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Hi friends, This is Santhosh (name changed) from south India currently staying in Delhi and I am a reader of Indian Sex Stories dot net for the last, years and I love to read sex story from Indian Sex Stories, it’s giving the feelings. About me, I am 6 feet tall not fair but brown color with an athletic body.

And this is my first sex story which happened 4 years back, so please forgive me if any mistake in this sex story and obviously my inbox will be waiting for your valuable feedback. Please write to this mail [email protected] Ok. Let’s get into the sex story and I am not willing to keep you waiting further.

This is real incident happened in my life 4 years back just 15 days before her marriage.About my friend. The sex story will be a little bit longer as I told she is my best friend and need to start with where we met and how it came to till fucking session.So bear with me. I am sure you will have a good experience. Her name is Sarah (name changed) and she is tall and very fair girl equal to my height.

We met during college days only when we were doing the PG course in south part of India. That time she was so lean and attractive with a nice figure, she always used to wear a modern dress only during college days like jeans, tops, etc. And she is the one who used wear modern dress and other girls used looks with a proper south traditional look. So she was the dream girl for every boy in that batch.

We never talked much during the college days and she was just my friend. Later we had an on-campus interview in a final year, so in our batch, 5 were selected (including her) in one MNC company and location was Chennai.

After joining the job in Chennai, we became close friends as I used to help her lot. It went like this for 3 years, and we used to roam around like going shopping, outing, etc. Even we went for few movies also and I didn’t do anything 🙂 also I didn’t have any bad intention of her.

And also she used to trust my lot than anyone and our friendship went like this for 6 more months and after that, I got an onsite offer for 1 year. So I went to onsite after that we started talking a lot over the phone. Daily I used to call her and talk for hours. During that time only I started talking about girls and used to describe girls how modern here. It went like that.

Just 1 month before, I was back from onsite, she got engaged. Then one day while talking on phone suddenly I was asking about her honeymoon plan like where you have planned and where you are going. After asking only, I got a little bit hesitant about the question and how she will react for that.

But she didn’t take that much serious and she started laughing. After that, she was telling about her honeymoon plan that she wanted to go Manali. Later just for fun, I told her. I will also join you 🙂 she didn’t take that as serious. And she told “Ok. Come”. I got shocked by hearing this word from her as I was expecting something else like she will scold me.

Afterwards that we never talked about this and I also came back from onsite. We met in office again. And I was so shocked to see her after 1 year. There was so much difference. She used to be very lean earlier but now she becomes perfect figure. Fuck that. I can’t express that feeling in words.

Really she had a damn sexy figure. I was stunning looking at her that too with her smile. After that, I literally started to see her. Then for her marriage, she planned to leave 2 weeks before itself. And the same day I was also going home. And I asked her shall we go together to my hometown on the way to her home tome. And she told ok for that. I was booking tickets.I just asked. Shall I book sleeper bus? She laughed and told “Ok. Book it”

Then the day finally came. She reached boarding point earlier than me. And actually, I was late. 🙂 She was looking fresh with her blue jeans and white top. We waited around 1 hr in boarding point as our bus was late. Then finally the bus came and we went on the bus and settled down in our seats. As our seat was upper. After settling down I closed the curtain and covered completely. She was smiling while I was doing this 🙂

Then we both sat together. Wow. That was a nice feeling and actually, that was the time my mind completely thinking something else. Really I was not able to control. How will I? Who will get this chance ?. Then we started talking as usual and while talking suddenly I hold her hands and waiting for her reaction. She smiled and told. “For this purpose only. You covered curtain completely ?”. And I was also laughing and told yes. :).

After that, she also started holding my hands and just held her head on the shoulder. Actually, I felt like I was on the moon. Then after some time, I gave a kiss on her forehead. And she saw me for some time and came closer. And kissed me on my lips. Then that was a complete crimson green signal. So I started kissing her lips gently and continued for 15 mins. We both enjoyed the first kiss and doesn’t want to break it. She started moaning like hmmmmm. Really we both were good in lips lock like experienced one.

Then I slowly broke that kiss and hugged her and she also hugged me very tightly. Then I started kissing her where I find the place. Starting from hand. Neck. She was enjoying my every kiss and responding with a little moan. I liked her moaning and that was making me hornier. Then I pushed her on down and I was looking her eyes. And again started kissing her lips. Then slowly I came down and moved her tops little bit up to see her novel. Ahhhaa. And I placed kiss over there.

