Getting a Haircut in the Nude

tagIncest/TabooGetting a Haircut in the Nude

It was a Friday night and I was on the couch watching the basketball game. I wasn't vested in it, except I'd put down a few bucks on the over. Okay, maybe it was more than a few. The pace was a little slow for my liking but it was still possible. It was at least competitive.
It had also been a long week at work, so I was finding myself almost dozing off as the game got into the second half.
The biggest reason I hadn't actually fallen asleep was the loud giggling from the kitchen. My wife Andrea didn't like to spend the money to go to expensive salons to get her hair done, and it so happened her sister Katie was staying with us for the weekend from out of town. Katie happens to be a hairdresser and is quite good. I'm told she has a long waiting list of clients who want to get an appointment with her.
As the game went to commercial I got up to grab a Coke from the fridge. It wasn't even late so I wasn't close to ready to actually go to bed. As I crossed the house and reached the kitchen I was greeted with a particularly loud chorus of laughter and a cry from Katie of "I can't believe you actually let her go through with it! I don't think I could do that!"
"Well as it turned out it gave me an opportunity to brag about what I get with him all the time," Andrea said, making eye contact with me.
Katie was pouring herself a glass of wine at the counter. "Oh hi Rick!" she said. "Ears burning?"
"Um, should they be?" I asked.
Katie had quite the wide smile showing off some of the whitest teeth I've ever seen. She has black hair like Andrea, though she usually has hers shorter than my wife does. She's about 3 years younger than Andrea and is a couple inches shorter but otherwise they could be twins if someone was guessing. Their body types are identical, which means they both have big boobs. My wife's 38Ds are amazing. Naturally I had found myself wondering about Katie's when I first met her.
My eyes moved to Andrea, who was sitting in a chair with her hair in rollers and wearing only her blue bra on top, which didn't cover a whole lot. Even though she's my wife and I'm accustomed to her gorgeous big boobs, I couldn't help but stop and stare. My wife smiled at me. She loves that I love them.
"I forgot to bring my smock," Katie explained. "I didn't want to ruin her shirt." She then laughed hard again as she poured a second glass of wine. "Besides, this way we can drink a little and have more fun!"
"I was just telling Katie about our baseball game with Allison," Andrea explained with a big grin herself.
"Ohhhh," I said, starting to understand.
"Yeah and we've already covered the bachelorette party," Andrea said with her grin not fading.
I should explain. After I served as the entertainment at Allison's bachelorette party, several of the women there had apparently liked what they'd seen. Allison in particular was continually teasing my wife, point blank telling her she wanted to fuck me.
Several months prior to this particular evening, Andrea lost a bet to Allison at a baseball game we attended. The prize was me. Allison got her wish. I certainly didn't object, and as it turned out, my wife enjoyed sharing me more than either of us expected.
We hadn't done anything remotely like that since. With work schedules and the kids, getting together with friends was fairly rare.
Katie handed Andrea a glass and leaned back against the counter. "Well, well," Katie said. "Those are quite the tales about you sir." I swore she glanced at my crotch for a second. "I wouldn't mind getting a peek sometime. I dare say I think I'd be very impressed!"
"I'm not sure I'd want to make a habit out of it, but I dare say that could be arranged." Andrea replied with a sly grin. She motioned for me to come give her a kiss. "How's the game?"
"It's going," I replied. "I need them to combine for 210 points I think. It's in the third but the over is in play still."
I went to the fridge to get my drink and head back to the living room. I felt a stirring in my pants from the conversation and adjusted my khaki shorts involuntarily. I was facing the fridge when I did so I wasn't sure if the women noticed. I smiled at them as I went back to watch the game. "Have fun you two," I told them. I know I heard more giggling as I exited the kitchen.
A little while later I was much more into the game. There were about three minutes remaining and I could tell it was going to come down to the wire if I would hit the over or not. There was a 10 point lead so overtime was unlikely and I wasn't sure how much the trailing team would foul down the stretch with that big a deficit. I was checking the box score on my phone when the laughter from the kitchen got quite loud, followed shortly by approaching footsteps.
"Hey Rick I'm done with your wife's hair," Katie said as she came in. "She said you're looking a little long and I should give you a trim too."
