Fun Weekend in Germany Pt. 03

tagGroup SexFun Weekend in Germany Pt. 03

I walked back into the living room to find all four men still sitting naked and enjoying another round of drinks.
I was wearing my red stilettos, my anklet around my right heel and nothing else. On seeing me entering, the guys told me I looked very pretty. Stefan added that I looked extremely sexy.
Franz stood up allowing me to take his place on the settee in between Helmut and Peter. I was then furnished with another drink and we sat chatting for several minutes.
Although all of us were virtually completely naked, it did not feel at all odd. We talked about all sorts of things and obviously eventually the subject once more started to get rather heated and around to sex.
At this point I was having my legs felt by both Peter and Helmut as the action once more began to heat up. I was asked to stand up and show the guys my figure once more.
I paraded around the room as sexy as I could as the guys told me I had stunning legs and a beautiful ass. My nipples were standing up to attention which was noticed by Peter who told me, "You are obviously getting turned on again, as your nipples are 'standing proud."
I laughed saying, "Yes, I am and I can also tell that all of you are starting to get a little bit fruity as well. All of your cocks are beginning to harden."
I was asked to walk over to the dining room table once more and was quickly joined by Peter and Stefan. They told me they were going to oil me up for this next session.
On the table there was a spray bottle containing what I assumed to be baby oil. Standing with my legs apart once more in my red stilettos, I was attached to the spreader bar around my ankles. The guys then sprayed me all over and began rubbing this oil all over my legs, back and front. The sensation was incredible as I was feeling very slippery and had two sets of older hands oiling me all over.
Peter paid particular attention in oiling and kneading my tits, while Stefan worked on my legs and then eventually up to my ass and pussy. I shivered and shook as his hand found my pussy lips once more, this time having my full cunt slathered in oil.
They continued this for several minutes telling me I looked 'stunning all shiny and slippery.'
As they walked around me oiling and feeling me up, I had been feeling their balls and cocks which meant that they were both now sporting delicious looking erections.
I was moved into the middle of the room with my legs still spread wide by the spreader bar as all four of the men now began to circle me.
Peter took some nipple clamps from the table and played with my breasts, tweaking my nipples until he roughly clamped them causing me to let out a little cry of 'ouch'.
My oily and sopping wet pussy was receiving attention from all of their hands and fingers as they gently probed my kitty once more. They had their hands sliding all over me easily due to the oil.
Helmut then produced the small bullet vibrator that I had used on the evening that I had fun with just him and Franz. He started against my clit. I was standing spread legged in the middle of the room, I felt deliciously dirty, as this dirty and perverted old man began to work heavily on my clit with the vibrator once more.
I was soon gasping as he was applying the toy full speed, right on the sensitive part of my honey trap. To my surprise he abruptly stopped, "You don't get to orgasm that easily Anna," he delighted in telling me.
My hands were placed on each of their cocks in turn for some slow wanking as once again I was treated to a vigorous and delicious mauling by all of their hands.
Franz particularly, liked pulling on the nipple clamps, stretching my tits and twisting them causing a little bit of pain but it was a delightful sensation. My pussy was once more being worked over by the bullet vibrator this time by Stefan.
Helmut was on his hands and knees sucking Peter's cock. I told him, gaspingly, "It looks excellent and I love seeing another man sucking on a guy."
I was then treated to a delightful session of being finger fucked, teased with the bullet vibrator and manhandled all over my body for several minutes. I was then once again sprayed with the oil as they told me they wanted me completely slippery for the fucking I was going to receive.
I was asked if I wanted to watch another video, this time something a little bit harder. I was highly aroused and told them I would love to have some porn on the TV as they played with me and we screwed.
Peter went to his cabinet taking out a video cassette and then showed me the front cover. I was a little shocked, "Will it be too strong for you?" he asked. "Or would you mind watching this?"
My cunt was sopping, my nipples aching and I was game for fucking anything, I was certainly up for watching it. It was a homemade style video featuring a German couple and some friends.
The video popped in and a stunning German wife with a black, leather mini dress, heels, anklets and chains was parading around her living room with two men accompanying her.
Standing watching it, I had Helmut with the bullet vibrator on my clitty, Peter with two fingers up my pussy and Franz twisting and pulling up my nipples.
