Fun Time With Cousin At Bus

Hello to all and I’m a big fan of Incest stories in n8story and this is a real story happened between me and my cousin Lalitha. I am working in a MNC in Hyderabad since 5 years. This incident happened 2 years ago and Lalitha finished her B Tech and she came to Hyderabad for an interview, 2 days before I got a call from her. She told me about her interview and all and I was very excited by hearing that since childhood we are good friends, though ours is a orthodox typical Indian family. 
We uses be like friends sharing all our career related things and other stuff. I wanted to show her all Hyderabad as she is coming for the first time and her interview was on Friday so I picked her up and dropped her at my female friends hostel, she got ready there and she had her interview done and she got selected in the first 2 rounds and she was so happy in the evening I took her to necklace place.
We roamed all over the tank band though we sync nicely she used to be in her limits. In the bike she sat with cross leg, her thighs were touching my hips, ohh it was such a pleasant feeling that day itself we booked tickets for our hometown, we booked AC semi sleeper initial 2 hours we talked about our family matters n about our common friends. She was so tired so she laid down on my shoulder. 
I placed my hand on her cheek so that she can sleep with comfort. Her cheeks were very soft, I was just slowly playing with them and suddenly I feel my cock is bulging. I really like that feeling, slowly i moved my hand to her ears. I moved my hands slowly caressing her ears, neck. She said bro stop it, your act is ticking me. I asked her if she mind’s.
Me: hope you don’t mind caressing you.
She: your my sweet my bro, why will I mind.
Me: I know, am just checking with you. How does it feel?
She: it feels nice, am feeling like you are my own bro after some time she completed laid down my lap, my bulge was huge by that time. She has placed her head on my crotch; I think she was feeling hard. She immediately sat back and said am not comfortable with that position. I was afraid but our conversation was going on nicely so did not bother about it much and now I was feeling sleepy, I slept on her lap. 
She opened her legs so that I could resist properly. I was sleeping in a way that my face is exactly above to her pussy area. Till then I was not having bad feelings but now monster in me is getting aroused and she was wearing pajama so I can feel her upper thighs. I placed my arm in between my head n her pussy acting I’m taking the support. Now my wrist was exactly above her vagina. Now she started holding my shoulder tightly and she was also started feeling the heat.
I guess whenever bus moves I used to move hard enough I would press it harder and she moaned slowly with pressure. I was in that position for sometime then sat back. I decided to play with her today since it was AC bus it was very cool inside. I told her your body is very smooth placing my arm on her thigh and she was blushing. I told her am feeling cold here so I would place my hand in between your thighs, with  our her reply I placed my right hand btw her thighs. 
Omg, it was so soft, I told her to fold her leg as am feeling the cold. Now I was telling her baby you are looking gorgeous and you have such a perfect figure and she was happily responding to my flirting. I started slowly pressing her thighs saying these are very soft and how could u maintain like this bloke suddenly driver applied break, she moved down a bit and my hand is exactly in touching her pussy now. Omg, what a feeling, am touching my sister pussy from her salwar. 
She looked stunned, I pretend like nothing as happened. I kept my hand in the same place, I started slowly moving and she has started moaning slowly and bro am feeling nice. I took my hand from there n slowly inserted in her top from the bottom. She did not wear petticoat, I was touching her skin it was so soft. I played with her belly for some time and slowly moved to her breast area and she usually wear sports bra, I slowly placed my hand on her breast from the top. 
I squeezed it, she responded nicely. I have increased my speed and started squeezing it hardly and she told bro it’s too good, I never had such pleasure and please move on bro don’t stop it bloke. I slowly went down near her navel, lower abdomen. I started feeling some hair over there, I was moving my hand slowly my cock was hard on by this time. I placed her on hand on my cock and told her to open it from the zip and she got shocked with its size mine is 7 inches longer.
She asked me where do you hide this? I told her that it would get big in only these situations. I slowly moved my hand and touched her pussy lips, those were wet already. I moved my index finder in her cut and she squeezed my cock with pleasure. To be continued. This is the first time am writing my real story, please reply me how is it to [email protected] based on your reply’s and I will proceed with remaining story.