Usually Andrea cut my hair herself but it actually made sense to just have Katie do it as long as she was there. "You can wait until after the game, we're enjoying chatting." Her smile indicated that I could guess what the topic still was.
As she turned to walk back I definitely didn't miss her glance at my crotch this time. I felt my pants stir again as I took a moment to enjoy the view of Katie's butt in her jeans as she walked away. That part could definitely have been a perfect match for Andrea's.
I briefly wondered if there was an ulterior motive and if the girls were doing any planning while I wasn't in the room. Judging by what was starting to happen in my pants I knew I would be more than ok with that if that were the case.
Those thoughts abated when I heard the TV announcer: "and the benches clear! This is an all out melee!"
I looked at the screen and saw a mass of bodies from both teams on the court. Punches were being thrown. Coaches were trying to get players back to the benches. One player got outright tackled on the court. I could immediately tell this would rank as an all-timer. It took several minutes for the refs to break it up, and then awhile for them to huddle and sort it out.
The results of the mass ejections meant a number of technical fouls, which would mean a number of free throws. I was in business. The over was now sure to hit. It appeared it would not be a losing night of wagering after all. This was perfect because Andrea's birthday was coming up and she had her eye on a really expensive necklace she pointed out to me.
The laughter from the kitchen was now loud enough that I was worried they would wake the kids. My thoughts returned to the earlier discussion and while I wasn't sure something was up I did find it likely. As I was no longer worried about the outcome I didn't need to watch the rest of the game. My mind raced and my shorts began to get uncomfortable as I got up and walked to the kitchen.
The chair in the middle was now empty. Andrea and Katie were both standing by the counter with what looked like a fresh drink in each hand. My wife hadn't put her shirt back on.
"Your hair looks really good," I said to Andrea. "Nice job!" I added to Katie. Indeed, Andrea's long black hair looked sexy. Of course, wearing very little on top helped with her look too.
"Have a seat and lose the shirt," Katie indicated. "No smock," she said as I gave her a questioning look, probably out of a reflex action.
I shrugged as I stripped off my polo and sat down. I'm definitely not in shape by any means, but I figure I'm in my 40s and work in sports media. My wife has never cared about it so I've never been particularly motivated to do anything to get rid of my gut. I sat awkwardly and shirtless in the chair.
"We'll start with a quick shampoo," Katie said. "Lean your head back." I felt warm water on my head and heard it fall in the bucket on the floor. "Anyway, I'm with you, it pisses me off," Katie said as I felt her hands run through my hair with shampoo. "I mean, look at Game of Thrones. How many boobs did they show before we got to see a penis? It was several seasons at least."
It quickly became apparent they were resuming the conversation they had when I entered the kitchen.
"What was that other HBO show, Hung?" Katie continued. "Stay leaned back" she indicated to me as she rinsed my hair again. "I mean the subject of the show was the guy's dick and we never even got to see it!"
"It is imbalanced in TV and movies for sure," Andrea agreed. Naturally, I certainly didn't object to that particular ratio in media. My cock however seemed to be enjoying the topic of conversation. I was almost rock hard in my shorts.
"Andrea can you hand me the razor? I'll get the back of his neck first," Katie said. My wife grabbed the electric razor off the counter with her wine in hand and turned to walk it over to Katie. She was a little clumsy and accidentally tripped over my foot, causing the razor to pop open and spill hair on the floor.
Simultaneously, her wine glass tipped upside down right over my shorts, spilling red wine all over my crotch.
I have my suspicions this might have been intentional, but if it was Andrea has never admitted it to me.
Andrea giggled in her drunken state. "Oh no look at the mess!" she said referring to the hair all over the floor. I shifted in my seat as the front of my shorts were soaked. I started to get up to find a broom when Katie piped up, "Oh Rick you should get some Oxyclean on those pants right away." She had a slight grin as her eyes definitely focused on my crotch this time. "Besides I think he might be more comfortable if you do."
It was obvious I was now rock hard in there. The red spot of wine right over the crotch was also quite large.
"Oh yes hon give them to me and I'll soak them right away." I stood there for a second in a state of hesitation. "Please it needs to be done immediately."
