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Hello, Indian sex stories dot net readers. This is my first sex story with my Facebook friend. Here, I am going to narrate the sex story about the girl married recently and how we got in touch with other and ended up having sex at last.

Firstly, let me introduce my self, this is Satya saying in Hyderabad.I am a guy with simple looks, working as an IT professional in a reputed company, coming to my height, it is 5 feet 8 inches tall with average body and just celebrated my 25th birthday.

I used to follow and read stories of Indian sex stories from a year ago and got addicted to reading and now am happy to share my experience here. This is my first sex story analysis very excited to receive all your feedbacks, so you can contact me on [email protected]

Finally, now without wasting the time, I am coming to the sex story. The goddess of the sex story is Nithisha (name changed). Her age was 27 similar to my age and she got recently married to an NRI and she is from Vishakapatnam. One day, when I was browsing on the Facebook, I had seen an unknown contact (Nithisha) on my chat list and texted her and got the response from her. As all of you do, we got introduced each other and became friends within a short time.

She used to regularly text me and I used to respond to her casual talks and finally one thing, her husband stays in the USA and had gone there immediately after the marriage. She thought to go with him but due to some visa problems, she needs to stay back in India. This worked for me to get an enthusiastic sex with her.

One fine day, we have exchanged our contact numbers and thought to meet and I reached Vizag and met her for first time and dinner and some chit chat and left the place greeting each other.

Now coming to the point, one fine evening, our conversation started over like this,
Nit: hello, Satya
Me: Hello, Nithisha
Nit: can you spare your time with me, I am feeling lonely
Me: yes, of course, sure. I can do anything for you
Nit: thank you, Satya
Me: what happened? what is the reason behind your loneliness?
Nit: it’s all about my personal life, leave it

And then she asked me to have you felt bored and lonely living in Hyderabad apart from your parents and loved ones.

Me: yes, sometimes but friends are there to get rid of that moment.
Nit: that’s great. Do you have a girlfriend?
Me: no
Nit: tell me the truth, looking good, working in an IT company, so I am not a fool to listen to this. I think you have a girlfriend
Me: no, I haven’t had a girlfriend till now really
Nit: ok cool. I trust you
Me: can I ask you one thing? why do you feel bored and lonely?
Nit: it’s personal feeling, it won’t be good sharing this problem with you Satya

Now topic between us became romantic and feeling excited to hear the words from her.

Me: no problem am your bestie you can share your problem with me don’t hesitate, please.
Nit: am missing my relationship with my hubby.
Me: oho sorry to hear this.

And this chat continued and ended up with no such improvement and on another day, I got a call from Nithisha and she spoke to me very close as she had a crush on me. She said can I express you one thing Satya don’t think me in a wrong way and said to me like this
Satya I had a crush on you and I love you and loved the way you treat me and love the way you care for me. So whatever you think being attracted to you and if am not married I would have married you. By this words, I am happy in my mind and I too got attracted and wanted to have some physical relationship(sex) with her. But how to express is the main issue.

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As we got closer than before we used to share personal info and one day she only started with me like this
Nit: Satya, have you ever had sex?
Me: no, I didn’t get any chance with a smile
Nit: I think your ready if you got the chance
Me: yes of course
Nit: whats ur opinion on me and am very much attracted to you and wanted to have sex with you if you’re interested.

Now am very much happy inside but somehow acted as doubtful and thinking manner and she convinced me that there will be no problem it will be secret between us no one knows about. After all the conversation I agreed. Actually am more excited than her but acted like that.

Finally, we had some sexual talk and by that, I had new that she had only thrice sex with her husband and he had gone to the USA. She is feeling to sex by that time luckily am the man to satisfy her feelings and we thought many ways to plan sex and last we have decided to meet at Vijayawada and in a resort and booked the date.

Finally, the day has come we have reached Vijayawada and met at the station and traveled to resort and checked into resort as wife and husband relation. Now my feelings got heavier and once we have entered the room and closed the room. She had to hold my hands very tightly then I hugged her tightly and kissed her neck and soon our lips became together. Almost 15 minutes we had a deep french kiss exchanging our saliva with slight moans.

She said can we move into the bedroom when I had lifted with my hands and taken into bedroom and made her fallen on the bed and jumped over her kissing over her neck and coming to navel and opened her jacket hooks and played with boobs over the bra only and removed her saree and now she is in with black bra and panty and I slowly removed and kissed every part of the boobs and played with nipples biting over the nipples. In the mean, while she removed my shirt and slid her hand into the pant and found my dick and started playing with it.

I slowly moved down to her lovely hole(pussy) and removed the panty and started kissing her pussy lips and she started moaning heavily and I teased her pussy with my tongue and inserted my finger into pussy and she undressed me and taken my dick into her hands and given a blowjob and now she said I cant lets do it insert your dick into my pussy and guided me to insert my dick into her pussy.

It was so tight and it has taken time to insert my dick which was rock hard and with a gentle push I had inserted it and moreover, my dick is also paining the little bit but enjoyed doing to and fro. Only half of dick was inside her pussy now with a strong push with some force I had inserted my dick totally into her pussy and fucked her in missionary position and I had come in just 5 mins and couldn’t understand that it hasn’t lasted for a long time.

So again we hugged each and talked to each other having romance within in 10 to 15 mins my dick was rock hard again and ready for another session. But its paining little bit for me though I have inserted my sick into her pussy and hold her tightly pressing her boobs and moving dick to and fro increasing my speed and it lasted for 20 mins this time and finally I had come with lots of cum in her pussy and we had slept in the same position.

And we woke up and had a shower and continued it in the night had 2 more sessions.This was my first sex experience an unforgettable one. Thanks, Indian Sex Stories dot net to share my experience. I think all of you enjoyed reading my sex story and please don’t think to contact me and you can contact me on [email protected]

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