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Since last time, I’m continued as planned mostly. Andrea found out about my fucking Doreen; I was totally shocked when asked me straight about fucking my receptionist/Personal Assistant. My wife knows me to well and noticed I wasn’t acting the same as before I got promoted. Meaning my wandering eye wasn’t wandering as much if at all, she knew I must be getting extra sex. She got her mother to mind the children and surprised me and Doreen in our hotel room in bed together fucking. She wasn’t as upset as I thought she would be, then she stripped naked and joined us in bed. It was a bit awkward at first, but we had a great time having a threesome. Andrea felt she needed excitement in our love life. Finding out I was probably having sex with Doreen, made her hornier not mad. So, she came caught us and joined us, but she made one demand. I was quite willing, but Doreen was the one who had to agree. Andrea wanted Doreen living with us, Doreen agreed as she lived alone and living with your boss and his wife made for a safer job. My sex life increased even more as a result; Doreen has been living with us since August.

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