Geek’s BIG Break Ch. 07

tagIncest/TabooGeek's BIG Break Ch. 07

Geek's Big Break Pt. 7
This is a work of fiction, written for fantasy purposes. It includes unrealistic sexual practices and fantasy situations. If you like your erotica more reality based, then pass on this series
All participants involved in sexual scenes are 18 years old or older.
Thanks so much Lovelies for your wonderful feedback and suggestions on Gio and company. I hope I'm doing you all right in this chapter moving in a direction you continue to enjoy. Don't forget to make this part a favorite and rate it. As always I appreciate your comments and feedback.
IF you haven't read the first six parts I'd do that first. Here's a short overlook of parts 1-6:
Chapter 1 Gio McLoed's older sister Fiona sees her brother's big fat cock, measures it and then sucks and fucks it, taking his virginity. Unknown to the two, his mother sees them and videotapes them to blackmail Geo into fucking her.
Chapter 2: Gio shows the Anderson Twins his Big Fat Cock and realizes his sister is right. He takes both twins as cum sluts. Tiffany willingly and Tara reluctantly. Then he humiliates them by having them make their Jock boyfriends watch them both fuck and suck him. Fiona gets informed she is also one of his sluts and after a token resistance even agrees to let him breed her. Then Gio gets two surprises, the first when Mister Anderson turns his daughters over to him, the second when his mother wants to know why he isn't fucking her.
Chapter 3: In which Gio's mom learns what she has to do to get her son's big fat cock. Then sucks and fucks him in the entranceway to their house. Begs her son to make her pregnant and is carried to bed completely satisfied. The next morning Gio straightens out some issues he caused, decided who to impregnate and who not to and tells his growing harem where they all will reside for the foreseeable future. The Twins and Gio arrive at school to face an angry Brock and Chris.
Chapter 4: In which Gio protects Tiffany and Tara from their exes and gets hauled to the office. We find out a secret about Gio and his hobby. He takes control of the Vice Principal and makes her his school time slut and forces her to find him women to relieve his pressure at school. Then he takes his mom in her office at works and they get caught in the act.
Chapter 5: In which Gio sends Tara home with Greg for a night of Daddy/Daughter Delight. Realizes he has to 'give' the Anderson Twins to the true love of their lives, their own Father. Then has to convince Fiona she is more to him than a convenient cum dump, but truly one of the loves of his life. All while dealing with school, his rising responsibilities as Master of a harem and figuring out who to sell his social media app too.
Chapter 6: Tiffany decides she wants to belong to Gio but he's sent her back to her Dad with Tara who wants to be Daddy's Breeding Princess.
Gio continues to try to impregnate his mom. She arranges for Gio to get a Financial Valuation done on his Clicktalk app. Gio meets a new girl, and is given a dressing down by Greg Anderson for the way he handled Tiffany and Tara. He also gets a loaner bike while his is being fixed and meets the Tailor who promises him custom fit clothes befitting a young adult.
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On the way home to meet with Tiffany, Gio swung by the bank and moved half his savings account into his checking to cover the cost of the Valuation and a few other things he needs to pick up. Things that included getting a few thousand out in cash to buy some gifts for his girls. As he came out of the bank, he saw a shop he'd always wanted to visit but never had the guts to before. But he just knew they would have some items he wanted to purchase for the girls. He headed across the street to see if they had what he was looking for. He also figured they could tell him the best resources for learning more about the Dominant/submissive lifestyle or where to get those resources.
As Gio entered the store he almost laughed at the voice used instead of a bell to alert the sales staff of a new customer, "Spank me Master" came the sultry recorded voice. Followed by the smokey voice of an older woman "Welcome to the Pink Cherry can I help you find something?"
The woman sitting behind the counter surprised Gio. It was obvious she had been a looker in her younger years because the woman was still stunning, even if she was about his grandmother's age. "Yes, ma'am. I need a few different things and I'm hoping I've come to the right place."
The silver-haired beauty smiled. "Oh, honey, if it's something naughty you're looking for, then you most definitely are in the right place. But I surely hope just walking in my door hasn't made you cum." She winked. "Why don't you tell me what you're looking for?"
