Getting Busted by Mom

tagIncest/TabooGetting Busted by Mom

"Jason, come down and help me take out the trash!" Mom called upstairs.
I helped Mom get all of the trash out to the cans outside. In retrospect I figured out when I was caught. When I bent over my shirt must have rode up and it must have exposed the waistline of panties I was wearing. My mothers white designer panties. I heard and audible gasp from behind me which made me stand up quickly, she hand her hand over her mouth.
"What?" I asked.
"Nothing… I thought I saw something," she said.
We finished up and went back into the house and I retreated back to my room. I had to help Mom around the house with most chores. I am an only child and my parents divorced years ago. So it was just Mom and I in the house. Later that evening she knocked on my door, came into my room and sat down on my bed, a glass of wine in her hand.
"I… have something I need to ask you," she said. With some hesitation she said, "When you bent over to take out the trash… it looked liked you were wearing my panties… were you?"
My heart felt like it stopped and I looked down in complete embarrassment, "I'm sorry Mom" I mumbled and hung my head in shame. My heart was pounding and I could feel my face flush, I must have been beet red.
"It's okay sweetie, its okay. I was just a little surprised, that's all. I'm not upset and I'm not mad, it just caught me off guard. I know some men, like wearing women's panties, it's not that unusual. Let me tell you, that you aren't the first man I've known that likes to wear women's underwear. "
I looked up at her, "really?" I asked.
"Your uncle liked borrowing my panties to wear when we were much younger." My mouth fell open. "It's okay if you like to wear panties, I don't see much wrong with it. I spent many hours discussing it with your uncle after I caught him in my panties. So I understand it a little bit. It's just that those are my good panties and are really expensive. You will stretch them out with your, male parts shall we say. I actually think it's kind of cute in an odd way. I'm really curious though, can I see, would you mind?"
I gave her a concerned look.
"Oh, just pull your shorts down a bit, I've seen your penis plenty of times, so don't be shy. Its been a while since I've seen… panties on a male"
I was already mortified, but crazy as it is, the thought of doing that, turned me on like no tomorrow. So I decided why not. I slowly slid my shorts down exposing my soft cock, encased in her beautiful white panties.
"Oh honey… those panties look great on you," she said. "I can see the outline of your… head in the panties," smiling broadly as looked at me. She bit her lip and said, "You look sexy in my panties!" she immediately covered her mouth with her free hand.
My cock started getting hard immediately, growing to make a tent in the panties.
"Oh, "she said "Do you like me seeing you in panties?"
"Yes," I uttered. Fucking hell! this turned me on!
"It's so cute… seeing your penis grow and straining against my panties" "Do you… wear them while you do it?" she asked.
I gave her a confused look, not sure what she meant.
"Do you jerk off while wearing panties?" she asked with smirk.…god… This question made me even more embarrassed, if that was even possible My embarrassment was how complete. I just nodded my head yes.
"You must really like masturbating while you're wearing panties?" she asked.
Again I nodded yes.
"Show me," she whispered. Her hand sliding down to press at the crotch of her shorts.
My head swam with all kinds of emotions, it was a huge turn on to do this, but masturbating in front of my Mom while wearing panties was not something I ever thought of doing in a million years. As humiliating and embarrassing as it was, at the same time it was such a huge turn on. I don't think I have ever been so torn between so many emotions.
"Go ahead baby, it looks like you really need it."
Those words helped me relax a great deal. So I reached down and started rubbing my shaft through the panties. I focused on Mom's expressions and I rubbed my panty covered cock. I could hear her breathing now, complete silence in the room. I could see her nipples were hard and showing through her shirt. My mind raced at what to do next. So I just closed my eyes and kept stroking my cock.
"Wait," Mom said and jumped up and ran out of the room. Breaking me out of my trance. She quickly came back holding two pairs of VS cotton brief panties in her hands one pink and one white. "I really would like to see you… finish… but not in my good panties please. Can we trade? Which ones would you like? She asked. I just pointed to the pink pair. "Good choice she said, I love these pink panties." And she sat back down and tossed them to me.
"Do you want me to turn my head while you change?" she asked
