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Hey everyone, I don’t like to reveal anything about me and I’m into a secret stuff thing I just want to say that I’m from Hyderabad. OK so coming into the story.

She is my moms sister, she is damn fair and beautiful with attractive pair of breasts, this started about a year ago it was her birthday and she stays near by me so I went to her home around late night to wish her actually I forgot that it was her birthday and I went late she was fully drunk and I went and hugged her to wish, when she hugged she passed out but she was conscious and I thought this is a life time moment and took my hands and placed on her butt after a while I placed her on the bed masturbated in her bathroom and went back home.

A few weeks later my mom told me to give my aunt some saree’s as they used to exchange some, I went and gave her usually. she told me to wait in hall and went inside to change the saree she showed me one by one but with the same blouse I told her that “everything is fine but your blouse doesn’t match with anything” she was like lol I’m not dumb I would wear only matching blouse and showed me the blouses which showed her bra stripes and I told her the same and she was like I won’t wear bra when I wear these blouses, there was a transparent kind of blouse and I took it in hand and said even for this also? She giggled and said my hero is turning naughty day by day.

This incident changed our life and we were no more the old people we know, so one day she found a new home near Himayatnagar and was leaving and asked me for help to pack some stuff. it was going well till last and suddenly she said that the showers pipe is also hers and told me to remove it, as everything left in the van I was trying to remove it with my hand then my aunt came to help me. she was so close to me that her boobs were touching my chest whenever she is breathing, she locked my hands with her and trying to pull it out, I said her that we have to rotate it and starting to rotate but nothing was happening,she unknowingly rotated the tap and cold shower started to flow on us I don’t know how I kept my hands around her waist and pulled her closer and made it looked like I was slipping,there was complete silence for two minutes and the shower is still going on,I broke the silence and turned of the shower and said sorry, she was like it was my fault I turned it on. luckily there were some dresses which were about to go and she changed into one and I went to my home and changed and came back again and finally we reached to her new home in the evening around 6 PM the TV guy came and fixed the TV my aunt kids are adults and always busy with their work and her husband stays in Bangalore.

It was a 3 bedroom house and the only TV in my aunt room got fixed and two beds were done. so my aunt’s daughter and son slept in one room me and my aunt slept in one room, we were damn tired and went to sleep and we did not find the bed sheet boxes which was packed and were sharing one.

Night around 1 AM we both were sleeping so close that my dick could feel her ass, her nighty was to her stomach and she was wearing a panty,I slowly removed my shorts, pulled my underwear to my knees and slowly started to go back to my previous position,my dick is feeling her ass and our thighs were in contact and I was hard on. slowly I wrapped my hand inside her nighty around her stomach, she was awake all the time.

The weather is too cold and our both bodies started to feel each other heat my dick was in between her thighs and touching her panty, I slowly moved my hands to her boobs and started to press it slowly and she started giving small moans.

We both lost and removed our clothes and were feeling each others body heat and exploring ourselves, it was pitch dark and can’t see anything slowly I went down to lick her Pussy,she was moaning loudly and I was pressing her boobs after a while when she released all her juices she came on top of me and started kissing very passionately our lips were not parting and it was deep and intimate she slowly went down and kissed my dick and it was like hell of pleasure which I cannot handle and cummed when she was licking my balls, we still did not care and started kissing back like there is no tomorrow and this time it was wild and crazy and I was again rock hard and started to hump her in missionary, after few minutes I laid beside her took her thigh in my hand and lifted it and started to insert it from behind it was going smoothly in and out I was kissing her and fucking her at the same time and all the moments were very slow, we were feeling both our bodies together and the heat which is fighting the cold and after 45mins a left my very hot cum inside her and we both gave a small moan at the same time and slept naked.
Next morning my aunts daughter saw us and woke her up and told my aunt to dress up and come out of the room in a very slow angry tone and I got dressed and ate tiffin and helped to arrange the stuff, the whole night we did not speak any word and even the next day I just left home without saying anything.

This gave me the confidence to approach and seduce women.
Thanks for reading I just wanted to say this incident and this is the best platform I could get.

Please don’t ask any details I like to keep it like a private stuff but all your feedback will be very useful you can mail me up at [email protected]
Thank you

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