Gail’s Gambles Ch. 01

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This is the first in a series about Gail who changes her life to better fulfil her desires and needs.
Just as I was approaching a climax, I sobered up a little; coming down from the alcohol-induced high to feel the cock inside me begin to swell as the guy fucking me approached his climax too.
"Wait!" I yelled, squeezing him tightly with the leg I had wrapped around him, "Not yet!"
He stopped thrusting, grunting with the effort of holding back. I tensed the muscles inside my vagina, gripping his cock. Along with the feel of the rough sea wall against my bum, It was just the extra stimulus I needed.
"Oh God. Oh God! OHHH GOOOOD! OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed as the most powerful orgasm I'd had for ages coursed through me. When I'd quietened down a little, I wrapped my arms around him more tightly and said,
"Ok, go ahead, hon. Have fun."
Dave (was that his name? I couldn't remember for sure) began thrusting again. I clung on to him, moving in time, matching his rhythm. There was no chance of me coming again; I wanted to get him finished off as quickly as possible because I was rapidly losing interest. Fortunately I felt his cock twitch a couple of times inside me. He grunted as he stopped thrusting. I kissed his ear quickly, "Alright, love?"
"Oh, yeah," he said huskily, "you're terrific."
He withdrew slowly, allowing me to put my leg down. I felt his semen ooze out of my pussy.
"Where are my pants?" I said a bit groggily.
"Er…you…er… threw them in the harbour, love," he said as he tucked his cock back into his trousers.
My memory came back then. It was a little vague, but mostly complete. After lots of shots of vodka, with Jackie, my closest friend, I'd selected a guy in the bar, walked up to him, put my arms around his neck and said slurrily, "So, you gonna buy me a drink then?"
"Sure. What would you like?" he'd replied confidently, looking me straight in the eye. I could see the spark of attraction there.
"How about a walk on the beach?"
"Is that a cocktail?"
"No, but it might involve a cock, if you play your cards right," I said, fully into slut mode. He smiled as he led me outside. I'd stopped to take off my knickers as we'd walked past the small harbour that formed the centre of my home town and slung them into the dark water. It wasn't the first time I'd done that; I suppose it was some sort of gesture showing what a free spirit I was. It also served to show whoever I was with that, yes, I really was available for fucking. No need for a meal or a drink, even. I always took them to the same spot, a stretch of beach about a hundred yards from the steps that led down from the promenade. I was usually pretty aroused by then, just from the anticipation. I undid my blouse and bra, hoiked up my skirt and leant against the rough stone wall with my legs apart.
"Come on, hon."
He smiled again, unzipped his trousers to pull his cock out, which he showed off by stroking a couple of times. It was a nice big one. His hand went between my legs, but I reached for his cock.
"No need for that, love. I'm ready." I guided him in. He pushed his full length in right away. I gasped, but accommodated him easily. He was a good fuck. He started off slowly, pulling almost all the way out, then thrusting fully in. He paused before repeating the motion. He increased his speed gradually until he was giving it all he'd got. I could feel every inch of him, and there were quite a few to feel, so it wasn't long before I was ready to explode. That's when I stopped him so I could concentrate fully on my orgasm.
"Come on, love. I'll walk you back," he was saying as I returned to the present, feeling slightly happier now I'd recalled the full encounter. In a sudden panic I said, "Where's my bag? I had a hand bag!"
"You left it with your friend. She's got it. It's ok."
I remembered. He was right, I'd given it to Jackie as I'd left the bar. She hadn't hooked up, which was unusual for her. We walked back to the steps in silence. I could still feel the effect of his cock inside me, and his sperm was beginning to run down my leg. It was a delicious feeling. I squeezed my vagina closed as I walked, feeling another gob of spunk drop out. At the top of the steps I saw Jackie on a bench not far away. I said goodbye to the guy with a quick kiss. He didn't linger. I walked over to Jackie beginning now to feel a little bad; a mixture of shame and guilt which I always felt after one of my slutty encounters. I'd felt like this many times before; it didn't usually last long. This was my first sexual adventure in two years, though, so perhaps that's why my reaction was different this time. After all, I was cheating on someone. Jackie was sitting looking slyly at me as I approached.
"So, marks out of ten?"
I shrugged, "Eight."
"Eight? But you came. I heard you yelling from up here!"
"Yeah. Only once though."
Jackie collapsed into giggles, "You're terrible! Good to see you again, though, hon. I've missed our nights out. Come on, let's get a taxi."

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