Get a Room

tagIncest/TabooGet a Room

It was a wonderful late summer morning when I came out of the room naked. It was already around 9 A.M.
From the living room I found myself fascinated watching this gorgeous woman standing tall in the balcony of our rented mountain cabin. She was enjoying the scenery in front of her. At times raising her cup to sip on her coffee.
What fascinates me more was her attire. She was wearing a white loose camisole with a thin spaghetti strap that the hem of it just ended on her lower back. And that was all she wore. She was bottomless. Her wide curvy hips and nice looking butt were fully exposed for anybody to see.
My penis started to harden thinking how sexy and sensual she looked at that very moment.
When she turned around to put down her cup on the coffee table, I was presented by her thick pubic hairs. Then she turned back again resting her hands on the wooden railings and continued looking around to those nice view of the mountain and valley in front of her.
I slowly walked towards her. She was surprised when I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her neck. I kneeled down and kissed her rounded ass. She jumped and quickly turned around as she obviously got tickled. This made her hairy crotch just inches away from my face.
I held my hands on her hips as I pressed my face towards her hairy pussy and sniffed hard.
"Ohh Michael!…you're so silly!" As she laughingly tried to push my face away. "I haven't even showered yet."
I pulled my face away a bit and looked up at her. "Yes you did shower last night." I retorted.
"But that was last night." She said. "It must be musky by now."
"Let me check again." I pressed my face between her legs and not only I sniffed but darted my tongue along her pussy slit tasting her. She moaned when she felt my tongue on her clit.
When I pulled back and looked up she had a questioning look by arching one eyebrow.
"So…How was it?"
I smiled at her and said, "It's kind of musky alright… and taste tangy too."
"Eww… see, I told you!" She said and quite felt embarrassed.
"But I love that smell and taste. It makes me so excited." I said trying to reassure her that her scent was just fine and normal.
Both of us standing facing each other. Her arms around my shoulders while mine around her waist. We danced in a slow sweet music coming from an iPhone. Just swaying very slightly, our bodies pressed at each other while my hard cock was balls deep inside of her
I looked at her eyes, when our eyes met, I pulsed my cock.
She smiled, "I felt that." then she chuckled.
Then she responded by flexing her pussy muscles around my cock.
"I felt that too." I said smiling sweetly at her. She giggled.
After a while of slow dancing and at the same time slow fucking I erupted inside of her.
We remained standing and still at each other's arms while recovering, our genitals still connected. She was lovingly stroking my hair, kissed my forehead then said, "I love you honey."
I lovingly smiled at her, kissed her on the cheek and said "I love you too Mom."
Then all of a sudden we both heard somebody said "GET A ROOM."
When we turned to look who said that. It was my girlfriend Mindy grinning at us. She and her dad coming up the steps to the balcony. They just came from their little stroll around the cabin.
Mom and I chuckled seeing how Mindy and her dad looked coming up the steps. Mindy's arms were wrapped around her dad's neck while her legs wrapped around his waist. They're both naked and his cock was balls deep inside her pussy. We saw how Mindy slowly bounced causing a little movement of her dad's prick in and out of her as her dad walks the steps.
"It's good nobody see you two out there." Mom said to Chris, Mindy's dad.
"No, There's much privacy around here." Chris said.
"Hi Miss Carol." Mindy greeted my Mom.
"Hi Mindy." Mom returned the greetings. "I guess you need to get a room too." Mom teased as we both can see how my girlfriend's pussy was wrapped around her dad's cock.
"I guess for our family this whole place, the balcony including the yard around this cabin is part of the room." Mindy said grinning.
"I guess you're right." Mom said.
We all laugh.
Authors note: This only serves as a test story for my first posting. If you think there's grammatical errors, I apologize.

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