Fun for the Whole Family Pt. 04

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tagIncest/TabooFun for the Whole Family Pt. 04

Many thanks to todger65 for taking the time to edit my story. It takes time and effort to edit a writing and I appreciate the help. I have no excuse now. Any errors are my own.
Fun for The Whole Family Part 4
Game Night and David gets a surprise
Game Night
Vanessa and Janet were relaxing in the afterglow while their sons enjoyed the pool. Janet languidly looked over at Vanessa, "We should have a family get together. Why don't all of you come to our house for a cookout and games this evening?"
"I like the sound of that. As a matter of fact, I have a game I think everyone will enjoy. I'll bring it over when we come."
Janet was curious, "What kind of game?"
"Let me surprise you. Trust me, you'll like it!"
"Well, if we are going to do this, I need to get home and get things rolling. Maybe I can surprise Dave and the girls. It will be fun to see what they have been up to or, are still up to!
"Shawn, Evan, let's go! We've got shit to do!"
At the Moore's
At the Moore's house Lisa and Becky were trying to convince David to try something a bit kinky. "Trust us dad, it'll be fun, and it will make us happy. Don't you want to make your little girl and her bestie happy?"
"What exactly do you two have on your kinky minds?"
"It's a surprise daddy." Lisa was on the bed nude. She raised her arms beckoning to her father, "Please fuck me daddy."
David looked at his beautiful daughter and knew that he would do whatever she asked him. He loved to make her happy. He moved onto the bed, between her spread legs, and into her open arms. He kissed her deeply and it wasn't long before their kisses became heated.
Becky sat on the bed and began running her hands over his back and down his ass, squeezing his butt cheeks. "That's a nice ass you got their Dave." She gave his ass a light smack, then went back to massaging his butt. Becky had a bottle of massage oil as part of their plan. She poured some oil on Dave's back and began to massage his back. She massaged from his back and down his legs before arriving back at his buttocks.
It wasn't long before Lisa reached down and grasped his cock, pulling it to her wet opening. He slid his cock slowly into her while Becky continued to massage his ass. Becky ran her oily hand down Dave's butt crack and massaged his balls.
Dave was slowly gliding his cock in and out of Lisa. He was in no hurry and they both enjoyed the slow love making. Dave couldn't get enough of her. He felt himself getting close way to early and Becky playing with his ass didn't help. Luckily, he was saved from possible premature ejaculation by the slow insertion of Becky's finger in his asshole. He stiffened in response to the intrusion, but Becky didn't hesitate. She began to slowly slide her oiled finger in and out of his ass. Soon he was stroking into his daughter again. Becky stroked her finger in time with his strokes into his daughter.
Dave had never felt anything like this. At first, he was resistant because he thought only gay dudes liked stuff in their butts. After a few minutes he realized it felt really good. Becky's inserted finger was rubbing his prostate and it made his cock rock hard. He wanted so bad to fuck Lisa fast and deep, but kept to the slow pace. The slow build to ecstasy was a wonderful part of the fun.
The bed shook as Becky moved behind Dave. Becky had brought a little toy with her to share with Lisa if they connected, and they had definitely connected. Lisa's eyes had lit up when Becky showed her the toy after their shower. Lisa had a mischievous look on her face, "I know you and I can have fun with that, but I have another idea." The idea led to Becky massaging Dave and putting her finger in his ass. Now she was preparing for the best part.
Becky strapped on a dildo of moderate proportions. Dave was slowly making love to his daughter when Becky positioned the dildo above his ass. She pulled her finger from him and began to insert the dildo in its place. Dave plunged his cock into his daughter, froze, and shouted, "Whoa Nelly!"
Becky grinned and slowly slid the oiled device into his ass. She gripped his hips and slowly pulled partially out, allowing Dave to slide his cock back. When Dave had just the tip of his cock in his daughter Becky slid the dildo fully into him. As he stroked forward, he pulled himself nearly off of the dildo, leaving an inch of it in his ass.
When Janet and the boys walked in the front door the sounds of sex could be heard coming from down the hall. Quietly they snuck down the hall and into the master bedroom. Lisa, Becky, and Dave were a bit busy and did not notice them. Mother and sons watched as Dave plunged his cock into Lisa and Becky plunged the dildo into his ass. Janet snickered and whispered to her sons, "Becky is literally fucking my husband!"