On screen it was obvious that this German wife was going to take on all comers.
"What do you think of this naughty action?" I was asked by Franz, as he noticed me gasping and looking at it licking my lips.
I replied in a state of slut delight, "It is something I have obviously not tried," I said, "But I'm looking forward to seeing it as I'm sure it will be fucking dirty and filthy and never say never!"
Her lover was now padding around the wife. She was now on all fours with her dress hiked up around her waist. He was soon mounting her and fucking her hard from behind as she let out audible gasps of delight, as his cock was obviously sliding into her wet pussy.
"I bet you could take a cock just like that!" Stefan told me laughing.
I was now extremely revved up and my cunt was making loud farting noises from the three fingers that I had plowing in and out of me.
"I'm certain that she would. Just listen to the sound that her pussy is making. She is so turned on!" Helmut said.
The bullet vibrator was whirring away on my clit and I told them that I was very close to cumming. With Franz pulling on my nipples very, very hard I was told that I was going to be allowed to cum watching the depraved action on screen.
"Watch her take a good cocking," I was told. "And imagine what that would be like for you, you dirty little married slut!"
The dirty talk and the action on screen had me gasping and panting. Peter started licking the side of my neck and ears, sticking a tongue deep into my ear and whispering to me, "I bet you wish it is you on the screen taking the hard pounding that the German wife is." This was enough to send me over the edge.
The bullet vibrator was still being used on my clitoris. Stefan took the big fist shaped dildo from the table and whilst I stood with my legs wide in the middle of the room, watching the disgusting action on screen, he started teasing my pussy hole with this huge toy. My nipples were being pulled very hard, with Franz who was yanking harder at the clamps.
Stefan slowly started to work the fist shaped toy up and down my wet cunny. "Anna, your pussy is soaking again, my darling," he said to me as he began to slowly penetrate me with this big plastic toy.
"Oh God, yes Stefan, oh God, fuck it, fuck it. Please fuck my cunt!" I begged, trembling as I said so. I was so fucking horny watching the wife on the screen being pounded from behind on all fours like a bitch.
"You're enjoying watching that, aren't you? You're enjoying it a lot!" Peter whispered in my ear licking it at the same time. "Her husband is about to stick his cock into her mouth as well. I bet you would love that, being spit-roasted from a lover like that and a man,"
I was almost past caring at this point. I was so turned on I literally begged for the big toy to be fucked hard up my pussy and panted loudly to Franz, "Use me hard and use my tits. Oh God, yes!"
They all didn't need telling twice pulling and slapping at my breasts as Stefan began to spiral the big toy right up me very deeply. "You are taking this big toy very easily my love," he said.
"This slut could take two or three toys up her at the same time I bet!" Helmut laughed from the side. The bullet vibrator was wearing away on my clit and I was very close to orgasm. "Let's stick the butt plug back up the slut as well."
Stefan very quickly grabbed the large plug and he literally rammed it up my ass at the same time as I had a big fist type toy punching in and out my cunt.
"Look at the piss coming from this dirty slut's cunt!" Stefan said as the toy was worked way up inside me.
By this point I was gushing. My pussy juice was released, streaming down my legs as I started to climax heavily on the bullet vibrator, the fist toy that was deep up my married soaking and splayed cunt and the butt plug that was now reaming my ass as well.
Franz started slapping my tits gently as I was cumming heavily. "That's it, Anna, you cum, my darling. Cum for us again, my darling."
"I'm fucking cumming," I gasped. "I'm fucking cumming so hard," I said as I continued squirting and squirting, the bullet vibrator sending cum absolutely all over me.
"Your pretty legs are trembling, my darling," Peter said to me and he was right.
I was splayed wide open, my heels digging into the carpet the best I could to maintain my balance and my legs literally trembling, as my pussy juice squirted out and ran down my legs to my heels and anklet.
"Look what is happening on screen," Helmut said. "She's now being spit-roasted, the dirty slut."
The husband now had his hard cock in her mouth as she continued to be pounded on all fours from behind.
I gasped aloud, "Oh fucking hell that's great," as my orgasm continued crashing and crashing over me.
"I think you are getting well trained to these multi-orgasms, Anna," Stefan proudly said. "I think you're becoming a very obedient little slut wife."