She was moaning and bending her hips like. Ahhhhaaa. And she was pressing my head towards her novel. Then I starting going up and lifted her top little bit further to see her boobs. She was so shy and refusing it. I laughed and removed her top with full force.She was wearing a bra and it was not completely covering. Still, I can see her uncovered boobs area. It was so white like milk with that dim light also. She also removed my t-shirt. I just grabbed one of those 2 fruits. And started my kiss magic. I was kissing anything. She was enjoying a lot. And I was trying to remove her bra.

But it was too tight. Then she stopped me and she helped me to remove the bra. Fuck. It was 2 hot bombs. By looking itself I can see. It never touched by anyone. I was so lucky and started grabbing those fruits. It was so soft. And I never touched like this kind of soft one. So with excitement, I started pressing hard and she was making noise as it was hurting her. I gently pressing her hot melons and started sucking the nipples. She closed her eyes and put her hand inside my hair and she was pressing my head. Wow. Nice feeling. Really I liked her melons.

And I was in mood not to leave them. And I was sucking them one boob only. Suddenly she stopped me and told. What about another one. And what it did to you? I laughed and jumped on another one. Sucking and kissing went for some time. Then I cam down touched here inner things slowly. She was resisting. Then kissed her legs and went up slowly then kissed her pussy which was covered with her jeans. Then I slowed unzipped and pulling down. Her thigh was looking hot.

Then removed her jeans completely. She was wearing back color panty. I slowly went up kissed on top the panty. She was moaning mmmm. And caressing my hair. Then I started kissing on her thighs. Then she rolled over and showing her ass. It was another bomb. I was pressing ass kissing all over and started giving sweet bite also. Which she enjoyed.

Then slowly removed her panty and gave a kiss on her pussy. Ahhhhhhhhhh. What a smell. It was smelling like the scent. And I can see her clean shaved pussy. I started eating her pussy and she was enjoying it core and moaning and started talking like. Come, baby. Slowly. Mmmm. Shhhhhaaaaa. Don’t stop. Pleseeeessss.

I was eating her pussy for 20 mins. Later she stopped me and pushed down she was sitting on me. Then removed my pant. Got shocked seeing my bulge inside. My cock is long and it has a good width as any women won’t say no. She also likes it. Trying to touch it. Because she is first seeing a cock in her lifetime. She removed my inner and started holding it. And I started telling her how to give nice stroke.

She learned quickly and started giving me nice and quick strokes. I was in full mood. And enjoying it lot. Then slowly pushed her head towards my cock. And her lips touched and suddenly went back. Then I told her to suck it. She was hesitated for some time then started kissing and slowly started keeping in and out.

I literally started fucking on her mouth and she also started giving a nice blowjob. She increased her speed and I was about to cum. Then I stopped it. I laid her down and I started fucking on her boobs which I love to do. It was so smooth. And she was pressing her boob toward my cock to give tight.

Then I slowly went down to her pussy. Started rubbing over and inserted one finger. She started giving jerk. As her pussy was so tight. Then I started increasing my finger count. She was shivering and shouting little bit. I told. Shhhh. Please don’t make louder notice because we are on the bus.That makes other woke up. Then she controlled it. I was fingering her pussy with my fingers and the started enjoying it. It was so wet.

Then I inserted my tongue and playing with her pussy. She was moaning like anything and the same time she was pressing my head. I licked all over her pussy and she was about to come. Then stopped it. Then I asked to spread her leg further than I slowly inserted my things. She again started crying but now she closed her mouth with hands. Half went inside and then I take it out. My cock was full of blood as she was a virgin.

Then I have taken handkerchief wiped it cleanly even her pussy also. Again inserted. This time went inside completely. And I started moving front and back slowly. She also started enjoying my move and pressing her pussy. It was nice feeling fucking inside running bus. As bus also helping to give some jerk as moving front and back. I was fucking her about 20 mins continuously.

Then I was about to cum. But didn’t want to cum inside her. Then stopped it and went up asked her to give a blowjob. She started sucking my cock again playing with. This time she was doing like a pro. I was hitting her throat for every stroke. Then finally I came inside her mouth. She didn’t drink it. She cleaned her with cloths.

It didn’t stop there. We had 2-3 session in the whole night. And she also came twice with my fingering. Also, we had multiple positions (including 69) inside that small space itself. Then morning, I came down in my hometown. She said bye with a sweet kiss. After she got married, it’s been 4 years and only once I talked with her. Then I changed my number. As I don’t want to disturb her. I hope she will be fine. But I will never forget that fucking session in my lifetime. And I never gonna get it also.

Sorry guys. It was as a big sex story. Forgive me. As this is my first story. Don’t know how to keep it. Please give your feedback even if it’s negative also. Reach me at [email protected]

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