Gio blushed while he had become more outgoing: it was still slightly embarrassing to be asking an older woman about sexual gifts. "I'm kinda new to all this and I need some help training my umm…" He lowered his voice as he stepped closer to the counter, looking around to make sure they were alone. "Umm… slave. Also, I need to find something that says umm… my special girls belong to me alone."
"I can give you some online sites that can help you learn how to train your slave and help you become a better master. As for your girls, for your slave, a collar is just the thing. For your other girls you could go with the slave collar or a special necklace, a tattoo if you want something more permanent. How many girls total are we talking about here, Stud?"
"Umm… three for now."
"Three for now! Meaning you plan on having more than three, eventually. My, you must be something special to have three girls willing to share you."
Gio blushed and smiled. "Collar's sound perfect and they seem to think I'm special."
"And polite, too. Not something I see a lot of these days. Now tell me are you looking for collar wise leather, lace, semi-precious or precious metal?"
"Not leather too bondage like. I like them obeying, but I don't want to do a lot of bondage stuff. I'm looking for something that they can wear all the time so either semi precious or precious metal?"
"So, are these girls classy, sporty, or maybe at your age, gothic?"
Gio laughed. "Well, one of them is forty and then the other two are more classy than sporty. Well, that's not completely true one of them is a cheerleader."
That stopped the older sales clerk in her track. "You've scored a Cougar, a cheerleader and all three classy? Honey, you must be something really special!"
Gio shook his head. "Not really, just umm a bit bigger than normal."
"How much is a bit sweetie?"
"Umm almost fourteen inches."
"Holy Shit,, Honey that's more than a bit bigger. That's a pussy destroyer!"
Gio laughed. "I've never heard it called that before."
"Sweetie, a cock that big means you'll be back here often. I bet you'll end up with a whole harem of willing sluts. Any female who gets a look will want to try that thing out. I might give you a discount if you'd give old Cherry a ride on that flagpole."
Gio blushed. "You seem to be a cougar yourself Cherry."
"You got no idea. However, I'm not submissive, and you look more dominate than I could handle."
The older lady laughed. "I might be a take charge kinda woman, but for fourteen inches I might give up control for a ride or three."
"Well, I'm on a bit of a time crunch right now, but maybe next time."
"If you are in a hurry, let me get you that information on the online training sights. It has both articles and illustrations for Dominate Masters and training articles for submissive slaves too. Then lets go look at the collars I have in stock. I personally would suggest two for each of your women. A classic precious metal with a tag for daytime and a soft lace one for bedtime unless you want them to take the collar off at bedtime."
Gio shook his head "I want them collared all the time for now. So I think I agree precious metal for daytime and lace for bedtime."
Cherry handed him a business card with the store's info on the front and a couple of different websites written on the back. "Those sites should help. The top one has actual articles for creating better Dominants and training submissives. The second one is Literotica and concentrate on the BDSM stories a lot of them are about Master/submissive tales that should not only help you learn about the lifestyle but inspire you as well. Now let's look at some Collars and other stuff I think you might like for training your girls."
Twenty minutes later Gio was taking several bags off the counter and Cherry was thanking him for shopping at the Pink Cherry. "Gio Sweetie, you come back anytime but make sure you have time for me to try out that Pussy Pounder in your pants when you get here."
"I'll come when I can spend some time with you Cherry but you better have a replacement worker on standby. After all, I might just break you."
Cherry was still giggling as he left the store.
Gio arrived at home to see Tiffany sitting in her car in the drive. As he pulled up and got off the loaner bike, she climbed out of her car to meet him. "Hello Tiffany. I think we need to talk. Why don't you come inside and lets get some things cleared up okay?"
She looked into Gio's eyes and he could see that she was scared and sad at the same time. "I think if you come and talk with me, we can fix whatever is upsetting you. I hate to see a beauty like you so upset."
"Okay, Gio."
He opened the door and directed her in. "Go down to the game room and I'll meet you there in a minute I have some things I need to get out of my saddlebags off the bike."
He watched as she went down the stairs, his eyes locked on her ass in the tight jeans she had on. If she really wanted to belong to him, he was going to enjoy peeling her out of those pants and fucking her into submission. But first he needed to bring in the purchases he had made at the Pink Cherry.
