. Sooner or later, he will want it from you too you know."
"You will have to teach me how to do that. I dont want to disappoint him if that is the case."
"Dont worry, you will work your way up to that size. It took me a few months of wearing smaller plugs too. Here let me show you. This is my smallest. It has a cute little jewel pink heart on it. Mike gave it to me on our first anniversary."
"I have an idea…" I said.
That night, when we were all relaxing in front of the TV after dinner, Mike says, "okay Jan, shall we get the 20 out of the way?"
"Sure Mike!" mom said as she assumed her position over his lap. As he flipped her dress up, the first surprise he gets is that she isnt wearing anything underneath. Mike smiled as he saw that. Then she wiggled her bottom and spread out a little and what comes to view, that shiny pink jewel nestled safely in her ass. Definitely caught him by surprise there didnt we! He looks at me and I am already grinning and he just gives me a shy look and gets the spanking underway. Now remember, he hadnt gotten to try out her pussy yet and he was no doubt counting down the days to do that, but the fact that she was getting her ass ready for him as well put him in an incredible mood. Let just say both of us were rewarded with some enthusiastic oral sex.
Then finally arrived the night their punishment was over. My mom no doubt was looking forward to being done with her spanking and I suspect more than looking forward to some real "D"! The minute he walked in the door back from work, we both knew there was one thing on his mind.
I figured he would want to try out the new pussy in the house and I cant honestly say I wasnt a little bummed about that. Well he had other ideas.
"Nancy, come over here."
"You've had a lot of fun the last month, a lot watching me squirm. Wouldnt you say?"
"Well yeah, I…we plan to make it up to you though."
"YOU, need to get on your knees and stop talking. I want you lips busy and your mouth full."
I proceeded to give him what I thought was a damn good blowjob. Usually, I know he is about to cum when he puts both his hands on my head, gently but insistently. Thats my cue to make sure I swallow every last bit of cum. Today, was a little different. He grabbed my hair, yanked it really, and took his cock out. What he did next, he has never done. He came all over my face literally drenching it all over. The man hadnt cum for a month and boy did I regret that now! Some of it started to drip onto my dress and I went to catch it with my hand and he just said, "Dont you dare. Leave it as it is."
Mom is over there in the kitchen watching us thinking "what the hell is going on" no doubt.
"Nancy, wont you be a dear and go buy us some steaks? I am in the mood for some T-bone. And I better not see you wipe anything off you face hair or dress till you are back!"
"But Mike…"
"uh uh uh. No buts…you can go a couple of towns over if you like. Now go."
Lets just say, my drive over was memorable. I have never driven more carefully, last thing I needed was to be pulled over. I did go to a shop two towns away but it made ordering and paying no easier. But I guess I did push things farther than I should have.
After a sumptuous dinner we retired to our bed and lets just say all that red meat and the pent up hormones from the last month were put to good use. He was gentle with her as far as I could tell and by the time we were all satisfied fell into a restful night of sleep on top of each other.
To be continued…

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