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I was on my way back to Karachi from Lahore -purchased a first class train ticket for an air-conditioned compartment. I found the compartment and discovered it was empty. I went over to the window, my relatives spotted me, as long as the train stood still, I chatted with them.

After a short while the train started moving slowly, I waved everyone good bye, no one had boarded the bogey and no one went any of the other compartments in it. I closed the window as the air-conditioner had started working. standing by it. I talked to them, I had brought a book to read it in case there would be other passengers, there were none. Wild thoughts ran through my mind. The only person who came was the ticket collector who checked my ticket and did not returned., after he left, I locked the latch on doorThe empty compartment excited me. I took my clothes off and lay down on the berth with my ass spread apart. The rocking and rolling of the train was making me more excited, fantasizing that someone would find me like this and rape my ass and mouth. My dick became wet and my mouth drooled.

I decided against jerking off right away.

I slept for a while, I was woken up a jolt, the train had come to a full stop. I rushed to dress up next to the compartment door to dress up, in case there were passengers boarding the train. I could even put my shirt on when someone was banging on the door the latch got unlocked by the mad banging. There was this young man who sees I was caught, a whole bunch of young men rushed in. They moved into compartment. I was literally caught with my pants down. Each of them was examining me from head to toe, they were not merely looking at me, they were ogling. One who managed to sit at the other end of the berth in front me and was sitting next to the window, had his mouth wide open and tongue hanging down

“Sit down” Said the one who was in front of me sitting near door, he locks the latch

“Sleeping naked were you?” The one sitting next to me asked, I was too embarrassed to answer. In all there were 6 of them.

“Did you think this is your private bedroom?” The one in front of me asks me in a mean tone (His name was Farid, as I got to know later) My erection exposed the excitement of being caught like that. Farid seemed to be the leader, while others were smirking, The one who had his tongue hanging down, his face turned pink. I had a gut feeling that all of them were gays, though I never thought it could be possible only seen them in porn movies, here and that I could actually found one, I felt more excited.

Farid grabs my erection with one hand and my balls in the other, I looked at him in shock. Then he was a complete stranger and only expected that from some with whom I was intimate with. In any case I felt tremendous pleasure going up spine. I was smiling, Farid burst out laughing.

“Just look at him!”

The one sitting next me, whose name was Majid was examining me from the back, was already fingering my asshole and, pulled my bottom apartment. I look behind Majid has trousers off showing off had big red throbbing delicious dick. Majid pulls me down and his cock slides it into my asshole with tremendous ease. Revealing to all, that I had been fucked a lot and cocks go in with the least effort..

“Waah” Majid says. His eyes opened up wide, not expecting to be inside me, with such ease. The blushing guy on the other corner, next to the window was Arif was pulled down by his arms pushed towards me, Farid put my erection into his mouth. Arif swallowed my cock in one big gulp.

The other three helped strip Arif, although he mildly protested, he was looking at Farid

“You know you can always have mine, now take his” Farid tells Arif. Farid strips. He tells the other three to join in. One of them was more interested in fucking Arif, I began sucking the cock of the second. head down. Whereas Farid was sucking the sixth guy’s cock as I saw from the corner of my eye. I guessed that they had booked this compartment so that they could fuck and suck each other all the way to Karachi. Provided there was no one else already there. I was, but they were lucky to find me. Farid stops sucking and fucks me after Majid. Except for Arif all of them had fucked me, they kicked me down on the floor while the rest of lay out stretched on the two berths, naked. Fucking and sucking each other, but pinned me down with their naked feet.

They held me down by my feet, but I had to get to pee, I had enough to stand but not enough to hold my piss, I let go, it was a lot I had drunk lot of tea earlier. I had never pissed on anyone, when I did I was enjoying it.

“Fuck! Bitch! What do you think you’re doing” Farid screams he sounded more like girl a complete sissy. His face and head was covered with hot piss. Farid somehow got most of although I was spraying it on everyone there. Arif got down on his knees redirected my cock to his mouth, he drank as much a he could. Arif kept sucking my cock, he was hotter than before, somehow pissing on him triggered something. None of them left the compartment although they were drenched with my piss. Farid slumped on the floor, raised his legs, hiding his cock and balls inside his hand and shows his wide asshole.

“Someone fuck me please” He begs. I was busy with Arif, so Majid obliged. I felt a tongue slide into my asshole. My pissing on them, was unexpected, but it made them hotter than before. Although Arif had his mouth on my cock his hands were on the cock of the guy licking my asshole. Arif emptied my balls and I collapsed on the berth. I looked around, it was like was in some kind gay paradise, I was in some sort of daze, I felt like toes being sucked and my feet licked, but I could not tell who. There were number of stops I could tell by the sudden braking of the train. Someone I put a blanket on me, as I was half-asleep. I was patted to wake when we reached the outskirts of Karachi. All six of them had dressed up and In did. I was getting off at Cantt. Station. I took everyone’s phone number and gave mine. I kissed them all before I got off. It was a thrilling journey, I had made new friends with whom I remained in touch.