Katie's eyes were glued to my crotch with a smile. I was wearing boxers of course, but I briefly hesitated to strip down to them in front of my sister-in-law. I'd be lying though if I said didn't enjoy the thought of exposing myself to her. I found that I very much liked showing myself to my wife's friends, and the thought of adding Katie to the collection quickly turned hesitation into eagerness.
I mean let's real. If my pants were about to come off it probably wouldn't be long before the boxers did too, especially given the earlier conversation.
So it was with a certain satisfaction that I undid my belt and my pants. Katie's eyes never left my crotch and her smile widened as I pulled down the zipper and slid the shorts down. My boxers tried to come with them but they stayed in place barely. I stepped out of the pants and handed them to Andrea, who smiled at me and looked at my crotch herself. My erection was quite visible inside the boxers.
"Thanks, I'll be back up in a minute," Andrea said with a smile as she took them. She made what I can only describe as a purring noise as she stared at my predicament before heading downstairs.
"I think I see what Andrea means," Katie said continuing to stare at my crotch. "That does look impressive in there."
I just stood there kind of frozen as she stared. I wasn't sure if I should just get back in the chair. After a moment Katie goes "So do I get to see it or what?"
"I'm sorry?" I asked.
"I've heard about your cock all night. Andrea told me how many of her friends have seen it, touched it, done more than that with it. She won't mind."
I knew she was almost certainly right, but my hesitation stemmed from Andrea not being in the room. This would be the first time she wasn't present for one of my, er, performances, including when I fucked Allison.
"Come on let's go. I want to see your penis."
I started to pull it out through the flap of my boxers. "No no no," Katie said. "The whole thing. Pull them down."
I felt really turned on to be commanded by my sister-in-law like this. She crossed her arms and continued staring at my crotch. Between her pose and her tone there was no doubt she was in charge of the situation.
I slowly, almost mindlessly hooked my thumbs in the boxers and slid them down. I did it slowly. I lingered right before they got to my shaft, exposing only the public hair on top. I glanced at Katie, whose expression and staring didn't change.
I slowly moved the front of the boxers forward over the tip of my hard penis and continued lowering them below my balls and all the way down my legs, eventually stepping out of them. I put my hands on my hips and looked right into Katie's eyes, waiting to see her reaction. My fully hard dick of almost seven inches was pointing straight in the air.
"Impressive," Katie said without moving, though her lips curled up and then she had a wide smile. "I can see why Andrea married you."
She then walked up to me and stood close. She gently put her hand around my penis and held it in her hand. "She's not kidding. You are thick." She ran her hand along it from bottom to top. "Big head too," she added. She then moved her hand down and ran her finger along my balls. "These are nice and big too." The entire time her eyes never left my man parts. She then looked up and me and smiled, before walking around me to take in the back view. "Cute butt too."
"Perfect, I've always wanted to give a naked man a haircut. I might as well enjoy the view while I work." I had momentarily forgotten she had given me a shampoo and was about to cut my hair. Katie indicated for me to sit down.
"Don't worry, Andrea won't be surprised in the least," she said with a smile. I sat in the chair awkwardly as Katie put the razor back together. I sat in silence for a few minutes as she ran the razor along the back of my neck and along the sides. Katie hummed along happily. A large amount of hair was hitting the floor. It had gotten long.
It wasn't long before my dick began to soften a little.
"Oh no no we can't have that," Katie said as she came along my front. "You know it's getting hot in here." It wasn't at all hot in the room but I knew that wasn't what she meant and I sure didn't object. My eyes widened as Katie put her hands on the bottom of her blouse and lifted it over her head, revealing a purple bra that barely contained her tits, which as I suspected appeared to be very similar to Andrea's. I could make out one of her nipples through the bra.
Just like that I was rock hard again.
"You know," she said as she set the razor down on the counter and picked up a pair of clippers. "I can't get over how thick you are. I'm jealous of Andrea." She stepped back in front of me and ran her finger along my shaft briefly. "It really makes all the difference."
I shifted in my seat. I wasn't sure how to respond so I let her keep talking. "I dated a guy who had a really long one once. I mean it was almost too big, kinda comical really." She started trimming my hair on the top while still standing in front of me. Her cleavage was right at my eye level. I found myself hoping one of her boobs would fall out of the bra.
