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Many years ago, my wife had to go to the UK for many months, and I stayed here, at that time the company I worked at as a sales rep, with 2 other mates, we often had to visit country towns for work, so we all had excuses to get away for the night, if needed, Well Dave, a Scottish, and Neil was Welsh, and the women loved their accents, so I left a key so they could use my house to meet them in.

I also had hooked up with a couple of ladies and often one of the guys would drop in while I was having fun too, most times they used the spare room, but Neil and Angie, were a bit different, after the first visit, Janet my girl was naked and walked into where they were playing and joined in, without asking, but they kept going, so I joined in too.

This became a fairly regular event, often the girls would get together too, while Neil and I rested, then Dave and his girl turned up one night while the 4 of us were going at it, and Dave was not surprised as we had told him about our 4 somes, but his lady, Pam was sure shocked, any way they stayed and went into the spare room, and we heard them going for it, they as before, Janet walked in and joined them, not giving Pam time to say no, the next thing we know is they return to the main bedroom and all 6 of us begin to fuck like rabbits, and in those days, it was all bare back, so each women got 2 or 3 loads of cum, and by them Neil and I was used to spit roasting a woman too,

Over the next few weeks, Janet was often at my place, and I began to finger her ass while we fucked, as first she wasn’t to keen but soon, as she had a huge orgasm with 3 fingers in her ass and my cock in her pussy, she gave up and let me finger fuck her ass, so when I got her really hot one day, I made sure I had lube handy, and slipped my cock in her ass, as first she didn’t like it, but I held tight and fucked her very slowly, when I felt her begin to relax and then push back, I moved and fucked her faster and deeper, within minutes she was moaning and really going wild, she was loving it now.

The next time Neil and Angie came over I told Janet to get ready for anal, at first she wasn’t keen, but I told her that I would only fuck her ass after we had fucked with the other’s, So after a good few hours fucking both girls, Janet was more than horny, so breaking my promise, I lubed my cock and fucked her ass, at first they didnt notice, but then, Angie let a wow, as she saw what I was doing, Janet kind of blushed, but a huge orgasm shot though her as she let loose, knowing now that she was being watched being ass fucked.

Neil watched with interest as my cock ploughed deep in Janet’s ass, Angie fingered her clit as she watched, then shocking Janet, I told Neil to try her ass, his cock was about the same size, so she would be ok, he looked at me funny, but then to my surprise Angie told him to fuck her, I moved back, as Neil moved in then more surprising Angie aimed his cock at Janet’s ass, as he slid in Janet let out a moan of delight, and he began to fuck her hard, then I slid under Janet, and told Neil to slow for the moment, and I pushed my cock into her pussy, Janet went wild, as we both fucked her now, Angie was fingering herself like mad hearing Janet going wild, orgasm after orgasm rang out.

Well Neil and I were both holding of, lucky it was our second cum, but of course we had to let fly, within seconds of one another we filled Janet with 2 loads of cum, Neil nearly fell over as he eased out of her well fucked ass.

As we lay resting, Angie was all questions asking about anal sex, Janet at first was a bit shy, but soon was telling Angie how at first she wasn’t into it, but after her first anal orgasm, loved it, so Angie was fingering her clit all the time, as another orgasm shot tho her body. I then told her how we clean ourselves before anal, so that its more fun, this also made her eyes wide, Janet being Janet said come on and took Angie to our ensuite, I told Neil what they would be doing.

Soon two very hot looking women returned, Angie very shy but also with a strange look in her eyes, Our cocks soon found 2 very wet and willing pussies, as we fucked them both, it was so hot watching the 2 girls kissing and going down on one another, often the girls would be doing a 69 as Neil and I fucked either pussy while they did, then out of the blue, Angie told Neil to finger fuck her ass, I handed him the lube and he slipped one then 2 fingers into her virgin ass, Angie letting us know she was ok with it, I turned Janet around, so Angie could see my cock slide into her ass.

This seemed to excite Angie, as she told Neil to fuck her ass, I watched her eyes go wide as Neil started in, then a loud groan and then Neil told us he was fully in, as Angie started to move with his cock now planted deep inside her, and it wasn’t long as loud orgasm rand out as Angie enjoyed her fist anal orgasm, we all fucked for some time, then Neil let out a loud noise as his first cumload shot deep into Angie’s ass, they both looked more than happy, but I knew what I wanted to do too.

As soon as Neil moved back, I went over and without saying a word slide my cock in her cum filled ass, Angie pushed back, as I began to fuck her hard no mercy my cock rock hard went deep, but I too couldn’t hold off, filling her ass with its second load.

This become a regular event now, with us all fucking any time we got together, both women more than happy for us to fuck them in any hole, and when Dave and Pam turned up things got even crazier, Janet not being shy soon got things going, so now us guys had three women to fuck in any hole, it was such a hot time for us all.

when Lyn retuned from the UK we all got into the fun, it was a great time for us all.