Fucked by lusty Father in law

I looked at the bangles, they were exquisite polished crystal bands with gold lace work done on them. My beautiful fair hand they looked as if they were made for a lady of fine taste like me. All the ugly upper class ladies had one or two of them, they were all happy and showing off.
Their husbands rolled eyes on me lustily looking at my hip hugging saree and low bare midriff, even if I let them touch my breast they will fill me with all good things that makes ladies happy. But I dare not. I was destined to remain unhappy. I never had any good things to make me happpy or make me look rich, so when this jweler said I could take the bangles home and pay later, I jumped at the chance.
My husband had told me last night ( after I had pleased all his sexual needs to full) that we cannot simply afford it. What a pity, I thought having to return them to the shop. Just then my eyes caught sight of my father in law Babuji standing behind the door on the hand held mirror. For the last few weeks he had been displaying lust and seemed to be getting bolder with time.
As I looked at him in mirrors sideways so that he wouldn’t catch me looking at him,I noticed he had put his hand on his tool and nursing a boner. From the time I was 13 to now I have seen men go crazy with lust for me. I am a mother of one, in late 20’s, with a little plumpy breast & huge buttocks, average fair looks, just an average Punjabi gal.
But for some reasons my father in law was going laddu over me. My father in law was in railways and then got into shoe business. First he tries to lavish me with money, then with fear, recently he has returned to his normal wolf self polite yet waiting for chance to push his boner into my lush privates.
I liked cock teasing him, it was easy to turn him hot and watch him run to bathroom to jerk it off. Even from that distance I could make out that he had good size boner for a man of his age. Definitely bigger then Suresh, my bi, but mostly gay husband. I got up from the dressing table shaking my booty slowly to give him time for one final tease and to move away.
I followed him to sunlight living room to see what is on the TV. Noon time is mostly boring, children have not come from school, too early to eat lunch and there was no one at home at this time except us two. I saw Babuji sitting on the sofa trying hard to read newspaper but mostly trying to hide his big boner from me. I suddenly had an idea.
I went up to him an stretched my hands in front of his face and asked if he though those bangles were beautiful. He was surprised I rarely ever spoke to him. He touched the crystal bangles and said they were of high quality work, they must be expensive. He saw the frown on my face. He quickly understood what I was not telling him.
He suddenly said why two only, why not four bangles. Internally I let out a sigh of joy. He gently began pulling the bangle up n down my arm still looking at how it looks. To reward him for giving me the bangles, I pressed my left breast softly into his elbows. He thought I gave me the permission to be free. He quickly put his right hand on my buttock and gently began to squeeze them.
I was shocked. I asked him what he was doing and asked him to stop at once. But instead he placed his hard penis on my hips. He said to me “Look Surila, I mean you no harm….it just that I have been so alone for so long, you know Suresh mother died when he was 6 yrs old..since then I put all my energy in building this shoe stores…
“He continued his sob story he begged me for some compassion and in return he will make all wish’s come true. By now his left was inside my blouse he was fondling my breast he was trying to bring it out of the blouse. He was kissing my neck rotating his tongue slowly round and round till they reach my left breast that he had by now scooped out of my blouse.
My resistance grew weaker. He slowly sucked on my breast just the way my kid would. He put both his hands on my buttocks. He said ” Please, please…let us do it, I promise you I will be your slave, my cock is dying to enter your sweet well of honey and heat, I will treat you like my wife, I will worship your body, you fulfil my need and I will fullfill all your needs, I love you, I love you with all my heart, please let me love you” He had firm touch yet gentle.
He was giving my body the respect, kneading me here, pinching me there. His hands and moths were busy. He was in no hurry I felt sorry for him without sex for so long, poor man and the way I was teasing him. He kept repeatedly saying ” Please let my cock slide inside you, please my cock is dying to taste your heat,please feel some compassion for me my love” I let him do what he wanted to.
I stopped my verbal protestations. After good long time of enjoyable foreplay, I suddenly discovered that he removed all my clothes and that his cock was right on top of my pussy ready for entry. His cock was like a black meaty spear and nicely big. I wanted to kiss it but he may think I was too forward. I put my hand on my pussy and begged him not to violate my marital vows.
It will be a big sin and that’s a big no go. I told him he could do anything but put his cock in my phudi. He laughed, kissed my lips and complimented me for my purity. He brushed his cocked rubbing it against my clit. I was going mad with pleasure yet managed to suppress it. I did ,not want him to think I was enjoying it too, that make me loose my bargaining power with him, I was only doing him a favour and only he was enjoying it.
I was just the helpless person/victim in the room whom he was using for pleasure.FOR HIS PLEASURE AND MY REWARD Like many years ago when my rich cousin brother started to anal fuck me in return for a gift I wanted. My brother never knew I had fun too. I showed him no signs of pleasure only pain. As a result my brother rewarded me better and then some more.
I was playing the same strategy with Babuji. Babuji turned me around and pulled up my waist. He parted my ass cheeks, rubbed his hot penis on my ass cheeks and explored my ass. He had a huge smile of satisfaction on his face. he looked a naughty little boy. I thought maybe in time I might even get to love him. He slowly pushed in the mushroom of cock inside my anus.
Like railway shunting he locked his cock inside me, he reached out and fondled my breast as if they were some kind of steam railway engine taps he was adjusting prior to pistons hissing back and forth. I made all sounds of pain and begged him to b careful. I told him that he was the first one to fuck me there please be gentle.
I was wondering if I would enjoy an anal fuck at this age after giving birth to a kid. With cousin brother it was a different secret thing..it was youth and daring to do a taboo thing..secret pleasure in rain soaked roof top or empty bus stand, a quick fuck behind the cow shed, eating his cock inside a dark picture hall or empty police post.
But I was proved wrong Babuji expertly inserted his cock and began a series a motion which I was going to get quite familiar with in time to come. Babuji had a method to everything. He started off with 3 slow half strokes….making his cock comfortable in my anus and asking me if I was ok which was embrassing to say the least…
followed by 6 medium speed full inserts and the 3 slow again.. the he tuned me around laid me on my back with his cock still inserted in my anus….I thought that was the end he was done..he the unleashed 9 powerful fast full strokes in and out. He calmed his mouth on my mouth and pushed his tongue against my tongue and begin to lick my tongue and insides of my mouth.
After sometime I noticed his kissing tongue kept pace with his fucking. My pussy was dripping wet. I was pleasantly surprised. he went on like this for another 10 minutes. When he was done he shot his cum past my head and it hit the lamp post in the corner of the room. It absolutely fantastic as good as the real thing. He thanked me and said I was a good wife.
Later that evening he called me to his room. He pointed to a brown envelope. He took out a crystal gold necklace, matching earing and two more bangles a full set. I knew it must have cost him fortune. I wanted him to return it and use that money in business. He insisted I keep it as everything I wore it would remind me of him.
I shyly told him I am already his without need for any gifts my gift is his happiness and good health. He hugged me but he made me keep the expensive gold crystal set so that he could show off with me wearing this expensive set as a mark of good wealth.
I quickly bend down and open Babuji pajama and took out his black meaty cock and put in in my mouth. He laughed, enjoying the blow job. Now he fucks me in anal and husband fucks me in my vagina. Both are happy and I found real happiness atlast.