All of the guys had raging hard-ons and were slowly wanking themselves in between pleasuring me with the toys and abusing my ass and tits very hard. At one point I had both Peter's and Helmut's tongues lashing and licking and probing my ears, whispering disgusting things to me.
I was absolutely adoring the attention I was receiving and my orgasm showed no signs of abating or slowing down.
"I'm still cumming. I can't believe it." I cried. The bullet vibrator was pushed even harder against my clit and the fist toy was now buried deep up me, almost two-thirds of it disappearing up my gash.
"We are going to fuck you so hard, my darling. You're going to get fucked in every hole of yours and we're going to leave you drenched in our cum," Peter said to me as he stuck his tongue back in my ear kissing my face.
My orgasm slowly began to subside and the large toy was withdrawn from my pussy. My cunt was gaping wide open from the pounding it had taken from the very large fist shaped toy. Peter still had his tongue stuck deep in my ear as Stefan pulled on my tits very hard.
Without any warning the large toy was replaced by Helmut's old hand. He rubbed his fingers against my pussy lips to get them coated in my juice then simply slipped his whole hand up my gaping pussy. "Look at how easy this dirty slut is taking my fist," he announced to his friends.
Still standing with my legs wide and attached to the spreader bar, Helmut slowly began to fist fuck me in a standing position for a few minutes. On withdrawing his hand, it was coated in my cream which he forcefully ordered me to lick clean. I savored my own juices from his hand, sucking and licking his fingers clean.
"Time for some cock for you, my darling, Anna," Stefan said to me before planting a wet French kiss on my lips. Once more my mouth opened instinctively and our tongues smashed against each other.
The spreader bar was unfastened from my ankles and I was helped over to the settee on which Franz was now sitting sporting an erection. "Remove that butt plug from your ass," he ordered me. "My hard cock is going to replace it."
I obediently did as he instructed, slowly pulling the long butt plug from my asshole. "That's good, Anna. Now place that ass above my cock and get ready to take my full length."
I wanked his cock up and down once or twice then rubbed my pussy and then once again used my wet hand to wank his throbbing tool to coat it in my slime. I stood facing the rest of the men as I eased his knob head onto my bum hole. Once more I slowly slid down his length until his full length of hard cock was buried balls deep in my ass.
"Anna, you really are a dirty whore!" Peter said, smiling at me.
"I fucking am," I replied disgustingly. "Now someone get a cock up my well fucked cunt, because I want all my holes filled."
Peter didn't need telling twice as he placed himself in front of me as I leant back on Franz to give him access to my splayed fanny. He slid his cock length up and down my wet lips a few times before ramming it into me until he too was balls deep up me.
"Oh yes, double fuck the slut. Go on, really use her," Helmut was saying from the sidelines.
Peter began fucking me very hard whilst I slowly moved up and down the best I could on Franz's cock up my shit hole.
"Helmut, bring the bullet vibrator over to me please," Peter instructed.
With his cock pounding in it out of me and Franz throbbing away up my ass, the bullet vibrator was placed on my aching hard clit once more.
"Oh, fucking hell, that is amazing," I panted breathlessly as my clit began to throb with the intensity of the vibrations from this small bullet like toy.
Helmut and Stefan stood on the settee and whilst being double fucked I alternated by turning my head to lick the tip of their hard cocks and was eventually fed one of their cocks in my mouth. Whilst being fucked up my ass and my pussy, my mouth was now being used to.
While sucking on Helmut, Stefan was licking my ear and alternating between slapping my face with his hard cock as well.
I was now taking a really hard pounding from Peter who was fucking me in earnest. "Anna, your pussy is so wet and wide, my darling," he said, "You are absolutely soaking."
Stefan had moved to the side and had retrieved a white vibrator from the table. As Peter continued fucking me hard, Stefan slowly slid the white vibrator up my pussy alongside Peter's hard cock. My clit was still being stimulated by the bullet vibrator.
"Oh, my fucking God," I gasped. "Oh fuck, yes, yes."
"Aha! Now our dirty little slut is really full!" Stefan laughed in triumph.
I was moving the best I could up and down on Franz's hard cock up my ass, as I was being double penetrated up my cunny by a hard cock and now a whirring vibrator.
Helmut's cock was very deep in my mouth as I tried to tell the guys how much I was enjoying this. The sound coming from me was nothing more than a muffled gobble.
