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Hi to all. Let me introduce to u all first. We are a married couple from a upper middle class family leaving happily all type of life, including sex. Me Amit 36 n wife is amrita 34. We have a very good friend. Who are also married and are happy with their life. We will say them as sanjay n sunita. They too were of same age group.

Our friend and we almost got married at a same time of year back 10 years. Say after 12 years of marriage me n my friend got bored with normal sex life so we decided to have some fun in our life. Sanjay and I decided to have group sex. But before that we decided to convince our wife also for it. When we told our wife about our plan they had readily accept the same as they were also got bored with life. One Sunday we all sat together and were chatting about routine things. Suddenly amrita my wife asked that when and where and how we all will have fun. Being good friends we all decided that next week end we would go to some remote location where ! We can stay for two days. But sunita put some questions.

She asked we do not want to enjoy once only, we want to enjoy our company for life time so we make some mutual understanding so that in future there is no problem with any other. We all asked what understanding? She told that her husband and I (amit) are always on tour, while our both wife are alone at home. Some time being alone is also boring and scary, every month for five days we both ladies are also on holiday (?). So, at any time there should be three of us present where other two can enjoy sex other then their partners. Say like amit can only enjoy sex with sunita in presence of amrita or sanjay. And amrita can only enjoy sex with sanjay only in presence of sunita or amit. We all like the idea and we have accepted the mutual understanding.

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Then we booked one apartment type hotel room on daman beach having two bedrooms with interconnect door, and also having king size bed’s and one li! Ving room too. There inside there was one small swimming pool with glass roof top and covered from all four side with stain glasses so that there is day light but one cannot see from outside about inside. Also there was one big bathroom with having family so were so huge to accommodate 4 to 6 people at a time. For your information my height is around 5.8 and amrita is around 5.6 and her other vitals is approx. 35c-25-34, nipple is about 2 inches round and pink in color and me rod is around 6/7 inches when hot. While sanjay’s height is 5.10 approx. And sunita is about 5.9 and her vitals is approx. 37d-26-39 nipple is about 3 inches round and light brown in color and sanjay’s rod is 7/8 inches long when hot. We all four are clean shaven at our pvt. We all are of wheatish in color with black hair and ladies with shoulder length long hair.

Saturday early morning we started from our city for daman. We reach there around 10 am in morning and checked in! With our luggage. Both ladies were surprised to see such a beautiful room with all such facilities. As soon as bell boy left the room they both locked the main room and just removed their clothes on a way to so were and started bathing together. On seeing this we both man too follow suit and remove our clothes and jump in shower. We both started teasing our own wife with water. And it all ended up with good sex there in standing position in middle of shower in front of each couple without and hesitation. Then after we dried our body and went to living room there we both men opened our drinks.

In the mean time both ladies kept their luggage proper in room and had smallest bikinis and panties on their body, they just passed near us for swimming pool. We followed them after empting our glasses in one sip. But they both disappear in pool room before we reach there. As soon as reach door of pool they both appear from back of door and pushed us in pool. Aaahhhhh but both got war! On partners and were shocked that they have done some thing wrong. But we both man also gave double shock to them by lip kissing them in pool in self. And this lasted for few more minutes. I (amit) was with sunita and sanjay was with amrita. We all started kissing, sucking, pressing body and explored all body of each other. And had sex on pool side for first time with other than wife as a sex partner. And in presence of each partner only. This lasted till 15 mts. Then we all again took shower and had clothes on body and went for lunch.

At around 2.30 pm we all went back to our room and we all sleep in one room with out and any cloths all in birthday suit on two beds. As all were tired of journey and also good sex and food too just had sleep in 5 mts. I was awake as some one was sucking my rod and it was slowly growing like banana, as I opened my eyes I was surprised to see that sunita was slowly sucking my rod and amrita too was sucking rod of sanj! Ay who was still in deep sleep, but he too was awaked in 1/2 mts. Both the ladies must have got up early and decided to wake us give surprise. We both too gave a good response to them by pampering their hair and head. When both rod were strong enough we ask them for going for 69 position but ladies gave us new idea, both man should sleep parallel to each other keeping some distance on opposite side i.e. One of man should have head on window side and other on should have leg on same side. Then both ladies also slept parallel to each of them with same position but amrita’s mouth was on my rod and her pussy was in mouth was with sanjay and sunita’s mouth was on sanjay’s rod and her pussy in my mouth. This went on for more that half hour and we explode in their mouth only and they too came many time in our mouth. After some foreplay we all again went to take shower there also we only had some foreplay and then got dried and had a cloths on and went for a little walk on b! Each.

