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Geek's BIG Break Ch 6
This is a work of fiction, written for fantasy purposes. It includes unrealistic sexual practices and fantasy situations. If you like your erotica more reality based, then pass on this series
All participants involved in sexual scenes are 18 years old or older.
Well, I apologize Lovelies. I know this chapter has been a long time coming. Life sometimes invades kind of like a pandemic. I've been under the weather and then after somewhat recovering, I couldn't find my muse to keep writing for a while. I hope you enjoy chapter six and show me forgiveness on the massive delay.
Chapter 1 Gio McLoed's older sister Fiona sees her brother's big fat cock, measures it and then sucks and fucks it, taking his virginity. Unknown to the two, his mother sees them and videotapes them to blackmail Geo into fucking her.
Chapter 2: Gio shows the Anderson Twins his Big Fat Cock and realizes his sister is right. He takes both twins as cum sluts. Tiffany willingly and Tara reluctantly. Then he humiliates them by having them make their Jock boyfriends watch them both fuck and suck him. Fiona gets informed she is also one of his sluts and after a token resistance even agrees to let him breed her. Then Gio gets two surprises, the first when Mister Anderson turns his daughters over to him, the second when his mother wants to know why he isn't fucking her.
Chapter 3: In which Gio's mom learns what she has to do to get her son's big fat cock. Then sucks and fucks him in the entranceway to their house. Begs her son to make her pregnant and is carried to bed completely satisfied. The next morning Gio straightens out some issues he caused, decided who to impregnate and who not to and tells his growing harem where they all will reside for the foreseeable future. The Twins and Gio arrive at school to face an angry Brock and Chris.
Chapter 4: In which Gio protects Tiffany and Tara from their exes and gets hauled to the office. We find out a secret about Gio and his hobby. He takes control of the Vice Principal and makes her his school time slut and forces her to find him women to relieve his pressure at school. Then he takes his mom in her office at works and they get caught in the act.
Chapter 5: In which Gio sends Tara home with Greg for a night of Daddy/Daughter Delight. Realizes he has to 'give' the Anderson Twins to the true love of their lives, their own Father. Then has to convince Fiona she is more to him than a convenient cum dump, but truly one of the loves of his life. All while dealing with school, his rising responsibilities as Master of a harem and figuring out who to sell his social media app too.
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Tiffany Anderson didn't know what to do. She'd left the room and gone and packed up to head home, like Gio told her, but she'd stopped by the door to the master bedroom to let someone know she was leaving so they could lock up behind her. There she had watched as Gio tenderly made love to his big sister Fiona. Tiffany was so conflicted, part of her wanted to obey Gio and run home and let her Dad know that she and Tara belonged to him and give herself to him in every way, just like the fantasy she and Tara shared for years. However, another part of her, a growing part, wanted to belong to this man, because that's what Gio was, a man. Where other guys in their school were boys, including most of the football staff, Gio was a man. More importantly, Gio was a gentleman. She watched as he made love to his sister, something she'd never seen before. A couple make love. Oh, she'd seen plenty of sex and lots of fucking, but what Fiona and Gio had just finished wasn't fucking. It was beautiful and something she wanted in her own life.
What confused her was that until yesterday she'd thought of Gio as beneath her. Then she'd seen his Big Fat Cock, and it had been lust that had driven her. He'd humiliated her, shamed her, and part of her had thrilled in submitting to him, but it was still just sex and fucking. Well not just sex, it was mind blowing, orgasmic sex; like she didn't know could really exist, but still just sex. Then this morning, he treated her and Tara less like possessions and more like valued members of his family. Not wanting them to suffer the stigma of being unwed teen mothers, he'd ordered them to get the morning-after pill and get on birth control. Not exactly what a master would do to a sex slave. Then after, when they'd gotten to school, standing up for the twins against Brock and Chris, even going so far as to physically fight the running backs to keep them from taking her and her sister by force. That's when things changed for Tiffany. She saw Gio differently. His willingness to risk being ridiculed worse if he lost and getting expelled if he won moved her heart. Then to use his sharp mind to figure out they had a secret desire for their father and pushing to make it happen. All that combined to make her not want to belong to anyone but Gio McLoed, but he'd sent her away and she didn't know what to do. Obey or beg to stay?