"I knew he was big from reputation, and I couldn't wait to get his pants off. I was impressed at first when I saw it, but the thing is he was thin, like really thin."
I heard the basement door open as Andrea came back up upstairs. She stopped cold as she saw the scene; me sitting naked in the chair with a rock hard dick, and Katie clad only in her bra up top.
"I see you couldn't help yourself," Andrea said with a stern expression. She then smiled. "So, what do you think Katie?"
"Oh he's as advertised! You've done good!" Katie said as she moved behind me to get the hair on the back of my head.
"Well anyway," Katie continued. "I didn't have a lot of experience at that time, so I didn't really know he was thin while I was playing with him. It wasn't until he was inside me and I couldn't feel anything that I knew. It was so bad I had to take care of myself after he left."
"Oh you're telling him about Brad?" Andrea asked.
"Yup," Katie replayed. "I was just telling Rick that I'm impressed by his thickness here."
I tell you all the time hon," Andrea said as she came up and gave me a kiss. "You're big in all the right places where it matters. It's not the length that's important." She teased me a little by rubbing the inside of my leg.
"Okay all set," Katie said as she came back around my front. She grabbed a mirror off the counter and handed it to me. I always preferred my hair shorter, and while it didn't seem like it took much effort my hair did look and feel good.
Katie stood next to Andrea for a second taking in the view. I handed the mirror back to her and looked at forth between Andrea's and Katie's breasts. They did appear to be almost identical. I was hoping I could get Katie to take her bra off so I could do a comparison.
"You want me to do a quick trim down here?" Katie asked Andrea with a wide smile as she pointed to my crotch.
Andrea smiled back. "Why not? That could be fun."
It took me a second to realize what was going on. I was a little startled when Katie aimed her scissors toward my goods and started trimming my pubic hair above my penis. She rested her free hand on my member while she trimmed the hair around it. The process was quick, though she worked carefully which I obviously appreciated.
I had never once bothered to trim that area in my lifetime. It frankly never occurred to me. Andrea had never said anything about it, not that I asked. To be honest it felt a little weird when I looked down.
"I think you'll find you like that," Katie said to Andrea. "I dunno, I always prefer that look and feel myself."
Andrea giggled. "Should be fun to try!"
"Now," Katie said. "Normally I charge $50 for a men's haircut."
"Uhhh…" I stammered.
She then smiled wide. "However, I think we can come up with an alternative here."
Katie and Andrea looked at each other, then Katie leaned to whisper something to her. Andrea smiled and whispered something back. Whatever was up, I had a strong feeling my night was about to get really fun.
"Stay right there," Katie said. She then got down on her knees in front front of me, grabbed hold of my cock, and bent her head down to put her mouth around it.
"Mmmmm," she moaned. It felt really, really good. I could tell Katie knew what she was doing. She moved her lips up and down my shaft in a smooth motion. Andrea leaned against the counter watching the scene. I enjoyed my view of My sister-in-law's head around my dick as I looked down.
Katie sucked for what seemed like a long time, but I'm not sure if it was. It just felt wonderful. Just as I was getting close, she moved her mouth off my dick.
"You do seem as thick as you look," she said. She rubbed my shaft for a moment. "I'm not a swallower. I'd like an up close view of you finishing yourself off." She stayed in her crouched position with my dick inches from her face.
Andrea crouched down next to me to my right. "That would be fun. I haven't just watched you like that in forever."
I frankly hadn't jacked off in a really long time. I guess I just never need to. Andrea and I have sex multiple times a week easy and if I ever want anything more I just have to ask. Why would I ever jack off myself when Andrea gives such great hand jobs and is always eager to help me?
"Don't wait for us," Katie indicated.
I had done this for Andrea exactly one time, not long after we started dating by her request. I looked at the women's eager faces and became very excited. I moved my right hand to my penis and I started stroking up and down. Since I was close when Katie was sucking me, I didn't figure it would take very long. I was right.
I quickly became very close indeed and increased my intensity. My wife could tell knowing me so well. She leaned in closer to my right.
When I came the first shot was an explosion right into Katie's face, which was so close to the head of my penis it might as well have been touching. "Ooh right between the eyes!" my wife yelled. My second shot landed on Katie's nose. A few more rounds trickled out onto my stomach.

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