The three lovers settled into a rhythm. Dave's cock had never been so hard. Two beautiful women, one of them his daughter, the kinkiness of the situation, and the pressure on his prostate were too much. Within a few minutes Dave couldn't hold out any longer, "Lisa, I'm coming!" Lisa's only response were her moans as she felt her own orgasm approaching. Dave shoved his cock as deep as it would go, and Becky did the same with the dildo. Dave groaned loudly as he stiffened and began to spurt his load deep into his daughter. Lisa could feel each shot deep within her as her orgasm rocketed through her body. Their orgasms seemed to go on forever. Dave kissed his daughter thoroughly as they held each other in the afterglow.
Becky grinned from ear to ear, "Oh fuck that was amazing!" She was sliding the dildo from his ass when she saw something from the corner of her eye. Her eyes got huge as she saw Janet, Shawn, and Evan watching.
Janet walked over to the bed and smiled at Becky, "You really put it to him!" She reached around Becky's waist, unbuckled the strap-on, and slid it down Becky's legs. "I'll be back in a second." Janet went into the bathroom. The group could hear water running as Janet washed the toy, then silence. Soon Janet appeared walked back into the room wearing nothing but the strap-on. She walked over to Becky and pulled her close, "Now you gorgeous little husband fucker, it's your turn." Janet shoved Becky down on the bed and plunged her face onto her crotch. Becky's head went back, and her eyes closed as Janet began to eat her pussy.
Fucking David's ass had been amazing for Becky. The sense of power it gave her was a definite turn on and she began to tingle with anticipation when Janet walked back into the room wearing her strap-on. When Janet began to eat her pussy, she thought she was going to explode from the sensation. It wasn't long before she lost her ability to think. Her hands found Janet's head and held on. Her hips began to buck, thrusting her pussy against Janet's face. When Janet inserted two fingers into her sopping pussy it was too much, and she cried out as she orgasmed.
Janet wasn't finished with Becky yet. She moved up Becky's body, licking and kissing as she went. She kissed Becky deeply and rose above her. She positioned the head of the strap-on at Becky's entrance and inserted the end into her. Becky was completely soaked at this point and Janet didn't hesitate to plunge the toy in to the hilt. It didn't take long for Janet to get the hang of having a cock and the two began to move together. Janet continued to plunge the fake cock into Becky, and in response, Becky wrapped her legs around Janet. The two kissed passionately as their heat grew. Soon Becky was rocking her hips up to meet Janet's thrusts.
Shawn and Evan had been watching in lewd fascination as their mother fucked their new neighbor. David was laying on the bed in a stupor and Lisa decided it was as good a time as any to visit her brothers. She got off of the bed and wandered over to them. She got down on her knees, reached up, and began pulling her brother's cocks out of their swim trunks. When she had them free she started sucking them, alternating from one to the other. She paused and looked up at them, "You guys have great cocks."
Janet's tongue was deep in Becky's mouth and her thrusts quickened in response to her moans. The orgasm that surged over Becky left her limp and nearly unconscious in Janet's arms. Janet was lightly kissing her face when Becky became aware of her surroundings again. She smiled and kissed Janet. Finally, she looked into Janet's eyes, "Your family is the best thing that has ever happened to me."
Janet smiled at her, "We love you too.
Janet got up from the bed, "It looks like Lisa could use a little help." It wasn't long after that when the boys shot into the eager mouths of their sister and their mother.
Soon the six people in the room were laying around in various states of bliss and oblivion. Janet realized that this would not do at all, "OK everybody! We are having a cookout and game night and we got shit to do!"
"How about an hour nap first?"
"OK," Janet responded with a yawn. "Sounds fair."
Almost two hours later they began waking and the mad scramble began. Janet coordinated the efforts, and everything came together in plenty of time. She worried a bit when David was late getting back from the grocery store. For some reason he needed to get a prescription refilled while he was out. She needed to remember to ask him what it was. She was sure that he wasn't taking any medications.
They were not only ready but had been waiting for a while when the rest of the Brown family arrived. Vanessa led the way onto the back patio, "Sorry we are running behind. For some reason Brian needed to pick up a prescription. I didn't think he had any prescriptions."
"That's funny. David needed to pick up a prescription as well." The light bulb lit up, "I would be willing to bet the medications in question are light blue in color!"