She wandered downstairs to see Mrs. McLoed in the kitchen making a cup of tea. "Tiffany dear, are you still here? What's wrong?"
One simple question set off the waterworks, and Tiffany poured out her heart to the older woman. Once it was all out there, Cecilia was holding the still crying younger woman. "Well, that puts a whole new spin on things, doesn't it? Can I make a suggestion?"
"Yes, Ma'am."
"Tonight, do what Gio told you to do. Go home, tell your Dad what Gio said, but also tell him how you feel."
Tiffany shook her head. "I don't want to upset him. I love Daddy, just not like Tara does. She wants to belong to Daddy. She always has. They have a special bond he and I don't have. I don't want to hurt his feelings by telling him I don't want to fuck him."
Cecilia pulled her into a hug and started rubbing her back. "Sweetie, your Dad loves you girls very much. If he knows you want to be with Gio, he'll send you back. He won't be upset unless you get hurt in all this. However, if you tell Gio how you feel, I think you'd be surprised that he'll accept you back. I love my son, but he's still figuring out how to become the man he is meant to be. He sent you home because he respects your Father and didn't want to get between you and Tara and your relationship with Greg."
"He doesn't have to love me. I know it's Abi, he loves."
Cecilia smiled and shook her head. "Sweetheart, tell me this; does your Daddy love you or Tara more?"
Tiffany frowned, she knew that Tara and her Dad had a special bond, but she never felt less loved by either of them. "Their bond is different, but I don't think he loves her any more or me any less. I think it's just a different love."
The older woman, Gio's mother and one of his lovers nodded. "Exactly, just like Gio is upstairs explaining to his sister, anyone can love more than one person. Gio loves me as his mother and now as a lover, just like he loves his sister as his sister and a lover. Does he love you yet? No, but I see what he doesn't; what you don't. He let you go tonight because he's in danger of falling in love with you, and he didn't want to stand in the way of what he thinks you want. A love with your father."
The younger woman's heart jumped in her chest at that thought. "I'm so close to falling head over heels for him, Mrs. McLoed."
Cecilia smiled. "Honey, you've licked Gio's cum out of my pussy and had my face buried in your sweet cunt too, it's okay to call me Cecilia." She pulled the girl onto her lap and held her like she was one of her children. "Go home tonight, like Gio asked. Tell you father what he said and tell him and Tara what you want. Then when your father releases you, make Gio see the truth; that you want him. That you belong to him. You know he plans to go to work out in the morning, Fiona will make sure of it. Come early and wake him like only a lover can. Tell him what you want and see what happens. I promise you he won't turn you down, and if he does, we'll just keep working at him until he sees the truth."
Tiffany nodded and then kissing Cecilia "Thank you Cecilia. I don't remember ever talking to my mother about things like this, but it's nice having an older woman to talk to."
"Well, since Gio is using your father as a male role model and mentor, you girls should come to me anytime you want some womanly advice."
Tiffany tried to follow Cecilia's advice and had been partially successful, she made it as far as the drivers seat in her little mini cooper but when she tried to put the key in the ignition and drive away she just couldn't bring herself to do it. She sat in her dark car and wept. The pain in her heart from being forced to leave her master too much for her confused heart to take.
Greg Anderson was in incest heaven. His tight outgoing cheerleader daughter had cum so hard on his cock she was still unconscious from the fucking they'd just finished. He sat in the armchair facing his bed and just watched as his cum leaked out of his daughter's perfect pussy. He really wanted to keep her, but the reality of the situation was setting in. There was no way to keep her and her twin sister safe while they were at school. The only two solutions were to pull them out and let them finish their senior year home-schooled or send Tara back to Gio tomorrow, take his night with Tiffany and let them go for good.
Despite the temptation to keep them and breed them, he wasn't known for making stupid decisions. Yet deep inside, if he was honest, he wanted to keep his Princess. He loved both of his daughters, but he and Tara had always had a special relationship, and he missed her once she'd hooked up with Chris Barrows and quit spending time with him. Knowing now that they had forced her to do so ate him up with anger and guilt. What he'd learned tonight about the football staff and boosters made him boil. He knew before the school year was done he'd see each, and every one of them pay for using his Princess and his other daughter as well.