Gio grabbed the bags with the outfits he bought for Tiffany. He had called Tara and gotten the sizes. There was a 'Naughty School girl outfit' that had a white collared, no button, tie up cap sleeved shirt that tied right at the bottom of her 36D breasts. A red plaid micro mini skirt with soft white lace trim and elastic waist band that barely covered her pussy and ass when she was standing up. White removable garters and thigh high silk stockings and 4inch black fuckme heels completed the "company is coming outfit. For upstairs and regular homeware was a baby blue sheer belted cover up along with pastel blue garters and thigh high silk stockings that would bring out the color of her eyes. Gio took both of them up to his old room and laid the school girl outfit in on the bed while hanging the upstairs outfit in the closet. After all, he was expecting Mrs. Long later that evening. He hung a matching outfit only in sheer emerald green in Fiona's closet and an identical School girl outfit only in emerald green plaid on the bed in her room. He also laid a Naughty secretary outfit on the bed for his mother. It was like the School girl outfit only in black with white pinstripes. The garters and thigh high silk stockings were in black and the shoes were grey. Her upstairs outfit was sheer white silk. Then he took the bag with the collars and tags down to the game room where he saw Tiffany sitting on the love seat. Gio walked in and sat on the couch across from her and sat the paper bag with the collars on the end table beside him. "Let me start Tiffany by apologizing to you. I'm sorry for sending you home last night. Your father told me that wasn't right, nor was it what you wanted. I'm still learning how to be an excellent master, and I thought I was doing the right thing. Will you forgive me for not asking you what you wanted before I kicked you out?"
Tiffany had tears running down her face. "Do you mean it, Gio? Are you really sorry you sent me away?"
He nodded. "Yes, I really am sorry. Your father reminded me I promised him I would take you and your sister in hand and train you properly. He also reminded me I had told you and Tara that I would protect and provided for you. I didn't do either last night. I made and assumption based on what I thought was the right thing. But I should have asked you what you wanted. So I'm going to ask that now."
He walked over and wiped Tiffany's tears away. "What do you want, Tiffany? Do you want to go home and belong to your Daddy or do you want to stay here and belong to me? Let me make it plain what that means if you choose to stay here. If you choose to belong to me, then I will own you. I will require you to give yourself, and I mean all of yourself, to me. All of your body, your heart, and your thoughts will belong to me. I will be your master and you will be my submissive sex slave. You will wear what I tell you too. Obey my every command and willingly give yourself to me sexually. I will use any part of you at any time and in any way that I want without your complaint. Do you understand that?"
Tiffany smiled and nodded. "Yes, sir."
"I will also train you to be my submissive sex slave. It will be my job to train you and then to make sure that I meet your needs. It will be your job to learn what I teach you and to see that you fulfill my every desire. So I want you to think about what you want. I'm going to go upstairs and get myself a drink and if you want to stay and give yourself to me, then you are to go upstairs to my old bedroom and put on the outfit laying on the bed. You are only to wear what is on the bed, nothing else. Then you will come back here and kneel sitting on your lower legs and feet with your legs spread so I can see your pussy with your hair in a ponytail and your hands will be behind your head with your elbows spread like your legs." Gio knelt and showed her the proper pose. "If you do that, then you are saying you belong to me. By wearing my outfit and assuming the pose, you are giving yourself to me as my totally submissive sex slave. If you don't come back down in fifteen minutes and take that pose, then I will assume you went home to your dad and sister."
Gio went upstairs and into the kitchen where he got himself a tall glass of lemonade left over from their cajun chicken order the night before and then went back into the game room. In ten minutes he heard Tiffany coming down the stairs and watched as she appeared in the school girl costume. She walked over and knelt in the middle of the room, her upper legs and ass sitting on her lower legs and those black fuckme heels. Her hair was in a ponytail and her breast were thrust out by the way her hands were behind her head. Her legs were spread and Gio could get just a peek at her bald pussy from under the short skirt. She was every man's wet dream come to life. Gio looked at her, then stood and walked over, holding the plain brown bag in his hand. He sat it on the floor beside him and then looked Tiffany in the eye. "You are sure, Tiffany? This is what you want to belong to me? To be my submissive sex slave?"
She nodded and couldn't hide the smile on her face. "Oh yes Gio, more than anything."