"Well, I can't blame them really," Vanessa grinned. "Brian is really good for a few sprints, but I don't think he has trained for this marathon!
"I hope you don't mind, but Brian's brother John is here too. He stopped by the house when we were getting ready to head over here."
"That's not a problem at all. There is plenty of food and I doubt David would ever let us run out of beer."
Burgers were grilled, food was eaten, and the beer inventory gradually shrank. After the mess was cleaned up everyone went to the living room for games. Vanessa stood up to explain the game. "OK I have this handout for you, but after a bit you'll see that this is pretty simple."
Game Materials:
A bucket for names
Four cards: Blindfolded, Bondage, Both, and None.
A bucket containing the Warm-Up Acts. When the Warm-Up Acts have been used up, or the group decides they are warmed up enough, they are replaced by the Sex Acts.
Game Directions:
1. One name is drawn from the name bucket. This will be the person that things happen to.
2. The person drawn from the bucket picks one of the four cards that have been shuffled and are lying face down. Whatever the card calls out is done to the person drawing the card.
3. An Act card is drawn from the bucket. Once an act is pulled from the Warm-Up bucket and used it is removed from the game. All Warm-Up Acts have a two-minute time limit.
4. Draw names as required. Some Acts take more than one other person. Continue this step as needed until the required number of people have been selected.
After everyone has read these, Vanessa goes on to elaborate further.
"We more open-minded women, know that straight guys get all squeamish about touching other guys. So, there may be an Act that someone may not feel comfortable doing. That's OK. This is supposed to be fun, not intimidating. Even if you are a big fat pussy."
"It goes without saying, but I will say it anyway. Stop means Stop. No means No. Maybe means, 'Sure go ahead'."
"If, by some odd chance, an article of clothing has to be removed in order to complete the Act, it stays off for the duration of the game."
"If you are blindfolded, the group will draw the Act and draw names without telling you the results. There is no sense in blindfolding you if you know what's going to happen."
"Bondage for tonight will be tying hands, tying feet, or both depending on the Act."
"There is a two-minute time limit for warmup acts. Of course, there is no time limit for sex acts."
"Are we ready to start?"
Brian was the first name drawn and the card he selected was a None. The Act was petting outside of the clothes and Janet ended up being the one doing the petting. She got things off to a good start when she welded her body against his and kissed him passionately. She ran her hands down his back until she cupped his ass and squeezed his butt cheeks, "Uh Huh. Nice ass." She straddled his leg and ran her hand across his chest, her fingers tickling at the nipples under his shirt. She ran her hand down his stomach and brushed his growing erection. Her hand wandered down his thigh and massaged its way back up to cup his balls. Finally, her hand rested on the erection bulging against his pants. She looked into his eyes as she lightly squeezed it through the cloth while sliding her hand up and down the length of it. It was easy to see from the look on Brian's face that he was saved by the two-minute time limit.
Round and round they went. A blindfolded Uncle John got a hilarious lap dance from David. A euphoric Shawn got his cock stroked by Becky while he was passionately kissing his mother. The game continued until everyone had participated in a Warm-Up Act.
Becky's name was selected and her card was Blindfolded. With the exception of her thong, Becky had lost all of her clothing during previous Acts. She looked stunning as she stood blindfolded and waited for her fate to be decided. Everyone there wanted to have their name drawn, to be the one that brought the blindfolded beauty to ecstasy, or at least as close as possible in two minutes allowed. The Act drawn was heavy petting with two others.
This was getting exciting. The first name drawn was Shawn. One chance left. Who would it be? Everyone was paying close attention as the last name was drawn. Evan's name was drawn and shown to the folks waiting in anticipation. Everyone left felt a bit deflated, but then they perked back up in anticipation. This is going to be fun to watch!
When the Act between the three began, it got hot quick. Everyone was watching closely. Shawn was kissing her passionately while Evan took her nipple into his mouth. Evan ran his hand down her stomach, brushed across her crotch, and stroked her thigh. He moved his hand back up and cupped her mons. He slid his finger along her lightly clothed labia. Becky was very wet and very turned on. She had absolutely no problem when Evan pulled her thong down and it dropped to the floor. Her hips moved in rhythm with the hand that was massaging her pussy. Shawn momentarily broke off kissing her to nibble at her neck and ears. His fingertips wandering down her body. Evan inserted his finger into her and began to slide it in and out. When Shawn's fingers began caressing her clit Evan increased the speed of his strokes. Becky was rocked by an orgasm and she nearly collapsed. Her neighbors held her up and continued to play with her body. They were four minutes into it before anyone remembered to called time.
