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Hi, guys, this is Sam again with my another experience. This is the incident happened to me when I was in my 3rd year of my B-Tech. We had a business in our city which consists of so many workers in which the girls are more.

When I went to my home for semester holidays, I saw a new girl in our shop. She is thin and brown in color and she looks like Ileana D’Cruz (film actress) with some flesh in her ass region, by seeing her I got mad. Even though I had many affairs in my life and girls to fuck but I wanted to fuck her from the first moment I saw her.

So I enquired about her from the other works and came to know that she is working as a part-time as she is studying her degree in the nearby college and stays in a penthouse as her parents were unable to pay the hostel fee and there will be no chance to work outside as college won’t allow at late nights, so I came up with a plan that she needs money very badly, so I taught of keeping some money on the table and to record it.

Everything went on as per my plan and I got her, at night we closed our shop at 10’o clock, I am very desperate to fuck her as I haven’t fucked anyone since last 2 months due to the continuous exams, so I sent every one earlier except her so that I can fuck her today itself after closing the shop. I called her inside the shop from the other entrance saying that I need a help to fix something and also said that I will pay her for the work she had done but she didn’t know that I am going to use her as my slut.

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She came inside hoping that she will get extra money and when she came inside, I closed the door and asked her to move a table which is little heavy for her to move and she is trying to move it but it was not moving, so she asked for help, as there is no space for me to push as the table has to be moved vertically, then I went behind her, she already kept her waist forcing the table so I positioned myself such that my dick is rubbing her ass and gave a hard push and she felt my dick had in her ass cheek and she asked me what I was doing. I said helping you, she then tried to push the table but no use, by that time its already getting late and have to leave to home.

So I taught it has no use to by trying to convince her for the session but still tried my best to convey the message. She got the hint but she is not opening up, then I was fed up and held her by her waist and gave a hard push, by that she turned around and asked me why I held her waist. I said that to avoid pain caused by the table due to the hard pushing but she did not accept my reason and kept on asking me what are my intentions.

After some time, I gave a deep kiss on her lips, she tried to get released but due to my strength, she couldn’t able get free, after some mins, I left her, then after a few seconds, she slapped me hard for that I gave her another kiss but a quick kiss again.

She was about to slap me when I held her hand and showed her the video that she is taking money from the table and told her I am going to complain about her in police station for stealing the money and I will also add that we lost around lakh after you joined by that she got worried about her future and started to please me not to complain as her future will be destroyed and to leave her.

She also said that she will leave the job and find a new one, then I said that you should not leave the job until I say and have to do whatever I say, by the word “Whatever” she got terrified because she knows what I want, then she started pleading me not to do anything to her and to leave her.

After a long conversation, I fed up and tore her dress and her small boobs came out, then I went to her and started sucking her boobs, she was pushing me away when I said if you won’t do what I say I am going to complain about her after that her force became less and continued my sucking.

Due to lack of time, I turned her and removed her dress completely and took my dick out and asked her to suck it, then she said that she never did that before then I opened her mouth and inserted my dick and made her swallow my dick completely, after 5 mins, I took my dick out and asked her to turn around and by mistake I kept my dick at the opening of her ass hole then she told me not there as she is virgin in her ass, so I inserted my dick into her pussy and started to stroke as her pussy. It was very tight and ejaculate very early on her ass cheeks and asked her to get dress up but her dress was torn.

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So I gave her a towel to cover and asked her should I drop her, as her dress was not good, she agreed to come with me, by reaching her room, she got down and I asked her where is her room, she showed me the room and went upstairs very quickly after that I got an idea and called my mom and said I will come tomorrow as I was staying at my friend’s house and my mom agreed. Taking this as the chance, I went to her room, due to hurry, she didn’t lock her main gate so I went in and reached penthouse.

She went to take bath and waited for her beside her door hiding after she came, I followed her to her room without watching surroundings, she removed her towel from her body. I could see her full body from the back and she is drying her front body during this time. I slowly removed all my dress slowly without any sound and hugged her from the back and cupped her cute boobs and started to press those and she was about to shout, then I locked her mouth with my hand and asked her to calm down and said it was me.

Then he calmed down and I removed my hand and kept it on her fully shaved pussy and started to massage her within a few mins. She came, and she was really tired by that orgasm and she wanted to take rest but I had an evil taught and kept her on her knees and inserted my dick in her mouth and started with a slow movement and slowly increased my speed after fucking her mouth for 15 mins. I came in her mouth, she was about to vomit but I closed her nose so that she will drink my juices.

After that, we took rest for 30 mins and asked her to be in doggy style and entered her pussy but in that view, her ass was very attractive, so I decide to fuck her ass today. After having a long session she almost fainted due to tired.

I took 15 mins rest and again kept her in doggy style but she is pleading me to stop as it is over for her but I have made my mind to fuck her and held her by covering her mouth and positioned my dick over her ass hole and started to move completely from ass to pussy and teasing her.

Suddenly, I inserted my dick head in her ass and she started shouting and asking me to take it out but I kept quiet for some time and inserted my whole dick inside her ass slowly and blood started to flow, after some time started fucking her slowly and after some time it became very wild and the room is filled with the sound “Thap” thap” if it was morning the house owners may hear it.

This continued for about 20 mins and I came in her ass. By that time it was already 3:30 so went and locked the room. Then I slept beside her by rubbing her pussy with my hand and rubbing the cock to her ass cheeks after some time I got hard on and inserted in her pussy and rubbed her pussy with my hand and after some time she came out very hard.

Then I removed my dick and took the bed sheet away and again inserted in her pussy but didn’t fuck her and slept like that by hugging her but still my dick inside her. In the morning I heard some was knocking the door so I told her to who is that, so she covered her body with a blanket and opened the door, it was her owner ( I didn’t have any idea why he came very early in the morning) I started to listen to their conversation

Owner- I came to collect my rent
Maid- I don’t have money now
Owner- this is our routine
Maid- this month I will pay the rent, please, don’t do anything
Owner- no need to pay just follow our routine, go and sleep on your back

She came and slept on her back and he came in nude and removed the bed sheet and asked her why she is sleeping nude but she didn’t reply to him, then he inserted his small dick inside her and asked her why her pussy is so loose for this also, she did not reply him he continued his fucking for 2 mins and removed his cock and came on her stomach. The complete scene is like a man fucking a dead body.

After that, he left and went to her and asked her why he fucked her, then she told me that he had an eye on her from first but due no job she was unable to pay the rent so he made an offer he will fuck her 3 times a week instead of rent, then I said her I will pay her rent and asked her not to get fucked by him. Then she questioned me that by paying room rent you will fuck me daily without any room issues right, by that I got angry and slapped her on her ass cheeks hard.

Then, I lifted her in my arms and inserted my dick inside her pussy and started to fuck her and told her you are my slut and will use you as much I want but no one should touch you, and I assured her I will take care of her studies. This continued till she studied in my city even after that I used to fuck her. Once we went to Goa and had a threesome with the other lady. I will narrate that incident later.

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