On beach we had some beer and were sitting and playing with sand were we got some new friend kapil and kanta some 5/7 years older to us? We invited them for dinner as they too were guest of same hotel was we stayed. They accepted our invitation. We had a good dinner; in between dinner all three ladies had a some new plan for a card game. This we came to know only when we were leaving for our room. Amrita invited other couple for a card game at our room, and kanta accepted it with asking her husband. We all went to our room and in living room we removed all chair and table and sit on carpet for playing. Before game we decided that one who has lowest point in the game would have to remove one of his/her cloth. All has checked that all of us having equal no. Of cloth on body. In the first game itself kanta lost her one cloth, she removed her t-shirt for little viewing of her best assets. Next turn was of sanjay; he too removed his shirt first. Like that! It had going on for few more games where suddenly amrita lost all of her cloth and next was kapil to follow amrita. Seeing kakpil’s bushy hair in pvts both our wives raised her eye-brows and they stop playing game and sunita removed her remaining cloths and started touching and feeling rod of kapil, amrita too started kissing and sucking kapil’s rod. Seeing this kanta also removed her remain cloths and invited us to touch her body and feel her. We both friend accepted her invitation and started sucking her each nipple and were touching her pussy too. Her nipples were one of the biggest we have ever seen. Say it was around 2.5 inches in round and color was dark brown. Her body color was very fair can say pinkish with rose on her cheeks. At this age also she was heaving not that loose boobs as one has, it was not that firm more too loose. She was also heaving hairy jungle on her pussy.

This all went on for few more minutes. I first started sucking her pussy making w! Ay from her bushy jungle and she was sucking cock of sanjay. While amrita was also sucking cock of kapil and kapil was sucking pussy of sunita. After few moments kanta came in my mouth, she was shivering like nothing during her orgasm. Kanta caught my rod and she informed to insert in her pussy, while she was still sucking rod of sanjay. I started with slow thrust. Her pussy was also good and hot like some one has gone inside fire place. It was not very loose too. I was sleeping on my back and she was riding on me like horse. Few moments latter she caught sanjay’s rod and guided him in a back hole, I can see from face of sanjay that her hole was very tight so I put my finger in her pussy and lubricated it properly and inserted in her back hole and also rubbed it on sanjay’s rod. Sanjay again slowly inserted his rod in her back hole, first with slow thrust and then slowly increased his speed. In the mean time I was standstill and helping sanjay. As soon as sanjay got his rid him! I too started catching up tempo; it was like sanjay going in, my rod coming out. Sanjay coming out my rod going in. In between sanjay got hold of kanta’s boobs and started pressing like one make justice of orange, and kanta was screaming like nothing. She was so exited that she told us latter that she came at least 5/6 times in few mts. This was going on for more that ten mts. And sanjay and I both came at a same time. Offloading loads of cream inside her pussy and back hole. After that we all three where lying on floor like lazy dog.

While, amrita and sunita where still busy with kapil sucking and touching was still going on. We could see that kapil was good sucker too. Amrita helped kapil to lie down on floor and she climb up on kapil’s rod and she was riding on her like horse. Soon kapil called sunita and he was sucking her pussy while lying back. Both amrita and sunita where kissing each other and were pressing each other’s boobs. In ten mts. Amrita came 2/3! Times and then she exchanged places with sunita. Now sunita was riding on kapil’s rod and amrita’s pussy was been sucked by kapil, and both ladies were kissing each other. This again went of for 10/12 mts. Sunita came 4/5 times and amrita too came inside kapils mouth for 2 times. And, at last kapil came inside sunita offloading his cream. All three of them also where very tired and they all too lie down on floor. Say, around midnight all were awaked and went to their respective room for sleep.

In the early morning I got up early and started kissing amrita. And we had fun again, which was one of the best sex we had during our married life. We went to pool side and had a swimming too, and around 5 pm we left the hotel and started for our home. That day we all four rested and shared our experience only. Above experience have been written on our mutual understanding and confirmation has been taken by all of them.

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