From My Mom to My Co-Wife Pt. 07

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tagIncest/TabooFrom My Mom to My Co-Wife Pt. 07

Note: This is loosely based on our real-life. I can only be 100% sure of the things I personally witnessed. The rest are recreated from my mom Jan's and husband Mike's recounting. I also cannot be sure of they "felt" at any moment, only what I saw or was told later. There are some moments that are so personal, I didn't ask about, so there is a certain amount of creative liberty. I do have their permission to write our story, but they are by no means active contributors. This is part 7, so of course you should read the earlier parts first.
As the sun came up the next day, we woke up on top of each other the same way we all were drifting to sleep at night. The only difference, Mike seemed to have used the sleep to recuperate his cock.
He casually lifted mom's legs and slid in her pussy. I cant say I watched without a sense of disappointment that be picked her but I understood the attraction to the new.
"Mike, I am not on the pill…" mom said.
"Neither is Nancy. And I have never worn a condom, not going to start now. We havent gotten pregnant yet. If I am shooting blanks, then so be it. If I am not and you get knocked up, that will be a happy surprise."
"Then fuck away big boy!"
Watching them have sex was an odd experience if I am being honest. I desperately wanted to be a part of the action, but I did quite enjoy the voyeuristic aspect of it. My fingers made their way into my pussy and gave my clit the attention it craved. He had his hands wrapped around her throat as he crushed her into the mattress with his thrusts. I guess now I know where I get my specific appetite for submission! I reached over and twisted her nipples. I dont know why…I guess an instinct based on what I liked. I have never touched another woman's breast, somehow this just felt natural.
As they both had their climax, I couldnt help but wonder if they were going to remember me. Mike rolled over and got on top of me putting some of his weight on me but mostly on his knees beside me. It still knocked my breath away and before I could catch it, I had his cock cock stuffed in my mouth. This was a cock I had had countless times in my mouth of course but never fresh from fucking another pussy (as far as I knew at least!). The smell of sex was unquestionable but I was glad to be included.
"Jan, your mouth better be busy in 30 seconds or I am going to give you a different kind of experience altogether."
Mom jumped to attention, and came up to kiss him, unclear about what he meant. He did give her a quick kiss and told her he meant to give me pleasure instead.
My mom headed down there and put her mouth on my clit. What an electric sensation that was! Was it just because it was a woman? Because it was my mom? or just that I was craving some attention and now I had more than I have ever had in my life? Frankly, I couldnt give a damn which it was and it was probably a little of each anyway.
My mom certainly knew what she was doing. Building me up each time, only to slow down before I peaked. I had to grab her head and grind to get to my orgasm but boy when I did, it hit me like a ton of bricks.
I had never had a threesome, never even thought that I would want to have one. I cant say about Mike and mom, perhaps the thought had entered their minds at some point in their lives. But here we were. I am not sure how exactly they felt but the smiles on their faces seemed to suggest it was to their liking.
To my utter surprise my feeble distracted blowjob had actually gotten Mike hard. He rolled over on to his back. I just knew what he wanted. I grabbed the lube out of the dresser and slathered it on his cock and got a dollop in my ass. As I lowered myself reverse cowgirl, his cock inching into my ass, I could see my mom's eyes widen. How she had gone this long without anal sex was beyond me but I guess I was still proud that she was open to learning new tricks. As I reached all the way down his cock, I paused to savor the sensation.
"You have 2 weeks to work your way up to this Jan. I am not going to wait longer."
"By the looks of it, I wouldnt want to wait longer either!" mom replied gamely.
She then did something that caught both of by surprise. She got back to placing her lips on my clit and inserted two fingers into my pussy. I guess she remembered that Mike likes that sensation of something rubbing his cock while he is inside me. Having this new sensation was new to me to too and a lot more overwhelming given that my earlier orgasm had left me a little sensitive already. Neither Mike nor my mom were going to let me get up so easily though. What followed was a beautiful experience, three people becoming one, connected so intimately. This was of course a physical expression of our mental states as well. Both mom and I had fully committed to Mike and each other in this new strange relationship.
It was at this point that I would say my mom fully transitioned into being Mike's wife and mine as well. That as I look back is the piece that most people miss. It is not just that we are both wives to him, as if one of us werent enough to give him what he needs, we were fully committed to each other as well. It isnt that we didnt share a bond before, we were very close as mother-daughter before. But what we share now is undeniably special.
Are there more adventures to share where we push each others boundaries? Yes, but those are truly beyond the point that my mom became my co-wife. I will likely continue to write them here as future parts so that those familiar with us three can follow but it is important to acknowledge to you, the reader, that the titular transformation was now complete.

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