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Hi indian sex stories dot net readers,

This is my first story in indian sex stories dot net though I have been an ardent reader of ISS stories for nearly six years now. Well, I was waiting for my personal experience rather than posting some fantasy about some imaginary person.

So let’s start. I’m a 25 yr old male from south part of India, like most of our people I’m pretty addicted to sex and have had quite a few foreplay instances,moving over to the story this a about one of my girlfriends who was once a very conservative and orthodox female with whom I’m having fun nowadays.

Not mentioning names here, let’s call her Ash(not the celebrity). We both are working in a private concern and she is younger to me by 3 yrs. We met up for an event I’m our corporate, she was fresher that time. Skipping the first meeting stuff, she had a liking for me from day one but she is not too good looking and having a sexy figure and all…she is attractive, though lean she has bouncy boobs and man her ass is too good for her.

So somehow I also started talking to her and we liked each other as days passed. We became closer and I started my dirty talks which she didn’t like at the beginning, she was so conservative that she used to wear long chudis and little loose ones so people don’t stare at her and eye on her structure. So one day we were walking on the side paths of a park at late evening and giving the situation and surrounding I took a chance and pressed on boobs quickly and heavenly, she was startled by this act of mine and didn’t speak to me for few mins. Then she regained her senses and I asked sorry, she didn’t react much. After some time we sat near a bench outside the park, I was crazy at that time, people were passing by though very few I again took a chance and held her boobs, she bent forward covering her chest with a hands but I didn’t take hand and her few gentle and hard presses,then she forcefully removed my hand.
Next, we went for a small ride and on her way back I started touching her boobs, one hand holding the handlebar and the other hand in the back moving towards her boobs. As I was the first guy who touched her boobs (which she told later) she was going crazy and said she is feeling strange, then I dropped her at her house, we had few late night rides like this on weekends. One day I was boozing with my friend and was talking with Ash over the phone that time I got horny and called her over to my house as my parents have gone to visit my sister and I was alone, time was around 12 midnight, she was I night shift and she logs out at 1.

To my big surprise, she said yes, that moment itself manhood got erected 90 degrees.the clock struck 1 I took my bike and went to pick up Ash near my office, she was waiting for me near the front gate a bit nervous.

She sat on the bike, took her to my house, both were kind of nervous as we scrapped through without waking the Neighbours, we watched tv for few mins then I took her to my bedroom but she was reluctant to come, I dragged her in and we sat on my bed. Then I slowly started to undress her took off her T-shirt massaged her Boobs, then removed her bra forcefully, wow what a sight two beautiful lemons hanging, I started crushing them immediately madly. Slowly I started sucking her nipples and biting them, she didn’t allow me to go below hips nor removed her jeans so she was just topless, the first encounter went like this feeding on her boobs, crushing, biting, smooching. Then I dropped her at her house at 6 am, returned home, jacked off twice and slept…late Saturday evening got a call from Ash saying her nipples are burning hurting and boobs feel heavy, then I said I was drunk and since it was her first time she might feel that way.

We had two more encounters like this, when my parents weren’t home, on the fourth encounter I finally touched her pussy tough on her pants, she was tweaking with pleasure and stranger feelings then I slowing was humping her not really though, she was on top of me, kinda riding I took her topless pics which she dared to take but somehow I was successfull.on the 5th encounter I made unzipped her pants, didn’t remove fully and was massaging her vagaina but she didn’t allow my hands inside her underwear, I used this chance for my favourism and took her kept it on my penis on top of my boxer and guided her to stroke it gently, she didn’t know initially so presses it hard, I was under little pain then I taught her how to. Somehow I wanted to touch her bare pussy, bite her beautiful round ass, but she never allowed me.following these encounters I started asking for her topless selfies to which she was hesitant at first, but after much pleading and assurance she sent one but with her bra, I was disappointed as fuck and didn’t respond to her text properly, then she said she hasn’t done any of these stuff before and so was bit shy and awkward but I kept on insisting her and finally got her first topless pic, those two melons staring at me , what a view.

But she didn’t send it with her face, just her boobs.then I had to assurance her and asked for a pic with face else I don’t need because there are lots in Google itself..after much struggle she sent me few.
I have a close to 30+ pics of her topless pics and asking her for video but she said no to it.also, I had my latest encounter with Ash where I successfully touched and fingered her pussy and she held my penis and helped me to masturbate. I will explain all that in detail in my next story also about her pics to those who read this story and give feedbacks, suggestions at [email protected]

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