Fun at the strip club

Stacy, Tina, Annie, Beth The four girls or cheerleaders and getting ready for their senior year in high school Stacy is 18 years old from Connecticut She is 5 foot 4 1/2 don’t know how much she weighs Her breast was about a B cup with long blonde hair blue eyes could be a model for One of them team magazines. Tina is about 5‘5“ tall she’s from Alabama with about hey C cup Size breast she has long red hair green eyes definitely tell she has some Irish ancestry. Annie is 5’3” tall small A cup breast with shoulder length brown hair Blue green eyes she’s from Arkansas. Beth is 5’6” tall with C cup Breast With a bob cut hair black with brown eyes she was from New York.

It was the next to the last weekend before school start for the new school year. Stacy looked at her friends and said you know I don’t know what we’re gonna do for our last weekend before senior year in school. Tina replied I know this is her senior year and we are all four still virgins. Then Annie chimed in We need to have some fun how about we go to the new strip club called the black Rooster club ? Then Beth chimed in that sounds great do you know my birthday is Friday so how about for my 18th birthday we go there Friday.

So Friday came around in the four girls went to the strip club the guy at the door asked them do you want to sit at the bar at a table would you like a private room. Stacy asked well what are the prices for each one of those. The guy at the door said the bar is $75 each the tables are free but all you can do is look no interactions with the dancers in the private rooms are $200 unless there’s a special occasion then will let you have one for free. And Stacy said we’re here because my friend Beth here is celebrating her 18th birthday. The guy at the door told her well since your friend Beth here is having her birthday You all can you get a room for free. Stacy goes well will take it so the man leads them to a room with a blue door on it. They look at a bowl With wristbands Stacy looked at the piece of paper and write it to the other girls and it read like this just to see the dancer blue wristband if you want a lap dance from a stripper a green wristband if you want to give a blow job to a stripper where the yellow wristband if you like to have intercourse and I receive a facial where are the black Black wristband if you would like anal with a stripper please wear the red wristband if you like chili with a cream pie where the rainbow colored wristbands. Stacy reaching the bowl and pulled out a rainbow wristband and put it on. Tina looked at her and said are you sure you want that you could end up getting pregnant you know Stacy replied I know that’s worth the risk and Tina reached in and also put on Rainbow colored wristbands. Annie looked at her two friends And then she said it’s worth it why not. She to reach down and put on a rainbow colored wristbands. Beth looked at her three friend She has I can’t do this supposed They sin in a black guy you know we can’t have sex with black guys our dads would kill us. After some coaching from the other three girls she to want to head and grabbed a rainbow colored wristbands. Soon there was a knock at the door Stacy went and open up the door there still a tall black man about 6 foot four 300 and some pounds Wearing a placement uniform he asked who is the birthday girl Beth said I am so the stripper began to dance slowly peeling off his costume until he was completely naked dancing from girl to girl which one the girls Got to suck him off and he looked at the four girls can go sell who wants to leave here with a Nice cream pie. Beth look at Lec to her three friends I said it’s my birthday I want to go first as she pulls off her clothes the stripper slowly moves his hands up and down her body then he begins to suck her tits and kisses her all way down to her pussy as she slowly begins to lick her Making her wet She looked at him and said be careful we are about to take my virginity as he slowly lined himself up on top of her slowly put 16 inch penis inside of her popping her cherry looking at the blood she’s like oh my I’m not a virgin anymore as he started picking up speed each one of the other three girls rubbing themselves in amazement of their friend taking This big black cock inside of her he looked at her and he goes you’re ready she goes yes I’m ready as she comes deep inside of her as he leaves the room with his seed leaking from her Stacy gets down in front of her and begins licking the black man sperm from her friends Pussy. A few minutes later there’s a knock at the door the next trip or comes in a stripper or a little bit shorter and little bit lighter than the last one also a black guy he to slowly work the room as each one of the girls give me a blow job then as soon as he was completely naked he goes who’s next who wants Some Stacy said I do as a young blonde takes her clothes off his back and lets the man work his magic just like the last one dead to her friend you guys are you ready she goes I came here to lose my virginity so yes I’m ready as he begins to put himself inside her Her friends watched in amazement without even a word just a If you Grunts he unloads inside the young blonde pussy. Beth walks over to her friend and begins doing the same thing that her friend it to her but this time they were 69 each other. Moments later the next black stripper comes into the room just like the policeman and the firemen before him this time he was dressed like a doctor a little bit shorter and lighter than the last guy was completely naked he looked at the other two girls and guess who’s next Tina goes I am just like her friends before her she allowed the man to work his magic as he slowly take Her virginity this time she rides him in the cowgirl position as he spews his load up inside of her I am back down letting her other two friends eat her out before leaving the room Annie asked the man Are there any white little strippers here the stripper replied how do you think it’s called the black roosters club. We’re all Niggers here Then he leave the room. Then the next one comes in the room way bigger than the other three strippers even darker once he was completely naked and I couldn’t believe the size of him I took out a measuring stick and Shernoff just short of 19 inches long he looked a little Annie and said are you ready to join your friends any slowly took her clothes off and laid back as he slowly worked each 19 inches inside of her picking up speed Is he being the young 18-year-old once virgin pussy Annie began to scream Yes yes fuck me give me that big black cock yes come and see me give me a little Nigger baby oh I’m never dating a white boy again or just those few words he unloads inside of her. 04 Girls left the club the night no longer virgins no longer wanting white boys. More importantly a few months later A few weeks before prom their bellies poking out from the results of the strip club the weekend before school the day after the prom Stacy gave birth to a beautiful black baby boy a week later Tina gave birth you’re beautiful black baby girl Two weeks later Beth gave birth to twins a boy and a girl black is black and be the night after graduation Annie gave birth to triplets Two boys and a girl darker than the other girls babies.

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