Fucked By My Friend’s Brother At 14 (True)

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By Daimen G. I got raped by my friend’s brother when I was 14.

Hi, I’m using the username Daimen because, well, that’s my name. I’m 22 now but reading some of these stories of gay rape or abuse or whatever you care to call it, reminded me of what happened to me at that “young teen” age. In real life, I think this happens more than people talk about but since the people it happened to are not telling about it and the people who did it are sure as hell not confessing, you don’t hear about it a lot. Or at least a lot more than you do.

Anyway, when I was 14 my best friend’s name was Christian and his older brother (about 17, I believe) was named Lucas. We didn’t hang around with Lucas and his crowd, of course, but he was generally an asshole anyway so we wouldn’t have hung around with him even if he asked us to.

I was supposed to have a sleepover at Christian’s house one Friday night but as it got to be about 5:00 in the evening, his mother said that they all had to go over to the grandmother’s house for a dinner or something (I forget what, exactly) but that Lucas wasn’t going and he should be home soon.

That may seem strange but in those days, it was really nothing, plus an “older kid” (Lucas) would be “in charge” of the younger kid (me) when he got there, so no big deal. Not exactly babysitting but more to the point that they weren’t leaving a 14-year-old in charge of the house for several hours.

So they left. I was in Christian’s room playing a game on his Xbox. I heard somebody in the house and knew it had to be Lucas. I was hoping he’d just go to his room or something and not even say a single word to me. However, that’s not what happened. He came (or half-stumbled, sounded like) straight to Christian’s room. He opened the door and asked me what I was doing. At first, I didn’t smell the alcohol but after he had been there for a minute, I did. I thought “what I was doing” was painfully obvious but I said, “Playing a game”. He said, “What game?” and I said, “I don’t know, just a game.”

He stood in the doorway watching me for a minute then just walked off, leaving the door wide open. Partly down the hallway, I heard him say (to me) “My house, my rules!” Yep, I knew there was no way he could just be cool and not fuck with anybody, he absolutely had to throw some asshole remark in there. But he was full of shit. It wasn’t his house or rules. It was his folk’s house and rules. I didn’t say anything back, though.

Everything was fine for about 30 minutes. Then he was back in the doorway again. “You know, you could play a game that’s better than those stupid video games.” I didn’t say anything. Then he said, “Did you hear me?” I said “Yeah” but nothing else. I had no clue what he was jabbering about.

Then he said “Hey!” and I looked at him. He said “I said come on!” (which he had NOT said) and I said, “For what?” He said, “You’ll see.” Thinking “What a fucking asshole” I put down the controller and stood up. He turned and started down the hallway. I followed.

He entered his room. I stopped outside the doorway. He had warned Christian and me about 17,000 times (at least) to never, ever step foot in his room. He turned and looked at me. He didn’t say anything, just glared. So I stepped into the room. He said “You want to play a game?” but in a tone of voice that sounded like the “game” was me standing still while he threw rocks at me. I said, “Not really.” He said “Well, we’re playing anyway. It’s a war game. It’s called P.O.W. camp.”

I groaned inwardly. I already knew who was going to be the “prisoner” before he even said another word about it. Sure enough, he said, “You’re going to be my prisoner and I’m going to have you in my camp until you tell me all your military secrets.” Sounded like the stupidest game ever, so far.

Then he said, “If you don’t know how to play it, I’ll show you.” I didn’t say anything because he had just made the shit up, so how would I know how to play it? I knew better than to say that out loud, though. “First,” he said, “Take your shirt off. Prisoners don’t get to wear clothes.” I had on shorts too but he didn’t say anything about those. I took off my t-shirt. He said “Now stand facing the wall.” So I did.

Where he got it from, I have no idea, but the next thing I knew he was tying my hands behind my back with a rope of some kind. Tightly, too. When I said it was too tight, he just said “Shut up.”

After my hands were tied he turned me around. Then he said, “Are you going to reveal everything you know?” I had no idea what to say. He said, “You’re supposed to say no.” So I said it. Then he acted like that angered him. Not pretend, it was like it really did. What an idiot.

Then he said “Oh, you’ll tell me! That’s a fact!” There was an ottoman, a square upholstered stool, on his floor. He told me to bend over it for my first punishment. I just stood there. He said “Do it!”, so I did. Then he reached into his dresser drawer and got out what looked like some silky material, maybe panties (but where would he have gotten panties?) and a large handkerchief. “Open your mouth”, he said. I did. He stuffed the whatever-it-was into my mouth and then tied the rolled-up handkerchief across it and tied it behind my head, gagging me.

Then, with another rope that he threaded under the ottoman and across my back, kind of strapped me to it. He then pulled my shorts and underwear down and all the way off. That was the very first moment I realized this may not just be a “war game” but something more sinister.