"T… t… time," Vanessa said in a shaky voice.
Becky reached up and pulled off the blindfold. A huge grin broke out on her face when she saw the brothers. She grabbed Shawn's neck and pulled him into a kiss, then repeated the process with Evan.
Vanessa smiled, "OK. I am as warmed up as I can stand! How about we switch to the Sex Acts and move this game to the bedroom?"
In short order the Sex Acts were in the bucket and ready to draw. Janet's name was drawn first. She selected her card and an enthusiastic audience helped her get ready. She soon found herself blindfolded with her hands and ankles tied using David's neck ties. Her hands were tied to the headboard and her ankles secured, with a few feet of slack, to the footboard. Janet could feel her crotch getting wetter with each moment she waited. The audience waited in anticipation as the drawing began. The Sex Act drawn was a threesome and a quiet "yes!" could be heard from voices around the room. The first name drawn was Uncle John. The second name, drum roll please, was Brian.
Brian and John began removing what remained of their clothes. As they did so they would reach out and brush their fingertips across Janet. One time a nipple, another her stomach and, yet another along her thigh. Silently teasing her and never letting her know where the next touch would come from or where it would land. They continued to tease her in this way after they were naked. Only one would touch her at a time. She couldn't know if there was one person or a dozen touching her.
Janet was on fire with anticipation. Everyone was being so quiet. All she could hear was the rustling of clothing. Then a hand brushed across her nipple. Now a hand gliding down her stomach. The fingers tracing up her thigh brought goose bumps up over her whole body. Her nipples were rock hard, her mouth was dry, and her pussy was soaked. Hands continued to lightly touch her. She couldn't tell who or how many, but the touches were making her crazy. When a mouth found hers she kissed it back hungrily. Her hips unconsciously turned toward the kiss. Her thighs rubbing together squeezed her moist labia and sending a pleasant jolt through her crotch.
The person kissing her stopped. His or her lips were replaced by the satin smoothness of a cock head. She opened her mouth and a massive cock began to enter her mouth. She knew it wasn't one she had enjoyed before. She knew the sizes of the cocks she had recently tasted, and this wasn't one of them. The knowledge sent another thrill through her. She lovingly sucked on the cock, then hungrily as her ardor grew.
The cock went away and she strained her head toward where she thought it might be. It lightly touched her lips again and she flicked it with her tongue. She felt a mouth on hers and she kissed back lustily. The mouth went away and she felt two hands gliding down her body, squeezing her tits, and rubbing her nipples. They continued to move downward across her stomach and down her hips. Suddenly the hands were gone. She felt movement on the bed and then hands gliding up her legs to her thighs, finally resting where her thighs met. The fingers pulled apart her labia and she felt a mouth envelope her sex.
Whoever it was sure knew their way around a pussy. Janet lifted her hips to meet that wonderful tongue. Her pending orgasm began to rapidly approach when she felt a large finger enter her drenched pussy. The finger was soon followed by another. Slowly stroking in and out of her, rubbing her g-spot just right, while that tongue worked her clit. She was writhing around that wonderful mouth when her orgasm swept over her. That mouth was attentive to her sensitivity and It kissed her pussy with affection, the tongue gave a final stroke up the length of her, and then moved away. The awesome fingers soon followed.
Janet felt movement on the bed and two hands spreading her thighs. She soon felt a cock sliding up her labia and gliding across her clit. She groaned in lust and anticipation as the cock teased her. The cock moved down to her entrance and rubbed around it. The head would start to enter, only to stop and rub up and down her labia. Janet was ready to scream when the head finally began to enter her. Slowly a massive cock began to slide into her. The cock penetrated deeper as her vagina adjusted to the size. Janet was full before she could feel a body against hers. Then it slowly withdrew, leaving only the head within her. The cock, that wonderful cock, slid back in and withdrew. Soon the mystery cock was gliding in and out. It was massive and Janet could hear herself grunting in time with the trusts. It was too much pleasure and she lost her mind for a time while her body was flooded ecstasy. She screamed out her orgasm as that wonderful cock filled her.

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