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"Here, let me just reach over and grab this," my stepdaughter suggested as she bent over and collected something, exposing the top of her butt-crack as her pants slid downward a little.
I had to wonder what was her objective. Tricia was a mother of twin daughters and had fleshed out a little in all of the best ways, at least from my perspective. Her breasts were larger now, her bottom and waist thicker as well. Yes, I enjoyed how plump her mother was, which was part of why I married her, so Trish's new baby weight was hardly a problem for me. I already had an affair with a sultry Latin mamacita named Anastassia, whose own voluptuous figure appealed to me a lot.
"Are you sure that you don't need help with that, honey?" I asked Trish, but she laughed at that, letting her freckles and dimples show even more than before.
"Nah, I'm fine, Daddy," Tricia told me.
This indicated that she was up to some kind of mischief, as she wasn't of my blood and only called me that when she wanted to manipulate me. This was only reinforced when she leaned over in such a way as to expose her other cleavage to me, that of her exquisite bust. It was now pretty clear to me that she had some naughty plans for me, but what were they? She had just broken up with her boyfriend, the father of her twins, for reasons that were still mysterious to me, which added to the enigma.
That was when Tricia, without any warning at all, pulled out some kind of Christmas elf costume and started changing into it in front of me. She was actually naked for a moment and knew that I might well look away, but I was too stunned and mesmerized to do so now. Quite noticeably, she unnecessarily slid off her panties in the process and she already didn't wear a bra. Trish didn't put the panties back on at any point, and when she sat on my lap, only her hose stood as a barrier between her delightful bottom and my cock.
"Are you planning to wear this around your mother or just me?" I teased her, but she laughed and turned around to kiss me on the mouth.
"Surely, Mrs. Claus knows what Santa does with his elves, right, Santa? Especially his naughty ones, like me," Tricia hinted very strongly that she knew the state of my marriage to her mother.
It was true, of course. Dina not only knew about Anastassia, but she knew about many more lovers, and not just women. In fact, my first affair had been with a guy, and in that case, she even participated in the tryst. After that, we both got used to looking the other way instead of meddling in each other's affairs. Jake had been our only mutual partner, but he had blazed the trail and we both embraced this new way of life with aplomb.
Still, it was one thing to have boyfriends, paramours, mistresses, and such. It was quite another to fuck your wife's daughter, your own stepdaughter, as Tricia seemed to propose. What if she got pregnant? What to tell Dina if her newest grandchild was also her own stepchild? That might be a step too far, might even lead to divorce, or would it? Also, what would she do if Trish tried to move back home with us and carry on an affair long-time? Would this really just be a big, happy, cozy family with the man of the house banging mother and daughter alike?
"You worry too much, Daddy … it's cool … you know that I can bring Mom on side, especially once she learns just how rough it's been with Joe … how much I need a real man. She doesn't lack for male company, while you haven't exactly lived like a monk, either, have you, Daddy? She's told me all about you and Jake, not to mention Anastassia, Erica, Jessica, Jordan, Tamara, Rick, Brittany, Mandy, and Deanna. You're a busy guy, Daddy," Tricia licked her lips as she raised her skirt and slid down the hose beneath it.
"Are you … on the Pill?" I asked my stepdaughter, who just laughed and began dry-humping me through my pants until I was even stiffer than before.
Once her chosen Christmas present was unwrapped, Tricia attacked my lips and tongue with her own, even as she climbed onto my cock to ride me. My stepdaughter rocked her curvy hips and plush booty against me, even as she pressed her tits to my chest while we coupled so fiercely. I tried to ask her again about birth control or other forms of protection, but Trish wasn't having it. She rode me harder on every stroke, even as she made out with me and squashed her own bosom against mine.
I found myself unable to think for several dozen seconds, even as this quickie grew wilder and more intense with the aggressive passion of my stepdaughter, the mother of my grandchildren. She was a hot and bothered twentysomething soccer mom in her prime, more than ready to decide for herself that she wanted to take her own stepfather as a lover. Joe had let her down as a man and a partner somehow, so she went back to the man that she knew and trusted most of all: me.
"I'm gonna … cum … I'm gonna … I hope … that you're … on the … Pill, baby," I warned Trish, but she screamed and squeezed me like a vise.
The effect was like pressing on a tube of toothpaste, pulling every last drop of my jizz out of my balls through my cock. We came together, our shared ecstasy one of forbidden and repressed lust liberated at last. I looked into Tricia's hazel eyes as she laughed, slipped me some more tongue, and moved my hands to her butt so that I could fondle it.
"Nope. No Pill. And yes, I'm fertile. You just gave me the best Christmas gift possible, Daddy. Another baby on the way. Don't worry. We'll just call you Grandpa. Don't want to confuse the girls. Besides, I don't want Joe thinking that I cheated on him with you. He's a pain in the ass as it is, not taking the breakup well at all," Trish whispered, "by the way, tonight, I want you to fuck Mom and then slip into bed with me. That way, she's too worn out to check up on us. So, take your blue pills … I know all about those."
I damn near fainted, but Tricia woke me up to drag me to the shower. This was gonna be one helluva Christmas!

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