"You're thinking too much, Daddy." He looked up into the not so innocent eyes of his daughter. "You are supposed to be fucking me tonight, Daddy. Why are you way over there? Come get in bed with me so I can get your Daddy Dick ready for you to really fuck me."
Greg stood and growled. "You don't know what you're asking, Tara. I'm a real man. I'm not sure you can handle me really fucking you, Princess."
She bit her lower lip. "Only one way to find out Daddy, come here and let me suck my Daddy's Dick until he is good and hard and ready to fuck me like the horny little slut, I am for him."
Greg couldn't help himself as he came to the bed where his daughter was stretched out. When he got close enough, she turned and took his quickly hardening cock into her mouth and sucked and licked the combination of his and her cum off his dick, quickly causing him to go from semi aroused to hard enough to crack diamonds. Her lips dragging over the shaft of his cock while her tongue kept running around the sensitive tip, dragging grunts and groans out of his mouth, and making his cock feel like it was in a warm wet massage unit. He watched as her head bobbed up and down, taking more and more of him deeper and deeper into her throat. Greg suddenly pulled out of her mouth and flipped her, so she was now facing away from him. He rolled her over and pushed her face down into his bed. Then pulling her ass into the air he ran his newly hardened dick up and down her slit gathering her wetness and getting his cock good and sloppy before driving deep into her freshly fuck cunt filling her again and slamming over and over into her forbidden pussy. He listened as she screamed, as she came repeatedly. Driving deeper and deeper into her until he was pushing on her cervix and threatening to do exactly what he'd told her he'd do: fill her womb with his seed and plant a child in his own eighteen-year-old daughter's womb. "YES DADDY, CUM IN ME! GIVE ME YOUR BABY! I WANT IT! I NEED IT! GIVE ME A BABY, DADDY, MAKE ME YOUR PRINCESS BREEDING SLUT! FILL MY NEEDY PUSSY WITH YOUR DADDY CUM. I NEED YOU TO GIVE ME YOUR BABY!" Tara was slamming her cunt back against his thrusting cock harder and harder. Constantly begging him to cum inside her. He felt her pussy tighten on his hard thrusting dick, milking him for everything as her screams changed from begging for his baby to "FUCK ME, I'M CUMMING! CUMMING ON MY DADDY'S DICK, CUMMING FROM DADDY FUCKING HIS BABY IN ME! SO GOOD! SO VERY GOOD! YES DADDY!!! FUCK I'M CUMMING AGAIN! YOU FUCK ME SO GOOD DADDY, NOW CUM FOR ME. FILL MY CUNT! FILL THE PUSSY YOU MADE JUST FOR YOU DADDY! MAKE ME YOURS AND GIVE ME WHAT I WANT!" She looked back over her shoulder and reached back a hand and rubbed his face. "Stop fighting it, Daddy! I know you want me! I know you want to own me, to fill me UP, to watch me grow big with my Daddy's baby! Just give in." Her cunt tightened and started convulsing around him as she came yet again. She bit her lip before her mouth opened and she screamed, "OH DADDY!! CUMMING!" Then she looked him in the eyes again and he could see her true want as she whispered. "Make me yours, fill me with your baby. I'll make you a Daddy again, just let yourself go."
Something in him snapped, and his logic fled. She wanted to have his baby and somehow; she knew that he wanted to watch his teenage daughter grow round with his child. He felt his control slip as he pounded her into the bed until his cock exploded with the biggest load he'd ever had, spraying rope after rope of his seed straight into her waiting womb. Coating her insides with his seed as it sought the egg that would make him a father again and as he lay beside his daughter trying to recover; Greg knew. Tara would stay with him and he'd fuck her every chance he got. He'd fill her eager pussy until she was pregnant with his child. He'd watch as her body changed, and his child grew inside her. Once that one was born, he'd fill her again until she gave him all the children they both wanted. Logic be damned.
As they lay together just trying to recover from the second round of fucking. Tara sat up quickly. "Oh, Daddy! Get dressed we need to go get Tiffany!"
Greg sat up and saw tears running down his daughter's cheeks. "What's wrong, Tara?"
She looked at him and held her hand over her stomach. "It's Tiffany Daddy! She's in Gio's driveway and she's crying so hard she can't see, and her heart and belly are hurting because she is so very sad Daddy. She needs us."
