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I’m not handsome, but I’m rich or my family is, and I was expected to go to university and then start a career and marry. Like my father and his father, same on my mother’s side as well. But I’m a good student and I tried to seduce women and usually failed, not always. I 23 was fairly active dating, and my parents didn’t worry about me as long as my grades were good. As the youngest of 3 I got away with more than my brother and sister had. Anyway, I was bored and couldn’t go anywhere as my grandfather was very ill and the family had to stay close. He had to have a by-pass and they were waiting for his health to improve to allow him to have surgery. He would and the surgery went very well, I was on the family estate where my grandfather (widower) lived. He had 5 staff working for him 3 in the house and 2 outside. The youngest was 3 years younger than me and had no family and quite shy and quite pretty. I made it my purpose to bed her and that was how I got over my boredom. I finally managed to bed her and was happy with my success, when my mother walked in catching me up to my nuts in the maid. Off course all the family soon knew, and my grandfather wasn’t happy one little bit. He had made it his duty to watch over the girl. She was the daughter of a housekeeper and a gardener that had both died, their daughter was born when her mother was 41 and had been raised on the estate. Not related to our family, but a sort of adopted responsibility of my grandfather. Since her parents had passed away in 2020. The major concern was my lack of any protection during sex with her. She was a virgin and I had taken advantage of her, and she could get pregnant. My grandfather insisted I marry her or be cut off from the family wealth. I expected my father argue against that, but he supported my grandfather. At first, I thought was to calm my grandfather down. Anyway, my mother started the planning with my sister helping her. Then my grandfather had his surgery, as he was doing well, I expected the wedding to be dropped when he got back home from hospital. It wasn’t with my grandfather recovering very well and still wanting me to marry the maid. I didn’t want to be cut off financially and was hoping it would blow over. The appointed day arrived, and I was married to the maid. Now she was my wife and a member of the family, and I was told to look after her. No threat made, it didn’t need to be made, I already knew she came before me especially in my grandfather’s list of family. My mother was also looking after her as was my sister. Well, she didn’t pregnant from fuck with her, but I was fucking her as we were married. I returned to university and my wife stayed on the family estate as family. I had to return each weekend and got her pregnant with 3 to months of our wedding. Now we have a daughter, and she is cherished by my grandfather and parents. I’m slowly getting out of the doghouse, but I’m under no illusions of my place in the family. My wife comes first always, but I’m not upset over being forced to marry her. I’m really enjoying the regular sex she provides me; she believes it’s her duty to provide sex to her husband. I don’t have to date girls many times in the hope I will succeed once or twice. Only when she was heavily pregnant did sex stop between us and it restarted as soon as she recovered from the birth. Of course, my wife doesn’t stay on the estate all the time and come to my parent’s home in the city, where I stay while attending university. But she prefers the estate the city is too big and noisy for her; my mother takes her shopping. I do as well I get her sexy lingerie; my wife is still shy around strangers outside the family. I don’t use condoms with her, and she isn’t on any type of protection either. When or if she gets pregnant is okay by me, I’m quite used to being married now and very proud of my family for making me do the right thing.

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