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I 32 like to have fun and for years I was free and not troubled by anything. Well off and single I could go anywhere and do just about anything I wanted. I only have one vice sex, I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs, a result of a lazy father who done all that and is now my late father. After seeing his behavior, I wasn’t willing to follow suit and so avoided doing any of them. But sex hooked me, and I love sex and it’s my main recreation. But as they say you time will come, mine did early this year I got a girl 18 pregnant, the rubber busted and there was no use trying say I wasn’t the father as I was her first and only lover. I married her, she gorgeous and very trusting of me and there was an extra benefit her mother 36 also gorgeous widowed and I got her into my bed also. Now I have 2 women pregnant. My wife is due shortly her mother at the end of November and I’m enjoying having 2 women in my bed every night. Sex is blowjobs at the moment, and I love blowjobs and my mother-in-law is best at giving them and has taught her daughter who is fast catching up to her mother. With 2 willing women, I don’t need to chase women anymore, like I did before, it saves time having willing women living with you.

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