They quickly dressed and piled into Greg's Mercedes SUV and drove back to the McLeod home where they could plainly see Tiffany in the driver's seat of her little car, weeping.
Tara jumped out of the SUV and ran over and wrapped her arms around her sister, who turned into her and started weeping even harder. The two of them slipping into the twin language they'd used all their lives. Greg waited until Tara got Tiffany calmed down, and then he knelt down beside her. "What's wrong, Sweet Girl? Why are you sitting out here crying?"
She looked at him, and Greg could feel the heartache radiating off his daughter. "Gio sent me home, Daddy. He told me that Tara and I don't belong to him anymore. We belong to you, that we should have always belonged to you."
Greg's cock sprung hard at that declaration, then quickly died as he realized that wasn't what his other daughter wanted. "And you don't want to belong to me, do you?"
Tiffany cried again, clinging to her twin. "I'm sorry, Daddy! I thought I wanted to be yours, but I think I love him. I know I need him but he… he… he doesn't want me." Then she started weeping again. Greg cursed Gio for a fool, then scooped his sobbing child into his arms and carried her to the SUV. "Oh Tiffany, that's not true, he's just trying to live up to being the man his mother raised him to be. Think about it. You and your sister and friends have been nothing but nasty to him. Yet once he claimed you yesterday, he's stood up for you, fought for you, even risked his scholarship by getting almost expelled to keep you and Tara safe today. Tonight, he realized you and Tara had a desire and he did what he thought would allow you to fulfill it. Now he's just confused desire and fantasy, with love and devotion. He's trying to give us all what we want. If he knows you want to belong to him and that I'm fine with you belonging to him, then he'll take you back. We just have to make him see what you want. That is what you want, isn't it? To be Gio's or are you talking about someone else."
"There is no one else, Daddy. I want Gio to take me back. I belong to him, he is my master."
"Then you must obey him, honey. What did he tell you to do?
"To come home and tell you we belong to you now. That he is giving us back to you. He'll pretend that we are his at school but only to keep us safe."
"Then if he is your true master, you had better obey him. Hadn't you?"
"Yes, Daddy."
They piled in the SUV, leaving the girl's little car back in the McLeod's driveway. Once home Tara got Tiffany into their room, into bed and asleep; then snuck back into her Daddy's bed. "Daddy, what are we going to do? Tiffany wants to belong to Gio, and I want to belong to you?"
"You let Daddy worry about that, Princess. I promise you; I'll get everything straightened out for you and Tiffany. Now get some sleep and trust Daddy to make everything right."
Tara snuggled up to her Daddy and pressed her barely covered ass against his semi hard cock and pulled his arm over her, snuggling his hand between her breasts and dropped asleep quickly. Greg lay there for a while just thinking over how his life was changing again. Yes, he'd watched his daughters grow into beautiful young women and a part of him wanted to own them, but he'd never thought it would happen. Now one wanted nothing more than to be his breeding slut, and the other wanted the geek she'd made fun of for years.
He knew what to do about Tara; it was easy. She wanted to stay with him, and he'd let her. She wanted his child, and he'd already pumped several loads of his still fertile sperm into her, and he'd continue to do so until she had what she wanted. He'd even look into changing her to the online version of the school for the rest of the year. Obviously, if she wanted college and cheerleading, he would make sure that happened. They needed to sit down and have a conversation about what she really wanted.
Tiffany, however, was another story. It was easy to see what she wanted. She'd made it very plain tonight she wanted Gio. Was she in love with the young man who'd impressed Greg with his fledgling Alpha male tendencies and kind heart? Greg wasn't sure it was love yet, but he could see that it was a very serious infatuation. It was obvious his daughter was a naturally submissive woman. That she'd been submissive to the coaches at school and the football player who'd picked her had been obvious to Greg. But more obvious was how quickly she had submitted to Gio. From the talk with the girls and he had earlier, it was Tiffany who'd first submitted to Gio. She had done so with little or no resistance. Tara had taken about half an hour longer, and only after she heard her sister screaming in pleasure. All it had taken was one look at Gio's monster cock and a single command for his younger twin daughter to submit to Gio, proving to Greg that she was a naturally submissive personality. It was probably good that she has a strong yet caring dominant personality, and that was Gio, or at least he was growing into one.

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