He stepped closer. "You're sure because once I finish this today, there isn't any going back. Your training will start tonight and it will not be fun at times. You will learn to obey me and even to anticipate my every want and desire. I won't let you go and I won't release you. If you defy me, I will punish you and not in a sexy, fun way. So be very, very sure this is what you want."
"I am sure, Master. Your submissive sex slave, that's what I want to be. I need to belong to you. Already I belong to you. I just need you to make me yours and only yours."
Gio reached into the bag and pulled out a 24 carat gold collar engraved with a vine pattern with small red garnet hearts running around it. He also pulled out a brass heart shaped lock engraved with the tag 'Gio's sex slave' on it. He showed them both to Tiffany. "This is your last chance, Tiffany, to walk away. If you ask me to put my collar and lock on you, then you belong to me. I will be your master and you will be my willing sex slave. I will own your mouth, your tits, your pretty little bald pussy and your sexy pink ass and I will fuck them all whenever I want. If that's what you want, then ask your master to lock his collar around your submissive sex slave neck."
Tiffany's smile grew and tears ran down her face. "Please master, please lock your collar around this slave's neck. Use me, own me, please. Teach me how to please you in every way. Please, master, I can't stand not to belong to you. Please own me."
Gio slipped the collar around her neck but before he put the lock on he looked her in the eye one more time. "I want to make sure you understand once I lock this collar on you it won't come off. You will wear it every hour you are awake. I have a soft one that you will wear when we go to sleep. But this one you will wear everywhere. In public, at school, everywhere you go, people will see that you are my sex slave. You will not cover it up is that understood?"
Tiffany shivered in delight, and Gio could smell her arousal. "Yes, Master, I understand."
Gio put the lock through the collar and said. "Then Tiffany, I accept you as my submissive sex slave. From this moment on, you belong to me. I own your body, I own your orgasms, I own your heart and I own your mind. My will is your commands to obey. My desires yours to fulfill. I am your Master and you are mine." He clicked the lock in place and put the key on his key chain. "You may put your arms down now put them behind your back. I have some articles for you to read online in a bit, but right now you need to suck my cock so I can mark you as mine."
"Yes, Master." Tiffany put her arms behind her back, and Gio dropped his pants and boxer briefs. His cock stood up with the relief of being set free. Tiffany started licking and kissing her way up his cock. When she reached his tip, she opened her mouth and sank down, taking him as deep as she could, gagging on his growing cock. She wrapped her lips around his shaft and moved up and down as deep as she could go without swallowing all the way up to the head of his cock, sucking as she came up and running her tongue around his cock head before sinking back down again. Slowly at first, but with increasing pressure and speed until she was literally gagging and swallowing him with every stroke. Tears running down her face with the effort of her mouth drooling all over his shaft. Gio placed his hands on top of her head just resting them on her hair, not pushing at all. "That's a good girl Tiffany suck your master's cock. Show me how much you want to belong to me. Make me cum so I can coat your face and collar anointing you as my submissive slut."
She moaned and went even faster, moaning and gagging. Trying to bring his cum out of his big fat cock. As she worshipped his Big Fat Cock, she knew her life had changed. She knew she was his, that he owned her. She hoped he wouldn't stop until he had taken her pussy and her ass, making her completely his in every way. This was what she wanted. This was what she needed, her Master using her, owning her, in his own way showing her she was loved and cherished.
Gio couldn't take much more, he could feel his sperm churning in his balls and he knew he was going to explode and cover her face and neck and the tops of her tits in his cum. Then he was going to have her rub it in while he fucked her pussy and ass. He'd pull out and cum on her bald pussy and then her luscious ass too. Hopefully, he had enough time to do all that before Mrs. Long arrived to talk about the offers the social media companies had made him and advised him on how to word his counter offers. When he couldn't hold his orgasm off any longer, Gio pulled out of her mouth just as the first rope of his cum blasted out of his dick. He aimed it at her face, covering her cheeks and mouth and then her neck. He watched as the last two shots splattered across the tops of her firm tits. "Tiffany, I want you to rub my cum into your neck and face and tits. Then you will turn, lift your ass up in the air and put your arms on the floor out in front of you with your head on your hands."

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