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My girlfriend was 15, I’d just fucked her and we were walking back to her house. We passed some guys, who were taunting her and me, and talking about what a nice cunt she must be. I didn’t notice but as soon as we got near the park, the same 3 guys came out of no where and hit us both on the head. They dragged us both into the park and in some bushes, that were really thick, you couldn’t see through the during the daytime much less now at 10pm. I came too and my GF was still out of it. But she was naked. I tried to get up but couldn’t I was tied, and I was naked too. I started yelling at them not to fuck with her. The biggest one came over to me and told me they weren’t going to fuck her, they felt her pussy and found she’d already been fucked. Then my GF was coming around. She screamed, they hit her in the face, and dragged her over to me. She was scared asking what they were going to do to her.

“Nothing little hottie, we just want to watch a little that’s all” one said. “Watch what” I asked “This” the leader said. With that they hoisted my GF on top of me, spread her legs, and the shorter one massaged my cock till I got hard then he inserted it into her pussy. The leader gave orders “Now fuck him baby, fuck him like there’s no tomorrow, if he doesn’t cum again up that little hairy cunt, then we’re all gonna do it instead”. I just looked her in the eye and told her to do it. She sat up with my cock inside her and proceeded to fuck me. It took a while, the guys were all jacking their cocks while she was fucking me but then I came. They picked her up and put her pussy over my mouth and told her to push it all out, and I’d better not miss a drop, to swallow it all. My mouth was filling up with my own cum and I hated it. I swallowed one load, then there was more coming out. After it was over, they pulled her off and tied her legs so she couldn’t run just as they had mine tied. Her hands were already tied behind her as were mine. They laid her down next to me, moved her face so she looked at me. Then they turned me over on my stomach just like her. Her pretty ass sticking up so firm and nice. Then one of the guys laid on top of me. His cock had lotion or something on it, and he was sticking it at my butthole. “Don’t, don’t” I screamed as i moved to get away from it. All three of them punched my head, the short one gave me the scoop. “Look, one of you is getting fucked here we can all fuck her or we can all fuck you” With that I started screaming with the pain of a 9 inch cock going deep into my asshole. “Oh baby, no, no no” said my girlfriend. She was crying looking at my face all scunched up in paid from the big cock impaling me. He was humping me and kissing my neck and my cheek, trying to get to my mouth. “Yeah baby, that’s it, oh shit baby you have a tight cum tunnel, I’m going to be fucking you for a while” I tried to say “Please stop, don’t” and he retorted “OK guys, he doesn’t want to be a man and take the pain for his girl, let’s fuck the whore” Then I spoke up with his cock still but all the way inside my ass. “No, No, do me, I’ll do it as much as you want, let her go” I begged. “No man we’re not letting her go, she needs to see her man, the one who just fucked her become a sissy whore like her”.

After he was done the fat one jumped on me, he was shorter but thicker and stretched me out but it wasn’t as bad as that first one. Then the short one, while he was fucking me the leader moved my head away from my girl and told me to suck it. I had a cock pumping my ass and another in my mouth. I didn’t want him jabbing it all the way down my throat, so I sucked him off really well. He loved it and told my girl how good I was at sucking cock that I was now a three cock fuck machine.

It took another 90 minutes or so, I got fucked 7 times and got 2 loads in my mouth, though I did have to suck all of them. Cum was leaking out of my ass, down my balls to the ground. They untied my GF and ran off. She untied me, and kissed me, and looked at me like I was a leper, she’d tasted the cum from my mouth. She looked at my asshole, she said it was standing open about the size of a quarter and dripping with sperm. She had to look around for our clothes. She found her skirt, panties, bra and tee, then found my tee and shorts, no underpants. I was leaking so much cum I had to squat down, she turned away and could hear all the air passing with the cum. I could hear her crying. She told me it would get all over me, so she gave me her panties to wear under my shorts. I took her home, and I went home we vowed not to say anything to anyone about what happened. I told her I was glad that at least they didn’t rape her. Her answer “yeah”. That was it.

I didn’t call or text her for a few days, when I did, I got no answer. That turned into a week, then two. After a month I spotted her and went to ask her what was wrong. She said she didn’t want to see me anymore, that the only way to forget what happened was not to see each other anymore. A week after that a guy came up to me on the basketball court. I was alone, he asked if I wanted to play some 1 on 1. He was taller than me, but I agreed. Part way through the game, he was behind me and instead of blocking me, he grabbed my hips and pulled them to his. He was hard, I felt it through the thin material of his sports shorts. I turned around to ask what he was doing. Then his hand on my ass he said “That pretty ass feels as good as when I popped your cherry” I just stood up, I was stunned, it was the leader of the guys who raped me. “You raped me” I said very softly, “Yeah me and some others, you still seeing that girl?” I told him I wasn’t. “You know it doesn’t have to be rape, it can be really nice just the two of us sometime” he said, still holding me by the waist my ass pulled against his hard cock. “Lets go to my place, it’s all mine no room mates, it will be just the two of us and it won’t be that rough, you’ll see.” With that he reached in front and rubbed my cock “come on I’ll take care of you too, if you’re not seeing that girl it’s been a while huh? Nothing from her since that night? he asked “No, nothing” still in an almost whisper.

I followed him home, we got naked and I sucked his cock, he sucked mine and then he fucked me again. That was the first of three times that night.

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#Gay #Rape #Teen #Virgin