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Hi readers I’m Rahul from Mumbai. I’m going to tell u my true pleasurable incident that happened when I was in my 20’s.i.e last year

I think not to bore u and let me start the story. I had a neighbor named sunita. She was married and didn’t have any children. Her hubby was working in a private firm in villupuram so he comes here once or twice in a month .she used to come to my house to talk with my mom. she was a very sexy lady with figure 38-30-38.she used to wear chudis when she was in her house. One day she was brooming her house. I eventually went out and I saw her boobs through her chudi as she bent in order to sweep and it had very low neck. my 6″cock became erect on seeing her boobs.

I was continuously looking at her boobs. Her boobs were like two water melons. after sometime she found me seeing hoer boobs. but she acted as if nothing happened. from that day I used to stare at her boobs, butts that were round shaped which danced whenever she walked.

One day my parents went out for some function I was alone in my house. at 10:00 sunita called me. I went to her house. she said that she fell in the bath room and asked me to buy some medicines for that. I went to the medical shop and returned with some medicines and gave it to her. she said that her hands were so paining that she cannot lift it so she asked me to apply the medicines. I was happy by hearing those words from her. she said that she had more pain in her back so I applied medicine on her hips. she then asked me to go below, now my cock became erect as I touched her butts with my hand. she moaned a little that made me excited. she then caught my hand and kept it on her pussy. I took my hand immediately and asked her what she was doing. she said that she hadn’t had sex for three years and now she is desperate in having sex with me. I was in heaven to hear those words.

Immediately I took her in my hands and hugged her. She just hugs me and took me to my bedroom. She made me to sit on the bed and started removing her blouse buttons. She had a lovely shape and round arse. She removed the blouse and her boobs were tight inside her Black Bra. She removed her petticoat nada, as the petticoat slipped out of her thighs and fell on the ground.

Now she was only with Bra and Panty. She came forward removed my shirt, removed my pant, and threw herself on me. She was kissing me everywhere, my cheeks, my nipples; I was in heaven since I never experienced sex in my life. I was moaning in pleasure. She went kissing me down to my underwear and removed it slowly without touching my dick. My dick was at 90 degrees facing her and she took my dick inside her mouth. She was sucking it liking a lollypop. What a feeling it was for me. She pulled my mouth to her breast which still had the bra on. She herself removed her Bra and told me to suck her nipples.

Her boobs were round and tight and nipples were jutted and hard. I wanted to bite them and I sucked them hard while guiding my left hand inside her panties. I pushed her panties and I started playing with her few pubic hairs around her cunt area. She was Moaning in pleasure and saying, darling come-on, harder I ammmmmmmmmmmm in heaven, please fuck me, she was rubbing my back, rolling her fingers in my hair. I rubbed her moist area of her cunt, it was warm and wet and finger fucked her for some time, then she was so excited that she told me to put my rod inside her cunt. I pulled her panty apart at the crotch and flicked her clit with my tongue. She held my head and pushed it into her pussy. I pulled her pussy apart and licked the pink cunt. She was moaning like aaaaaaaah ooooooooh uhmmmmmmmm. She was close to coming.

She pleaded with me to continue but I wanted to prolong her joy. So I stopped for a while and after 2 to 3 minutes I again started to lick her pussy. I went all the way slowly down her thighs licking her gently. This is a very sensitive area and she was ready to come. I stopped and went to her toes and took one of her toes in my mouth. She came instantly with a loud “aaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhwwwwwwwww ddddddddd”.

I then guided my penis inside her cunt I was on top of her. I started jerking back and forth and I was pressing her boobs, rolling her nipples. She was crying out of pain and she said to stop that. but I said don’t worry it will give u wonderful pleasure after some time. The feeling was great and she was also enjoying it. I was now riding her very fast and she was moaning aaaaaaahhhhhh, please fuck me faster oooooh hhhhmmmmmmmmm. I never thought that I will fucking this matured lady.

She came to her climax 2 or 3 times and after 20 minutes of fucking I told her I cummmmmmmmmmmming and I came exploded all my juice inside her. She had a large orgasm and she fell on me for some and then she kissed me on cheeks. I also hugged her and she asked me do you like it, I said I loved it very much!!!

And I really loved that experience. Unfortunately

Sunita left Mumbai after a month because her husband was transferred to ahmedabad. So since then I am missing sex.

Any girls, aunties, ladies wanna such a experience can mail me at [email protected]{anybody from bhayandar, borivali, or kandivili will be proffered.