"No," I said. I had let her see this much, what's the sense in stopping now. My cock was rock hard and sprang up as I pulled the panties down, my cock standing straight up. She looked right at it and gave me a little smile.
"You want me to see your cock, don't you?" she asked.
I just looked at her and nodded.
"Does it turn you on to show me your hard cock young man?" she asked. With a playful amount of sternness in her voice.
"Yes," I mumbled.
"Mommy sees your hard cock," she speaks in a sultry voice.
"My little boy has grown up into a fine young man. I like seeing your hard cock" In a voice like I've never heard her speak, she said, "You love showing Mommy your hard cock don't you? I can see the pre-cum leaking from that beautiful cock.
I was in a trance, all I could do was nod. She smiled back at me.
I handed her the good panties back and slid on the pink pair. The humiliation of this was just as exhilarating, I had never thought of being of being caught let alone do something like this but, I was so hard at the same time, it felt fantastic. My was cock making a tent in the pink panties and a wet spot appeared at the top of the panty from my cock oozing pre-cum. She just looked at me smiled and nodded, goading me on. So I started rubbing my cock again through the pink panties.
Just then, she slid her shorts down, exposing a pair of black hi cut panties. "Do you like to smell my dirty panties too?" she asked.
I started feeling lighted headed at this question, it was too much, and all I could do was nod my head. She slid the panties off and brought the crotch of them up to her nose and inhaled deeply.
"These smell pretty good to me", she said. She placed them in my free hand.
"Go ahead, enjoy them," she said. "Your uncle also thoroughly enjoyed sniffing every pair of my dirty panties he could get his hands on. So I understand all about that. So don't be shy, feminine scents are a wonderful thing."
I brought the moist crotch of her panties up to my nose and sensory sparks flew. Inhaling her musky scent was unbelievable. I have smelled her dirty panties plenty of times before, but not like this. Her scent was so strong, fresh, feminine and they were still warm! I didn't think I could have been any more turned on or my cock any harder. I furiously rubbed my panty covered cock as fast as I could, grabbing the sides of my cock and jerking it through the panties.
Mom opened her legs to expose her pussy, a huge grin on her face and it was incredibly sexy. The casual way she exposed her pussy to me, added more fuel to my hormone fire. She had a modest amount of hair, neatly trimmed in a little soft triangle. My jaw fell open and Mom giggled at my agog face.
"It's beautiful Mom," I say. She looked up at me with a smile and pursed her lips in a kiss. There is no way I am going to last long now, I think to myself. She moved her hand down and started rubbing her pussy. While looking at me jerking myself off in her panties. She rubbed her pussy furiously.
In what only seemed a minute or so later, I heard her say. "Oh…oh… she breathed, I'm going to… I'm going to cum! Go on baby, do it, cum in those panties! I want to see you cum in those soft, pink panties."
"Do it baby, I'm watching, I see your hard cock in my panties!"
"Be a good boy make that hard cock cum in my panties!"
"Fill Mommy's panties with your cum baby! Mommy wants to see it!"
Then I could her grunt lightly. I looked to see fingering herself with one hand while rubbing her clit with the other, her gaze on me jerking myself
"Oh… god…" Her orgasm wracking her body as her body shook and quivered. Her pussy dripping her wetness as she came.
And that was it, my orgasm hit me so hard I nearly blacked out, my vision tunneled. I came so hard it felt like I was cumming right through the panties. My dick never felt so hard and it felt like my orgasm lasted forever. Wave after wave of sperm flooding the inside of the panties, drenching them. The slickness of my cum covering my cock, adding to the sensation. This was easily the best orgasm of my life, and one I can never forget
After my orgasm subsided, I looked over to see her smiling. Looking at the huge wet spot of cum, all over the front of the pink panties.
"Wow!" she said. You must have really need that, you completely soaked my panties." I think I did too," she said a little sheepishly. She exhaled, and looked me in the eyes, a satisfied look on her face.
"Well, you can keep those panties for now, just throw them in the wash when you're done with them. You can have some of my panties to keep, if you want to pick some out. Or I will buy you some of your own panties if you want. And it will forever be our little secret okay? But you have to promise not to ruin my good panties… with all of that. She pointing to my soaked crotch, the good panties are mine and I want to keep it that way. Beyond that, I don't mind you using my cotton panties, have fun."
She kissed me on my forehead and walked out.

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