Now I was more than a little bit nervous. I noticed in his hand he now had a very wide leather belt. He said, “So you’re not going to tell me what I want to know?” Very nervously, I nodded my head “Yes” but he ignored that and said “No? Well, you will.” and strapped my bare ass with the belt, or whatever it was. It hurt pretty bad but not that bad. Stung like hell but that was about it.

He said, “Still nothing? 10 more strokes then.” At the 9th or 10th stroke, I was seriously about to go ballistic. He wasn’t doing it any harder but it was adding up and my ass was burning like fire. Thankfully, he said “So, I see you’ve been trained well. This isn’t going to work.”

“But we’re just getting started and I have many techniques”, he said. He picked up a jar of Vaseline from the top of his dresser and said “We’ll see how you like this.” I certainly as hell didn’t like the looks of how this was going. He kneeled behind me. He wasted no time fucking around talking because immediately he was pushing his greased-up finger in my asshole.

I can’t say it hurt but it was embarrassing as hell and I acted like it hurt way more than it really did. Then he took his finger out and put what felt like two or maybe even three fingers in at once. There was a lot more pressure and a kind of burning, but not agonizing, and he said “Ready to talk?” I nodded my head “Yes” again, like I had before. He ignored it again and said “No? We’ll see how you like this after a few minutes and then I have something else for you.”

He was slowly pushing his finger in and out. It was beyond humiliating. After a few minutes, he stopped without saying anything more. He took the rope from around me and the ottoman. “Stand up”, he said. I did. I was butt-naked from head to toe. He eyed me up and down. He reached into his dresser drawer and got out what looked like a g-string bikini bottom or panties, hard to tell which. He leaned over and told me to step into them.

He pulled them up and they were too small and tight. The fabric in the front did cover my cock and balls, sort of, but there was nothing but the string part in my ass crack. He eyed me up and down again and said “I don’t want to have to look at that little cock and balls hanging out.” I thought “Yeah, well, me either.”

Then he told me to get on my knees. I did. He started undoing the front of his pants. I was shaking my head no, hard, as I thought “No way!” No fucking possible way was I going to suck his cock and that was definitely, positively what he was about to say. Absolutely no way was I doing it.

His cock was hard. He was slowly stroking it. No way was I sucking it. But he surprised me by saying “Get face down on the floor.” So relieved that he didn’t say “Suck this.” I did it without thinking what I was getting face down on the floor for. When I did though, my first thought was that he was going to stand over me and threaten that I’d have to suck it if I didn’t “tell him my military secrets”.

Instead, he lay on top of me. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my ass cheeks. Totally degrading. I thought that was his point. To degrade me until I “told him what he wanted”. His lips were right beside my ear and he said “You know what’s happening next, don’t you?” I did not. “If beating you won’t get my answers for me, we’ll try to see if a little “love” will get you to talk.” I had no idea what that meant. Then he reached down with his hand and said “Let’s get these panties to the side first.”

Reading this, it’s extremely obvious what he was planning but at the time I was pretty sure that although he had flipped his lid, he hadn’t completely flipped his lid. So I thought his getting me into the most embarrassing situation possible was the point. Although the ass-fingering was more than that, admittedly.

So when he said “Let’s get these panties to the side first,” I thought he was degrading me by saying I had on panties, that was all. He did pull the “string” out of my ass crack and to the side but with the same hand, he started rubbing his cock up and down my ass crack. I noticed that it felt like he had lubed it with the Vaseline. “I’m going to do you a big favor by doing this then you’ll owe me a favor, understand?” I shook my head no and tried to say “No” but it sounded too muffled to understand.

Then he started pushing the head of his cock against my asshole. Suddenly, it finally dawned on me what he was intending to do. I started struggling and trying to get up. He hit me in the head with his fist. Not that hard but one of those “It’ll be harder next time” type of punches. “Stop moving!”, he yelled in my ear. I mostly stopped but not completely. “I said stop moving or you’ll be sorry!” he yelled.

So I did. “That’s better”, he said. He resumed pushing his cock head against my asshole but it wasn’t going in. I was squeezing it as tight as I could. “Relax your ass”, he said. I didn’t. Then I decided I’d do it a little but not much, just to at least pretend to do what he said. As soon as I did, though, the head popped right in, greasy as it was. I was expecting to feel split completely open but it was nothing like that. Although it burned a little, it didn’t hurt that bad. The result of the fingering earlier, probably.

I was dumbfounded that it didn’t hurt worse than it did and while I was thinking that, he was pushing his cock in deeper. It didn’t hurt any worse, just felt different. After a second, I felt his groin pushing hard against my ass cheeks. I was wondering why it didn’t hurt worse than it did. He mistook my amazement for compliance to his “orders” and started pulling it back out a little then back in again.

Still, I didn’t move. Again, he mistook that and thought I was being still because he told me to. He said “That’s a good boy. Now take your ass-fucking in silence.” I thought “Take my ass fucking?” Yet again, I had been an idiot and thought his point was to stick his cock in my ass then take it out to “teach me a lesson” or something. It hadn’t crossed my mind until he said it that he intended to actually fuck me in the ass.