Stefan placed my hand on the vibrator, to allow me to keep fucking myself with it, and returned to standing on the settee slapping my face with his hard dick.
With Peter screwing me harder and harder I began using the vibrator in and out my pussy.
Helmut was commentating, "You dirty little married slut. Fuck your pussy whilst my friends fuck you up you're wide, gaping pussy and ass."
"Anna, my dear. I'm going to cum," Peter announced. He grabbed me the best he could around my thighs and began pistoning in and out of me very hard. My pussy juice was spraying all over my legs and Peter as I began to climax at the same time as he spunked a load, deep up my fanny.
"Oh, yes! Fucking fill me. Fill my cunt with your cum," I begged.
"I want you to cum all over my cock, you dirty married little whore," Peter said as he continued pumping in and out of me. I could feel his hot spurts jetting up inside me at the same time as I was climaxing.
"Now do not move that bullet vibrator from your clitoris, you little whore," I was ordered. With a few more thrusts he had finished emptying his balls up me and slowly withdrew his prick from my messy, sloppy well fucked hole.
"Keep using that vibrator up that cunt of yours as well," I was ordered.
Peter then swapped places with Stefan and I soon felt his stiff, thick cock nudging against my pussy lips. "Let me slide my cock up alongside that vibrator you little married tart."
I was now licking and sucking on Peter's cock, savoring both his cum and mine from his shaft, as Stefan eased his hard cock up alongside the vibrator.
"Oh God, yes. Fuck it hard. I want fucked really hard," I begged. "I want all your cocks up me and fucking using me hard, God, I feel so fucking dirty."
Franz then said, "I am about to spunk. I'm going to cum up your asshole, you dirty little bitch."
Stefan eased his thrusting to allow me to bounce up and down harder on Franz's cock as he began to empty his balls up my asshole. It was an incredible sensation feeling hot spurts of cum shooting up my bum at the same time as having a vibrator and a cock up my pussy. The clitoral stimulation was continuing from the vibrator pushed roughly against my rock-hard clit.
"I think I'm going to climax again," I gasped, my eyes rolling in my head.
"Oh, Anna my dear, you are still cumming, you dirty little bitch," Peter said to me. "You really are getting the hang of multi-orgasmic sensations."
Franz was seeding me deeply up my ass as Stefan began to pound me in earnest. "Take it you little whore. I'm going to cum as well," he said after several thrusts."I'm going to fuck your married cunt until I fill it with my cum, you dirty married little cum slut."
With Franz's cock now softening I eased myself off him, spunk running from my ass and he slipped out from underneath to me. He quickly replaced Peter in feeding me his cock to clean and I savored his cum and my ass juices from his shaft. The sight of me sucking on this cock, that had just been buried up my ass, had Stefan spunking up me almost immediately.
"You dirty little married fucking whore. That's it, suck my friend's cock clean after he's been up your ass."
With a mouthful of cock, I tried to garble that I would, and urged Stefan to fuck me hard and cum up me.
He was really pounding me very hard and with my legs spread wide, my left red high heel was now dangling off my foot with the ferocity of the pounding I was taking.
He shot his come deep inside me whilst the white vibrator and small bullet stimulator continued whirring away at me. After having unloaded what felt like several good sprays of cum up me, he withdrew his cock from me delighting in telling me that my pussy looked, "a fucking matted mess."
He then replaced Stefan standing up on the settee as Helmut positioned himself between my legs to start screwing me.
I withdrew the vibrator from my gaping snatch but kept going with the clit stimulation of the small bullet vibrator.
"I can hardly feel you," I said to Helmut as he slipped his cock up me.
"I know, my dear. Your pussy is so silky, so wide and so used," he said to me as he began fucking me.
I could hear the delightful sounds of slapping and sloshing as his cock plowed in and out of me and on looking at his cock and balls they were coated not only in my juice, but the spunk of two of his friends as well.
"Anna, my darling. You're a dirty married little hot slut," he said to me as he continued to fuck me hard.
"I am," I replied." I'm a married fucking cum slut and I want your cum alongside all of your friends, you dirty old bastard."
I was now being banged furiously and my high heel on my left foot gave up the ghost and fell off completely. The clamps on my tits began to shake loose from the movement and thrusting.

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