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Never could be called a scholar and left school as soon as I could, getting a job at a garage and then training to be a mechanic. Qualified I (23) was still working the same place, when one of my old teachers came in with car trouble. She was divorced and 47 and remembered me straight away, her car had problems and it would cost a lot to repair. Which wasn’t good news for her. But most of the cost was labor and I decided to do it on the weekend for her. I had nothing planned and not in a relationship either, so I turned up on the Saturday morning and worked on her car. She provided me lunch, with most of her problems fixed, but another found. I cleaned her car engine and found a crack in the oil pan. Usually, I would remove it and weld it and thus fix it. But that was at the garage, and she needed the car to go to and from school. I said I’ll get another from the local wreckers and replace it the following weekend. I got one fairly easily, the following Saturday I replaced it. Again, had lunch with her and she asked me why I done it for her, and I said I had a crush on her when at school. She guessed I had masturbated thinking of her, while was at school. She got a little horny and asked would I like to make my fantasy real. I thought for a while, a half a second at most and agreed. But I didn’t stop at one fuck and stayed overnight as well. Fucking her regularly for about year than she moved away to another job interstate. But I wasn’t left alone as I had started dating the daughter (22) of my boss.

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