Yes, I was missing a whole lot of clues and not fully understanding his intentions. Then he got on his elbows and started pounding his cock into me. It hurt pretty bad but like I said, not as bad as I thought it would. After only about a minute he said “Get ready. I’m going to cum in your butt.” Then he pounded and groaned and grunted like he had never cum harder.

I’d like to note something now that I didn’t figure out until later. At the time I didn’t. I don’t believe he was really cumming. He was just saying he was. He finally did at the end, but not when he said he was.

Anyway, he said “There you go. Now you just lie there and think about that for a minute.” He got off of me and left the room. Where he went, I have no idea. About 5 minutes later, he came back into the room and sat on the ottoman. He said, “Have you thought about my cum being up your butt?” I nodded my head yes. He said, “Do you like it?” I shook my head no. “I knew you would”, he said, ignoring what I indicated. That was a pattern, I noticed.

“Well, I’m glad you like it so much because I’m going to do it to you again”, he said and lay back on top of me. This time without talking or warning or anything else, I felt him reach down with his hand and guide his cock into my ass again. I noticed it felt hard as a rock. I figured there was no point in trying to keep him from doing it so it went right in this time. Again he pushed it all the way in and held it there for a minute then slowly pulled it out, then in again. Then he started pounding.

After a couple of minutes, again he said “Get ready. I’m going to cum in you.” then proceeded to act very dramatically like he was cumming harder than ever. I waited for him to pull it out but this time he didn’t for several minutes. It still felt as hard as ever. Finally, he did take it out.

“Stand up”, he said. So I rolled over and got my feet under me and stood up. “Now bend over at the waist”, he said. I did. He stood behind me and gripped my hips. “I’m going to fuck you again.”, he said. Which I thought at the time was incredible because when I jerked off, I had to wait a while before it would get hard again.

He put his cock in my ass again. This time there was no putting it in slow. He just started fucking. A few minutes later and yet again he said “I’m going to cum in you.” and pounded and made every indication that he was doing it. He immediately pulled it out this time.

“Get over there and stand against my bed”, he said. I started to say no or indicate that I wasn’t going to do it, but there was no use in that, I knew. So I did but I was facing with my back to the bed. I was pretty sure he meant for me to face it and bend over it because I thought I had a pretty good guess as to what was next.

He started to step toward the bed then seemed to realize all at once that I wasn’t bent over it. He stopped. Then he said “Oh, you want it like that? That’s even better.” I had no idea what that meant.

“Sit on it”, he said. So I did. When he stepped to where I was, I noticed his cock was as hard as ever and looked kind of purplish and swollen even. He bent over, grabbed my legs, and flipped me onto my back. Then he pushed my knees to my chest and reached down and guided his cock into my asshole, almost in one single motion. He started fucking. No fucking around talking.

I looked at the ceiling, not really wanting to be looking at the face of the guy who was fucking me in the ass. That was too intimate and there was nothing intimate about it. This time he fucked me for longer than he had before. Finally, he said “I’m going to cum in you again” like he had before but this time when he was groaning and “faking it”, I noticed I could feel his cock kind of throbbing or jerking a little, which I hadn’t felt before.

Also, after he got done and lay on top of me but not taking his cock out, when he did stand up and take it out, I saw a drop of cum drip off of his cock.

So he said he had cum in me several times but I knew that this time he did, for a fact. He told me to stand up and turn around. I did. He untied my hands and told me to put my clothes on and then sit on his bed. I felt the Vaseline and what had to be cum in my ass crack and I started to pick up a towel on the floor to wipe it off but he said “Leave it.”

I took off the too-small “panties”, if indeed they were real, actual panties, and put my shorts and t-shirt back on. Then I sat on his bed.

He said “If you think about telling anybody about this, you just remember that you could have said no at any time and you didn’t (which was complete bullshit) and also remember that if you tell, you’ll have to include the part about where another guy’s cum is in your asshole (which wasn’t bullshit). Just think about the whole school knowing you let a guy fuck you and cum in your ass.”

So that’s how my friend’s older brother raped me in the ass and no, I didn’t tell anybody. I thought about it but quickly thought that although the way he put it was bullshit, another guy did, in fact, fuck me in the ass and cum in it and that was going to be my secret if I could help it. The first person I thought of telling was my friend when they got home that night but realized that the story was too unbelievable, never mind the part about me having cum in my ass.

From then on, Lucas glared at me if Christian and I ran into him but he had always glared before so there was not much different about that. I was probably 18 by the time I thought about what had happened and realized that “letting a guy fuck you in the ass” and being tied up and fucked in the ass are two different things. Still, the part about getting fucked in the ass, and him cumming in it, no matter how that came about, was something I wasn’t really ready to tell. So I didn’t.

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