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Hello to all I am satish here and am posting my one experience I had with my neighbor. I was on official work in Bangalore and my company had arranged a flat for me to stay. It was on the top floor with access to the terrace. My neighbors were a Bengali family . They were friendly to me and on festivals they would give me sweets etc.

Geeta was a very good looking lady of 32 yrs with firm breasts and buttocks. I would sleep on the terrace as it was summer at that time. It was a Saturday evening and as usual I had gone to the terrace to sleep. After some time someone came up the terrace I saw it was geeta, she came near me and started talking, I offered her to sit on the bed and I was sitting on the step , she started telling me about her family and her husband and mother in law was always shouting at her and he was older than her by about 12 yrs and was a scientist of some sort . She told me to come and sit on the bed why on the step and I agreed and sat at the other side of the bed . She was wearing a yellow saree and a black blouse loose hair and was looking very sexy . I always wanted to have her but was afraid to ask her . I was thinking maybe today is the day, then she casually patted her left side of the bed and told me to sit here, wow I was so thrilled I went there immediately she started to cry and put her head to my shoulders , I was pacifying her not to cry and lifted her face cleaned her tears and gave her a slight kiss on her lips , she looked at me and said please take me today I always wanted to have you from the time I saw a the first time.

I embraced her to me and started kissing her she returned my kiss by pushing her tongue in my mouth I was sucking it and my hands started to go to her breasts and was kneading them slowly and steadily , she was pressing me to her more tightly and kissing me hard , slowly I slipped my hand to her tummy and felt her raw skin she shuddered to my touch , and was moaning in pleasure , her hand slowly went down to my dick and was pressing it was getting excited and hard I slowly moved my hand down to her legs and lifted her sari to her thighs and was feeling her buttocks , wow that was great a dream come true, she broke from kissing and took off my shirt and started to kiss my chest and nipples I pressed her to me hard, “yes yesssssss geeta slowwwwwly” , her hand went inside my shorts , I was naked there and she was still playing with my dick , it was so lovely , my hands started to go to her pussy and started to rub her slit she was moaning in pleasure and moved away from me holding my hand to her pussy closed her eyes and was enjoying it , I put my hand now inside her panties and was fingering her clit and slit she was moving her hips to my massage there, ‘yesss satish don’t stopppppppppppppppp feels sssssooooooooooo good, yes yes ahhhhhhhh there thereeeeeee”, I was slowly finger fucking her . I stopped for a moment and kissed her again pulling her to me , I told her I want to see a naked, and started to take off her sari she helped me to take it off and I took off her blouse she had a sexy lace bra and her nipples were like small grapes hard and ready to be plucked I kissed her tits and rolled my tongue over her sexy nipples and undid her bra and took out her breasts and was kissing them madly she pressed me to her tightly raking her finger nails in my back, slowly I was going down kissing her chest , stomach rolling my tongue in her belly button I undid her petticoat and slipped it off her she was looking very sexy in her panties and nothing else I slowly went down and kissed her pussy and took off her panties, she was pushing my head down hard now and said, ‘please don’t stop goooooooooo onnnnnn kisss meeeeeee thereeeeeeee”, she was wet down there and I started to lick her wetness and pushed my tongue into her wet pussy her legs were on my shoulders pulling me to her and I was fucking her with my soft tongue she was giving me her pussy lifting her waist up and moving up down up down with my tongue thrusts on to her pussy, later she came in one big orgasm and pushed my head hard on to her pussy .

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After some time she pulled me up and started to kiss me I was hugging her and her bare breasts were pressing to my chest . I got up and took off my shirt and shorts , now I was naked in front of her with my dick hard and pulsating she got up and took my dick in her soft hands and was moving the fore skin in out I pulled her head to it and she took my dick in her mouth slowly moving it in out in out I was pulling her slowly and my hands were playing in her hair she was watching me go into pleasure land and was mouthing my dick hungrily, I was about to cum so I stopped her and kissed her again and put her on the bed , she pulled me on top of her and my dick was touching her wet pussy and ready to go, she parted her legs wide for me to enter and I she took my dick in her hands and put it in front of her pussy opening I pushed slowly and it was entering her the head was inside and she let go I was slowly pushing it inside and it was like a knife going thru butter I went all the way in and she said , “let me feel it for a while in me its soooooooo gooooooooooood”, kissing me and hugging me tightly her breasts were pressed tight to my naked chest and I started moving in out of her pussy , her hips were also moving with my thrusts and she was screaming in pleasure, ahhhhhhhhhh yes yes fuck me fuuuuck meeeeee , moving her head side to side to my thrusts I put her legs on my shoulders and was fucking her now with speed moving in out in out , I fucked her slowly at first then faster , she said ahhhhhhhh yes faster fassterrrrrrr yes I like it yea I dooooo satishhhhhhhhhhhhh yes yes go on go onnnnnnnnnnn please don’tttttttt stopppppppppp ohhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssssss, later when I was about to cum she held me by her legs and was pulling my waist hard to her and said yeeeeeee cummmmmmmm in me I am ready for u dear satttttttttish and I came in her in big squirts filling her pussy with my hot cum, when I was drained off I slept on her in a tight embrace . She was smiling and said it was the best I ever had .

Even now we keep in touch and I sometimes go to Bangalore just to be with her. So send in ur responses to me [email protected].